Donald Trump: Tax Cuts Are At The Top Of Our Agenda!

I have no doubt that this is true:

If the GOP holds the White House and Senate and takes back the House in 2020, Blompf will use his political capital to push the same agenda: another big increase in military spending, another tax cut for the wealthy, more things that Israel wants and more deregulation for Corporate America.

There had already been some recent talk about indexing the capital gains tax or passing another tax cut to respond to a looming recession:

Virtually everything that happens in this world to mainstream conservatives is another excuse to justify increasing military spending, cutting taxes and deregulating big business. The last four Republican presidents have all presided over an increase in legal and illegal immigration. It has been that way for the past 40 years. Absolutely nothing has changed under Donald Trump.

If you want things to change, you have to be willing to dump conservatism. It is incapable of being reformed. We’re reliving the Reagan presidency on an endless loop. In Blompf’s case, he has started having visions of being the Moshiach as he goes senile.

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  1. Zog is selling off our racial quality for a few immediate shekels .

    (Won’t last long, 22 trillion in debt 21 trill GDP , debt/gdp ratio above 100% is where the wheels usually fall off. Additional 1 trill a year deficit, they can only Madoff things so long.)

  2. What happened to the Wall? Yet, the clueless, deceivable MAGAtards will support him. We might as well have had Jeb, Ted or Mitt.

  3. He also wants the Fed to drastically lower the interest rates again so savers can continue to get raped, even worse than they already are. He has screwed over too many of the people who voted for him. I think he’s going to lose. Not that the alternative will be any better.

  4. Savers are being used to subsidize the careless and wasteful.
    Just more of clown world, where virtue is punished and vice rewarded.

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