The Meaning of Cucked Spartan vs. Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe In Portland

As America’s Cold Civil War heats up in the streets, we have been trying everything we can to stay out of it in 2019. It is a bunch of conservatives fighting with Antifa now:

This has become a farce.

Whose side are we on in 2020? Cucked Spartan or Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe? A metapolitical victory has been won as both sides now identify as cucks!

Donald Trump announced before the Portland rally last weekend that he would be monitoring the situation. Predictably, the Grift Right, the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer went into Portland to show the country that Antifa are domestic terrorists, Antifa got violent again, several people got hurt and the clips were used on FOX News to portray Republicans as victims of leftwing terrorists in lawless Democratic-controlled cities. The same scene has played out like a dozen times since 2017.

What is the point of all of this? We all know the Antifa who were arrested will have their charges dismissed. We all know the result will be further deplatforming of conservatives like Joe Biggs who was erased from the internet for organizing this rally. Joey Gibson was charged with a felony. We all know the GOP intends to do nothing about the problem except “monitor” the downward spiral.

It’s true that rightwing activism doesn’t work. That’s because uniquely on the Right there is a huge disconnect between activism and political action and legislation. There is no such disconnect on the Left. The rightwing activists go out and oppose the Left in the streets and suffer all the consequences whether it is lawsuits, medical bills, deplatforming or doxxing only to be abandoned and thrown under the bus by conservative politicians like Blompf who do absolutely nothing about the problem.

Two years ago, there was a huge debate in the Alt-Right about optics and street activism. It was argued at the time that rightwing activism would work if it was wrapped up in an “Americana” aesthetic. Now, the only groups out there still engaging with Antifa are these conservative Patriot civnats like Joey Gibson and the Proud Boys and they are suffering all the same consequences. Nothing has changed two years later except our departure. Major consideration is being given to doing something!

The failure of rightwing street activism is one facet of a larger problem. Whether it is censorship by Big Tech or the collapse of the Mexican border or the lack of resistance to the Great Awokening, the common thread that runs through all of it is this … the conservative base has one agenda and the Republican Party, which is owned by its donor class, has a totally different agenda and pretends in every election cycle to be on the same page with its voters only to bait-and-switch after the election.

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  1. “As America’s Cold Civil War heats up in the streets, we have been trying everything we can to stay out of it in 2019. It is a bunch of conservatives fighting with Antifa now:”

    For the most part, none of this is happening in Dixie. Which makes it fairly easy to stay out of it. Most of us have neither the money, nor the desire to travel outside of Dixie for political actions, anyway.

    In any case, there’s not one White movement. There are several. All of them are based on regions and nations and Occidental sub Cultures. Other than liaison, and exchange of ideas and limited help, there’s no reason for Southern Nationalists to travel to the Pacific Northwest, or for them to come here, to participate in public activism. It simply confuses the message for one or the other factions.

    In light of the fact that most of the Antifa action takes place in the Northeast and on the PacRim, and there are currently no elections or newly passed laws to be subverted or overturned at the moment, here, the media aren’t paying much attention to Dixie,

    Which once again leaves the political playing field in Dixie wide open for Southern Nationalists to act unnoticed, and unopposed by ZOG-Yankeedom.

    • James O: I have always been a strong supporter of Southern independence but like you say there is no compelling reason for those of us in one region of the Empire to engage in public activism on behalf of some other far-flung part. You love being in Dixie, I love being in New York, Las Vegas and LA.

    • Did you know there are at least 30 Confederate war heroes buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery off Santa Monica Boulevard? That’s the same place where Cecil B. Demille, Judy Garland, Mel Blanc and both Douglas Fairbanks Junior and Senior are buried.

  2. I suppose you may have heard that NASA has had its first crime in space when a lesbian astronaut assessed the bank account of her wife while aboard the international space station. Is that the purpose of NASA now to spread liberalism and American degeneracy to the far reaches of the Universe?

    • That stupid space station is only 200 miles above the Earth. By now we should have gigantic wagon wheel shaped stations in high-Earth orbit sending Pan Am shuttles to our sprawling moonbase complex every week.

  3. “I am afraid that our people are looking to the wrong source for help, and ascribing our successes to those to whom they are not due. If we fail to trust in God and give Him all the glory our cause is ruined. Give to our friends at home due warning on this subject.”
    — Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

    If we pray and trust in God for our cause and God does indeed answer our prayers then there is no force in the universe that can stop us. Spend more time in prayer and let God Himself destroy these godless Communist / Anarchist liberals. Nothing can stop God from consuming these sinners off the face of the earth and make our land a decent place to live again.

    May God Save the South!

  4. Just compare Nordic Resistance, Golden Dawn and AfD in Europe to our own laughably pathetic “patriot” groups. America has become a joke country, while Italy, Hungary and Poland are friggin’ serious about reasserting their national / ethnic identity.

  5. And here I was hoping I could live a quiet life and retire as an old man running a pub in a small town.

    Weimar 2.0 here we come!

  6. “Cucks to the left of me, cucks to the right cucked in the middle with you an i’m wondering the hell i can do”

  7. The Chinese in Hong Kong do street activism better than AmNat conservative by a country mile. The Chinese protesters even use Pepe the Frog as their symbol of resistance.

      • I’m sure everyone on this site has seen the famous interview with ex-KGB Col. Yuri Bezmenov. One thing Bezmenov made clear is that “spontaneous” demonstrations don’t just happen–there is always organization behind it. There is no doubt in my mind that these demonstrations in Hong Kong are being planned in Langley, Virginia.

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