Joe Biden Visits Keene, VT

Uncle Joe is battier than Hillary:

He is drawing tiny crowds:

Tough choice for shitlibs.

Do you go for electability or follow your heart?

Remember the time he sounded off on China?

No wonder Barack Obama didn’t want him to run!

Note: Tucker sees the race coming down to Warren, Bernie and Kamala. In this scenario, Liberal Larry follows his heart and Blompf narrowly defeats one of the SJW candidates.

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  1. I respect your ability to tell two tiny New England states apart. I myself have a lot of trouble telling Greenville NC from Greenville SC.

  2. Lived in the mountains and back woods of Vermont for many years, What’s beautiful about Vermont Biden, are the working class whites of Appalachia from Maine to Alabama. Vermonter’s have a term for outsiders of the state moving in, mainly from the NY, New England flat coastal urban areas. They call the transplants (Flatlanders) I was even called that being born and raised in the Appalachian mountains of south Western Pennsylvania near the border of West Virginia.

    Thanks HW for letting me post on this site, Wanted to make an introductory. Hope I can bring a bridge to what rural whites in the mid Atlantic mid west and New England have in common with southern separatist.


  3. “Tucker sees the race coming down to Warren, Bernie and Kamala. In this scenario, Liberal Larry follows his heart and Blompf narrowly defeats one of the SJW candidates.”

    It’s still going to be Biden vs.Trump, because the non visible, real leadership, as opposed to the electorate, of the Democratic Party, believe that the assorted muds, cruds and women aren’t electable.

    They want to recapture the six Yankee states that switched sides in 2016 and voted for Trump. Anti-White, she-man womyn rhetoric won’t fly in Peoria, as the old saying goes, nor in Pittsburgh, either.

    People from Western New York, Western Pennsylvania and out to Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois want to hear about union factory jobs and ag subsidies. Not about how they’re evil and need to be drowned in the mud flood, or massacred in some kind of Jewish revolution.

    They also don’t want to hear about Communism/Socialism either, since they’re tired of being called anti- or unAmerican foreigners by ungrateful Southerners and Westerners who don’t appreciate their ancestors’ having overthrown the Constitution and waged a war against the Southern People, or all of the other unselfish things that they’ve done for America® since 1865.

    Which is why Sanders and Warren are out. East Yankeedom and Mexifornia will simply begrudgingly and resignedly vote for Biden out of spite for the Republicans, and especially for Trump, himself.

    By the time a womyn candidate, Mexican dictator, or a real live Nigger become viable candidates, there won’t be any America® left, anyway.

    The 2020 election might just be the last gasp of the White, Yankee Democrats. They’re not going to waste it on freaks, weirdos, Jews, crypto-Jews, and she-man womynz.

    • maybe…doubt it though. The average urban dem would vote for Stalin’s corpse. And the 2020 electorate will be another 2% less white than 2016. I think a Harris/Beto tic would win the pop vote by 3 to 5 million and, by flipping Tejas, win in the EC as well. Also doubt that Drumpf will carry Wisc., Mich., PA a second time.

  4. The Dems are still running on hate Trump and let the illegal hordes come on over and over and over ad infitum. And free stuff for everybody.

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