Odessa Shooter Seth Ator Called The FBI Before Mass Shooting

Way to go, guys.

The FBI can’t stop mass shootings from happening even when the shooter personally calls them before going on a rampage. They can, however, arrest fed posters and invoke red flag laws to disarm and lock up MAGApedes for trash talking with Antifa.

CBS Austin:

“ODESSA, Texas — We’re learning more on the shooter, Seth Ator, who shot and killed seven while injuring 22 in Odessa, Texas, Saturday.

According to officials at a press conference Saturday, Ator had gotten into an argument with his employer and ended up being fired before the shootings.

“Saturday morning our suspect went to work at Journey Oilfield Services,” Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke said Monday. “He was there for a short time and was terminated by his employer.”

OPD says after he was fired, both Ator and his now-former employer called police, to complain about a disagreement over the firing.

“He then leaves his employers before our officers get there,” Gerke said. “A short time before he makes contact with the DPS Trooper, he actually calls the FBI National Tip Line but makes no threat of any actual violence.” …”

Seth Ator was a local who lived in Odessa and went on a rampage when he was fired from his trucking job. His former boss also called the police on him.

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  1. This same bullshit happens every summer weekend in Chicago by the diversity but apparently it’s not newsworthy, it’s multi-cultural enrichment.

    • Happens all the time, in most every major city.
      Only orcs can’t aim, therefore the body counts are much lower and typically innocent bystanders instead of the intended victim.

    • Spahn,

      You know those ‘fire and brimstone’ bible thumpers love to give their children old testament names.

      • I haven’t seen ONE Jews Story about the Negro on Negro mass shooting, at a foo’ba game, in Alabama:


        FYI I researched the name “Ator”. Various sited list it as “Anglo Saxon” – but doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever encountered in Ole English. I found one site, and the first thing this site says is “Hebrew” in terms of origin. The site is Names.org. If I post a second link this comment will get stuck in the spam filter. Anyway, “Ator” is a very uncommon name. The population clusters of people with this name are in IL, OH, and TX. There are tons of Hebrews in TX, and there have been, since TX has existed.

        • That’s because no one died. Get real. These mass shooting by black street thugs are a different, less severe kind. They usually have one or no deaths. They aren’t trying to kill everyone, it’s just bad aim. The other kind of mass shooting, like the Virginia one earlier this year, are a totally different kind of crime where the goal is to kill large numbers.

        • Good to see the christians are showing their true colors again. They haven’t changed since the days of Charlemagne slaughtering Saxons in the name of his crucified rabbi. Same poisonous, vicious, murderous soul as the jews who created their totalitarian, communist religion.

      • In doing geneological research some years back, I read that Protestants were more likely to give.their children Old Testement names than Catholics would. Catholics were more likely to use saint’s names.

      • Denise:

        Don’t be alarmed; I wrote that comment tongue-in-cheek. I won’t bore you with an explanation, however, unless of course you ask for it.

        I am curious, though, since you seem to be one of the most prolific “Jew bashers” in these precincts – have you ever read a little Jew authored book titled Germany Must Perish, c. 1944, wherein the author lays out a systematic plan for extermination of the entire Germanic race?…

        • T Morris- I am not “Jew basher”. I am a “Jew Truther”. I tell the TRUTH about what THEY do.

          I know about the book, but I haven’t read it. The title says it all. The bitterly ironic element is that Germany always harbored the Hebes, when they were booted from everywhere else. Jews, in Germany, is a very instructive story. The kinder you are to the Tribe – the more they hate you and want to destroy you.

    • T. Morris,

      In that photograph of Seth smiling, he looks eerily similar to the Arthur Frick before he transformed into the “Joker” in the upcoming movie.

  2. Apparently they can’t link this guy to any white soopreemacists so the story will go quietly down the memory hole, like the Dayton shooter story did. I saw tweets that he had a Beto bumper sticker on his car.

  3. ‘Rambling’ is a buzzword. It’s a way the psychs try to portray someone they want to commit as incoherent or irrational when they aren’t demonstrably psychotic. In Communist Jew Jersey it’s not unknown for the ‘court’ technicians to literally turn down the volume of audio tapes purposely so that an interviewee can’t be heard clearly and more often, for the transcriber to then type that the person being Inquisited was ‘mumbling.’ They make it look like this went on throughout, for one example. And total editing and splicing of audio tapes happens in most coastal counties of the state in ‘normal’ county court, usually as a means of screwing over anglos.

    They use expressions like ‘mumbles’ or ‘rambles’ so they don’t have to be held to recording, via audio or transcript, what the subject actually says (or doesn’t.). The corporations who benefit financially from commitments run these pseudo-hearings, and the transcribers know even if they’re not coached (and they usually are) that their jobs are more secure when they do what the psychs want them to. Since these farces are held in actual hospitals as opposed to real courts (not that those aren’t unbelievably corrupt and known to falsify forensics), the techs usually work for the hospital even if it’s private. Only the judge is theoretically employed by the local government, whose officials in turn work for Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex.

    This WSJ article paints a picture of a psy op, plus I agree with Denise about the name. It’s far more jewy sounding than any kind of anglo name. Seth Ator was supposedly denied a gun because he had a criminal record for trespassing, yet he still supposedly got one and couldn’t be disarmed as he never uttered any threats even as he had been ‘going downhill for a long time.’

    They want to be able to red flag anyone, without having to prove the person made actual threats or had any serious criminal or ‘mental’ record. Worse, they seem to also be lobbying for interning such ‘ticking time bombs:’


    Bear in mind that there are various forms of psy op. There are patsies, black ops in which people or some of the victims actually get killed but by the government as opposed to the patsy, etc. I haven’t scrutinized the forensics but it sounds fake or largely faked.

  4. Darn, I keep forgetting….jews are only identified as “white” when they are caught doing bad things. But when they’re portrayed as heroes or great philanthropists they are a credit to their Tribe.

  5. In other words the Jew Government looked the other way hoping it would happen so the Liberals could blame it on Guns. Of course Guns will still be used by criminals…all while innocent people eventually get hit with Red Flag Laws. Funny how that works out. Deo Vindice !

  6. According to MyLife — that background check site — he is:

    1. A member of the Democratic Party.
    2. “Ethnicity: Native American”
    3. “Religion: Jewish”

    So, he’s a Jew-Injun mix, according to that site. I can definitely believe it by his appearance.

  7. Lately I’ve been making that same kind of crazy-looking grin whenever some coon or fat broad starts annoying me.

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