Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A

True story.

My wife was in Auburn the other day and called to tell me that something was going on at the Popeyes. She had never seen it so busy. We are so immersed in politics that we hadn’t heard about this. I haven’t eaten at Popeyes in a decade and was unaware of the new chicken sandwich.

Who has the better chicken sandwich? Popeyes or Chick-fil-A?

Note: Popeyes sold out before I could try it. So I guess Chick-fil-A wins by default. I have Chick-fil-A fans telling me the Popeyes sandwich is really good and not to hate on it.

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  1. I’ve just read the article and comments about Salvini “losing power.” Ridiculous low IQ all. Apart from his visit to Israel, he has been almost perfect in his political moves, including the last one.
    My fear in the long run is that another half mustached imbecile pops up in Germany or another autistic place to fuck up everything again, and this time definitely.

    • Nemo,

      We wouldn’t be so lucky to get two ‘Men Against Time’ within a century of each other.

      Check your IQ and historical facts before your apply the inbicile epithet to someone that you’re not worthy of shining his jackboots.

      France and England are who fucked up Europe’s future by being the pawns of their Jewish masters.

      • mr. November,
        Hitler was a moron, I really have read a good deal about him, that little national-socialist corporal who fancied himself a military strategist, who thought it was a great idea to attack almost every nation in the world…the one who got his country incinerated and obliterated…and then put a bullet in his brain instead of standing before the world…trembling with palsy and meth withdrawls… ruthless and just intelligent enough to rise to absolute power.
        Hitler’s megalomania resulted in the deaths of ~50-60 million Caucasians.
        Today’s dying, anti-white, anti-Christian Globalist dominated and ruled Western world is a direct result of Hitler and his gang of dumb Nazis causing all the death and destruction in Europe.

        He is the gift that keeps on giving for the jews Everything Hitler did or didn’t (the Holohoax) ended up benifiting the Jews and the crazy Left. Everything
        Instead of praising the mad man, and explain away his stupidity, “white” people should recognize and be critical of what he did to the (dying) European civilization.
        He was a total disaster, Read about his school days in Linz, later in Vienna or in the WW1.
        He had some admirable qualites though, not
        a greedy person, bravery and respect for nature for example.

        • Nemo,

          It was France and Britain that turned a local war into a European War by interfering in Germany and Poland’s affair. The German occupation in France, Denmark, the Lowlands, and Norway were mild compared to the brutal occupation of Germany by America and the Soviets.

          The war against the Soviet Union was a crusade against Satanic evil. It had to be fought. If the other great European powers would have backed Hitler they could have destroyed Bolshevism. Instead they allied with the devil. The destruction in the Soviet Union was brought on the Soviets by those people fighting against the Germans instead of turning their weapons against the Communists. That destruction is on their head.

          I know it was always considered a mortal sin and you were excommunicated for supporting, joining, or voting for a communist. So how much worse is it to fight for such filth? Most of the deaths of WWII in Europe are the fault of the Western powers for fighting Germany rather than fighting with her.

          I might add that it was never considered a sin to be a National Socialist and the Church even had a Concordant with them in 1953 which the Pope defended even after the War. A traditional Concordant means that a country meets all the criterion that the Church demands and therefore is a legitimate government. No such Concordant by Traditional Catholic standards is possible with a Communist, Protestant, Jewish, Moslem, etc. country.

          The Allies pledged themselves for Unconditional Surrender as terms for Germany. That violates the Catholic principles for a just war since it is one of our principles that when a country offers terms on prewar standards, to make amends as best as they can and to stop the war the other side has to stop fighting as well.

          The massive American bombings deliberately targeting civilians also violates the just war principle. That was mass murder and you are bound to blame the Americans for that. The Soviets were twisted as well.

          Whatever faults Hitler had he was way better than the real mad men who were on the other side. And no I am not a national socialist. I prefer monarchy or Catholic fascism like Franco. Those who fight on the side of the Synagogue of Satan bear the moral responsibility for their actions. So I think some of Germany’s actions during the war were wrong but compared to the Allies?

          My tone for you is very respectful for I remember how kind you have been to me in the past.

          Christina Romana

          • Well said, Christina. I’ll just add that the “total war” model America and the allies followed to bring down Hitler and the German Reich wasn’t just invented out of thin air. Indeed, this is the very model the Yankee government followed in the WBTS, right down to raping women and young girls and murdering civilian non-combatants, destroying (what they didn’t steal of) private property and so on and so forth (the list is long and distinguished). And, yes, including the “war crimes” Kangaroo tribunals conducted at Nuremberg and Washington D.C.

            There is a scene towards the end of the movie “Patton” in which General Patton (played by George C. Scott) declares that, given a division of tanks and men, and the go-ahead from the higher-ups, he would invade Russia and “murder those commie sonsabitches, and make it look like they started it.” As I’ve pointed out many many times in the past, this idea of the righteousness of murdering people and making it look like they started it has a long history in the U.S. dating back to the WBTS.

            I hope someday people will begin to understand all of this. But I’m not sanguine they will since the vast majority of people are easy dupes.

          • Excellent post Christina. Pat Buchanan came to many of the same conclusions in his book “The Unnecessary War”. Churchill said he’d make a pact with the devil to defeat Hitler and indeed he did. We live in the wake of bargaining with the devil.

          • The best thing I’ve ever eaten was pan fried elk venison that a friend caught, super gamey and cooked rare.

            Basketball Americans and Lumpenproles can fight eachother to the death over fried chicken.

        • Nemo,

          Read David Irving’s masterpiece “Hitler’s War” because you’re way out of your depth. You are just regurgitating anti-Third Reich propaganda straight out of the ADL, hollywood, and every other Zionist source.

          If you can find it, watch “The Greatest Story Never Told.”

          Every slander directed at Hitler and the Third Reich was undertaken by the English empire, the Soviet Union, and the USA. They were the powers attempting to dominate the world.

        • Of all the fascists that were running Europe during the WWII, there is one they never mention. Do you know why? Because HE WON.

          Spain (who tossed both the Muslims and the Jews out after an eight hundred year occupation) thanks to Ferdinand and Isabella struck gold again with Francisco Franco.

          Franco tossed the Communists out of Spain steered CLEAR of Hitler and only allowed Spanish volunteers to fight with Germany as long as it was ONLY against the Bolsheviks. He only lost power when he died in office.

          That’s why Saturday Night Live, at the time, would always make the wisecrack about Franco still being dead. That was their (((producers))) way of gloating.

          In any case, HE met his objectives. Hitler didn’t. White Nationalism would do better to focus more on the winner than glorifying the loser.

          • clytemnestra,

            Hitler and Mussolini provided valuable assistance against the evil Republicans during the Civil War. For that I am grateful. Spain was under less pressure and was less powerful than Germany therefore they were not as much targeted by the international forces as Germany was. The Americans and British supported the Communists and Republicans during that war.

            It is wise strategy to adopt your actions to what is possible based on your countries strengths and weaknesses rather than your desires.

        • Both of the World Wars should have remained relatively brief local or regional affairs but had to be turned into great conflagrations by the British Empire. The British realized they couldn’t compete with the Germans in the long run, so it had to be destroyed. World War 2 was all about the physical and spiritual destruction of the German people. The USSR invaded Poland(and several other countries) too, but did the West declare war on it? Notice that neither Italy or Japan had any of their home territory stolen after the war. Germany also had territory unjustly stolen from it after WW1. If you want to blame someone for the modern world, blame the British Empire, the United States, and Western liberal democracy and jewish vengefulness. The same force that is flooding our lands with people who will be our end is the same one that went to war against Germany.

          • Powell,

            That is true. The Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1939, as well as Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia conquering them. They invaded Finland in 1939 as well.
            Not much moral outrage there of course.

            I might also add that how do people think America came into existence? Obviously by conquering British, Indians, Mexicans etc. And did not France and England have huge empires at the time? Did all those people just beg to be conquered?

  2. Chik-fil-A rules. Proper and polite service and superior flavors. Popeyes is for niggers. The hype is a marketing campaign bolstered by youtube and google to dethrone Chik-Fil-A because they are Christian

  3. How the holy hell did an article about fast food get turned into another thing about Salvini? OCD is on its’ obsessive march. Paging Adrian Monk!

  4. I aint gon lie, I likes dem alligator reeibs, collard greens, blackeye peas an chitlins. You white folks can keep yo cassaroles, potato salad an shit.

    • spahnranch1969,

      This is in regards to your comment on joining Germany in 1917 against the USA. Mexico was in the midst of a civil war and was not in a position to fight Americans. Mexico even if united in 1917 was weaker compared to the United States than Mexico was in 1846 when the Americans conducted their blitzkrieg against the Mexican Empire quickly gobbling up the Southwest and invading deep into Mexico.

      In short Americans would have make short work of Mexico in 1917.

      • I understand Mexico was going through political upheaval at the time, miss. But I was thinking if the Germans could have taken temporary control of the government and stationed troops in the country….well, suffice it to say the bad guys won that war. And every war since then.

        • spahnranch1969,

          Wave the wand and I am Queen Christina of Mexico in 1917. I have to weigh what my strengths are against America. No way am I risking Mexico in a war in the 20th century against the tough Americans. I think Texans by the thousands born and bred rough like they were then would form volunteer regiments and be tougher than most regular Mexican soldiers right from the start.

          The Americans are scary enough in 1917 but asking Mexico to take on a bunch of wild Texans at the same time. No Way!!!!

      • Christina and Spahnranch1969,

        Was the Zimmermann Plan ever really considered viable?

        Because of the simmering anti-Catholic sentiment in the USA in the early twentieth century, it might have been a better plan to cause internal strife between Catholics and Protestants. Think of Northern Ireland’s “Troubles” on a much larger scale.

        Christina, very impressive retort to Nemo and Clytemnestra, but I would not expect anything less of you.

        Your poor future spouse better be part Marine Raider and MENSA to keep up with the formidable and indomitable Miss Christina.

          • Mr. Wallace and the great November,

            If you keep this up I am going to cry. Yet at school I am considered the same as the scorpions that have stung me.

          • HW,

            I’d be the first to admit that Miss Christina is well out of my league and quite unique and remarkable.

          • I’m betting “she” is a middle-aged, overweight, transvestite White man trolling the sh#t out of you all.

          • Carl Green:

            I seriously doubt that. It is true that we really never know who we’re talking to online, but I happen to be the uncle (by marriage) of a Mexican-American woman in her mid-thirties who Miss Christina reminds me a lot of in several ways. We all call her Cathy for short, but her given name is Katarina. She is the daughter of a well-to-do Mexican family; she attended Catholic parochial school as a youngster, then went on to obtain two degrees (one in psychology, one in education) at an American university. Like Christina, Cathy is very well read, historically literate and well spoken, and, as HW says of Christina above, Cathy also has great manners. She (Cathy) is also grammatically correct to a fault. Since they live near us, we have lots of interaction with Justin and Cathy and their two girls. I have also had many written conversations with Cathy over the past fifteen or so years, and I can tell you that she writes exactly as she speaks. When Christina makes comments such as ‘I expect the best [out of a potential husband] and will give my best,’ I always think to myself, “she sounds just like Cathy.” …

        • November,

          As always you know how to talk to a lady. As for my future husband—I demand the best and I will give my best.

          I would be very hesitant to cause trouble between Catholic and Protestant in the USA at the time unless I was being honest and defending ourselves. I could not cynically promote such trouble knowing people are going to be hurt just for political gain.

          I am no friend of the USA government but there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

          • Christina,

            Thank you for your sincere compliment.

            I was referring to America during the time of the First World War. If Americans are at each other’s throats with animus and suspicion then any international military excursion would be null and void.

            My intention was to have an ‘Ace’ held in reserve to be used if the need arose to execute such a plan. As you know from my previous comments, I am against setting different Christian denominations engaging in internecine wars.

            Hindsight is 20/20, and the inhumane “peace” forced on the Germans at the conclusion of WWI was extraordinarily brutal. Therefore, to save your people and nation it sometimes becomes necessary to unleash psychological and unconventional warfare on your adversaries that you would never consider under different circumstances.


            I find it unimaginable that your school chums regard you in the same manner as your despised scorpions, unless your school has an admittance quota for the mentally deranged.

        • November,

          In regard to the 1917 situation I would have to know more about American conditions of the time. If I could avoid war with the USA then I would definitely support Catholics in the United States against the government. Mexico liked Germany a lot during those times.

          Mexico had Irish fighting against the Americans during the Mexican-American War so why not in the 20th century. I just would not want to create a strong backlash against Catholics in America but I would emphasize how the United States and it’s institutions are incompatible with Catholicism and that was officially the position for a long time.

          No, my friends just tease me and think I am hard and sometimes unrelenting. I am pretty popular and have a lot of school friends. They were being complimentary in calling me the scorpion. We have nicknames for each other. Childish by adult male standards maybe but still fun for us. I recently nicknamed the prettiest girl in school———–Number One. We have stubby, Grumpy, Blondie, We do it to have fun and it is a sort of code.

  5. I normally don’t comment on this stuff, but, I have to say
    I have had the Popeyes chicken sandwich. It was fantastic, but chic fil a crushed it. While it is larger than the chic-fil-a #1 it certainly suffers in terms of flavor. The batter and chicken can be inconsistent, leaving some bites totally devoid of the ‘skin’ and others feeling like nothing but. Popeyes also uses McDonald’s tier pickles which also serve to draw the sandwich back (though the choice of sides is a definite plus.)
    Tldr chic-fil-a masterrace.

  6. Chick-fil-A is expensive for what you get. I can get more food at Whataburger for the same price. I especially like the waffle fries. It’s a White restaurant, obviously.

    Popeye’s is ok. It’s never been Niggerfuxated anywhere I’ve been. I mainly like the mudbugs and the red beans and rice, and the biscuits. I used to get two orders of mudbugs and split em with my cat.

    Overall, my wife and I prefer Golden Chick or David Beard’s Catfish King. We can get catfish to go along with our chicken tenders at both places. And fried okra and Jalapéños. I like fried okra with chicken and chicken fried steak.

    Grandy’s was always my favourite for chicken in years past.

    The Nigger employees destroyed Church’s, KFC, and Chicken Express in Paris.

    Krunchy Chicken and Chester’s at the local country stores are ok.

  7. To the question in the O.P. of which of these establishments has the better chicken sandwich, I wouldn’t know, brother. I personally tend to be very selective about eating out in general, and of eating at fast food restaurants in particular.

    I used to have a good friend who worked in the kitchen of a local steak restaurant for a couple of years when we were both in H.S. He told me stories of what went on with the preparation of peoples’ food “behind closed doors” that would make your hair curl, and cause those among us with the strongest stomachs to upchuck in pure disgust. It takes a great deal of faith in the good will of your fellow man to eat at places like this. This is part and parcel of what we mean when we speak of “high trust” societies, which of course we do not live in.

    My friend’s place of employment back then was in a small southern Oklahoma town of merely 20K people in the early 1980s. With the deterioration of society and morals that has occurred in the interim, think about how bad it is now.

    • @Denise

      I like the Tigertown Store and Cafe on FM 38N in Tigertown, Tx. It sets on a road junction, with a few houses and a church nearby. You can see the kitchen, which is open and front and center. It’s also a country store on one side.

      They’ve got good hamburgers and excellent chicken fried steak. They’ve got daily specials. Today’s was catfish or shrimp with fries, hush puppies, slaw and pecan pie.

      It’s way out in the county, away from town. Which, other than the food, is the main draw for me. Nothing but wheat, corn and hayfields and cattle around. And several flatbed trailer factories, some of which got busted for hiring illegal Messicans.

    • T. Morris,

      Thank you for your complimentary comment above.

      It is interesting that people care and are interested in who I am. Does anyone know or even care who Carl Green is?

    • Thank you, More.

      We have eaten food facsimile joints. Our oven was out of commission for awhile. (This has been the Year of Mechanical Collapse, for us). We generally prefer to make our own delicious foods , or go to local, White family owned and operated diners or restaurants. We have several in the area – little diners, with excellent food (we know where they get their stuff). The cost is easily comparable to so-called “fast food” joints, which aren’t really that inexpensive.

    • It’s also good idea to avoid ordering anything just before a restaurant closes for the night. Everything in the kitchen is dirty and the staff get sloppy because they want to go home.

  8. T. Morris and More of the Same,

    Thank you for your acknowledgments and the information you have provided.

  9. I seldom consume fast food of any kind. Chick-Fil-A dous serve good food in a pleasant and largely respectful atmosphere. It is fast food for White People…sorta’. I avoid food prepared by niggers. It’s impossible to avoid food prepared by mestizos/indios even in proper restaurants. Such is the state of judaized amerika.

  10. Snowhitey,

    In regards to your comment above. I like history the best of all my subjects. Most of what I know I have been taught with the rest I read on my own. As for the Catholic beliefs I stated those are in a catechism book as well as having been taught me in religious class. There are defined dogmas on the Just War doctrine in my religion. It is also well known how the Church loved Franco, especially before Vatican 2.

    In short, most of the girls I know could hold their own in such matters.

  11. Every now and again, I go to Chick fil-a. I make it a point to tell the manager that I admire the Cathy Family for their stand against degeneracy. The manager assumes that I’m a believer, which I inform them that I am not. After that, I make it a point to tell him that by “Blessing” Israel, you are spreading degeneracy–as Jews promote this. It usually weirds them out, but Evangicucks have to be exposed to the truth.

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