Live Thread: Hurricane Dorian

UPDATE: Down to a Category 3 …

UPDATE: Down to a Category 4 … follow along here.

UPDATE: Dorian is now a Category 5 and the weather forecasters don’t seem to have the best read on its track. I wouldn’t assume that this is going to blow away and head toward Georgia and the Carolinas.

I will just say this.

Last October, I went down to Panama City to help out with the Hurricane Michael relief effort and that was the worst thing I had ever seen in my life. I was stunned by the extent of the damage. Many a Florida Man lost their lives in the Panhandle that day.

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  1. Hunter – bless you. I wasn’t aware that you helped with recovery efforts. That was very brave.

    I fear the USA will look like what you witnessed in Florida, by 2030.

  2. Any help given to hurricane victims should be directed exclusively to those who deserve it, not to looting, rioting niggers, jews, queers or hostile spix.

  3. According to the latest news this is a very dangerous White Supremacist hurricane targeting minorities.The FBI and Homeland Security are investigating this hurricane for acts of criminal damage to property and suspected hate crimes. Update!!! Hunter Wallace is alleged to have encouraged this Hurricane’s lawlessness and the feds are considering conspiracy charges.More details at 6 with reporter Benjamin Horowitz.

    • Hee.

      Seriously, folks, am I again the only one who believes in climate change? Are people not seeing some intersection of climate change and political change, for us?

      Our enemies do, which is why they include these ‘Lorax’ and environmentalist shout outs in the manifestos they fabricate.

      • I do think the something is going on. July was the hottest month on record. Summer in Dixie appears to be getting hotter and Hurricanes seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity.

      • To me there’s little to no doubt that the climate is changing. The ecosystems are barely hanging on. Coral reefs are “bleaching ” due to the increase of carbon the oceans are absorbing (carbolic acid).

        Unbiased scientific research and conclusions are the very epitome of Western Man. That so many cuckservatives, Alt-Right dissidents, and creationists disregard and disrespect the hard sciences is a very sore spot of contention I have with them.

        What is the purpose of saving our people and culture if our planet is uninhabitable?

        In case you haven’t heard, the Amazon rainforest is ablaze. That rainforest is responsible for over twenty percent of the oxygen we breath as well as absorbing the carbon dioxide our cars and industries emit.

        • November – We are the only People that will work to save the planet. FYI – climate change is a result of over population, and GARBAGE. It’s not global warming – it’s global garbage.

          • @Denise,

            Overpopulation leads to environmental degradation due to habitat destruction which in turn leads to species going extinct. The “Sixth Extinction Event ” that is occurring now is the only one solely triggered by unnatural causes.

            Corporate capitalism is also responsible for the raping of Mother Earth and their irresponsible stewardship of extracting resources and clear cutting South American rainforests to raise cattle for McDonalds among other fast food international corporations.

            Ice core samples from Greenland, Antarctica tell own planet’s atmospheric history, and since the industrial revolution, we have pumped untold metric tons of CO2, and CH4 (methane) into our biosphere continuously. Solar maximums and minimums also effect climate change. While climatic models aren’t perfect, they do indicate that for whatever the reasons, our planet is heating up, and the requisite fallout is inevitable.

            Based on the receding glaciers, historic droughts in the west, record shattering heat waves in Europe and elsewhere, dead zones in the oceans, melting of the Siberian permafrost and release of immense amounts of trapped methane gas, it would be prudent to error on the side of caution.

            Of course, I am not a disciple of AOC and the earth is going to die in 12 years insanity, but if no actions are iniated to decrease or eliminate the continued and increasing (China and India) use of fossil fuels, we eventually will hit a tripping point of environmental catastrophe and collapse.

  4. Drumpf threatened to nuke this hurricane, but, once again,

    a Drumpf threat has proved empty. Anyway, I hope the boomer death toll is

    high: because fewer Drumpf voters in FLA 2020.

  5. I’m ready, got my Bulleit bourbon, water bottles, poptarts and beef jerky. Miami “gringo” reporting in.

  6. This storm is extremely power and historic! I’ve been following the weather channel cover. Those boys in Atlanta headquarters say the path of the computer models follow a ensemble. A ensemble is a group of musicians performing together . I’m a singer songwriter recoding artist amateur. I just laugh at the unpredictable ensemble path!!!!

  7. O.T.


    I have a question for you. Last night I turned on the tv to check on the hurricane. Instead of an update I got John Hagee. Hagee made the claim to Mark Levin that Martin Luther’s anger towards the Jews resulted in their failure to follow him. What’s the real story here as I believe Hagee is telling an outright lie or is taking Luther out of context. He went on to say that he had read Luther and his writings were the most “anti-semitic” stuff he’d seen and Hitler had his writings published.

    I’m not worried about Florida because all the Jew fawning blessings that Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott have beetled out for Israel. The hurricane will magically dissipate because of their righteousness.

    • Sertorius – the REAL Martin Luther went sour on the Hebes BECAUSE he saw their deception, corruption, and treachery first hand. In action. Anything Hagee spews is a lie. That pustulant, bloated bag of flesh is rotten to the marrow.

  8. I did go to Biloxi/Gulfport after Katrina. I was shocked by what I saw. It looked like an atomic bomb hit and all that was left were the foundations. You cannot understand the disorientation as I go there on a frequent basis and your mind plays tricks and you wonder, what was here before the Hurricane? You lose the sense of perspective! A year after Katrinia white Mississippians were living in make shift tents while FEMA was in the black sections handing out food, medicine, supplies, and temporary mobile homes to black people. I asked a FEMA official about this and he told me they had to go to where the need was the greatest!!!!!! I suppose he did not see all the white people living in make shift tens. I talked to the local and they were incensed!

    Not many people know that white Mississippians they got hit with a double whammy. No only did FEMA treat them as a second rate people insurance companies also ripped them off. The wind surge came before the flood so they did not pay flood damage to people who had flood insurance because they blamed all damage on the wind..In those cases of people who had houses destroyed wind who did not have flood insurance the insurance companions blamed all damage on the flood and hence did not pay for wind damage!

  9. The “Rev.” John Hagee is a fraud and a grifter. He is all for America fighting wars for “our greatest ally” while he profits off of his various “charities”.

    • Hagee is ano5her pulpit fraud, like dozens of others that have made the news.

      Did you see his ” just die ” sermon, where he yelled ” if you don’t have a job and are hungry, just die” ?

      • I missed that “voice of God” sermon from what another poster here calls the Reverend : ” . . . That pustulant, bloated bag of flesh . . . “. When I see the likes of “Rev.” Hagee and the rest of the religious scumbags I am reminded of a sermon I heard many years ago. A priest remarked in a different context that even the Devil believes in God. Indeed, Satan himself quoted the Old Testament, Psalm 91:12 when tempting Christ viz. Psalm 91:12: ” . . . With their hands they shall support you, lest you strike your foot against a stone. . . ” .

        Anyone, whether the Devil or the “Reverend” can quote the Bible, and they do all the time.

  10. You know a hurricane is man-made when the hurricane doesn’t move and the talking heads on T.V. talk about “eye wall replacement”. I never heard of a hurricane staying in one place for so long without moving and I had never heard of “eye wall replacement” before, never — not until Dorian.

    See :

    “Mike Morales Weather Warfare”

    Mike Morales Hurricane Dorian Engineered”

  11. Looks like the hurricane is headed strait to ” Cape Fear”. I wonder why they would name a place with such an ominous term ?

    • Settle them in Aroostook County in northern Maine on the Canadian border. No hurricanes, just three feet of snow for four months of the year. They will love it.

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