2019 MTV VMAs

I love our readers and supporters:

Yeah, she “crushed it” …

If you have discovered and started reading this website, chances are you are disillusioned with the cultural and political mainstream. Don’t let those people convince you that you are a bad person. You’re probably a decent and normal person. It is the world that has gone mad.

Remind you of anything?

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  1. Where there is chaos therein lies the Jew. Jews thrive and survive amidst Chaos for they are destructive by nature. It’s ingrained in their race soul.

      • Unless you have a valid scripture book. chapter and verse, this sort of thing could also be from the Talmud, which is as anti-White and antichrist as one could possibly imagine. The O.T. is NOT the Jews’ book- they don’t even read it to comment on the verses therein, but use it like a wax nose (NOSE!?) to talk endlessly about the ‘Hollow Cause,’ etc.

  2. Panem’s flag is in the Communist colors of red and gold as is Star Trek’s Enterprise if you look closely at the running stripes on the side.

    • Red and gold are also the colors of the McDonald’s logo. Research shows that particular combination of colors makes the Negroes hongry.

  3. This is exciting! I just learned a black slang expression from a middle-aged white woman who is an “august” Senator and who wants to be the president of the United States. “‘crushed it’ @ lizzo” ; Gillibrand knows black ghetto jive talk! How exciting! Yo! The thought of a middle-aged white woman president who speaks black ghetto jive talk! It certainly would be fun and entertaining to have a black ghetto jive talking middle-aged white woman as the president of the USA, 🙂 :

    • It’s actually quite basic primate fertility signaling.

      When a female chimpanzee, gorilla, bonobo, baboon, et cetera is at their peak of their ovulation cycle, their rump will swell (bubble butt), so the alpha male knows it is time to lay pipe.

      Because we are part of the primate family (sorry creationists) our mammalian brains retain this instinct.

      I have a hypothesis that’s why the Chinese are using every branch, leaf, and animal part under the sun as an aphrodisiac. East Asian women have no bottoms at all.

      Personally, as far as aestheics of butts are concerned, I’ll take a round Melissa Joan Hart booty any day over a flat as a board Juile Bowen rear end.

    • I have a preference for soft, curvy women. White women only. PoC may not apply. Round is fine and a little plumpness (think classical paintings by Ruben etc) even preferred. I’ve been referred to as a “chubby chaser”. I suppose that’s fair.

      But negros take it to an absurd and even sickening extreme. I get were it comes from. But, like so many other things, they ruin it with their lack of any sort of decency and tendency to take otherwise decent things to absurd extremes.

      • I think the Hottentot people have posteriors so large it is a genetic defect. At one time we could see that in National Geographic…then the Oberjuden obtained ownership.

  4. Taylor Swift says in the video that she wants people to sign a petition for an ‘equality act’ which means everyone is equal under the law.

    Does that mean they want to abolish every form of affirmative action and racial quotas?

  5. This (((culture))) is so barbaric. No matter the sophistication spin with fashion,music, and technology. I don’t want my son growing up in a mad max movie with the break down to tribalism for survival however, we know what tribe wants the degenerate tribalism break down.

  6. Well, the good news coming out of the 2019 VMA Awards show is that their rating were the lowest ever. Let us hope that more Whites are rejecting this talmudic and africanized filth.

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