Odessa Shooter Seth Ator Called The FBI For Years Before Mass Shooting

Trust the FBI.

They’re fully capable of stopping mass shootings!

LA Times:

“ODESSA, Texas — 

The gunman in a west Texas rampage “was on a long spiral of going down” and had been fired from his oil services job the morning he killed seven people, calling 911 both before and after the shooting began, authorities said Monday.

Officers killed Seth Aaron Ator, 36, on Saturday outside a busy Odessa movie theater after a spate of violence that spanned 10 miles, injuring about two dozen people in addition to the dead …

The daylight attack over the Labor Day holiday weekend came just weeks after another mass shooting killed 22 people in the Texas border city of El Paso. Authorities have not said how Ator obtained the gun used in the shooting, but Ator had failed a federal background check for a firearm, said John Wester, an agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Wester did not say when Ator failed the background check or why. …

FBI: Hello

Mass Shooter: Hello, Seth Ator here, I’ve called you a dozen times before to tell you how these people have ruined my life. I’m about to lose control. I’ve had it and I am done. So done with these people.

FBI: You’re rambling incoherently …

Mass Shooter: I’ve got an AR-15 which I easily brought in a private sale to evade your background check. I’m telling you, seriously guys, I am a red flag in case you didn’t believe it. I’ve called you a dozen times before and told you the same thing. I’m a loose cannon ready to explode.

911: 911, what’s your emergency?

Mass Shooter: Seth Ator here. I told you sumbitches that I was tired of dealing with these people. I told you I was a ticking time bomb. I just shot the state trooper …

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  1. This makes it clear, all the calls to incrementally impose “gun control” are just semi-transparent feeble excuses to disarm the goy.

  2. We’ve established he was divorced, but I also read he has nine (9) kids. I did a double-take on that. He was only 36 and he had nine kids?! Certainly not outside the realm of possibilities, but really?! That’s a lot of child support!

    911 Operator: 911, What’s your emergency?

    Seth: You know what my emergency is, dipshits! How many times have I told you before?! I can’t make my child support payments, the IRS is up my ass and the Texas Tax Commission is fixing to take my house! You guys are trying to ruin my life while my ex-wife screws a different man every other night, in front of my kids, on my dime. I’m fixing to end this thing right here, right now. I just lost my job and only source of income and I ain’t got nothing else to lose! Do something!

    Operator: Sir, you’re rambling; please calm down and tell me what your emergency is.

    Background Dispatch: Trooper down! Trooper down! I’ve been hit; I’ve been hit! Need backup!

    Operator: Can someone please turn that noise down?! (Jasmine, I call you back, girl) Sir. Sir? I guess he don’t wanna talk no mo. hmmm.

      • That’s because I’ve literally lived a bunch of it. People like me know how all of this works, right down to the ‘dotting of the i’s and crossing of the t’s.’ Which is why it is so easy for us to foretell lots of the information on these matters that is initially hidden or repressed. I’ve faced down fanatical cops, and never yielded an inch. They’re in every department nowadays, and if you think you’re protected from their lunatic exploits because you’re relatively normal and patriotic, you’re crazier than they are.

  3. At first glance I think they’re trying to make gulagization seem like the humane, kindly thing to do since Ator and his theoretical ilk clearly made calls for help that went unanswered.

    The psych system tries to intern people through false claims of suicidality regularly. They equivocate and evade as a means of never having to take a solid stance that could be deconstructed and argued against convincingly, among other reasons, as a general rule. They also know that imputing violent, aggressive motives to someone tends to cause the average citizen to see the issue as one demanding due process. It’s instinctive in humanity to want to scrutinize both sides of a dispute; the accuser must face the accuser in a court of law, we americans are raised to assume.

    Identifying an issue as one of interpersonal conflict also registers as inherently political in most people’s minds, and the psych system endeavors to pseudo-biologize the political, as it were. It does not want to acknowledge that it’s ‘treating’ political conditions and dynamics, for the most part (real biological brain disease/mental illness is very uncommon precisely because it is so disabling). It pretends that such phenomena are pathologies in the individual.

    So while this ‘Seth (absolutely no one who is not jewish is ever named Seth in the northeast – no one) Ator’ becomes the poster boy of the week for justifying outlawing private gun sales and red flag confiscations with the option of internment, he is presented as desiring and even calling out for ‘help.’ His profile so far lacks any element of hostility towards any group or individuals – he is apolitical. This is to quell concerns in americans about interning people for political reasons. That kind of government force can never be seen to be anything but ‘noble’ and above the venality of base competitive drives.

    I also think that our controllers know the infrastructure is crumbling, and that ‘minority’ privilege like AA will ruin whatever’s left of it, and of society’s functioning at large if left unchecked. So this ‘rambling’ basket case went over the edge after being fired not because he was some incompetent non-white promoted past his ability level, but because he was just nuts in some nebulous, context-less way. A ‘white’ jew, he couldn’t possibly remind the masses of entitled non-whites of themselves. In fact, in their view he must have deserved it. How many of us haven’t noticed the unbridled arrogance of the hispanic female, at some bank you frequent she assumes all sorts of duties and powers she has no bureaucratic status to even comment on? These latinxx will inevitably tell you some obviously wrong answer as they obstruct your contact with authority, only to congratulate themselves on their superior expertise and command.

    The jews’ goal is total control, not full genocide. To annihilate whites would lay them vulnerable to asian takeover. They need to reign in all the identity groups, ultimately. Don’t forget that huge numbers of blacks are living off disability for the empirically-challenged ‘bipolar disorder.’

    • @Anglo Saxon Revolt
      “annihilate whites would lay them vulnerable to asian takeover. ”

      Not really, (they) are very good at controlling Asians. Prior to 1940s js controlled much of China, amazing wealth in Shanghai , also under communism they ran much of the party, from the shadows.

      They are annihilating Whites, by mongrelization. By small steps now, soon to be full flood.

  4. Took a few minutes to see how things are going in Chicago. Rough holiday weekend in the Windy City.

    About ten and hospitals are filled with gun shot thugs.

    Well spent tax dollars.

    Here in my humble city we had a rapper hitting people in the street. Probably looking for some “street cred”

    Good for the boy he was on the Strip. Locals would have put the boy down

  5. This is sort of irrelevant to odessa shooter but Once upon a time in Hollywood is a horrible film definitely taratino’s worst film yet don’t pay good money to see this bullshit its really really dumb and has no plot or story, just a silly revisionist revenge fantasy that ultimately goes nowhere

    • Well I thought it was a pretty good movie. And since my opinion carries more weight than yours I’m afraid you’re shit out of luck.

      • Well it sort of doesn’t surprise me that a manson freak fanboy such as yourself would enjoy it huh mr spahnranch or should I say Mr James Mason?

  6. Seth listed his employer as “At&terdsniffers.”

    Seth couldn’t have shot those ppl, he failed the background check and couldn’t buy a gun. See, our legislators are all wise, they have solutions to everything ( in their fantasy world of paper pushing).

    • Requiring background checks for legal gun purchases is analogous to something like parking a tow-behind cargo trailer or travel trailer at an obscure jobsite and putting a hitch lock on it to keep it from being stolen. An honest thief will drive up to it, see the hitch lock and drive on; a dishonest one will stop, take his sledge hammer to the lock, and be gone with the trailer in five minutes time. The more “Red Flag” and anti-gun laws they make, the more restrictive background checks become, the more of us who’ll, in turn, turn into dishonest thieves instead of the honest kind.

  7. The FBI can’t be expected to babysit millions of potentially violent mental cases. At any rate the only group which benefits from this pointless and random violence is the joo know whos. While we are busy attacking each other they can rub their claws together with impunity.

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