Preparing for Persecution, Surviving Hostile Police Encounters

I hope everyone had a nice, relatively safe Labor Day holiday. I try to honor our remaining “workers” who do honest labor. Unfortunately, none of my relatives do honest labor – most are either PC Lib Leftist academics or worse Cuckservatives who have a very soft, easy life sitting near the top of the American stock market ponzi scheme.

For those of you betting on the over under Chicago Labor Day weekend shooting and murder totals, Second City Cop predictions turned out to be highly accurate:

“That Was Close (UPDATE)

The official weekend stats are in and we actually surprised our self: from 1700 hours Friday until the end of the day Monday – seventy-nine hours – we predicted eight dead and thirty-seven wounded. per the website, we counted eight dead (seven shot, one stabbed) and thirty-five wounded.
And the tiebreaker, though we aren’t sure if anyone ended up tied with our prediction, was two mass shootings – and there were exactly two mass shootings, using the lib-turded standard of four individuals shot in a single incident, one at 71st and Pauline, one at 62nd and King.

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Now the cursed American Presidential elections/circuses are resuming (do they ever stop?). All Demorat Presidential candidates and the New York Times have proclaimed that White Supremacy, White Nationalism is the USA’s #1 issue/problem. I’m confident the worst Mitt Romney RINOs, Conservative Inc, the Deep State, the Liberation Theology Pope Francis will join the crusade against White supremacy. Their interpretation of White Supremacy is anyone (us) who opposes or just notices:

  • Confederate statue/Confederate grave desecrations
  • Massive illegal alien migration invasions
  • Black gang slaughters in Chicago, Memphis, Baltimore
  • 3rd world migrants raping German and English girls in Cologne Germany or Rotherham England
  • Neo Conservative/Zionist media war mongering against Russia, Iran, Syria
  • Hollywood, VMA, MTV movies/TV/Pop Rap music degeneracy, Anti White, LGBT, Zionist media, social media monopolies.

Any remaining sane European Americans (or sensible Black, Hispanics), who voted for Trump are on notice they/we are public enemy #1; we are subject to persecution by the “powers that be” including the police, IRS, BATF, US Marshal’s Service etc.

I highly recommend OD readers prepare themselves, their vehicles, their homes for inspections, harassment, persecution.

OD Classic How to Avoid/Survive Hostile Police Encounters

What do you do when hostile police are at your door or stopping you in your car?

I highly recommend OD readers check out the instructional books and videos at: Flex Your Rights link. The organization seems to be an offshoot of the ACLU, but has avoided the ACLU’s extreme leftwing, anti-White, anti-Christian programs of the ACLU.

Here’s an excellent instructional video link of a police officer abusing three White college students with some marijuana in their car.

Here is the best instructional video link featuring a White police officer abusing a decent Black college student. The abusive cop says he was looking for gun and drug smugglers. This video shows what not to do and then what to do in the worst hostile police encounters.

Some tips:

Try to remain cool and calm, but don’t kiss arse and never wave your 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment rights.

Don’t confess to anything (5th Amendment), don’t consent to any searches (4th Amendment), always remember you have the right not to say anything or request a lawyer (6th Amendment).

But laws and Bill of Rights aside, it’s vital that you gain the support or at least the tolerance of your neighbors/community. Get to know responsible neighbors, community leaders. Let them see you, invite them in to your homes, let them know that you are not a dangerous, violent, crazy gun nut. You are not the evil racist bad guy that is constantly presented by Leftist Zionist, Neo Conservative liars in the media, social media monopolies. I strongly recommend that you get to know responsible gun rights leaders in your area and seek their advice on the best, safest ways to store your legal guns. Let your neighbors know that you are a responsible, principled person who shares their culture, values. You’re not an ISIS terrorist or some Red Skull NAZI super villain. Let your neighbors grow to trust you, even trust you with their children. The Randy Reaver family mostly survived the worst government onslaught in our nation’s history because they had they very vocal support of their neighbors.

Sadly, there are so many frustrated, alienated White men in our country who are falling down in to the negative stereotype of the loner, loser hater, White Racist who is looking to flame out in mass murder/suicide. Be on guard for anyone in the government, SPLC who is encouraging, entrapping people to this type of behavior.

And most of all, try to live a healthy, productive day to day life – have some healthy fun with good hobbies; listen to good, positive music, enjoy some positive movies, positive sports. Our people are doing great in so many positive sports. It’s foolish to waste our saturdays, sundays and monday nights worshipping Black AA felons performing near gladiatorial games. Try to reconnect with positive Nature. you don’t have to become a formal Pagan sun worshipper, but just… gets some fresh air and sunshine. All is not gloom and doom, we’ve been through worse. And remember – kindness means being kind to our own kind.


  1. When I took a CCW course years ago, they kept it pithy: When asked about anything by a cop, just say, “Lawyer.”

  2. Mr. Ryan,

    As always you give sound positive advice on how to live life as well as how to act with police. I only have had positive experiences with police.

    I do know that dealing with adults and teachers is somewhat the same as dealing with the police. So here is what I have learned in face to face dealing with adults-mostly teachers.

    1. Always be non-threatening as well as polite. I have a hard stare so I relax it under such conditions. I do not stare directly into their eyes for any length of time.

    2. Do not directly contradict them. Get your point across after they have given you their speech.

    3. Flirt harmlessly with them if they are male. This works better in Mexico than the USA.

    4. Talk a lot with them. Joke with them. Have fun. American police seem more tightly wound than Mexican police. American teachers however are easy to deal with.

    5. Agree with some of the things they say. As a general rule they have some reason to question you. Since I agree with authority in general I like talking to the police and teachers.

    6. I never give insulting lip to teachers. They and the Police would not be impressed anyway.

    So, perhaps some of those items above have value.

  3. Jack, I’ve always had positive encounters with the Chicago police, I’ve found them to be helpful and friendly.

    Just remember you can’t argue with a cop, save your argument for the Judge. I think cops sense this, and won’t want to get further involved with you.

    Also, remember that cops only do what the local politicians tell them to do.

    • Michael, I commend you for “noticing” this GA GOP Rep. being a cuckservative.

      I have some practical advice on how to approach these types, sending press releases as an open Alt Right, Patriot, race realist that’s only going to confirm the Cuck that he’s “Standing up to the haters”.

      Instead I recommend contacting his Congressional staff “By Name” and starting an intelligent conversation about Antifa. I’ve done this many times with good effect.

  4. Almost every serious comment on this post is salient and important. I don’t know why any-one starts a fight with cops. We know that loads of cops are demented psychos, but loads are not – and they are definitely under siege right now,

    Don’t do anything that could hurt yourself in anyway. As Krafty noted – save your argument for a judge – if anything gets to that point.

    Be careful folks – it’s getting weirder by the minute out there.

  5. Every question an officer asks is meant to build a case against a person. It is their job. They are not your friend and the more arrests they make the more status they gain within their small community.

    Lawyer up immediately and let the attorney earn his money as your advocate.

  6. Not a fan of zog badge n*ggers but then again I can politey talk to these armed weasels better then most. Just don’t give them any excuse for them to use force because they will take it!

  7. I asserted my rights during a traffic stop and asked to see the radar. The officer said yes brought me back to his cruiser, upgraded the charge to misdemeanor reckless driving, cuffed me and brought me to a magistrate where I was released on secured bond. A 4 hour ordeal.

    Officer explained since I saw the reading he had to charge me with reckless. Otherwise he was ready to issue a “simple speeding” ticket and be on his way.

    When asserting rights, prepare for escalation.

    • What were you doing, breaking the sound barrier in a school zone?

      Btw, did you tell the magistrate that you asked to see radar?

  8. I was taught as a kid that the policeman is your friend. That was years before America became an overtly anti-White state. My attitude toward cops is ambivalent. I understand their necessity but don’t get caught violating any tenet of Political Correctness.

  9. I try to honor our remaining “workers” who do honest labor.

    Ironically, the people who still do honest labor in industries and professions that create actual wealth are the ones for which “Labor Day” is not a paid holiday. Granted that a lot of them receive “overtime pay” for working the holiday, but overtime pay is just a backdoor government scheme for collecting more taxes, and they (the workers) therefore benefit little from it.

  10. If you invoke your 4th, 5th, or 6th amendment rights, be prepared to spend the night in jail. that’s just the cost of invoking your rights, no matter how politely, in today’s America.

    • BM writes:

      “If you invoke your 4th, 5th, or 6th amendment rights, be prepared to spend the night in jail. that’s just the cost of invoking your rights, no matter how politely, in today’s America.”

      I respond:

      Not necessarily. Check out the FlexYourRights videos. When the citizens stand up for their 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights in a calm, respectful manner, they don’t get hauled off to jail to spend the night.

      Now this is not the same as getting in to a heated argument with a cop and trying to tell the cop what he can and can not do.

      The key is to remain calm, respectful but don’t kiss arse, and never wave your rights, agree to searches, start confessing crimes etc.

  11. Well done, Mr. Ryan, credit where credit is do…Great article; timely, important.
    I’ve had some very intense interaction with law enforcement- — though zero arrests.

    The experiences I had, have been negative. One in particular, the officer was so hyped up from the get-go it was surreal. ..Dude was armed to the teeth, in paramilitay garb, and never gave me a single explanation. Searched my entire car after calling for back-up.

    The ordeal ended with a farewell “have a good evening ; drive safely.” Not even a ticket.

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