Matteo Salvini Loses Power In Italy

I won’t pretend that I have had the time to keep up with the twists and turns of European politics. This looks to me like very bad news though.


“Italy’s center-left Democratic Party (PD) and populist Five Star Movement said Wednesday they have agreed to form a coalition government, staving off new elections that appeared likely after the resignation of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte earlier this month, the BBC reports. …”

Did Salvini gamble and roll snake eyes?

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  1. Just another of many examples that goes to show that people can’t vote their way out of a rigged system. Pedos have been put in charge of all white nations by their jewish handlers, and they know very well that if they step out of line their dirty laundry will be aired publicly. As long as intel kikes like Epstein and Maxwell are allowed to operate freely, any political solution will be impossible.

  2. Hopefully the guineas have had enough of being pushed around by the Eurocrats in Brussels. Bring back the Lira, the Franc, the Drachma and the Deutschmark (better yet, the Reichsmark)!

  3. Very bad news indeed. And also The EU working with the United Nations human rights something have no officially announced that criticism of mass migration constitutes “hate speech” and is now a criminal offense:

    It’s very important that we do not overwhelm our audience/readers with negativity as people will give up, lose all hope, drop out of mainstream society or worse go for some Book of Revelations “The world is ending next year” cult.

    I did see the good news that America’s toughest sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced he wants his old job back.

    • It’s hardly down to what information is posted on Occidental Dissent as to us being “overwhelmed” with “negativity’… Dude, there’s a FIREHOSE on full throttle full of anti-White HATE being blasted at us daily from everywhere !!

    • You must have a very poor understanding of scripture if you think Revalation (no S) has anything to do with ziotard doomsday cults.

  4. I don’t see a flood of African and ME migrants entering Russia, Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary. The political leaders there won’t tolerate it.

    I guess the wrong people really did win the Cold War..

      • Yeah he needed to take more photos with Bibi if he wanted to win, also maybe stop being a catholic cuck to anti white vatican? Not to say i’m a better Christian then him cause i’m certainly not but his whole hail mary rosary routine wasn’t convincing to me just seemed for show but i dunno

  5. Post-War Italian politics has always been very turbulent and chaotic. I remember reading newspapers (remember those? Lol) back in the 1990s and every couple weeks a new Italian government was being ousted or formed.

    Berlusconi was a short respite. He was an Italian Trump… Before Trump!

    What happens next in Italy is anyone’s guess, but one thing I know is they are not hampered by guilt over the Holocaust and Il Duce is still a fairly popular figure over there (one can buy wine with Mussolini’s visage over there!) so one doubts their fighting spirit is extinguished.

    • At least berlusconi had more based moments then trump didn’t he hand out copies of mein kampf to his party at one point? Lol But yeah still a greasy corrupt sleazeball like Trump

  6. Hunter, let me offer you some unsolicited, hopefully constructive advice.

    Salvini’s misfortune will prompt your readers to wonder: if the populist formula can’t work in Italy, where can it work nowadays? In my own comments here, I’ve been critical of populism for its intrinsic defects, and I think these events strengthen my case.

    And so, given that populism is one of your key concepts, here’s my advice: make a priority of figuring out the reason for the declining fortunes of Italian populism and report back to us on why it happened and why your own populist ideas should be expected to turn out any better.

  7. Mussolini came to power because he had the external support from Hitler.It’s the Brits and France yoke that is preventing coalition to solidify with Salvini.the Italian populous in range of 40% backs Salvini policy.Now where’s Putin in this…

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