Coming Soon: Joker

Looks interesting.

Feels Zeitgeist-y like a movie for Clown World. I might go see this.

Note: It looks like the Joker is a race-mixing nihilist terrorist this time around.

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  1. The only movies Hebrewood is putting out these days are either action flix featuring jewish comic book “superheroes” or Pixar cartoons with wise-cracking dinosaurs that have yiddish accents. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was pretty good, though. It was the first movie I saw in a theater since….Caligula?

  2. I’m a pretty big batman fan as far as capeshit stuff goes but the batman films are almost always done horribly the joel schumacher ones were especially terrible, and I did not like nolan’s trilogy even tho the nolan ones are the most popular just horribly written and boring character development despite the memes

    The burton ones were decent and probably the best batman films to date but they aren’t without their criticisms. This new joker film looks absolutely brutal. For starters I hate de niro and joaqhin was good for walk the line but this just looks so badly written and executed and apparently joker likes black women now? I definitely won’t go out of my way to see this

  3. Is there any form of entertainment and art made during the last 30 years that isn’t a pozzed dung?
    I hardly remember examples.

  4. I would have preferred a animated batman film over this stupid re imagining of joker with deniro and joaphin This film looks condescending to batman fans like me and i’m sure the films writer doesn’t understand the batman universe in the slightest, everything about it is rubbing me the wrong way

  5. The gotham tv show is the best thing to happen to the batman dc universe in my opinion I’d recommend it over this dumb Joker bullshit its far from perfect but its very entertaining I’m almost done watching the 4th series

    And you know what makes the gotham show work? No bloated A list actors to shit it up mostly done by unknowns its not too pozzy either. It just might be the best thing on netflix right now I’ll take the gotham show over stupid Christopher Nolans dumb boring ass trilogy any day of the week

  6. Every single movie made in Hollywood is Jewish poison set to harm your mind, body, and soul. Which in turn hurts your family. Live the 14 words. Reject all Jewish influence.

  7. Peaky Blinders is doing a new Season. Oswald Mosley has shown up along with Orange Man gang Billy Boys. It’s a good start. Thomas Shelby is getting roped into all sorts of new shennanigans.

    • Just from watching the trailer, I am certain it will inspire mass shootings. James Holmes was inspired by the Joker in The Dark Knight. Mentally ill people will identify with the character and act out their fantasies.

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