AOC Raises Money For Antifa Who Attacked Boston’s Straight Pride Parade

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What are the optics?

I don’t even know where to begin.

No one who was involved in this shitshow had good optics. The key difference, however, is that the progressive Left, the mainstream media and their army of lawyers openly backs, covers and protects its Antifa street thugs. In contrast, MILO is too radical for the mainstream Right.

Note: This is the real reason why rightwing activism doesn’t work. There is no connection between these spectacles and rightwing legislators. The old men who represent mainstream conservatism sit there and do nothing.

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  1. This is where ‘brown’ politics lead.

    A brown electorate, then brown politicians, then brown policies, brown laws, brown economy.
    Venezuela here we go.

    • It took me a minute to understand who you were referring to, Denise, but then the sheer brilliance of your satire hit me. Brava!

      “mongrel bipedal piranha fish” – AOC (on a good day)

  2. What about the hatred for Christ? Why isn’t that hatred attacked? Why is it so accepted? Why is it so okay to hate the innocent Christ? For Pete sake WTF did Christ do to make these people hate him the way they do? Does anybody know?

    • Hatred of Christ began with Christ’s birth (Slaughter of the Innocents Matthew 2:16-18) and will continue until the end of time as predicted by Christ Himself (John 15:18-27). Christians who (regardless of denomination) may theologically disagree but are following their consciences are going to be publicly vilified and sometimes legally persecuted viz. ‘Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission’. Ecclesiastes 1:9 ” . . . there is nothing new under the sun”.

      What is new is the modern nature of this persecution. In prior ages persecution was between Christians regarding matters of doctrine and the practice of the Faith. Other persecution came from hostile governments (the Emperor Nero, King Henry VIII, Communism), that regarded Christianity or a particular form of it as a threat. Other religions such as Islam, Judaism, paganism etc. regard Christianity as a mortal threat because it is a competing religion with irreconcilable differences.

      Modern persecution of Christians is indirect persecution of Christ and takes the form of an assault on morals. In prior ages Calvin considered the Pope a three headed monster and the Pope excommunicated him in return. Both shared identical morals regarding marriage, sodomy and other issues which today are the focus of modern anti-Christian persecution. Modern ant-Christians don’t care about Christian doctrine, they regard all of it as a relic of an uncritical age superseded by what they call “science”. The fact that most of these critics are scientifically illiterate doesn’t matter.

      The worst part of this current persecution of Christians is the corruption of clergy. Most traditional Protestant denominations endorse sodomy, gay “marriage” etc. and are silent about Moslem and other atrocities around the world directed against Christians. The Catholic hierarchy is equally at fault remaining silent in the face of immorality and persecution as long as the money keeps coming in. The greed and lack of courage on the part of Christian leaders is ultimately what has caused the collapse of morals, they were unwilling to fight the good fight (2 Timothy 4:7-8).

      A quick read regarding modern hatred of Christianity is: “Survivals and New Arrivals” by Hillaire Belloc, ISBN 0-89555-454-2 pp. 105 – 130. This is written from a Catholic viewpoint but it’s applicable to all Christians.

    • I am not a believer, but I have heard Jews who believe in nothing but atoms and the void damn Jesus with a vehemence I certainly don’t possess, and which I didn’t understand until I was enlightened by that fellow who calls himself “Arch Stanton.” He explained that the Jews hate Jesus for the same reason they hate Hitler — he threw the moneychangers out. That’s like cutting off (((their))) air, food, everything.

    • “For Pete sake WTF did Christ do to make these people hate him the way they do? Does anybody know?”

      Of course, Robert. The Jews hate Christ because they ‘took away our place and our nation.” [ John 11:48]

      Dr. Matthew Rafael Johnson has a great YT lecture on this –

      As for the others, that is the inbred sin nature in [White] Men, that the post-modern Apostate wishes to deny at all costs, having been judaized by the culture destroyers (the Jews themselves) over the last 100 years. Thus, the hate-filled comments by Spawn of Hell, and Ms. Denise.

      As disobedient sons (and daughters) of Adam, they would rather reign in hell, than serve in Heaven (Not my words, but those of Milton, in Paradise Lost) – and so, all apostates (whether Jews, or merely shabbas goyim of the Jews) think themselves free, but are in reality, slaves of Satan.

  3. Unless you’re willing to go full Gilets Jaunes, Euro Maidan or Hong Kong, don’t even bother hitting the street.

    I just hope Americans have as much balls as those Hong Kong millennials when the Bubaba Republic comes for their guns.

  4. Two quotes come to mind:

    “I have been up to see the Congress and they do not seem to be able to do anything except to eat peanuts and chew tobacco, while my army is starving.”
    –Robert E. Lee: Remark to his son, G. W. Custis Lee (March 1865), as quoted in South Atlantic Quarterly [Durham, North Carolina] (July 1927)

    “I think most Americans would feel that the participation of Marxists in the planning and direction of any movement taints that movement at the outset . . . . Others may argue that Dr. King’s thought may have been merely Marxist in its orientation. But the trouble with that is that Marxism-Leninism, the official philosophy of communism, is an action-oriented revolutionary doctrine. And Dr. King’s action-oriented Marxism, about which he was cautioned by the leaders of this country, including the president at that time, is not compatible with the concepts of this country.”
    — Jesse Helms

    • “Dr.” King? Unless he was a medical doctor (just kidding) he was no more a doctor than my dog. He plagiarized his thesis at Boston University as even the NYT reluctantly admitted in 1991. MLK was already the “chosen one” by the Communists to attack the U.S. from within by attacking the basic organization of society in violation of the Constitution. He needed a doctorate for appearances so he got a doctorate in 1955. A Nobel Prize was a nice anti-American touch so he got one of those too in 1964. He was at best semi-literate having his speeches written for him by others.

      MLK’s doctoral advisers either knew he was a plagiarist and also lied by awarding his doctoral degree or were grossly incompetent by awarding his doctoral degree.

      The rot runs deep in the U.S.

  5. She just called a straight pride parade run by a gay racemixing grifter fag a white supremacy event just unbelievable and the orange potato faggot sits on his hands again while this commie bitch does this but what if cortez said something negative of Israel..

  6. “Americans have as much balls as those Hong Kong millennials when the Bubaba Republic comes for their guns.”

    Fat chance !
    They will take guns incrementally.

    First, red tag laws
    Second, dem’ neo-nassist
    Third, religious independents
    4th, WHITE nationalists
    Finally, ordinary Joe. Who will whimper “sum bodizzies hep me”.

  7. She should be excommunicated for supporting perversion. I am assuming since she is Puerto Rican she is a Catholic. The main stream Christian religions in America and many places elsewhere have failed in their mission. They really even don’t try anymore.

    I have to say this. Since it is men who run Christianity and not women why have men failed? And no one should even dare say I am a women’s liberationist. My traditional views on male rule are essentially medieval.

      • spahnranch1969,

        I also have heard that.

        However, I have met Puerto Rican girls at school and they are quite elegant and nice to speak with.

      • I think it’s more the other way around. Wetback Mexicans resent Puerto Ricans because Rican’s citizenship status allows them unfettered access to all the gobierno gibs and the gobierno yobs. The Mexicans call the Jibaros “welfareros” in not so polite conversations among themselves.

  8. Those who promote Black Pride, Gay Pride, Mexican Pride, Jewish Pride, and other “Pride” have no tolerance for White Christian Pride. The Liberals have no tolerance for anything. The Liberals are the enemy of Freedom of Speech. Anybody that has a right wing opinion is called a “Hate Group” knowing that Liberals are the biggest Hate Group on the Planet. This story is proof of that. It shows reality. The Gay Pride Movement are nothing but a bunch of Communists and Socialists in the Democratic Party with only 1 goal…..destroying Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association for Straight People! We can never let that happen. We must work together for the protection of our Traditional Values and White Pride. Deo Vindice !

  9. I wonder if the last hundred surviving running and scared white people will be called “white supremacists”. What am I saying…the Chinese will probably clone or breed a few for sex slavery and amusement.

    • I think a small number of whites will continue to exist, albeit as high-end drones in the Administrative Class of the Jew World Order. The whites, jews and orientals who comprise the Elite Class will intermarry, creating a new hybrid race of slant-eyed, hooked nosed blonds.

  10. AOC’s attempt at virtue signaling to her base wasn’t well thought out. She must have missed all those Israeli flags at the straight pride march.

    AOC and her advisors are incredibly ignorant of what an actual White Supremacy parade would look like. Here’s a hint for ya, there wouldn’t be a homosexual jew as its Grand Marshal, and there most definitely wouldn’t have been flags with the devil’s footprint being waved by the marchers (burned?).

    Laura Lampshade Loomer and Milo ought to accuse AOC of anti-semitism and insist that she gets deplatformed on all social media.

  11. Inferior races only recently came into positions of influence against us. The results are disastrous for America.
    . Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian and Nordic peoples are the greatest Aryan warriors, culture and civilization builders in the history of this planet. Stop talking and do something worthy of your noble race and heritage.

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