Occidental Dissent Has Been Blacklisted By Google

This hardly comes as a surprise.

We have been censored and deplatformed every other way by Google. Even though I only watched YouTube videos, I was instantly banned when the last rule change was announced in June.

Daily Mail:

“A Google engineer has spoken on the record to say the web giant does blacklist certain news sites and has an ‘editorial agenda’. 

Whistleblower Zachary Vorhies spoke to Project Veritas after claiming the company called police in San Francisco to perform a ‘wellness check’ on him when he originally leaked files on their activity. 

Senior software engineer Vorhies, who worked for the company for eight years, says he added a ‘dead man’s switch’ which would activate the files in case he was ‘killed or assassinated’.  

Among the hundreds of documents leaked by Vorhies to Project Veritas is a document called ‘news black list site for Google Now’ which he claims shows a list of the web pages Google restricts. 

It includes a number of conservative leaning websites such as The National Enquirer, Media Matters and Infowars. 

Vorhies says the company’s actions are ‘hypocritical at the least and it’s perjury at the worst’ after CEO Sundar Pichai testified to Congress to say they do not promote left-leaning, Democratic news over that of more Conservative outlets or merely outlets it does not rate. …”

In spite of it all, we are still standing:

It is part and parcel of being a political dissident in the United States.

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  1. Google “Hardcore porn and torture videos thats fine with us’
    Google “southern history and wrong political views by white people? Blacklisted for life!”

  2. Eventually we will have to own our own web hosting sites as well as our own buildings to meet in.

  3. I’m starting to think that maybe allowing a small tribe of hostile alien parasites to seize control of the Internet wasn’t such a great idea after all.

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