Nick Fuentes Is Mad At Us

Editor’s Note: Media Matters has a new article up by Alex Kaplan complaining that Nick’s America First show hasn’t been banned.

Nick Fuentes is mad at us.

I think he was triggered by these tweets.

Matt Parrott had a much harsher take:

Parrott was just sharing gallows humor though.

In all seriousness though, I don’t want Nick Fuentes to get banned from YouTube and lose his platform. I don’t even wish that upon Andrew Anglin. I was actually expressing sympathy for Nick in light of the banning of James Allsup, Patrick Casey and Martin Sellner. Team Optics was wiped out on YouTube by the ADL in a single day and Nick is the last man standing and next logical target on the list. Allsup was even banned from Instagram where he posted nothing but baby pics.

My difference of opinion with Nick Fuentes was never personal. Nick was a Trump cheerleader and apologist for years. I was a “blackpilled wignat” who was skeptical of him. Nick ditched the Alt-Right to rebrand as an American Nationalist. As a Southern Nationalist, I have always been skeptical of American Nationalism due to its history, its association with Blompf who I have been skeptical of since he won 2016 election and due to racial demographics which make it increasingly implausible. Nick was Mr. Optics. While I granted that optics were important, I thought the distinction was overwought because our enemies aren’t reacting to our image. They see us as immoral and as their political enemies.

My take on Nick Fuentes has always been that he is young and politically inexperienced. He was in middle school when the Alt-Right began. I’m old enough to be his father. He isn’t old enough to remember all the times we have been conned and screwed over by conservatives and Republicans. He wanted to believe in Blompf while those of us who were older were always more skeptical of him. He wanted to believe that mere optics was the problem and that we could all rebrand and infiltrate mainstream conservatism and the GOP. It was only a few years ago that White Nationalists could attend CPAC. Those of us who are older know that this debate is as old as White Nationalism. Being frustrated with women is also part of life when you are a young man though some never reach maturity. Ultimately, I think Nick lacks a memory of the past and is just a bratty kid who wanted to believe in something.

I’m pleased to see he is moving on from Trump and American Nationalism. I believe Nick even recently admitted that the WN 1.0s who ranted about ZOG weren’t wrong. There is a Jewish conspiracy and we are all dissidents and will assuredly be deplatformed, red flagged and sent to the gulag as soon as it becomes feasible. In the long run, these debates over whether a Democrat or a Republican is sending us to the gulag or who was blackpilled or has the best optics will look quite ridiculous.


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  1. Brad,

    Any truth in Nick’s claim you’re shorter than Ben Shapiro? How ’bout his other claims such at the one over Matt what’s his name?

  2. I believe that Nick the Spick, aka Castizo Nick, has the potential for becoming a Falangist. He just hasn’t been knocked around and disillusioned enough yet.

  3. Anchor baby Fuentes is just upset that he didn’t join the faileocon grifter circuit instead of the jew-naming ironic minecraft player circuit. Could have been writing catholic integralist pieces for the American Conservative that nobody would ever read and rubbing elbows with the likes of Ross Douthat.

  4. He is pissed as this diatribe was from his latest podcast. 🙂 He doesn’t like Matt Parrot either.

  5. I haven’t watched a television show since “Lost” went off the air, so I will watch Nick’s show only if I am not interested in the topic on JF’s show. But my preferences are for No White Guilt, Radix, and The People’s Square which occasionally run simultaneously to America First.

    Heck, if Nick can redpill millennials and zoomers on cuckservatism and the JQ more power to him.

  6. What’s worse though?

    White boys LARPing as NSDAP?
    Mexicans LARPing as White news anchors from their basement?

  7. This kid has always been irrelevant, I don’t know why you and Parrot are falling over yourselves to apologize to this little twat. His Ricky Vaughn teir young republicans act is completely blue pilled. he knows nothing ans just wants to be on camera because he’s narcissistic. As Hunter pointed out, he knows nothing of either politics or Nationalism.

    Why is this lolcow even being talked about?

    • Looks can’t be bluepilled/redpilled, the message can, and there’s nothing one could fault Nick for regarding that. Stop being so clownish

  8. Catholic nationalists are cringe to the max. Why support a church that makes up doctrine and completely disagrees with all of your ideals, even before Vatican II? All mainstream churches are cucked. It’s time to read the bible for yourself and see what it really says, then you’ll find out that God is on our side!

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