Buff Dudes Keto Experiment

My diet went to shit in early August.

I’m trying to get back on track. I can’t wait for the relief of the fall weather. How is your diet and exercise routine holding up in the dog days of summer?

I agree with Brandon’s take about sticking to a low-carb diet, but with working in complex carbs like sweet potatoes. That’s what feels best to me. Sticking to 5% carbs isn’t fun.

Note: This is always the worst stretch of the year for me.

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  1. EXERCISE?? in that southern swelter?
    You either have to be an absolute masochist or craving the attention of an ER staff.

  2. Rucking, weighted carries, squats, deadlifts, chinups, dips. Just make each of those a habit with lofty goals. Eat a normal dinner but the rest of the day eat simple, less palatable foods, more or less depending on your short-term goals.

  3. The heat just increases the challenge. It’s drilled into me not to quit and will never be any different. It’s not sacrifice, it’s a way of life. I did slow the pace being on the lookout for rattlers and copperheads. Besides I’d rather die out there and never be found than wilt away in a nursing home.

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