Fundraiser Update

As of this afternoon, we have raised $3,371 from 21 donors, which means that we are rapidly closing in our fundraising goal. Hats off to everyone who has contributed.

Why do this?

1.) First, when I thought about what went wrong with the 2.0 movement and what needed to be corrected, it occurred to me that it needed to be more normal and family centered. If we are going to do fundraising, then raising money to support kindergarten tuition for a private school is about the least objectionable and most relatable thing imaginable. As every White parent who is struggling with the demographics of our public school system well knows, particularly here in the South, this is rapidly becoming one of the biggest burdens on the average White American family.

2.) Second, I invest thousands of hours of my time into maintaining and updating this website which is my outlet in a world that is going mad around me, and raising money to offset the cost of our biggest household expense is also the perfect response to all the nagging about spending so much time on the website with you guys. Now, I can say our son has a stake in this website.

3.) Third, the movement needs stability and constancy in my assessment, and while this website has been online for a decade now it has been erratic in the production of content. For many years, I was torn between producing content and activism, but now I am focused on the online space. As far as the real world goes, we are doing our networking now away from the media spotlight. Realistically, I can spend more time here now knowing that I don’t have to worry about covering this expense.

4.) Fourth, as to why we chose private education over homeschooling, which many of you are wondering, the answer is my father-in-law Gordon Baum who didn’t believe in sheltering his children from the world. He wanted his kids to be socialized and to be raised with religious values and went to his grave knowing that all of them turned out well and he had beautiful grandchildren. That’s how I want to leave the world too. In contrast, a single image of an individual who my wife grew up with in the movement explains why she is so adamant about private education.

The main reason that we are not home schooling our son is because of Derek who was a sheltered, socially awkward child who went to a fancy private liberal arts college in Florida only to be bowled over by the experience and discover from his Jewish friends that everything he was taught by his parents was a lie. Both my wife and Derek were raised in the movement. It is Derek that everyone knows about though because he went on to became a professional traitor due to his lack of real world experience. Not everyone who is home schooled turns out to be a Derek or a Lynx and Lamb Gaede. We think the wisest course though in our son’s education seems to be what worked in my wife’s case.

A few more shoutouts to mailbox gang:

1.) A big shoutout to a longtime comrade in the movement who I have known for many years and hope to see again soon.

2.) Another big shoutout to our biggest supporter who came through for us!

If you haven’t contributed and want to help us reach our $4,000 goal, send us a check, cash or money order to our P.O.Box:

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  1. Mr. Wallace,

    That was a well thought out comment. I know an anglo familiy who home schooled their children. These girls were so sheltered that when they entered a government school they were helpless against the real world. They had no resistance powers with the boys at school. No social skills at all. They could not distinguish between flirting and going all the way.

    They went from being extremely conservative and sheltered to very liberal in just one semester. I still maintain contact with them and know their parents as well. I am trying to get them to come to the private school I go to. I do no know if they can afford it however. One of the girls already has a child out of wedlock. I tried to tell their father a government school was dangerous but it did not hit home until the pregnancy.

    The lessons above apply to all as well as anglos but since this is a White Advocacy site I give you an example that you can appreciate.

      • Denise,

        Yes it is. For my family the current plan is private school for all of us regardless of age. No matter if Mexico, Texas, or California.

  2. Home Schooled children involve in social mixing with others via Highland Dancing, Music Lessons “outside”, visiting real world outlets, and on and on.

    • John Beattie,

      Those things would definitely help. Naturally, I am not defending government schools. I have been to one briefly in Texas. They are a free for all.

      My older sister and I were put in private schools when my sister reached puberty.

      • I’ve known homeschooled kids. They’re smarter and have better manners than most kids sent to public day prison. The only so-called advantage to being in publik skool, “socialization,” is taken care of by homeschooling parents making sure to have regular gatherings of the kids. School districts can’t keep homeschooled kids out of sports where I live. Public schools don’t encourage the natural play and games that makes kids healthy social beings, anyway. But that’s how the homeschooling parents handle things with their kids.

        A friend of mine in California had to take her grandkids out of the public indoctrination factory. The little rugrats were being violently threatened by (surprise, surprise) little non-white savages. The school district did nothing about it, and even tried to shift blame to the white victims. So, out of self-defense and for the well-being of the kids, grandma has to teach the kids at home. And wonder of wonders, they’re doing better in their subjects and are much happier. The idiotic state insists on common core math, which is their only problem area. A tutor takes care of that, so there’s no need to send the kids back to day prison.

        • Rich L,

          I am not familiar with Common Core Math. Thank you for the input.

          Government schools in Mexico do not have the same problems. It has been several years since I attended a Primary school In Mexico. We only went 4 hours a day which I think was typical. American government schools are 7 hours long depending on the district. That is a waste of time. Students are taught to respect authority and the teachers in Mexico. The textbooks were free for primary students. I believe the Secondary students have to pay for their books. I never attended Secondary School in Mexico only private school.

          Private schooling I think is the best. I love it. I do not see how a parent can teach and know as much as a trained teacher. If so, that would be quite an indictment of the whole educational system.

          Anyway, just my observations and experiences.

          • Christina:

            If so, that would be quite an indictment of the whole educational system.

            Bingo! You cannot see how a parent or parents can exceed the abilities of trained teachers in a formal school environment, and yet they very often do. What is the explanation? You seem like a very smart girl. Think about it, research it. The answers will come in due course.

            Brad: that you and your wife have chosen private instead of homeschooling is your business, and I support your decision because that little boy is, after all, your child, not mine; you are his parents and you know best for him as far as I’m concerned. But the basis on which you reject homeschooling is essentially the basis on which Northerners rejected and condemned the institution of slavery in the South. Namely, that it had its problems. Well of course it had its problems; every human institution has its problems. You’re essentially making a mountain out of a mole hill with all this concern about socialization skills, worry over whether that little boy might turn out to be a maladjusted fruitcake if you homeschool him. This is nonsense. It isn’t homeschooling that produces maladjusted fruitcakes; it is maladjusted fruitcakes who homeschool who produce like fruit. Think about it. I mean, are you going to raise your son in total isolation from the world in which he lives? Of course not. C’mon!

          • Christina,

            In the US, teachers are usually given their state-approved material. They are told what to teach the kids. The textbooks are chosen for them, the lessons they teach are mandated. Some individual districts don’t teach certain subjects, or don’t teach them as the state desires, but those are rare. So teachers are essentially credentialed puppets. As their books and lessons are chosen for them, anyone could teach the material.

            My friend is only a high school grad, but she cares about her grandkids, and she will take the time to delve further into the material with the kids. Or, as much of the material is basic, just let the kids learn it and test out of it. Then they can learn about the things in which they’re actually interested. The state essentially keeps the kids from learning what matters to them. Which leads me to the obvious conclusion that what schools teach is indoctrination; what the state wants the kids to believe, in other words.

            Common Core Math is not regular, linear math. I don’t know much about it, but I’ve never heard a parent praise it. Direct problem solving, like 10 + 3 = 13, for some reason isn’t used. Students have to learn “different ways” to solve the problem. I’ve seen weird diagrams or symbols used instead of sets of numbers, for example. I don’t get it.

  3. Re: the Gaede girls – I know they went grotesquely ghetto – but at least they didn’t stab every-one, especially their mother, in the neck, again and again and again. They went their own way, albeit astray.

  4. The ones who don’t turn out to be clueless babes in the woods that get eaten alive are arrogant little shits that nobody wants around because they are insufferably smug know-it-alls.

  5. I went to an elementary school that was full of yidlets. Even at that early age I sensed an “otherness” about them.

  6. Donations:
    First level- close family relatives if they are in need of some kind
    Second level- dogs, groups that rescue, take care of dogs and other animals, environmental protection organizations, etc I visited the Amazon forest, it’s a catastrophic what they have been doing for decades
    -Third.level- groups of the same ethnicity that you are, that have sane political thinking (fand goals (far-right), like improvement in the lethality of Ebola, HIV viruses, etc
    -Fourth level- groups of the same race that you are, that have sane political thinking and goals (far-right), like drastic depopulation programs, etc

  7. T. Morris,

    Thank you for your informative response above on Schooling. As always my opinions/beliefs are based on my current level of information and understanding.

    The subject deserves a lot of thought.

  8. Rich L,

    I found your comment extremely interesting. Sounds like conveyor belt teaching. With everything standardized I can now see where a dedicated parent can equal or exceed the teaching abilities of the average government school teacher. And that is not even bringing into account the social problems that modern schools possess especially beyond the primary grades.

    Home Schooling with socialization seems better than government schools. However, girls have to learn to deal with boys on a regular basis or it is throwing them to the wolves. And from what I see of the wolves they have little mercy. These skills of dealing and flirting come with experience. Being chatted up and loving it yet being careful not to give away the ranch are part of the joys of interaction with the other sex.

    • Just keep away from alcohol or drugs when being approached by boys. When I was your age, I had a severe stutter and a face full of acne. Once I got a few beers in me, though, I was more outgoing and fluent. And once the girls got a few beers in them, they were willing to do anything with a boy with confidence and a good sense of humor. No one does anything smart when drunk.

  9. What a total ripoff !
    Whites pay for public schools, then pay for private education on top of it, just so their children can learn and be safe. While the public zoos for POC are lavishly funded, like 22k per pupil in DC.

    SO SICK !

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