Nature: Strategies For Combating Online Hate

I agree with this take.

There are malicious operators who are trying to disrupt the Dissident Right by pitting groups with different perspectives and strategies against each other.


“How does the online hate ecosystem persist on social-media platforms, and what measures can be taken to effectively reduce its presence? Writing in Nature, Johnson et al.1 address these questions in a captivating report on the behaviour of online hate communities that reside on multiple social-media platforms. The authors shed light on the structure and dynamics of online hate groups and, informed by the results, propose four policies to reduce hate content on online social media. …

Policy 3 leverages the finding that clusters self-organize from an initially disordered group of users; it recommends that platform administrators promote the organization of clusters of anti-hate users, which could serve as a ‘human immune system’ to fight and counteract hate clusters. Policy 4 exploits the fact that many hate groups online have opposing views. The policy suggests that the platform administrators introduce an artificial group of users to encourage interactions between hate clusters that have opposing views, with a view to the hate clusters subsequently battling out their differences among themselves. The authors’ modelling demonstrated that such battles would effectively remove large hate clusters that have opposing views. Once put into action, policies 3 and 4 would require little direct intervention by the platform administrators; however, setting opposing clusters against each other would require meticulous engineering. …”

I disagree with AmNats.

At the same time, I generally avoid pitched battles with them for two reasons. I chose to laugh off the attack by Nick Fuentes.

1.) First, I recognize that there are disaffected people all over the world. My readers and supporters aren’t just Southerners. There are plenty of good people in the North and West and Europe and elsewhere. At the same time, there are plenty of bad people here in the South.

2.) Second, it isn’t realistic to expect those people to become Southern Nationalists. They are alienated and disaffected like we are and share most of the same grievances, but they need an identity. The only identity that these people have is a White identity or American identity.

What should be done? If you live in England, then you should reconnect with your roots and heritage as an Englishman. If you live in Germany, then you should reconnect with your roots and heritage as a German. If you live in Maine and are descended from Old American stock, then by all means go out rediscover how to be a Yankee. The deracination that we have experienced under liberal democracy and free-market capitalism is the problem and the solution is simply to reconnect with your past.

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    • Why not Christian? And why have you stopped singing the hate Muslim song? I haven’t heard that in along time? Sing it for more, would you please?

  1. Policy 4 sounds a lot like some of the comments from MakePieGreatAgain and several (((others))) that have a propensity for stirring up strife between White ethnicities and different Christian denominations.

    I wonder how many shekels would be found inside their dresser drawers?

    • I’ve been a Southern Nationalist most of my life. I’ve never felt deracinated or detached. I’ve always ignored pop culture and took TV as entertainment, rather than as serious information. I just ignored Leftist propaganda because it never struck a chord with me.

      I gave up on mainstream Conservatism around 1990. I just realised that they never really did what they said they would. They never attempted to bring about the permanent and irreversible political defeat of the Left, either. They were also oriented towards the North, it’s culture, it’s civilisation, and Northern Nationalism, which they conflated with American Nationalism a d called Conservatism. Which it ain’t.

  2. Castizo Nick’s tit-for-tat with the Earl of Spencer is pretty funny. It reminds me somewhat of the trading of insults between Gore Vidal and Bill Buckley.

  3. These kinds of people are obsessed with hate, and hate groups. Hate is a normal human emotion. What needs to be done to gain the upper hand is to moralize your hate, only hate those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. Why do you hate Muslims? What have Muslims ever done to you? Why do you hate Christ? What have Christians ever done to you? Why do you hate the unborn? WTF has a baby in a moms belly ever gone to you? I hate your fucking guts you persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. Let it out.

  4. For your info: This is geared towards Muslim fanatics but none the less. I keep telling myself this is not my war. The younger generation that has children are the one’s who will be affected. As long as no harm comes to me or my animals than I need to let it go. I know my FB was monitored and it might of been a mistake to close it. What I was in the military for 4 years can create a lot of fear if I’m seen in the wrong way. I can assure you mentally unstable or thought to be unstable were dropped by the second day. But does the ADL realize this. And believe me they are the who’s watching.
    Love your site, the southern history in particular. Be safe.

  5. How bout European? There is no such thing as American or Christian or Southern or Yankee or any other bullshit. We are all just Europeans. The small hats want all of us dead. Blut Und Boden.

  6. Wanglin is ALWAYS whining about the evils of Da Wite Wimminz – but look at the men in that header picture. The White Race Traitor males have done far more damager, for CENTURIES, than any woman EVER.

    Why are Whites so willing to throw our own kind under the genocide bus, in order to serve the needs and goals of people who HATE us, and are determined to utterly destroy us?

    • I’m looking at the picture and there are several very disturbing details. Three of the figures don’t exactly look human. Also there’s a beached shark poking its jaws through the door next to the Jumbtron TV. That’s a weird image. Look at the skeletor features of the standing man and the Skull face person on the back tables on the left of image. Also there’s a black fellow in the corner office. The mutation load in that office isn’t a coefficient 3 for non human features.

  7. Parrott had a good twitter thread about this.

    Some level of infighting is healthy and necessary, since we only agree on a very few things and the non-movement has a lot of half baked ideas floating around.

    There’s no need for it to escalate to Ricky Vaughn levels however… unless some bad actor wants it to escalate to those levels, by policing the movement and trying to enforce an unnatural orthodoxy.

    I reserve the right to criticize the bad behavior and stupid ideas of people in the non-movement… but I am not going to be online spending 24 hours a day 7 days a week doing that, I have other stuff to do. If I’m wrong and my criticism is without merit, it won’t interfere with them much.

    The funny thing is that certain people on other sites who (at minimum) were previously seduced by bad actors, are going to try and use this article to de-legitimize those who make legitimate criticisms of their bad acts and dumb positions.

    • All those wretches in the FBI office pictured above are miserable excuses for white males, Cap’n. They are nothing but mercenaries for ZOG. And if it weren’t for the fact that they were being photographed at that moment they would probably be watching interracial tranny porn on their computers.

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