South Africans Are Rioting Against Nigerians

What is going on in South Africa?

Shouldn’t everything be roses now under black majority rule?

Umm … in Madiba’s day, the A.N.C. stood for Animals, Necklacing and Communism. It appears to be making a comeback.


“South Africa has been hit by an outbreak of xenophobic violence in its biggest city, attracting criticism from other African nations in the week political and business leaders from at least 28 countries gather in Cape Town.

A spate of violence that broke out in suburbs south of Johannesburg’s city center on Sunday and spread to the central business district on Monday saw the destruction of more than 50 mainly foreign-owned shops and business premises. Cars and properties were torched and widespread looting took place.

The attacks come ahead of the beginning of the African edition of the World Economic Forum in Cape Town on Sept. 4 and before a state visit to South Africa by President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, a country whose nationals have been affected, next month.

“The continuing attacks on Nigerian nationals and businesses in South Africa are unacceptable,” the government of Nigeria said on Twitter. “Enough is enough. Nigeria will take definitive measures to ensure safety and protection of her citizens.”

Who is to blame?

I blame “white supremacy.”

This is quite a dilemma for Julius Malema.

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  1. Guess what….
    This would not have happened when whites ruled South Africa. Now it’s just another den of black mayhem. I guess this is what people want, though. I have no reason to think otherwise.

    • Whites ruled SA for a long time. Dumb blacks did not end the apartheid, smart white people voted the white rule out.

      After they brought blacks in for a 100 years and in the very same time fought against Nazis in North Africa and in Europe.

      They still fighting Nazis. Entire internet is full of stories”but my grandfather was volunteer against Nazis and now they take my farmland away”

      Why those 7500 volunteers died fighting against Nazis, not defending SA borders ???????

      • The “whites” did not bring in the blacks, without knowing who the whites are. South Africa has two white competitors – the English and the Afrikaner (Boer – Dutch, German, French and some other minor groups from Europe). Afrikaner=Afrikaans speakers. Some of the English have become Afrikaners in their outlook. They are not the problem.

        The short answer, though much more complex (too little space for a short readers comment) is:

        The blacks came to the whites for jobs during the old Boer Republic historical times. When gold was discovered even more so. The big problem is the Anglo-jewish minority (represented by the Democratic Alliance). They were nicknamed the Hoggenheimers (after a play) and the Moneypowers. They were in charge of the mineral wealth after the lost Anglo-Boer war 1989-1902. They were the ones that encouraged imigration into South Africa for cheap labour on their mines and broke the Group Areas act so tha migrant workers from the black homelands could flood South Africa.

        The Apartheid government then started with establishing Border Industries (on South Africas borders) to entice them away out of South Africa (one of the purposes of the old Department oif Land Affairs, of which I was an employye for a short period of time) – it was showing the first signs of success. Some of the industry was established by the anti-communist Taiwanese, with whom South Africa had a good relationship (and when the ANC came to power it immediately cancelled this relationship and formally recognized China).

        Fighting Nazis – forget it. The problem is that the Afrikaner became a British colony and that influenced their thinking. The Afrikaner split in two on the decision of fighting for or against Germany – for instance the organisation Ossewa-brandwag (google it, just to get an idea). Some put their bet on England to regain freedom from the lost Anglo-Boer war, others on Germany. In South Africa you will just get the English history, for the other history has been removed from the public arena, but it is available if you look for it. And people are generally too scared to talk about the jewish question. The deep religious mindset doens’t help either.

        When I was in High School in the 1970s in the province of Natal, I had history (higher grade level, i.e. the academic level – one could also do standard grade and lower grade) as a subject. In the front page of our prescribed history book for the last two school years (if I remember correctly by the historian A.J. P. Taylor) there was this one very significant sentence which tells it all: “Approved by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies”. There you have it.

        The Afrikaner got independence from England in 1948 (ascend of the National Party) but never solved the problem of the Money Powers (Big Business and the Mining Houses – the Anglo-American company cartel under Harry Oppenheimer) who were the winners of the Anglo-Boer war.

        During the Malan to Verwoerd regime, there were moves to restrict the movement of jews into South Africa. A large part of the jews were from Lithuania.

        • ex South African,

          Your comment taught me more about South Africa in 5 minutes than most people will know in a lifetime.

        • “EIGHTY years ago, on September 6, 1939, the Union of South Africa declared war on Nazi Germany. This was three days after Australia and New Zealand, who had issued their own declarations within hours of Britain’s, and a day before Canada’s. The conflict that followed was the worst in history; in just under six brutal years, it killed about 3% of the human race: an estimated 85-million people, mostly civilians.

          In terms of the 1931 Statute of Westminster, South Africa was constitutionally obliged to support Britain, but that support did not come readily. Simply put, prime minister Barry Hertzog and the Nats in the ruling United Party coalition wanted no part of the war. The majority of the UP caucus, however, thought differently and, after brief but furious parliamentary debate, Herzog resigned, Jan Smuts took over, and South Africa’s volunteers headed north.”

          (Politicsweb is also part of this Anglo-jewish setup, but now and then they have some sensible articles – with here and there some nonsens in its text.)

          The academic brilliant Jan Smuts, an Afrikaaner who once fought as a patriot on the side of the Boers in the 1899-1902 war was a career politician and later in his life became mixed up with the Rothchilds and changed sides (with one of his important generals, Botha). When he lost the elections in South Africa, that is when the patriotic Boer National Party came to power. Unfortunately this party slowly unravelled after Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd was murdered – the next set of prime ministers where not mentally so strong and submitted to foreign pressure (appeasement). The last one F.W. de Klerk went full Monty. He was an outright traitor and was thus rewarded with the Nobel peace prize. See the 1992 referendum – the Yes vote meant negotiations with the ANC should go ahead (only negotiations, not releasing him and calling in a one-man-one-vote election!) and the No vote meant the ANC must stay banned. A majority voted Yes after a heavy propaganda cmpaiogn by the media and National Party lies. Dr. Andries Treurnicht of the Conservative Party (he was against reforms, but acted too late) was so shocked by this news afterward he developed health problems and died early.

          Thereafter F.W. de Klerk announced the unbanning of the ANC and the South African Communist Party (google facebook “Internal Stability Division” – at the same time specialized police units and the army were supressing a communist uprising by the ANC and its sister movements The Mass Democratic Movement – Dr. Anthea Jefferys book People’s War) in parliament (this was not his mandate in the referendum), kicked out the most experience anti-communist generals (after 23 years of war 1966 – 1989 against Communism and Castro’s Cubans in Angola and highly experience combat ready soldiers – F.W. de Klerk and his high ranking bootlickers were stark crazy/spineless career politicians and generals – they just closed their eyes and went ahead) and high ranking officers (“Day of the Generals”) and released criminals and called out national elections where the black majority could participate for the first time (Dr. Andries Treurnicht: “You don’t share power, you give up power”). That was the end. The white electorate was totally confused because everything happened so fast. They were not consulted. It was done dictatorially. i.e. treason on the highest level.


    Only White ppl can be xenophobic.
    Only White ppl have animosity towards others based on race or national origin. The rest of the world, black, brown and yellow are full of love and brotherhood.

    I believe everything the GCL tells us.

  3. Blacks do not like foreigners in their country even when they are of the same race. I read somewhere a couple of years ago that South African blacks have burned alive other tribe members who were illegally coming to their land.

    In Malaysia that happened as well.

    Non-whites are serious about protecting what is theirs. I applaud their loyalty to themselves while condemning the specific actions taken.

    Blacks have many problems but they are not worms.

    • Whites have evolved past their animal instinct to defend their territory. The question we are answering today is if such a group can survive.

      • Annie C,

        I believe you will survive. The average WASP I have met in the Southwest USA is not that pathetic. Your leaders are held captive by intimidation, bribes etc. They are also carefully screened before being allowed a national platform.

        Still this is proof that IQ alone means little without other characteristics. Like courage, honor, etc.

  4. I hope those Nigerians caught in the rioting aren’t one of those Nigerian princes I sent all my money to, I’m still waiting for my share of all that money that’s going to be released by the Nigerian government. Any day now.

    • Dear Sir Hunter,

      Pursuit to our prior conversage, I wish to hereby inform you with all president truth and daring herewith that the sum of $15,000,000 (fourteen million American Dollaires USD) hereby bequeathed by my late cousin Prince Ali Ababwa remains in prescient legal limbo, awaiting due diligent conveyance of said (your) bank details, PIN and password in order to transact the transaction in question. Be assured beyond a shadow of all doubts that not only will you as a trusted BENEFICIANT of Prince Ali Ababwa’s estate and due heirs therewith but on a personal note my eternal gratitude and friendly trust.


      Senator Chombo Bombobwe Ababwe
      K4 suite, Ababwe Towers
      Abuja, Nigeria N1 GG3RZ

      • Dear Jannie;

        This is great news, please express my sincere gratitude to His Excellency Senator Chombo Bombobwe Ababwe for the pending resolution of this issue. This may shock you but I received the same e-mail from the Prince making it one of the luckiest days in my life. Although I answered repeated requests for more funds after some unknown person(s) absconded with my bank balance there have been several additional delays in receiving funds.

        After reporting this theft from my bank account to the local police I was shocked at the cynical response from them. “I’ve seen this shit a million times” the detective told me. “WTF is wrong with you people, letting these A-holes rip you off from 7,000 miles away?” I felt sorry for him, missing out on the financial opportunity of a lifetime because of his cynical attitude.

        I understand that legal services are expensive and that is why I sold my car and cashed in my 401K to pay for the Nigerian lawyers you recommended to expedite resolution of this issue. The Nigerian consulate assured me of the competence of this law firm although it seemed at first as though the gentleman I spoke to was unfamiliar with them. Coincidentally he had a name similar to the Senator. What a small world indeed.

        I confess to briefly having a grain of doubt myself as to the honesty of His Excellency however the fact that he is royalty and therefore a man of integrity immediately reassured me. All Nigerians are rightly jealous of their integrity, honesty and good names and are well known for their honor throughout the world. Of course this goes double for a member of Nigerian nobility, this is why HRH Prince Harry married that mulatto and a fine addition to the Royal Family she is indeed.

        I look forward to receiving the monies promised and have forwarded more funds as requested via Western Union to the law firm mentioned in your last e-mail. I am somewhat puzzled by the misspellings in the law firm’s e-mail and their fourth change of address in a month but no doubt this is because of the firm’s growing business which I take as a sign of their integrity, honesty and work ethic.


        Mr. I. M. Liberal,
        100 Cuckservative Ave.,
        Bleeding Heart, U.S.A.


        Remember, Democrats are the real racists.

    • Yep. I know for a fact that mestizos disliked blacks a lot more than they disliked Whites.

      Blacks and american injuns are screwed when they can no longer play the race card in a majority minority Weimerika. Mexican aren’t going to prove a social welfare blanket to those basket cases.

  5. This will be what acceleration looks like in western major cities in a decade. With SA’s situation it’s even worse with illegals, considering the economic collapse of Zimbabwe. The agriculture system that whites ran well and employed many blacks was destroyed by dumb black communists. So those unemployed blacks are now mostly in SA by the Numbers of 20-40 million.

    Namibia also has high population levels of Zimbabwe’s looking for gibs. Namibia has the highest white population in Africa next to SA. The president a couple months ago, made a threat about seizing white farms.

  6. White settlers in southern Africa were too weak and indulgent towards the darkies. The Chinx won’t make that dumb mistake.

  7. Namibia may have a problem with Zimbabweans, but Botswana does not.
    Why….. Because they have a full border length ELECTIC FENCE.
    Too bad America doesn’t have that technology.

  8. This Julius Malema person must hate whites with his comment on undocumented whites, Indians, and Chinese. How many illegal whites in South Africa would there be? Where did they come from? And why would any sane white go to live illegally in South Africa?

    It is obvious that South Africa has collapsed since the end of Apartheid. I believe I read that whites voted themselves out of power??? Why would any people throw themselves and their children to the jackals?

    • The Boers are called by that name because it means “blockheads” or “bumpkins”. An apt description, don’t you think?

        • Not true at all. See comment below. British race-traitors took the country away from them and brought in other filth(jews and Indians) which resulted in the degredation of the population and eventual hand-over of the country.

          • Powell,

            Okay. I will examine more information and facts. As always my opinions/beliefs are based on what knowledge I currently possess.

      • Boer means farmer in Dutch/Afrikaans, and they used to be strong people who didn’t take shit. More than likely it was the British race-traitors and back-stabbers who attached your meaning to it.

    • They were being out bred.

      The black population in SA multiplied 4-5 times during Apartheid and has increased exponentially since dismantling Apartheid.

      This is London or Chicago in a decade. It’s already Paris.

      • Captain Jack,

        I do not know what to say. I am one of 11 children and have over 100 first cousins on one side of the family alone but I notice anglos do not breed.

        • Correction. I went over the names and numbers of my cousins with my mother. We came up with only 88 first cousins. Oh well. I have not seen many of them in years. It is hard to keep track.

      • Yes, they will be the majority within this century. There is no doubt on that.

        If Africans are not stopped they will devour Western Society like swarms of locusts.

    • They trusted Conservatism Inc. all the way to the end of their country. The conservative movement betrayed the White South Africans, just like they are betraying Whites in America, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc.

      Why do Whites keep voting conservative when conservatives keep betraying them? Low IQ? No common sense? Dumb.

      • Dino,

        No party should be trusted unless they deliver. Trust has to be earned not just given away in hope. You are right. IQ and common sense are not necessarily the same.

    • Short answer. Read about the White Russians and the Bolshevik Black Guard who committed the Holodomor.

      After Lenin died and Trotsky took an ice axe to the cabeza down in Mexico, Communism went global. The main body of Soviet Communism being comprised of Jews of an ever acquisitive nature desired more territory. One such territory was Africa, namely Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Sierra Leone, and South Africa. Rhodesia and S.A. being colonial holdings of Britain, and Sierra Leone a colony of Portugal. From there you arrive at the Bush Wars of the late 1950’s to the early 1970’s and Britain totally abandoning Rhodesia to Robert Mugabe’s ZANU rebels who were heavily backed by the Soviets.

      Joe McCarthy wasn’t wrong about Communism, it spread everywhere. Especially into Western Universities and political circles. And it wasn’t a Cohencidence that it was en vogue amongst wealthy liberal Jews. As Rhodesia fell and South Africa has fallen, so is America’s fate being sealed.

      Many Democrats are openly Communist, and whether they are Democrat or Republican, they are fiercely loyal to Israel. There is a common thread that runs from Karl Marx to Vladimir Lenin to Sidney Rittenberg to Bernie Sanders.

    • ” Why would any people throw themselves and their children to the jackals?”

      Because Whites are gullible fools.

      Why would anyone allow their children to go to school with wild animals from tthe jungle ?

      • Whites resisted it. But the jew got control of the media and warped our thoughts. So yes, I would say there is a gullibility issue there. True whites are honest and so have trouble dealing with those who are not.

  9. “Mandela be crying in the grave” haha what a dummy these stupid gullible fucks still think Mandela was black jesus, when actually he was a communist responsible directly or indirectly through the massacres and genocides that happened under his regime in Africa

      • The official book back then on how he was caught the second time around (first time around I read by a hint by an CIA agent. The S.A. legal system was caught totally unprepared by the sudden emergence of terrorism and escalating Cold War, lots of the conspirators and terrorists won court cases and escaped prison sentences, thereafter the laws were sharpened up under the then police general Hendrik van den Bergh and then they were finally nailed) the court case against Mandela, the actors around him and why he went to prison (Rivonia Unmasked, by Lauritz Strydom):

      • Mandela was not only a terrorist, he was the Jews’ terrorist. He was groomed by jewish lawyers, funded by them, hidden by them, his arms cache was on a jew owned farm, and they were the main strategists behind the ANC, including writing his freedom charter.

        Check out his c-odefendants at the Rvonia Trial, and the defence lawyers:
        10 accused

        Nelson Mandela (defendant, accussed no 1)
        Walter Sisulu (defendant, accussed no 2)
        Govan Mbeki (defendant)
        Raymond Mahlaba (defendant)
        Ahmed Kathrada (defendant)
        Lionel Bernstein (defendant)
        James Kantor (defendant)
        Dennis Goldberg (defendant)
        Elias Motsoaledi (defendant)
        Andrew Mlangeni (defendent)
        Defence team

        Joel Joffe (instructing attorney)
        Bram Fischer (lawyer)
        Vernon Berrange (lawyer)
        Arthur Chaskalson (lawyer)
        George Bizos (lawyer)

        There was also a Goldreich, but somehow he got off.

        The white sounding ones are jews, ‘holocaust survivors’ out of europe. Mandela was a jew front man. He had enough deaths of civilians behind him to have deserved the death penalty, which he rightfully should have got. He also refused to give up terrorist attacks.

        Terrorists usually meet a bad fate; as the muzzies in Guantanamo. Unless the are jewish or black. Israel itself was based on jewish terrorism like the bombing of the King David Hotel and murder of british soldiers. Mandela’s mentors knew this. Terrorism against whitey is fine if the jews say so.

        So americans wonder why did saffers give their country to the jews? Has america not done exactly the same, without even a fight?

  10. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Black culture is dysfunctional. This is how they roll. To them it makes sense.

  11. Greetings from South Africa.

    What you miss from all this is that it is just business as usual. Before they had access to nigerians to zimbabweans, Xhosa was killing zulu etc and vice versa. Blacks have been killing each other in rampant slaughter before the white man documented their xenophobic mayhem during the Mfecane.

    Note that in all the violence, looting and/or rape are associated. In the old days, the next tribe had cattle. Now the Somali shop has TV sets and cash.

    Blacks did not suddenly become give up their ubuntu and black brotherhood and start a murderous rampage. They have always been like that, especially the cattle culture tribes like the Bantu tribes of southern africa, Who killed more blacks during apartheid? Whites or other blacks? The farming tribes are somewhat less violent but also thieving.

    The only thing that put put a stop to it was white rule. With whitey not there to keep law and order via the barrel of a gun, they go back to what they are.

    Surely you already know your negroes are the same. Only the most idiot liberal who has never lived amongst them will think any different. Take away your police forces and the St Louis riots and Watts will become the Norm.

    I am used to these savages, like the man feeding the lions in a zoo is wary of the beasts. Easier to live with this than amongst some the naive idiots in the west who do not understand this simple truth,

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