My Fellow Conservatives: Amy Wax Is a Racist

We don’t accuse mainstream conservatives of being racists.

We accuse them of being dorks, cowards, losers and cuckservatives who embrace leftwing values and narratives. In our eyes, they are the most ineffective and useless group of people on planet earth. They have an effeminate phenotype and a perverse fetish for raising the children of black men.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

These people like Sweet David have a look and a presence about them that is hard to describe. You know the type when you see it though. H.G. Wells described them as the Eloi race. They appear to lack vitality and an instinct for self-preservation. They are neutered, housebroken animals without claws.

Wait for it.

Here comes the virtue signal …


In spite what you may have heard, I don’t hate non-Whites. My beef is not with black people.

As anyone who reads this blog should easily be able to discern, I hate mainstream conservatives who I blame for pissing away our civilization. I want us to shove these people aside.

Negan is High Thymos:

W. Brad Wilcox is Low Thymos:

Do you see the distinction?

I’ve written here before about how the rooster used to be the symbol of white supremacy in Alabama. The male rooster or cockerel symbolizes pride, honesty, courage, vigilance, arrogance, strength, watchfulness and flamboyance. It is one of the most “spirited” animals. In contrast to the mainstream conservative, which is devoid of these masculine qualities of thymos, it holds its head up high, struts with confidence and vigorously defends its women and territory.

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  1. “You’re a racist!”

    “No, you’re the real racist.”

    “You’re anti-semitic and you don’t support Israel.”

    “That’s sexist.”

    “Trump is a racist and colluded with Russia.”

    “We must fight transphobia and the anti-gay.”

    “Your opposition to new undocumented Americans and migrant
    pre-Americans is bigoted, racist and xenophobic.”

    The totality of contemporary American political discourse in just a few lines. Not a good advertisement for this place.

  2. An addition to the list, spoken by both sides of that same coin–

    “We must fight white supremacy, white nationalism, white identity politics, white working people and white privilege. Especially white men.”

  3. Is “W. Brad Wilcox” a real person or a fictitious character in a comedy sketch? It’s getting almost impossible to tell the difference.

  4. “I saw the look of terror on my African American son’s face on that day.”

    – Are you Negroid? Then why do you have a ‘son’ who is ‘African-American? Are you a racial incel, that you won’t let natural family planning give you a child from your wife and your union? Is she on the pill? Do you believe in Abortion, WHATEVER the reason? Do you even PRETEND to be a man?

    Wilcox should change zer name to WIlcunt.

  5. Brad Wilcox attempted to tell men to “Man Up” and get married back in 2016 on a (((Prager U))) video. There is a MGTOW YouTube Content Creator named Turd Flinging Monkey who destroyed him. Funny thing, Trad Cucks like Wilcox LARP like it’s 1952 and fail to take into account that Family Court destroys the lives of men. Yet, they simultaneously are as mirror images of Progs when it comes to race.

    Wilcox has never quite been the same since an army of MGTOWs trolled him. Every single time he does a media appearance, he is trolled hard. I haven’t decided who is a bigger cuck, Wilcox or French.

  6. David French looks more ashkanazi jewish than Bibi Shitpiro does, especially that photo.

    Is he got to pull a Madeleine Albright number, and out of the blue announce that he’s really a Jew?

  7. I remember seeing that clip with Wilcox and his wife. It turns out Brad’s wife comes from money, and the family was going to cut her off. Brad had just earned tenure as the token cuckservative at the University of Virginia’s Sociology Department. She tells this with Brad on the same stage–she married him because she was running out of options. Like any good cuck, he chuckles as she tells this to the audience.

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