James Poulos: Is America Worth Saving?

This is a huge effortpost.

I will share it because it is thoughtful. I also like being exposed to and challenged by other perspectives.

American Mind:

“Here is the problem: technology is producing profound insights in the realm of politics, but the realm of politics is succumbing to deep ignorance about technology. Theorists of technology are becoming the most significant sources of political ideas; theorists of politics are becoming incapable of understanding significant technological ideas. …

The reality—the ground where political theory can re-enter our destiny—is that the American regime is a strategic resource of immeasurable and ultimately unpredictable value, even to those increasingly unready or unwilling to give their lives over to its preservation. No matter how disenchanted with our distressed regime or disillusioned with clown world, people seeking viable new social configurations for the digital age need to recognize they have a major, inescapable stake in the preservation of America’s regime. …”

I agree that a generation of Americans were bamboozled by the television.

There is no better example of this than Dokka Kang, the Civil Rights Movement and the rebuff of Rep. John Lewis on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. It was immersion in the televisual age that gave us the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 because the liberal establishment had total control over the narrative in an age of consolidated media. The whole point of Dokka Kang going to Birmingham and Selma was to provoke a confrontation with the diehard segs in those cities in order get the optics he wanted after his big failure in the Albany campaign. The Boomers were passive consumers of the narrative whereas with today’s youth the television just kind of sits there like a piece of furniture. Everyone is on their smartphones talking to each other and being formed in a digital environment.

As I see it, the problem with saving the American Regime is that ship has sailed. The average low-information MAGApede who has been sold on a nostalgic mirage doesn’t see his fate yet. Blompf has assured them that they are winning and remains extremely popular with Republican voters. Even if the president is reelected in 2020, which looks increasingly plausible, there is no reason to believe that anything of value will come out of his second term. Similarly, even if the Dissident Right were to back the president to a man in order to save the American Regime, there is no reason to believe that things will get better. The people who are currently in power aren’t even trying to turn the situation around. Their vision is passing another tax cut, a few more bloated military spending bills, cutting some more regulations and continuing to genuflect before Israel as the country goes down the drain.

The jig will be up in 2024 when Texas goes the way of California. When Texas goes, the American Regime goes down with it. It is worth nothing that the conservatives in power in Texas have never once tried to do anything about the situation. They have consistently chased “economic growth” for a generation. Mainstream politics is futile in California because of the demographics. Conservatives dealt the problem by abandoning California to the shitlibs on the Left Coast. The problem is that when America becomes California it won’t be possible to run away from the future anymore. The other looming crisis is automation destroying millions of middle class and working class jobs which will be well underway by 2024. There is no reason to believe that conservatives will respond to that crisis either except with free market platitudes. There is nothing anyone can do at this point to bail them out of that situation.

White America is going to be pinched by this social and economic transition – automation destroying jobs, the Baby Boomers dying off, the non-White surge in the electorate. It is probable that China will begin pushing the declining American Regime back around the world. This is the Democrat dystopia that will follow the dream of “Making America Great Again.” What happens to us then? How will all of these angry, unemployed and disenchanted people in Middle America handle such a wrenching downgrade? Do you think they will turn against the highly ethical imagineers of the electric age like Harvey Weinstein who held up as role models people like, say, Bill Cosby or Michael Jackson?

I’m just a fringe analyst and commentator. I am happy to go on being one too for the foreseeable future. We only have one life to live on earth and I don’t want to be remembered by future generations as one of the mainstream conservatives who lost America.

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  1. I’m no tough guy but I’m ready to fight if that’s what it takes to save white America from experiencing the same miserable fate as Rhodesia and South Africa. And I say this knowing that half of the white race isn’t even worth saving. Watching my enemies writhing helplessly on the ground in front of me, begging for their wretched lives is all I ask.

  2. 2024 might be too late. We need the Republiscam pty/Conservatism Inc. to be liquidated in the NEXT election. The sooner Whites realize they are not going to vote their way out of Judeo-globalist genocide, the better.

  3. It’s impossible to save America as a whole. Balkanization is the ONLY solution. 4 or 5 new Republics … one for each side / group / race – color / religion …


    You’ld be amazed how many OTW’s ( other than whites, ) would cheer this idea, AND even many in deep state would help it happen for their own scummy reasons.

    Saving America as a whole would require deporting about 50 million 3rd world darkies starting with Muslims. Jailing all CEO’s and accomplices of big tech and big bank for violating our 1st amendment and other felonies, in addition to 20 other “not gonna happen” things. Short of a Divinely inspired and managed Christian right wing military coup … saving America as a whole is impossible.

    Focus hard on an enlarged Confederacy 2.0

    • Gray Ghost,

      Will Latins get California, New Mexico, and Arizona? I am willing to let you keep Texas.

      • “Latins,” 🙂 Non white Christians ( this includes “Latins,” ) will get west Texas Arizona, NM, and up up and over to Washington. Libtards of any race will Get California and Oregon. Libtards will also get the northeast.

        Does this sound acceptable Chrissy ?

    • Genetic white liberals will decide what “Christianity” means. This is the main problem with “all equal” or “white people” concept.

      3% of white people are mad. When you do not smoke out them, they will infiltrate and take over every last thing you have.

      You can have country for plumbers soccer team only. Very soon there will be people, who explain that plumber soccer team is losing because of climate change makes them slower and plumbers soccer team is also not inclusive enough for homosexual or black or Muslim players.

      So instead of playing soccer, the team should concentrate fighting climate and racism and homophobia and bring in millions of colored folk to find Pele and Ronaldo and Ronaldinho

      There is no problems with blacks and Muslims and TV and brainwashing. There is only one problem. Genetic white liberal. Remove it and all the rest of folk is on the run.

      Now the comes in the favored villain. THE JEW. Moldova is very small and very powerless country. The US is very big and very powerful country.

      Last week this happened.


      Question. When will US Jews feel and anti semitic backflash after the corrupt Jewish Jared Kushner flees to Israel
      Answer. Not before, West understand the fundamental problem of white race and remove the genetic white liberal. Then Jew will be general without army and the only thing left is run. With blacks and Muslims and Jews and Darth Vader and everybody else you want get rid of.

  4. The American regime is obsolete and irrelevant in the 21st Century. This isn’t the 19th and 20th Centuries, where the regime was at its zenith.

    Before they die out, the Boomers and those born in the mid 1940’s will do all that they can to prevent the 21st Century from happening in America. They’ll make sure that we’re well behind the rest of the world in automation. Just like they do with the advances in medicine and science and technology taking place in Europe and Japan. News of which, they’re always suppressing.


    • Boomers are suppressing news of advances? I must not have been invited to the meetings. I’ll try to smuggle out some free energy and age reversing tech the next time I attend one, though. If I recall, the Boomer meetings are right across the hall from the Elders of Zion offices.

  5. Three Questions.
    Who are our Southern Representatives in Washington City?
    What are they advocating for?
    Who benefits?

    • Three Answers: Self-loathing, judaized cucks. The Chamber of Commerce, and pissrael. Ditto.

    • @ Jordy Hugh,

      You can add White Europeans still in Europe to that list of beneficiaries to the decline and fall of Zog-USA.

  6. To answer the question: No. Nation states are artificial creations. Borders are imaginary lines. It’s past time for 50-plus varieties of self-government in our part of North America.

  7. I’d get the fuck out of this rotten abomination if I didn’t care about my extended family. It’s not enough that America is destroying itself. It’s poison for the rest of the world, too.

  8. “America” or the Satanic US Empire, will die like the USSR and global capitalism along with it. America already resembles 1980’s Russia with crumbling infrastructure and a population that via the internet has seen what the Empire has done, Trump is like Gobechev in the respect of exposing the Empire but still seeking it’s reform preservation when it’s death is inevitable. The next phase will be the fall of US control of Europe via Brexit cutting the US out of the EU and the rise of nationalist governments like the fall of the Warsaw Pact states. Now America will be isolated and broke from a hard recession, and we will see the rise of separatism in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Dixie, Cascadia, and Vinland (Rust Belt nationalists like me) and Mexico reconquering the SW as the new continental superpower. Canada will also experience a renewed Quebec separatism and will likewise balkanize. After the disintegration of the US Empire we will need a new Pan-American Nationalism to unite these various nations to resist outside powers like Dugin and Eurasianism was for Russia.

  9. E. Michael Jones is more right than he is wrong. According to Jones, America is “The Gay Disco” and feels the need to spread “The Gay Disco” everywhere it goes. I’d add (((Feminism))) as another poison the good ol’ USA spreads everywhere it goes.

      • Spot on @Powell. I remember listening to one of the early episodes of The Daily Shoah. Mike Enoch gave the analogy that America is a multicultural shopping mall. Is it any wonder why the young people aren’t patriotic? Who the hell wants to die for the multicultural shopping mall (run by the happy merchant)?

  10. newcaliforniastate.com

    Anti-abortion heartland can secede from baby-killing metropoles like LA, SF, NY, CHI.

  11. The entire negro problem surrounding Southerners was created by the thirst for ultra cheap labor on the part of about 30,000 plantation owners. This is the source of the Mexican immigration problem too. 

    Cheap labor. Hmmm. What could technology do for us? Hmmmm.

    instead of fearing ‘technology’ and automation we should embrace it.

    Look to the Hanseatic League, which was a confederation of guilds and merchant towns.

    Create a modern version of those guilds and towns in Canada and the US.

    The dissident right is partly there already. Remember Pioneer Little Europe? Remember those fellows and their “microcommunities” at Majority Rights?

    Embrace science and technology. Combine the communities mentioned above with decentralized manufacturing, farming, distribution, and sales.

  12. The dissident right has more than a handful of “technicians.” It could use many more, of course. What it has always lacked is vision and leadership.

    We presently struggle under a form of Stockholm Syndrome. Each of has found a “niche” that allows us to survive, so that we are psychologically invested in the preservation of the regime and its infrastructure under the elite’s terms. The past 55+ years of bullying is accepted as the price of preserving those niches.

    We can free ourselves, to a large extent, if we change our “foundationally conservative” mentality., take calculated risks, and move forward with greater certainty.

    Fine words, I know.

    So let us begin with these thoughts:

    1. Local and Regional.
    2. Family and long-time friends.
    3. Small, informal communities comprised of (2), above.
    4. Networks comprised of (3), above.
    5. Science and technology are our friends – think trades, technicians, engineering, and perhaps, “private scientific endeavors.”
    6. Homeschooling, full-time and/or supplemental.
    7. Apprenticeships for young men and women.
    8. Guild membership for (7) within the network, (4), above.

    There is much more to this, of course.

    Now burn the following into your brain housing groups: Hanseatic League.

    Enough for now.

  13. “Theorists of technology are becoming the most significant sources of political ideas; theorists of politics are becoming incapable of understanding significant technological ideas.”

    This is correct. Unfortunately, James Poulos falls within the latter group as well.

    Political conservatives accept Silicon Valley’s definition of “digital technology” at face value as authoritative and comprehensive.

    Thus they mentally lock themselves in the mental supermaximum security prison  created by the Google, Twatter, YouTube, and Fakebook monopolies.

    We should create independent definitions of ‘technology’ for ourselves. 

    Furthermore, when thinking about PLEs or “microcommunities” the solution for us is not to create a multitude of “low tech Amish-style communities.”

    The goal is to create a trade network of communities capable of exploiting science and technology for the benefit of ourselves and our partners.

    Our objective, then, is to become the Hanseatic League of the 21st century.

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