New York Post: Calvin Klein Is Rebranding To Cater To Obese Women

This is your culture under woke supremacy:

New York Post:

“This past spring, you couldn’t miss her.

Commanding 4,000 square feet of premium Soho air space and wearing nothing by CK underwear, the indie rapper Chika gazed knowingly from Calvin Klein’s massive billboard — just like Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner before her.

But the 22-year-old musician’s proudly plus-size body type felt like a rebuke against the brand’s traditional muses and their famously skinny silhouettes. …”

Please clap.

I honestly think our cultural elites are taunting us. How much cultural degeneracy can we shove down the throats of the masses? How far can we push these people before they revolt against us?

Maybe we can convince their women to want to be men and their men to want to be women.

Maybe we can erase their borders and demonize ordinary people for being upset that their country is being invaded by foreigners.

Maybe we can promote ugly, obese women as the standard of beauty.

Maybe we can convince them to eat maggots and live in container homes.

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  1. But why aren’t fat guys being celebrated as the new standard for male attractiveness?

    To hell with America and the West, I’m getting ready to defect to Iran or North Korea Korea.

  2. Ah speak mah troof in mah Calbins, muthafukka. That is probably the most unflattering photo of an obese primate I’ve ever seen. It looks as if she’s about to take a gigantic dump on West 34th Street.

  3. The daily stormer, has countless abusive articles shaming plus size curvy women, mostly WHITE women.

    No wonder why Renegade Tribune did a article targeting Andrew Anglin’s nihilism on white women. Twiggy the late 1960s model was what the Jews wanted to make a positive body image on the model industry and it’s so GAY. Women with curves are sexy! Not stick figures!

    • Women within normal parameters of body fat are sexy because they signal sexual fertility. A bit of fat will sustain the mother and baby, if food supplies are scarce. It was long believed that the mother’s body would “feed the baby, first”, if food was unobtainable. We now know that this is wrong. Fat supplies in the body sustain the mother. The fetus gets whatever’s left. This is logical, according to Nature’s implacable laws. A sickly, starved, weakened mother will hardly be able to care for a bouncing infant. Should an infant be lost, due to a famine – once food becomes available, the healthy mother can have another baby, later.

      You are correct about the promotion of “boyish” figures, anorexic skeletons devoid of full, mature breasts and hips, by the Jewish/homosexual fashion industry. Promoting boyish girls like Twiggy and Kate Moss as feminine ideals is very gay indeed. That said – no one should weigh 400 pounds. No one.

  4. What a time to be alive. It couldn’t be when my ancestors were sailing with William the Conqueror or fighting the British here, carving out a living as pioneers. No, it has to be the time of trannies, homos and 400 pound black women. What a legacy.

  5. While the reason for this tactic is slap at traditional advertising and for cultural shock value, in the end, the media elites have made a tactical mistake. The angst and strife which they have cultivated between husband and wife will be set back decades by having more realistic women in their advertising.

    A woman who has done her part for prosperity usually does not have the body of 18 year old pre child birth female. Our anti-family opposition has strategically placed this enmity between husband and wife causing strife.

    While I understand their tactic of making an offensive whale of a negro the spear point of attack for shock value, they made a mistake. Where do you go from there? The advertising pull back will be a more moderate woman, in which, most women will be less stressed about.

    Good job corporate America…keep making mistakes. Thank you.

  6. That might even be a residential building in the photo, a classic NYC tenement built 1880-1915. That means someone is eating, sleeping, etc mere inches away from that abominable image splayed on the flank. If I were that tenant, I would look into suing the landlord. There’s a very good chance people would be aroused to fire on it and those bullets could pierce the aged crumbly brick.

  7. Perhaps this why there has been an uptick in UFO sightings. Extraterrestrials want to observe in realtime the decay and collapse of an alien civilization.

  8. My guess is that KK fat underwear will have to be priced the same as KK slender underwear, notwithstanding a considerable difference in yardage of cloth per garment between the extreme ends of the size spectrum. To do otherwise would raise the caterwauling choirs’ howling of “discrimination”.

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