#TulsiDidntQualifyParty Is Trending On Twitter

This is the Democratic Party:

Even though I have almost nothing else in common with Tulsi Gabbard, I was supporting her because of her position on foreign policy. I’ve never supported the American Empire regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican is in office. Many of the Democrats who were “antiwar” when George W. Bush in office only opposed the Iraq War because it was launched by a Republican president.

This is hardly unexpected. I’ve narrowed down my list of candidates to Augustus Invictus, Tom Kawczynski and Tracey/Walls 2020. I will almost certainly end up voting for the last choice in 2020. There is no scenario in which I end up voting for Blompf, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Andrew Yang is still in the race but he doesn’t seem to be taking off either.

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  1. Gabbard was OK on foreign policy, i.e., not owned by the Israelites.

    wasn’t aware she had offended the sexpervs as well as ZOGsters.

    but on everything else – including White survival – a standard Judeo-communist.

    and @ 3% in the polls, going nowhere anyway.

  2. Gabbard does not support the wars for Israel, specifically the proxy war to destroy Syria using the US-Israel al Qaeda and ISIS puppets, break it up, give part to Israel, and install an Israeli-approved puppet in what’s left.

    In addition she lacked the “correct analysis” of the LGTBQXYZ issue in the past.

    That made her unacceptable to those who run everything.

    It makes no sense to participate in this disgusting fraud. You’re going to get tens of millions of migrants and perpetual war (one of the neocons suggested 200-300 years already!) for jews no matter what.

  3. America has been in a pathetic condition since the Blue Dogs have been pushed down in the Democratic Party. Anything left of the Southern Democrats are being smashed by the second by the left wing extremists, blacks, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, and other liberaltards in the Democratic Party. We need more choices of political parties with populist solutions for White People. Deo Vindice !

  4. Gabbard is grandstanding controlled opposition.

    We should accept that the system is irredeemably corrupt and do our best to delegitimize it.

    And while I (and many others) think this outlet is controlled opposition, this interview is an important one to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=144&v=pqdaGKS3V68

    A european identitarian organic farming family gets stalked by antifa in Bloomington, Indiana. Sarah Dye is the wife and mom. Vilifying her and focusing attention on her, a graceful down-to-earth spokeswoman, only creates positive exposure.

    Her family farm would make a great target fundraiser. She probably doesn’t sit around making ridiculous racializing crank comments. But the jews have made sure we can’t demonstrate public support for positive white identity and counter their doxxing threats.

    • I just found their website and donated. We can’t let the real fascists get away with their bully repressive tactics.

      This site should clean its act up. Enough with the racialist vitriol against people of color, and occasional misogyny.

      • To cuck is a beta trait. Never water down your message to appease your enemies. Liberalism is inherently beta. We are not betas! We are Aryan conquerors!

        • Im a nord, Michael. My message is separation and liberation, and independence. Self-reliance. Honor and decency.

          Even if yours isn’t, you could at least fake it for awhile until we hash things out amongst our own people. I’m half-celt, too.

          • “My message is separation and liberation, and independence.”

            It is very telling that they will not allow this, or even discussion of it. They know we are better, and they know they need us. We don’t need them for anything.

      • “Racialist vitriol” “misogyny” — hey, you revolting cuck, you forgot to bleat about “homophobia” and “transphobia” too. And “demokkkratz are da reel raycisssts!”

        Amazing how retards like you fall so readily into the cuckservative positions of groveling to niggers, frontholes, and the enemy.

        • I can’t ‘cuck’ on a message that isn’t mine, Ironsides.

          There is a space between ‘groveling to niggers…and the enemy’ and standing your ground.

          Read a little…the jews conflate ‘white nationalism’ or southern nationalism or whatever with white supremacy for a reason – center whites don’t like supremacism, yet they will tolerate peaceful expressions of european nationalism. This is what’s happening at this farmer’s market in Bloomington, Indiana.

          The Dye family is winning and the reason is because Sarah Dye doesn’t traffic in racialist rhetoric.

          But hey, if you want to keep losing you and yours are doing a tremendous job, don’t mind me agitating for a little success every once in awhile.

          • Sarah Dye may not be interested in the JP, but

            the Jews – and their shitskin spearcarriers – are interested in her: simply because

            she’s White.

            and (((they))) will find her.

            and you. No matter

            how much you grovel.

  5. The Republicans did pretty much the same thing to Fred Thompson in 2008. I’m getting real tired of winning.

  6. I see that Gillibrand has now dropped out.

    Too bad. She seems to have spent most of her time campaigning in gay bars, wearing rainbow Iowa t-shirts and putting on makeup with drag queens. She also touted her ability and willingness to harangue working white people on their white privilege. She was a credit to her party and was potentially an immensely entertaining candidate. Yes, I now look upon all this as a carnival.

    • Gilibrands death kneel was when she applauded that sickening giant ass twerk performance from obese darkie Lizzo saying she crushed it.

      Also that time she said whites have too much privilege and need to have white privilege gulag training centers, despite whites being the most poorest an unpriveleged in our current clownworld society she jumped the Zionist jew shark with that one

  7. Her foreign policy position was her only bright spot. She did a good job of demolishing another half breed wannabe Kamala in the last debate with her record as a DA.

  8. I remember when George Stephanopoulos interviewedTulsi Gabbard and brought up that some jew online fake-news outfit (Daily Beast?) claimed that Vladimir Putin had endorsed her. This is the state of “our democracy” and our “free press.” All shit.

  9. They may be happy now. But they won’t be when Sanders gets screwed out of the nomination again, or when Biden gets it under questionable circumstances.

  10. Despite her not being a savior for the white race and being crap on other issues like immigration but her foreign policy stance alone was worth it. I’d still take her over pocahontas or creepy anti white boomer joe biden, or crazy bitch kamala, or weirdo commie jew bernie

    If we are going have a female president I want it to be a foxy sexy Hawaiian milf goddess like Madam Tulsi but no of course not, we can’t have nice things because the fucking jews!

    • It’s just as well the Hawaiian hula dancer isn’t going to win, because the stress of holding that stupid office ages a person 20 to 30 years. FDR was only 63 when he died but he looked closer to 100.

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