Gavin McInnes: Joe Rogan Dumped Me

I agree with what Gavin McInnes says here.

Mainstream conservatism and the Republican Party disavows and marginalizes the Alt-Right. Progressives and the Democratic Party embrace and run cover for Antifa. The political spectrum shifts perpetually to the Left because mainstream conservatism is a doormat.

Gavin McInnes shoved a dildo up his ass and purged his group of anyone remotely sympathetic to the Alt-Right. MILO dressed in drag and married a black guy. Those two are as marginalized and deplatformed as anyone in the Alt-Right. Actually, MILO, Alex Jones and Gavin are banned from Twitter, so they are even more marginalized than Richard Spencer or Mike Enoch.

If we are going to be politically marginalized by mainstream conservatism and the Republican Party, why should we vote for them? What have these people done to deserve our loyalty? I would rather be “fringe” because I have luxury of telling the truth and saying exactly what I think. Those who want to be in the liberal “mainstream” and talk about cannibalism, drag queens, eating maggots and living in container homes which are currently being normalized are free to do so.

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  1. TPTB are, of course, steering the herd towards accepting all perversities. When you accept anything you are told as being normal or good, whatever TPTB does to you can also be rationalized as normal or good. Realities like human biology are being made into mere constructs, or redefinable ideas, by the elites. It’s truly sinister. As much as we can, we should stay away from popular and mainstream culture, and concentrate on developing “alternative” options. Our civilization is being pulled apart with a lot of help from those on top, and that opens up opportunities for people to fill the cultural rips and tears with a different message.

  2. That anyone is really banned from twitter (at least politically) is a canard. They could create anonymous accounts and tweet content as much as they want, having whatever effect tweets can. Of course if it’s all about them personally, then nothing substantive has been censured anyway.

  3. If i’m not mistaken Joe ‘the sneaky snake’ Rogan has a Jewish wife Jessica Ditzel shes not famous herself she is a cocktail waitress sounds Jewish maybe it isn’t i dunno but hes definitely not committed to holding political views, hes a pot smoking shitlib mostly and has lots of left and right pro Israel advocates on his show One of his handlers basically told him to distance himself from Gavin i assume

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