John Nolte: White Supremacists Are a Bunch of Losers!

John Nolte of Breitbart News is sounding off this morning on the media for empowering “white supremacists” by giving us too much attention and making us look cool:


“As a child of the seventies and eighties, we looked at white supremacists as what they truly are: a bunch of losers, as jokes, as punchlines, as uncool.

No one, not even nihilists or misanthropes, wanted to be a white supremacist, because doing so automatically proved you were a loser.

What I mean is…

This was brilliant… and it worked.

Back in the mid-eighties, back in my high school days, if someone had shown up throwing a Nazi salute, we would have laughed him off campus. Back then, thanks to pop culture, being a Nazi or a member of the KKK or a racist of any kind didn’t make you an outsider, a rebel, or scary… It made you a lame-ass phony desperate for attention.

Nobody wants to be a part of a group that society sees as LOSERS and CLOWNS. …

If you’re a loser who’s failed at life, who lives in your mom’s basement, who’s weak and stupid and bitter over your own inadequacies, and so poisoned with a streak of narcissism that you’re willing to do most anything to feel like you matter, like you belong, like an outlaw — what sounds better, emulating a joyless schoolmarm like Jake Tapper or being part of an underground movement that strikes fear into everyone, that makes you a world shaker, that grabs all kinds of media attention? …

Come on… Anyone who’s ever met a committed racist — and I’ve met a few, and not all of them were white — knows that for the most part, these people are hapless idiots incapable of anything resembling rational thought. They’re the paste-eater you went to first grade with, all grown up. They’re pathetic losers, and that is how our culture should be responding to them and ridding ourselves of them — by pointing and laughing at the clowns they really are.

But no… Instead, our media make the white supremacist movement successful by deliberately overreacting with outrage and fear, by giving them the exact response they want, which makes them appear mysterious and exotic, which is empowering.

And this success only breeds more success, which is undoubtedly what the media and Democrats want.”

I’ve had a very different life experience than John Nolte.

As is the case with Richard Spencer, I am a Xennial. I’m neither a Baby Boomer or a Gen X’er. I don’t feel like your typical Gen X’er or Millennial. I’m also old enough to be the father of your typical Zoomer. I grew up in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was president and the formative years of my youth were when I was in college and became politically active at Auburn during the George W. Bush presidency.

Even though I am from the Alabama Black Belt, there was nothing resembling “white supremacy” in my area growing up. “White supremacy” was a system of race relations in the American South that ended when my parents were teenagers in the 1960s. I wasn’t raised to be a “racist” or a “white supremacist” either. Growing up in one of the blackest areas of the United States though, I learned the truth about racial differences early on in life through observation and experience.

The DZGD (dogma of zero group differences) is based on the lie of the Blank Slate. I consider myself a fairly intelligent and ethical person and wanted to know why I was being lied to by the political and cultural establishment about this subject which contradicts a century of empirical evidence. It is not because I “hated” black people. I’m nearly 40 years old now and have lived here my entire life. I continue to live here even though it would make my life much easier to move solely because this area is my home. Twenty years has passed and racial differences are as intractable as ever.

As I began my adult life, I was exposed to mainstream conservatism in the form of the George W. Bush administration, FOX News and National Review on the one hand and the White Nationalists of Stormfront on the other. The so-called “white supremacists” were politically and culturally marginalized in America and were only able to share their message online. Mainstream conservatism, however, controlled the White House, Congress and Supreme Court when George W. Bush was president.

This is how the Alt-Right began because almost every key figure involved with it had a similar life experience. The formative years of the movement were the George W. Bush presidency and rejecting mainstream conservatism in the 2000s. It was during this period that W. and mainstream conservatism invaded Iraq which turned out to be the greatest foreign policy disaster in American history that cost the lives of thousands of people from my generation. The people who opposed the Iraq War from the beginning – the paleocons, libertarians and White Nationalists – and who were purged from mainstream conservatism was the corner of the internet that we instinctively identified with.

By 2008, there was nothing “cool” about mainstream conservatism. In our view, to be a mainstream conservative was synonymous with being a grifter, a hack, a warmonger, a shill for Israel, a religious hypocrite (remember Ted Haggard?) or a puppet of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The “white supremacists” were saying all kinds of forbidden things at this time like race exists and the “mainstream” is lying to you about it, there are biological differences between men and women and feminism has been a disaster, Jews have an incredible amount of wealth, power and influence in our society and it is verboten to acknowledge this, White people have been deracinated and oppressed by political correctness and are rapidly becoming a minority in their own country and mainstream conservatism is incapable of resisting this. Guess whose message resonated with young White men in the age of social media?

The only thing that “white supremacy” (gigantic eyeroll for those who don’t know the difference) has going for it is the truth. It doesn’t have another leg to stand on at the moment:

Let’s review:

  • Is KikeSlammer1488 WRONG when he rants in the comments about Z.O.G. (Zionist Occupation Government)? For the past eight months, the Democrats and Republicans have done LITERALLY NOTHING but accuse each other of anti-Semitism and debate who is better for Israel.
  • Is the El Paso shooter WRONG about a million illegal aliens busting through our border and invading our country? Isn’t the paralysis of our government a legitimate grievance?
  • Is Great Ape WRONG when he rants in the comments about intractable racial differences and how every mainstream institution in our society revolves around the illegitimacy of Whites due to “racism” and how the promotion black people and other minorities is taken by the political establishment to be the highest good due to their moral standing?
  • Is MoonMan WRONG to notice that transgenderism is being promoted as mainstream, but White identity, not to be confused with racial prejudice, is by definition condemned as “racist”?
  • Is Chad Nationalist WRONG about the modern liberated woman on Tinder? Come on …

What’s going on here?

It is simply this: the window of permissible debate that we call the “mainstream” shifts perpetually to the Left due to the intrinsic worthlessness of mainstream conservatism and its total lack of interest in mounting any effective resistance to this. It is no longer plausible to believe that mainstream conservatism has the capacity to conserve anything but tax cuts, Israel and obscene defense budgets or even to have the fortitude and integrity to tell the truth about any number of important subjects.

John Nolte acts like Hollywood has suddenly stopped making movies that demonize “white supremacy.” This isn’t the 1960s or 1970s anymore. The Boomers are all watching Hannity on FOX News. After half a century of that propaganda, a huge swath of the White population now perceives it for what it is and has tuned out of it. What’s more, mainstream conservatism which triumphed under Ronald Reagan has been in power for most of the past 40 years and has matured into a decadent racket.

What has mainstream conservatism conserved?

The border?

The definition of marriage?

The unborn?


The gender binary?

Women’s restrooms?

Gun rights?

Free speech?

Freedom of assembly?

Traditional values?

The family?

Ethnic identities?

Historic monuments?

Don’t make us laugh. It isn’t funny.

It is truly stunning when you begin to grasp the magnitude of the changes which have taken place in the West under mainstream conservatism since the mid-1970s. There has been a more sweeping social revolution in the West under mainstream conservatism over the past 50 years than there was at the height of the French Revolution or any comparable period of European history.

So, it is highly rich that mainstream conservatives call us losers. By any reasonable standard, these people are the most ineffective “conservatives” and the biggest losers in the entire history of Western civilization spanning the past five thousand years. These losers have accomplished in a generation what Alaric and Genseric, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan and Suleiman the Magnificent couldn’t even accomplish.When the Western Roman Empire collapsed in the 5th century, more was conserved by the barbarians than mainstream conservative pundits on television in 2019.

It is future generations who will be left to reckon the consequences for the next five thousand years.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that when Nolte condemns others for being weak, stupid and inadequate he’s really projecting his own failures on to those whom he secretly envies and admires. And I like how he describes himself as a “child” of the 70s and 80s. That ugly sonofabitch looks like he’s in his 70s or 80s!

    The fact is most alt-righters and white soopreemisists are pretty damn smart, physically fit, well-read and good-looking. No-talent Nolte is simply relying on a lot of tired old stereotypes in order to please his jew masters at Kikefart.

    • Spawn, THANK YOU! from the first sentences, I realized that Nolte DOESN’T realize, that he was CLUELESS about his BRAINWASHING, back when he was a ‘young skull full of mush’ (per Limbaugh).. and has continued in as equally feckless a position, ever since!

      I already knew back in the ’70’s that the ‘narrative’ was already corrupted, when Billy Graham and Richard Nixon were having their ‘It’s the Jews, stupid!’ talks that were kept under wraps for (why?) forty years!!!

      Such LOSERS are those who are so deep in the Matrix, they don’t even realize they are tools (sheep) of the sons of Hell. Nolte is one such damned bastard.

  2. What makes whites supreme? Christ

    Whites are supreme because white adhere to the teaching of Christ. Whites treat others as they would like to be treated. And whites protect and defend the weak and the innocent. There is nothing wrong with living by the teaching of Christ, it is Gods way. Christ is supreme and always will be and Jews and their lackeys hate him for it. To hell with them.

  3. Wonder if John Nolte knows that ADL deem white organizations hate group.White Institutions are now inclusive under 1960s legal snivel rights.John Nolte kissing for shekels of Breitbart members.

  4. Sorry to tell you this HW, but you’re a Gen X’er, just like Joe Rogan, Kurt Cobain and Dick Spencer.

  5. “Back then, thanks to pop culture, being a Nazi or a member of the KKK or a racist of any kind didn’t make you an outsider, a rebel, or scary… It made you a lame-ass phony desperate for attention.”

    Yes, the truly authentic were taking their opinions from mass media “pop culture.” Our guys were phonies.

    The vapidity of the gen X “rebel.”

  6. “I wasn’t raised to be a “racist” or a “white supremacist” either. Growing up in one of the blackest areas of the United States though, I learned the truth about racial differences early on in life through observation and experience.”

    I’m a Gen Xer. I was taught to avoid interacting with Blacks any more than is absolutely necessary. I was also given the usual warnings that we’re all given here in Dixie, by our parents, teachers and other adults. Interacting with Blacks in school taught me that the adults were right.

    The current Black population in North Texas is equal to the slave population in 1860. In these counties here on the Red River, Blacks are about 25% to 30% of the population, and are concentrated in towns like Greenville, Paris, Sherman, Denison and Gainesville, Tx.

    The relatively low number of Blacks reflects the fact that North Texas has an agronomy more like Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia, than Alabama and Mississippi. Cotton is still third after cattle, hay and grain, which are grown almost exclusively for feeding to the cattle. Which is the #1 agricultural product.

  7. Censorship, banning, deplatforming notwithstanding, anti-Whites realize they don’t control the narrative anymore. All their well constructed, expensive, White hating propaganda for half a century or more is in grave danger of being blown to bits. Articles like this aren’t written by people who know they’re winning.

  8. left wing, right wing, both wings of the same jesuit controlled papal eagle, the federal government. we havent had an advocate since the civil war, all they do is enslave and terrorize. any southron that votes is a sucker.

  9. I’m not alt-right, or white supremacist. I’m a dissident. I’ve been lied to and manipulated my entire life, and I’m not being told what to think or how to behave anymore by TPTB. Those in the kakistocracy know some of the pale people are waking up and have the capability to cause trouble, so those of us not wanting to stay asleep in their matrix are being targeted for harassment and destruction. I used to not give a fuck about race. I knew about racial differences, but I didn’t care. If I, for example, avoided black neighborhoods, it wasn’t out of hate. It was because they were crime-ridden and filled with dysfunctional people. But being aware of reality makes me a hater? Fine, I’m a hating, hateful hater. Whatever. Being pushed into a corner makes me (and a growing minority of others) determined to not give in to their lies and threats.

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