David French: An Afghanistan Withdrawal Would Be a Terrible Mistake

I was 20 years old when George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan in 2001.

I’m about to turn 39 years old in November. The U.S. military still cannot declare “Mission Accomplished” in this sinkhole. I don’t even remember when we went into Syria. I know it was during Obama’s second term and he put the idea before Congress which shot it down and we went in anyway.

National Review:

“It appears the Trump administration is on the verge of an “agreement” with the Taliban that could represent the beginning of the end of America’s ground-troop presence in Afghanistan. Note well that I did not use the phrase that many in the media are using. I did not say that this agreement would “end America’s longest running war,” because it almost certainly will not. Instead, it will mark an American retreat in a war that will rage on for the foreseeable future, regardless of our wishful thinking.

America’s dilemma is simple: It’s facing a relentless political reality that is increasingly incompatible with its national-security needs. The American people want to end our long-standing wars and bring our troops home. But when and if we do retreat, our enemies rush to fill the vacuum, gaining prestige and restoring their strength.

The political reality is simple. Going into 2020, both major parties are likely to be united in their commitment to withdrawing from Afghanistan. The only question will be whether the desired withdrawal is total or leaves a very small residual “counterterrorism” force. The Trump administration is negotiating the current deal with the Taliban, and Trump has often expressed his desire to leave the Afghan war. Each of the leading Democratic candidates also wants out.

There’s a good chance that by next summer we’ll see substantial troop reductions, combined with competing vows to remove the remaining force as fast as possible. In other words, the American people are likely to get what they want. And that’s exactly what worries me. I fear that we’ve learned nothing from our nation’s misbegotten recent retreats. In our justified, virtuous, and completely understandable desire for peace, we’re forgetting that there can be no peace unless all sides stop their war. …”

Such is the burden of the American Empire.

Once we go into a place, we almost never go out. Nearly 75 years after World War II, American troops are still in Germany and Japan. 66 years later, American troops are still in South Korea. If we hadn’t been defeated in the Vietnam War, American troops would still be there too.

The current troubles the American Empire has with jihadists is no different than the troubles the British Empire had with the Mahdi and his followers in Sudan except that back then those people weren’t allowed to immigrate en masse to Britain itself. We wouldn’t have to “fight them over there” in order to avoid “fighting them here” if these people weren’t allowed to come here in the first place.

It is multiculturalism, political correctness, refugee resettlement and Third World immigration that has brought them here. All of these things have been maintained by mainstream conservatives who scream “racism” when challenged on it. George W. Bush made a point to insist during the “War on Terror” that the problem wasn’t Islam and no changes were made to our insane immigration laws. As for ISIS, it grew out of the dystopian hellhole that mainstream conservatives created in Iraq and Syria and had no presence in those countries until the neocons plotted the downfall of the authoritarian regimes there.

If we had dumped mainstream conservatism a generation ago, how many problems would we have avoided? It was Ronald Reagan who armed the mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Soviets when we were on the side of Osama bin Laden. We backed Saddam Hussein when he invaded Iran. George H.W. Bush turned against Saddam when he invaded Kuwait in order to protect Saudi Arabia and to assert American leadership in the New World Order. We devastated Iraq for a decade with missile strikes and economic sanctions before George W. Bush invaded the country in 2003.

Who created all of these failed states from Libya and Somalia in Africa to Syria, Iraq and Yemen in the Middle East to Afghanistan in Central Asia? It is the same people who now desperately want the American Empire to invade Iran to create the biggest disaster yet.

Listen to what David French says. Then do the opposite. You can’t go wrong.

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    • There’s no draft, madam.That’s why the majority of Americans don’t give a damn about these endless wars of imperialist aggression. But even if there was a draft (no politician would commit career suicide by advocating such a thing) most young men these days would be declared physically and psychologically unfit for military service anyway.

  1. If the tone seems sarcastic and snide, it is because it is. David French and Hugh Hewitt are two cuckservatives that “straddle” the line between two groups: Goober Evangicucks that read too much of The Left Behind Series and Shabbos Goy Neo-Cons (guys like John Bolton). The American Public is flat out sick and tired of ZOG Wars. Too many people have stopped reading The Left Behind Series, and are getting tired of perpetual “Blessing” of Israel–by going to war in the Middle East/Central Asia. There are fewer Shabbos Goy Neo-Cons, and this movement has proven to be Jewier than the cast of Seinfeld eating at Katz’s Deli.

    • Left behind series is a disgusting book in evangelicuck circles basically the books plot of rapture is you wake up to find everyones who vanished is going to heaven and everyone left behind was just to damn evil to go to heaven and they wallow in perpetual misery and abandonment until their death. Probably a deserving death for some of the evil bastards here on earth but it totally avoids the passage ‘behold every eye shall see him’ verse in revelation but whatever

      2 disgusting things about Boomer Christian Zionism number one john hagee and 2 left behind series actually its just some dumb rapture fantasy book, john hagee the fat rat bastard is really the only disgusting thing here an David french is also disgusting of course

      • @Thom
        I can’t help but notice that John Hagee is turning the “Family Business” over to his son Matthew Hagee. If you have ever seen the church going audience on Haggee’s Television Show, you can’t help but notice a couple of things. First, there are POCs and Generation X Whites “peppered” in the audience. The rest are are ageing baby boomers. In 5-10 years, there will be no market for Christian Zionism.

  2. The so-called democratic government in Afghanistan will collapse as soon as America pulls out. But Afghanistan won’t become another Iraq for one simple reason: they have the Taliban, and the Taliban will easily reassert their authority over the country as they did after the Soviets were defeated. It will be stable, even if it isn’t a pleasant place to live.

    I don’t know the particulars of the peace proposal, but I would bet that two key demands of the US are “don’t harbor terrorist groups” and “don’t overthrow the democratic government.” I think they’ll be quite happy to agree to that in order to get Trump’s signature, and just as happy to renege on it as soon as America’s troop presence is low enough.

    An end to the Afghan War would be a great, legitimately positive thing for Trump to run on in 2020. I figure that will motivate him to get it done.

    • Every war ZOG has fought since 1945 has been for the MIC. When, not if, the bullshit “government” these cucks installed in Asscrackistan(luv that!)falls, wait for the “refugees” to be resettled here. Maybe they’ll elect one of their own to the ZOG klown kongress…

  3. French is the everything that is “cuck”. That punk served in Iraq? Standards are getting ridiculously low.

    Hope he didn’t get anyone around him hurt.

    • I’ll write an article sometime about some of my experiences in the military (late 80s-early 90s) and submit it for publication at Identity Dixie. Suffice it to say for the time being that I served with a bunch of great guys who were almost all Southerners or of Southron extraction. On the other hand, I also served with a bunch of dipshits and panzies like this closet homosexual David French. I will only say of the female problem that, yes, I served with quite a few of them too, and, yes, they were their own kind of trouble as well.

    • Ron: If that goofy – looking cuckold David French had served in Vietnam he would have been “fragged” by American soldiers.

    • ForLornHope,

      Afghanistan is known as the “Graveyard of Empires. Let it add one more headstone to that list; The American Empire.

  4. Actually, I think it was Jimmy Carter and Zbigniev Bryzienski (I probably spelled that name incorrectly) who first armed the Afghan Rebels against the Soviet Union. Reagan continued with this policy.

  5. Egghead wants to be a Jew so bad. He really needs to shave that Jew beard and stop pretending. Afghanistan borders the Jew enemy Iran. Trump is stepping away from war with Iran. Bad bad bad.

  6. Funny, I seem to recall they told us they sent troops into Afghanistan to get bin Laden. That was obviously BS. Our overlords are deceitful, lying, psychopathic bastards. Then they complain about conspiracy theories.

  7. If this creepy, cuckolded faggot wants ZOG to fight endless wars of imperialist aggression on behalf of a hostile foreign entity then let his wife’s black boyfriends and his pet female nigglet fight them.

  8. I so wish more Americans understood the central role of Israel in 9/11. It is a real shame that not even many on the Alt Right will touch it. The evidence is overwhelming. Just watch Ryan Dawson’s videos on Israel’s role in 9/11. The Israelis had, at a minimum, foreknowledge, and were seen by multiple witnesses setting up their little party at the Doric Towers to celebrate, and then later celebrating, the attacks on the towers.

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