Splinter News: Leaked Emails Show How White Nationalists Have Infiltrated Conservative Media

The first lesson of the day was that fed posting about violence is now a ticket to being scalped by the FBI and DOJ. The second lesson of the day is that reforming conservatism or infiltrating conservatism is a waste of your time and life.

Splinter News:

“Conservative institutions in the Donald Trump era have often sought to portray themselves as shocked and appalled by the so-called “alt-right.” White nationalists have also engaged in their own efforts to differentiate themselves from the neoconservatives who dominated the GOP for decades. But neither narrative is true. The reality is that a host of supposedly veritable right-wing institutions have become a safe haven for the far-right.

Indeed, there is a burgeoning underground network of group chats, message boards, and email chains serving as the breeding ground for incubating white nationalist ideas, and as a forum to strategize around how to launder those ideas through mainstream conservative publications. And, judging from a large series of messages from one of those email groups obtained by Splinter, it’s working. …”

Blah Blah Blah …

Some “woke” shitlib whose politics are as Far Left as you can go has made the shocking discovery that people on the Right are saying edgy things and associating with edgy people in private. This is true of both the “mainstream” Left and the Right, but only on the “mainstream” Right can being doxxed ruin your career and oftentimes your life. There are asymmetrical consequences.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Have you ever heard of a “mainstream” leftist who was ruined by associating with Antifa or the DSA? Do people on the Left routinely lose their jobs? Are they routinely subjected to violence? Do they have their banking accounts cancelled? No, Antifa is outright defended by the Democratic Party and people who are unquestionably closely associated with it work for The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Media Matters and other leftwing publications.

Neil Patel of The Daily Caller has put out this statement:

“Our reporting has literally been crucial to helping put four members of the alt-right in prison and sent two more on the run, at great personal risk to our reporters on the ground.And as a minority-owned and minority-run news company with a diverse staff — including African-American, Jewish, Asian and other minority employees — any allegation that our company was used by so-called alt-right or white supremacist types is infuriating. We view every person as an individual, not through a racial prism — as both the left and the so-called alt-right does. We have denounced these alt-right people in the past and are happy to do so again. We share nothing with them and they aren’t welcome at our company. If Jonah Bennett was truly working with them while employed with us, we knew nothing about it and would have fired him for it immediately. You also raise running op-eds by people you allege are alt-right as if that implies some sort of endorsement. We run thousands of op-eds, each with a disclaimer making clear that we do not endorse the views espoused. As you know, that is how op-eds work in the news business. We have run op-eds from socialists and anarchists and by your logic, you could find us complicit with either. We understand that Splinter has a very strong left-wing agenda and therefore will probably try to spin this as some sort of Daily Caller acceptance of the alt-right. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

This is one of the most cucked things that I have ever seen come out of mainstream conservatism … we publish socialists and anarchists, but will IMMEDIATELY FIRE any alt-right sympathizer reported by an Antifa-affiliated leftwing journo! Our brave reporters risked life and limb to put the men jumped by DeAndre Harris and friends in Charlottesville in prison! Give me a break!

For the record, I don’t know either of these people featured in this story and for a good reason. I decided nearly a decade ago that I wanted nothing to do with mainstream conservatism. I doubted that it could be reformed because of who owns it (see image above). Everything that I have seen since then has convinced me that was the right decision. I’ve made some decisions that I regret but not that one.

Mainstream conservatism must be extirpated. It must be razed to the ground and this can only be done from outside. We shouldn’t be trying to “infiltrate” conservatism. Instead, we should be attacking conservatism, ridiculing it and delegitimizing it. The same is true of the Republican Party as the Blompf presidency has decisively shown. It doesn’t matter who “wins” elections because we always lose. The White House was staffed from top to bottom by mainstream cuckservatives who were absolutely worthless. There is no reason to believe those people will ever conserve anything. Step One has to be destroying the credibility and legitimacy of these people as an “opposition” to the Left.

Don’t waste your life on mainstream conservatism. Go be a scientist or an engineer or something. Get as far away from the Beltway as possible. It pays better. The people are better too.

Note: Sorry about the rage post. Now that I have gotten that long held belief off my chest, I will actually sit down and read this article and update this later.

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  1. ” We shouldn’t be trying to “infiltrate” conservatism. Instead, we should be attacking conservatism, ridiculing it and delegitimizing it.”

    Or you can infiltrate it in order to destroy it from within. Both ways work for me.

  2. There is no appreciable difference between these “Conservatives” and the most virulent leftists. It’s all anti racist and pro diversity all the time.

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