The YouTube Alt-Right Radicalization Pipeline

The Alt-Right has a new strategy.

The strategy is basically to stand still. The Great Awokening has the Left moving away from White Middle America at warp speed. Mainstream conservatives are flailing around and passing tax cuts and doing nothing as usual to resist the radicalization of the “mainstream.”

Look, the sheer number of recently discovered -isms and -phobias plaguing American society is exploding as the Left has a collective mental breakdown under Blompf.

All we have to do to scoop up the millions of disaffected White people who are being alienated and driven out of the “mainstream” as this inflatable booty of a negress bounces on their face while they are harangued about “white supremacy” is to keep flying our flag on the internet:


Sometimes there is no immediate solution and patience and endurance turns out to be the best strategy. As the strategic environment of the political battlefield changes, the problem will resolve itself.

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  1. Panem thats from hunger games right? I haven’t seen any of the hunger games films yet but i have seen the movie it was based off battle royale

  2. Who even watches MTV nowadays? god that performance was absolute trash the still images are enough I don’t have to see that bullshit a obese black women with a giant ass bouncing in the background twerking and chuggin tequila just unbelievable, weimar clownworld is getting intense

      • I use to watch bevis and butthead when i was younger but that was about it MTV doesn’t even do music anymore its just a bunch of teen drama shows like teen mom and the real world

        mtv award ceremonies has always been egdy trash I remember when Marilyn Manson said death to Christianity or even 8 years ago when miley cyrus twerked and stuck out her tongue

  3. That MTV video, of the enormous ghettorilla saw, howling into technology invented by the White Man, with it’s co-jungleghetto beastesses, swirling around for no reason whatsoever, pretty much sums up the degraded and obliterated Sate of the Western World right now. The Golden One has correctly stated that the West has fallen – and it has.

    We just need to stand aside, and watch the fun.

  4. It isn’t really “radicalization” when you just agree with mostly everything that 99% of your ancestors believed right up until recently. And what most non-white people believe even today.

  5. But, but, but, the “conservatives” told me the Democrats are the real racists. If the Republicans explain the glories of the free market, the wonders of democracy and how the Constitution was actually written for people like AOC and Rep. Omar (D. Mogadishu) they will vacuum up minority votes. Remember; ‘All Men are created Equal’, it says so in the Bible.

    Any day now I expect Blacks/Hispanics/Asians to start watching FOX TV, reading the WSJ, quoting David French, worrying about ‘Our Greatest Ally’ and voting Republican. Any day now, any day.

  6. “as this inflatable booty of a negress bounces on their face.”

    Pure D Nigger if I’ve ever seen it.

    Probably written and choreographed by some Jew who was showing as much contempt for Niggers, by writing this, as he was for WT, by showing it.

  7. HW,

    I had the Nick “the incel” Fuentes show on in the background tonight, and I swear I could’ve heard him mention you and the LOS in a negative light, as it wouldn’t be unusual for him to counter signal White dissidents.

    I wish I could tell you at what part of the program he made the remark. Earlier in his show, he also took a shot at Mike Enoch and TRS.

    You and Richard Spencer hit the nail on the head with this wannabe “respectable” conservative AmNat. Fuentes still supports a lot of Blompf/kushner policies. At times, Nick’s nose is so far up Blompf’s ass that he can see what Blompf had for lunch.

    Anyhow, if Fuentes keeps it up, he might be allowed to attend CPAC 2020 with his mommy.

      • November is bullshitting here for i don’t know for what absurd reason. I don’t think Fuentes even knows Hunter let alone has any reason to start shit with him or punch right. You had it on in the background? could of swore you heard?! Your fishing here buddy

        Nick was a die hard Trump shill in blumpfs first year presidency but Fuentes hasn’t said anything positive about trump in months i follow his twitter. If anything you must be watching an old America first cause I haven’t seen him say anything positive about kushners policies or should i say zoglicies

      • HW.

        At the 1:25 mark is when ‘tiny dick’ Nick takes a shot at both you and Matt Parrot for calling him a AmNat.

  8. A good post. Well reasoned and thought out. I agree that the ground is changing under us and, for the moment, just hanging in there and flying under radar is probably the smartest policy.

  9. “Stand still”

    I.E. Allow events and circumstances to force people to figure it out for themselves, at which time they’ll find our sector.

    That’s probably one of the best strategies we can have at the present.

    • Perversely enough it is also the advice Axelrod gave to the democrat candidates for president against Trump: Allow him to destroy himself, but don’t pick any fights with him.

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