Poll: Bernie and Warren Tie Biden

If one of these two end up consolidating the progressive vote which appears highly likely, it looks like either Bernie or Warren will be the Democratic nominee:


“Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have surged to tie with Joe Biden atop the Democratic presidential field, according to a poll that suggests the three are solidifying their status as the top tier in the massive field.

The Monmouth University poll, released Monday, shows Sanders and Warren deadlocked among Democratic voters at 20 percent, with Biden a point behind, at 19 percent. No other candidate cracks double digits: Kamala Harris is in fourth place, at 8 percent.

Compared with the Monmouth poll in June, Sanders has ticked up 6 points, and Warren 5 points. Biden dropped 13 points, from 32 percent in June. …”

Both Bernie and Warren have pledged to “go to war” against White Nationalism. Blompf is far more competitive with them in the polls and could narrowly win reelection. If Bernie and Warren end up as the final two candidates, the establishment vote goes to Warren.

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  1. They will moderate their message for the general election. They have to go full “kill whitey” in the primaries because that’s where the Democrats are today.

  2. So,we have a choice between (((Bernie Sanders))) or Pocahontas? Our Founding Fathers never intended for our once great nation to be ruled by a Jew or a woman. In fact,they’re probably rolling around in their graves right this very moment. We’ve allowed ourselves to become slaves to fashion. No one wants to be considered as a social pariah and our enemies know this. By allowing the left to control the lexicon we give them carte blanche over our people’s mind. The Jews are masters of projection and they prey on our people’s misguided altruism. They understand the psychology of our people and exploit those characteristics. People are emotional creatures so we must tailor our message to appeal to their emotions. Perhaps you should design a flier in PDF form for a nationwide distribution. A simple flier with your website url would suffice. What say you? For the record, a flier featuring a white baby would appeal to our women as child bearing is a natural instinct.

  3. Michael Weaver,

    Twenty years ago, my friends and I used a similar tactic that might be even more powerful now with the undeniable demographic changes in the USA and all Western nations.

    What we did was put up “Old West” flyers that read “Wanterd: A Future for White Children” with the photograph of a White boyfriend and girl.

    We them up everywhere but emphasized around churches and bus stops.

    I saw a photo out of South Africa with one White student surrounded by black students in a classroom that had the subscript, “At least we still have the Constitution.” That might be effective in urban areas.

    Posters like these can be adjusted for the audiences we are trying to influence.

  4. The powers that run the Democrats will screw Sanders out of it again. They’ll also screw the Cherokee queen out of it too.

    They want Biden. He’s the only one that might could garner the winning votes from Yankee corn farmers and steel mill hands.

    But Trump has already beat him to the punch on talking about union jobs returning to the Rust Belt. All he needs to do now is talk about corn and soybeans.

    Then it’ll come down to whether or not Trump’s plan to bring back jobs that have been extinct for thirty years is better than Biden ‘s plan to do the exact same thing.

    Or which corn and soybean subsidies are better, Trump’s or Biden ‘s.

    But no matter, because Dixie and the Transmississipi West are gonna be ignored and screwed over, like always.

  5. Trump has also vowed to “go to war” against non-violent domestic political dissidents; specifically “anti-Semites”; defined as “anyone who criticizes Jews or Israel”.

    And he has been doing so rather effectively.

    The Democrats will “go to war” against “White Nationalism”, but they define pretty much all Trump supporters and immigration restrictionists as “White Nationalists”. This makes it difficult for them to be selective in their attacks.

    So, the Democrats will attack in a way that has the potential to push Whites together into a camp with shared interests.

    On the other hand, Trump / Likud are going to seek to decapitate the White movement, gulag the smart, JQ-aware vanguard and then lead the mindless White masses themselves.

    We need a Democrat to win in 2020, stop acting like you are afraid of Warren.

  6. Anyone here ever heard of “Monmouth University”? Like “Quinnipiac University” it’s a fake school that conducts fake polls as a form of free advertising in the newsmedia. Everywhere you look you are being bullshitted.

    I’m convinced the Dumbo-CRAPS are throwing the election to Blormp so they can gear up for their big Get Whitey campaign in 2024.

  7. The reality is Joe Biden is seen as a Moderate in the Democratic Party in 2019. He’s not Liberal enough. He’s not against White People enough. That’s kind of funny because he was Vice President under the 1st and only Black President in American History. However that’s not good enough for the Democrats now. A person must be extreme left wing. A person must be on the level of Antifa but in a government way. That being be shady about it, half talk, and do things secret in the government that will destroy the White Christian Race. That’s been the Democrats agenda since the 1960s. However the Republicans offer us little / no alternative because Republicans are afraid of being called Racist. All while Big Business / the Super Rich / Jews make huge profits while White People become a minority in America. We have no hope in the 2 party system. We must put our own people in office before the scales of “Democracy” tip and White People are the minority. Deo Vindice !

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