Rebel Yell 147: Alt-Right Autopsy

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I offered some thoughts of my own about this earlier this evening.

In my view, it is not so much the movement that is the problem as it is the pool of young White men that the Alt-Right has drawn from in the anonymous bowels of the internet that has created problems for it. Many of these young White men are already very angry, alienated, nihilistic and deracinated. My impression is that they were like that BEFORE they joined the movement.

Throw into the mix a handful of self destructive people who suffer from severe mental illnesses and who are always pushed to the margins of society. There is no way to identify and exclude those people before they lash out and damage the movement. They are just floating around like land mines in cyberspace. No one knows how many people like that are out there who are just adrift in life.

It is our degenerate culture that has shaped these people. If they lack a stable sense of identity, a moral center, structure and purpose in their lives or have problems finding a wife, chances are it is largely due to forces that are at work in “mainstream” society. Many of them come from homes that already have all kinds of problems or have political grievances which go unheard. The El Paso shooter was angry about over a million illegal aliens invading his country and the government doing nothing about it.

If every Alt-Right website closed tomorrow, this vast sea of alienation, nihilism and resentment would still exist on the internet. The grievances which tend to cause these people to lash out would also still exist. We live in a toxic culture and environment and it is driving people crazy. A century ago, most people lived on the farm in a small community in a more natural environment and we didn’t have this problem even though we had more guns and a far more extreme version of white supremacy.

It is not enough to say “white supremacy” is the problem. Shooting random people is a peculiarly modern problem. It is a trend of the last twenty or thirty years. I would argue that the true cause of this has a lot more to do with the images below than either guns or white supremacy: the social breakdown going on under late 20th century hyper commercialized America which is a breeding ground for atomization and alienation combined with the attention of being heard in the 24/7 cable news cycle.

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  1. The handful of self destructive people aren’t the problem with the alt right. The GOP shills are. The “alt right” label is worthless because it became tied to Donald Trump. It could have survived a few nihilists and shooters. It cannot survive becoming the handmaiden for Trump and the Republican party.

  2. White supremacy is what the Nazi’s believe in. Its not based in anything but an extreme chauvinism for Whitey. Most people realize its not a realistic worldview and are turned off by discussion of race as a result.

    I had recent success with a guy by putting my own views in the context not of white supremacy, which I freely admitted was an unrealistic fringe ideology that almost nobody suncribes to anymore, but of White Superiority.

    This was in the context of the racial grievance.

    Its not necessary to think Whitey is supreme, to realize we are superior to blacks in every way. Most blacks dont even really argue that anyhow.

    Same is true for every race of people native to anywhere near the equator basically.

    It doesnt have to be stated in a hostile way, like we want to take dignity or franchise away from Brown People.

    It just is an accurate statement of the obvious place we hold relative to them in the natural hierarchy.

    I recently had a day at work that started with an all staff meeting of about 100 people. Every staff member was white, except for a single intern from Brazil who is a high IQ mulatto, mostly portugese type.

    The same day, i toured some of our fields with the owner. We have hundreds of non white field workers. They aren’t staff, they’re “Mexi’s” the boss said.

    They are treated well, paid fairly for what they do, but everything has to be provided for them because they have no agency and devolve into squalor if they aren’t cared for. Then we get in trouble and get fined for not taking care of them.

    I see this arrangment as a manifestation of the natural order.

    I could go and weed a field with a hoe better than them if I wanted. Even then though, I would be a white foreman of a brown crew of people, because id be the only one the boss could relate to. The Brown field hands though, could never do what I can do in the office as an accountant/asset manager.

    I’m not supreme. But I am superior to those field hands. Putting it this way, really makes their racial grievance mongering look like what it is, the feeble protestations of human farm equipment.

    I think Whitey can be made to be more chauvanist using this analogy, without needing to swallow the red autism pill and destroy their lives by going to a communist college town to march and chant about how “JEWS WILL NOT, REPLACE US!!!1″…

    Im doing this casually IRL. Thats where it needs to be done. Not online.

  3. Very concise observations.

    “We live in a toxic culture and environment and it is driving people crazy. ”
    So true, so very true………… I just wonder, who could be behind such social chaos?

    • Genetic white liberals around us. Not Jews. 6% of white population is mad. Jews only know and exploit this.

      This is the reason why we all should be “equal” . Without equality, Western whites would probably follow the Eastern European path and smoke out small of psychopaths very fast.

      And this is also the reason why rural areas are common sense. Small community recognizes the village idiot fast, kicks the idiot out so the idiot goes to college and later to Government.

  4. A lot of chatter and nary a mention of the optics war of 2017, except for the mentioning of TWP which was a minor part of it, and already gone before the optics war was in full swing.

  5. There is nothing normal about living in a society driven by anti-Whitism. The dysgenic results on our people are exactly what our enemies want. Taking all the anger, nihilism, despair and reversing it into something pro-White is not an easy thing to do, probably impossible in many cases.

    Having said that never say die. Never give up. OD & HW are inspirational.

  6. This makes any group demonizing activism (which is the only thing that causes networking and community building) much more malevolent than they seem. The Daily Stormer, TRS, Identity Dixie, and the chans ALL attack relentlessly any group that forms in America. This KEEPS people atomized and thusly, as Hunter suggests, makes them crazy. The “Alt-Right” as a “movement” is simply controlled opposition that is meant to infuriate people who are already alienated, and then REMOVE any form of community for them to join. Which means they will only be able to vote (dead end strategy) get rounded up for angry memes, or at worst, go postal

    Said groups must be destroyed, if we are ever going to be able to assemble into communities that give these alienated people any type of support. The fact that they attack the alienated and prevent any type of solution tells you everything you need to know.

  7. The alt-right was never anything more than an internet phenomenon. Now that we have seen it’s no substitute for real life activism it’s time to get serious about promoting white rights and resistance, threats from ZOG be damned. Clever memes, funny gifs, cute anime girls and anonymous shitposting aren’t going to cut it.

    • I married a White woman who shares my values, had a son and started networking with folks in my area. Now, we are raising our kids together and get together regularly.

      • The idea of “Whiteness” and “Blackness” is a social construct created by the WASP elite social class. There has never existed a “White” race only various different Tribes of Europeans completely divided by various things. There was a time when my Irish and Scottish ancestors were not “White” in America only a hundred years ago or more we were not White. The Wasp elites determined who was and wasn’t “White” to serve their own interests, and control. This is why I’m now and forever a Tribalist or National Anarchist, and no longer call myself a member of an imaginary race, and a morally and politically bankrupt movement.

        • Cool story bro.

          I also have Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors. I’m pretty sure they always had all the rights of other White citizens too like the right to purchase and own slaves. As for White identity, it was proximity to blacks and Indians that made it salient. Those other differences were seen as vastly less important in a New World frontier context.

          • Nope you need to read your history specifically about the Irish were considered less than Negroes for a long long time before they gained their “White status”. The elites have always used the concept of race to their advantage. But “race” has no scientific or biological basis only ethnicities do. Per as it concerns White “unity” it has never existed and never will exist only divisions, and tribalism.

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