The Daily Stormer’s Meltdown

For those of you who aren’t up to speed with current Alt-Right drama, Andrew Anglin has been throwing a little temper tantrum since June on his forum because none of his former associates want anything to do with him anymore. No one answers his emails or returns his calls.

It has been a gradual process of estrangement. Ramzpaul and Colin Liddell were among the first to disassociate themselves from Anglin for making the Alt-Right look ridiculous by associating the brand with cartoon Nazism. This was back in the day when Anglin was loudly praising Adolf Hitler and National Socialism and promoting “wignats” like Robert Ransdell. Many people dismissed this criticism that Anglin was a bad faith actor on the grounds that Ramzpaul and Colin Liddell were moderates who couldn’t stomach being associated with Anglin’s vulgar shtick because the Stormer was bad optics.

During the rise of Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016, pretty much everyone in the Alt-Right was on the same page. Throughout this entire period, I didn’t give much thought to either The Daily Stormer or The Right Stuff. It wasn’t until 2017 that I really became familiar with these websites when I started writing for Richard Spencer’s website. I didn’t know much about Andrew Anglin or his past until Marcus Cicero started writing for Occidental Dissent in 2015. It was Marcus who first told me about Anglin’s history in the Third World, but we were focused on the rise of Trump at the time.

After Blompf was inaugurated and began to deflate his supporters, the Alt-Right turned to street activism and college speaking events in 2017. In both cases, it was MILO and the Alt-Lite who started the ball rolling at the various Battles of Berkeley with Antifa on the West Coast which inspired a wave of activism. This period lasted from April 2017 through August 2017 and culminated in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville which Daily Stormer enthusiastically supported. Azzmador, Zeiger and Lee Rogers all attended Unite The Right along with lots of members of the Daily Stormer Book Clubs.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, Daily Stormer began to turn on all of its former allies and reinvented itself as an “American Nationalist” website. It was Daily Stormer that did a complete 180 and started the so-called Optics War. It was said at the time that Charlottesville was a failure because of a lack of American flags, the “bad optics” of half the people who attended the rally and especially because the Alt-Right had complied with the authorities and failed to attack and resist the police in Lee Park. The Alt-Right had to be split so that the “viable” part of it could be separated from the “wignats” and assimilated by the GOP so that as many Republicans as possible could be elected in the 2018 midterm elections.

The Daily Stormer began to attack anyone who opposed this new agenda of full-throated support for Donald Trump and the GOP, “infiltrating conservatism” and American Nationalism. Most of the people who were alienated by this volte face were Daily Stormer readers who Anglin & Co. had cultivated for years since the days of his Total Fascism website. The attacks coming from Daily Stormer focused mostly on Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party. Christopher Cantwell was heavily promoted by Daily Stormer while he was in jail in Charlottesville until he was released in December 2017 and began to ask what the hell had happened in the interim. Atomwaffen which had similarly been promoted by Zeiger and Weev on Daily Stormer was also condemned.

From Shelbyville (October 2017) through Michigan State (March 2018), Daily Stormer disrupted and divided the Alt-Right to the point where the movement splintered and ceased to be viable. This was all done in order to achieve the right optics and to advance the correct political strategy – crude fliers with swastikas that celebrate mass shootings, the glorification of incels, guys in white t-shirts, blue jeans and ruby red slippers and finally shilling for Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections.

For a long time, The Right Stuff and Daily Stormer appeared to be on the same page as far as strategy goes, but this apparently changed after the 2018 midterm elections. Blompf and the GOP had taken the base for a ride again only to deliver criminal justice reform and anti-BDS legislation. The so-called “blackpillers” who were skeptical of conservatism were vindicated.

In 2019, Daily Stormer has become a website for embittered incel losers who can’t find a girlfriend, sex tourists who are into miscegenation, degenerates who are fans of Matt Forney, nihilists who celebrate mass shootings and the few people left who are low-information enough to be still interested in Kushner/Blompf 2020. The rest of what had previously been the Alt-Right began to regroup and rebound minus Daily Stormer. As the cringe level grew, The Right Stuff slowly and quietly began to move away from Loser Nationalism with each new celebration of a mass shooting, with each new post glorifying incels and ranting about raping women, with each new absurd excuse made for the Blompf administration.

I can only speculate …

I have no idea what caused the rift. I’ve just watched as Andy has flown into a rage about how he has become the MILO of 2019. He imagines it is all part of a vast conspiracy against him. We can only hope he isn’t suffering a relapse into the paranoia that caused his flight into the jungle.

Personally, I think a new consensus has formed: Loser Nationalism is cringe and repulsive to non-incels, Blompf has obviously failed his supporters, there is no future to “American Nationalism,” no one is interested in doing street activism anymore, most people are focused on creating content and have moved on from 2016 and no one else wants to be associated with mass shootings.

Update: Not everyone has abandoned Andrew Anglin. Matt Forney is still on board with Loser Nationalism.

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  1. Anglin says many things that need to be said.
    He pushes the bounds of ‘polite’ discourse, which is necessary.

    Anyone who takes all his commentary literally is being gullible. I doubt that he has immediate plans for sacrificing Amish virgins to the Hawaiian volcano God or mass caging and rapes of women.
    ( He knocks women off the fantasy angel pedestal that western society has created).

    • You REALLY expect Wallace to be capable of understanding hyperbole? Or anything at all?

      I mean, find a picture of him and look at it. It explains a lot.

    • DS should be read as one reads Hunter Thompson or Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal. And Ramzpaul and Colin Liddell? Cringy Betas. Who cares what they think?

    • I think the article was too harsh. I think Anglin is funny as hell and, by God, we need some humor these days. I do not imagine him running around raping women or executing fat people. If the so-called “Movement” has splintered, it is hardly his fault. He is far from being a perfect Buddha-like figure but he says things that need to be said when nobody else does.

    • I got banned from DS for pointing out that Weev was Jewish among other things.

      Here’s a thought: DS never seems to bring up the Five Dancing Israelis or anything pinning 9/11 to Zionist Jews. Anglin has even said on his site that he thinks “conspiracy theories” about how Israel did 9/11 are counterproductive. He shields the Tribe and their Israel getaway.

      Knowing that Weev is Jewish, whitewashing Anglin’s attacks on White females as somehow ‘entertaining’ or ‘ironic’ is disingenuous. The role of the DS seems to be finish off what feminism couldn’t and further divide Whites down the middle. It’s highly toxic and has gone way past satire.

      (In 2014 Weev hacked the identities of over 114’000 IT&T users. He was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison for identity-theft and hacking charges. He served around 13 months before his conviction was mysteriously vacated by a higher court at which point Weev went on to become webmaster of the DS and thus in a prime position to gather the data of countless WN dissidents).

      • You are straight up wrong, and I’m concerned that you, and the author of the article, are misconstruing things out of cognitive dissonance, or, simply, because you are on government payroll. Given that OCD didn’t mention Cantwell’s, Parrot’s and Jayoh’s encounter with feds/federal assets, I suspect the latter.

        • You haven’t even dared address the fact that Weev is Tribe which proves that the whole DS setup was jewed from the start.


      • It is a well know fact among psychologists, because the human brain and the human instinct, even if with evolution, still cares about THREE basical things:

        – food ( and the first memory of food for every person is associated to a woman, which is Mommy )

        – reproduction ( which is connected to sex and to women, to sons, family, stability, etc. )

        – death ( the main fear of a person, and before dying, people usually calls his Mommy for help, because of the association with Life- ‘ Mommy gave me Life, Mommy feeds me, so Mommy can save me from Death’ )

        As I said, the human mind is basically very simple.

        Every normal man, when you attack the women of his same race, in his subconscious state of mind makes a particular psychological association: the fear of ‘EXTINCTION’ comes to surface.

        That is the way Anglin alienated himself from the very best people in DS: he basically said them ‘ go extinct.’

        And they sensed it, and moved along.

  2. I have never bothered with the DS. I figured half the posters were FBI and half of the lurkers were ADL. Your post suggests that I’ve not missed anything worthwhile.

    Where is Marcus, btw?

    • Right here – the whole chaos of the optics war made me decide to step back for a time and focus on my family, my children, and getting healthy and prepared for the chaos that is most assuredly coming.

      That being said, my whole thing on Anglin isn’t anything to do with his past, his dramas, his family, etc – many of us have skeletons from our previous lives that shouldn’t be used as a battering ram against us in the present.

      My issue is the fact that his actions came/have come very close to annihilating the movement at a time where we should have stood together to withstand the avalanche unleashed by the Jews/Blumpf Administration post-Charlottesville.

      His continued association with a literal Kike and GOP operative (Ricky Vaughn) are also obvious causes for concern.

      • That is a great insight.

        Can you please post a link that confirms that Douglass Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, is jewish?


      • No, Cicero. Charlottesville itself is the issue. It was a Southern Nationalist fuckup. It revealed–as if it had to be revealed–the complete incompetence, legal, political, and any other adjective you can think of, of Southern Nationalists and anyone foolish enough to associate with them. It was like a bunch of grade-schoolers, trying to act like college kids. (Read that as “grade-schoolers = common whites and, in particular, Southerners”; “college kids = Jews and white liberals”).

        For reasons unrelated to Charlottesville or, really, anything else political, I did not visit Occidental Dissent for several months after Charlottesville; but when I returned to it, I gathered that Mr. Wallace, our host, had settled on a narrative that neatly stood the truth on its head, as Nietzsche would have said. In the mind of Mr. Wallace, I gathered, the fault for Charlottesville lay with (1) the alt-Right, with whom, as he had concluded, Southern Nationalists had unwisely aligned themselves, and (2) the Charlottesville police, who, in his telling, had been ordered, in bad faith on the part of Charlottesville’s government, to “stand down” and let the Lee-statue-advocates clash with the counter-demonstrators. (Maybe Mr. Wallace has presented evidence for that charge somewhere, but I don’t think I’ve encountered it here, at Occidental Dissent, in any substantial form.)

        As much as I appreciate Mr. Wallace and what he presents here, at Occidental Dissent, that seems typically Southern: Put the blame everywhere but on oneself. It was the alt-Right that was all but destroyed, at Charlottesville, by the Southern Nationalists, not the other way around. It was the alt-Right that was unwise in associating itself with Southern Nationalists, as I more-or-less warned here, at Occidental Dissent, in the lead-up to Charlottesville. When I saw the footage of the crash of the car into that crowd, on the day of the abortive rally, I thought, “Thanks, Dixie”–no matter whence the driver hailed.

        “My issue,” you write, “is the fact that [Anglin’s] actions came/have come very close to annihilating the movement at a time where we should have stood together to withstand the avalanche unleashed by the Jews/Blumpf Administration post-Charlottesville.” What a joke. You and your fellow Southern Nationalists triggered the avalanche; then you desperately beg for someone to “stand together” with you, as you’re buried by it. Typical, as I say.

        Deo Vindice? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

        • Very interesting comment. Robert E. Lee statues mean nothing to non-southerners. Your argument is hard to refute. Charlottesville never would have happened without “Dixie” as you point out.

          • @ Hans Frank,

            That is an inaccurate statement.

            I am a northerner but not a yankee. The Robert E. Lee statue and all the other Confederate monuments mean a lot to me, and I stand in opposition both in words and deeds to those who would want them removed for nefarious objections.

        • You should always remember that a Southern Man doesn’t need you around, anyhow! You silly, Philly, Cheese Mistake. God has already vindicated us by placing you in one of the foremost Northern Cesspools, where hopefully, you will succumb to the “elements.” Hell, even Lezbo, Lily Tomlin, during the height of the crimewave in 1970’s New York, was singing to Big Rotten Apple audiences that “you should be proud of yourself ya could be Philadelphia.”

          • Since you Southern “men” got violated in one of your cesspool cities Charlottesville, and all you can do is impotently whining about it on internet, you Cowtown son of a whore sow should go back to rolling in the gutter whence you emerged from.

          • Philadelphia John,

            Don’t forget that the jews, POC radicals, and homosexual sjws won’t stop at Confederate monuments. They have set their cultural marxist crosshairs on statues of Christopher Columbus, public schools named after the Founding Fathers, and businesses that refused to kowtow to their demands.

          • Philly, we don’t need anymore of your abolitionism, arson, looting, murder, desegregation, moral pontificating, or any other “favors” that you Yankees think that you are doing for us. Why can’t you people just leave us the Hell alone? You couldn’t pay me to even visit anywhere North of the Mason-Dixon line, and I damn sure don’t care what you do up there. Why have you busy-bodies been so obsessed with sticking your nose into our business for nearly two centuries?

          • Ivander, your mama is such a whore that she has a drive thru window to her bedroom. She either sticks her head or her ass out and serves customers as they pull through. In front of her house is a sign that reads, “Over 5 Million Serviced.” That’s how she managed to support your families crack habit. I understand that your greasy, greasy granny with holes in her panties taught her everything she knows.

          • I’m not sticking my nose into your business, Cowtown. I’m pointing out that you have no idea how to pursue your goals.

            As it happens, English is supplied with an adjective for a person who has no idea how to pursue his goals: stupid.

          • Haha Cowtown, projecting much? I know for a fact that your ancestors are all whores and pimps for generations untold. Moreover, your mama and granny and the entire womenfolk are slaves of niggers’ pricks. You were born after you mama was plowed by nine dozen darkest congoid negroes for eleven hours. And even with the niggers’ cum leaking out of her mouth, ears and eyes, she was not still satisfied and went on to suck and lick the cocks, balls, scrotum and buttholes of another seventy niggers. After this, you were born with your mud skin and mulatto features. Hence, your inferiority complex and impotent rage.

          • You are right, November, about the leftist list of targets, but endorsing the Confederacy is a unique problem.

          • Cowtown, please remember that these men are italians (November and Bonaccorsi) and Ivander is very likely a slav. They don’t speak for our people in the North. I don’t particularly like their tone and think they have nerve lecturing the people they compulsively follow around the planet, all while asserting their superiority to us.

          • In response to a question that was once put to me here, at Occidental Dissent, by commenter Captain John, who seems no longer to post much here, I expressed the view that Teutons were an evolutionary advance; so no, I don’t think I’m asserting my superiority to you, Anglo Saxon Revolt. If you were to say you’d like to put a bullet through the head of every non-Teuton, including me, in the United States, I would say, “I understand.”

            On the other hand, you have FUCKED UP ROYALLY, WORLDWIDE, OVER THE PAST HALF-CENTURY and, in consequence, are edging toward extinction. Accordingly, I will reserve the right, until you put that bullet through my head, to “lecture” you, in an apparently-futile effort to point out what you’re doing wrong, which is just about everything.

            PS Sorry about that banal diction–“fucked up royally.” I’ve been associating with Anglo Saxons too long.

        • I want to make sure I’m understanding you, Ken. Your view is what? That the alt-Right was never real? That, say, the American Nazi Party of George Lincoln Rockwell wasn’t real?

        • I’ll go through most of your points, Ken …

          1 — I was born in 1953 and have never followed politics closely. I don’t think I even know what you’re talking about re Nazi marches in the South. I remember hearing one time about a Nazi march somewhere–in the Midwest maybe?–that got its permit via help from the ACLU, but I didn’t see it. In short, no, nothing has been “burned into my mind,” as you’ve said.

          2 — I’ll say basically the same thing re “weird Southerners” with Confederate flags: I really don’t know what you’re talking about. I saw Confederate flags being carried in one or two alt-right demonstrations, but those were in videos that were posted here, at Occidental Dissent, I think, or some alt-right website that was approving of the demonstration. There was nothing particularly weird about the demonstrators, and the websites that were posting the videos didn’t seem to think there was anything false about them. I repeat: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

          3 — “The whole James Fields thing was staged.” Oh.

          4 — “It wasn’t all Southerners.” I wasn’t suggesting it was. I was speaking of the event as a Southern Nationalist event, to which alt-Righters, Southern or otherwise, had attached themselves.

          5 — “Spencer is a Yankee–what a surprise.” I don’t know why you added “what a surprise”; regardless, I’m not sure it’s quite true that Spence isn’t a Southerner. He doesn’t seem to speak of himself as one, but he’s from Texas and has family money from Louisiana, I think, maybe from cotton farming. I’m not going to bother looking up the details again.

          6 — “What the pro-Whites, Southern or otherwise, were unwise about in Charlottesville was going to something planned by someone they’d never heard of before, Kessler who turned out to be a two-time Obama voter, and a shill like Spencer. And ignoring the fact that the ACLU fought for their right to march. It was a set-up.” First of all, I personally am never favorably impressed by the Jargon of the Unfooled: “shills,” “set-up.” Second: No, what the pro-whites, Southern or otherwise, were unwise about in Charlottesville was everything. Dressing up in their idiotic brawling gear, having no legal understanding or representation, no organization or discipline–no anything, really. That you don’t see that is the primary indication that I’m wasting my time replying to you.

          7 — “The Alt-Right, your guys, achieved their goal.” What was their goal? Hunter Wallace, our host here, at Occidental Dissent, couldn’t have been more excited, in the lead-up to Charlottesville, that the alt-Right had aligned itself with the effort to defend the Lee statues. I, on the other hand, posted a number of comments here, during the lead-up, to the effect that the event was a Southern Nationalist event and that any alt-Righter who would participate in it would be endorsing Southern Nationalism, i.e. neo-Confederatism.

          8 — “Just following the shill Alt-Right was a mistake on the part of everyone who went that day or supported the event. How they couldn’t know it was a movement created by the Jews I’ll never know.” It’s not clear to me whether you’re saying the entire alt-Right was a movement created by the Jews or, instead, that something you call “the shill alt-Right” was created by the Jews.

          9 — “Go ahead and do your pro-White thing and make it CRYSTAL CLEAR you don’t associate with Southern pro-Whites.” I’ll associate with a pro-White from the South, just not with a Southern Nationalist.

  3. While the tattered remnants of the American alt-right continue to tear each other apart Nordic Resistance is getting things done in Scandinavia. Why can’t we have an organization like that here? LoS is the only one I know of that comes close.

  4. I have never believed that Anglin was a shill or “controlled opposition.” To me, what he is has always seemed obvious: a nutjob. A wacko. He’s very articulate, and at times clever, but he is as shallow as a puddle of urine, has no grasp of the hard sciences (he is apparently incapable of understanding what a half-life is in radiocarbon dating, or that a dinosaur is not some mythological “dragon,” or that Aryans aren’t descended from space aliens, etc., etc,. ad nauseum et infinitum), and his gook-worship and women-hating alienate even his most diehard supporters. Before he shut the comments down on dot-name, even the shoe-droolers who respectfully referred to him as “Mr. Anglin” were having second thoughts about “Communist China is freer than the US” and that working out in the gym is more fun than having sex.

    And if there is anything to physiognomy, the fact that he looks like the mutant cannibal from “The Hills Have Eyes” really ought to give you pause. Only a gook woman would WANT him, if anyone would! I’ve never read the Atlantic article, but I’ve read enough of his own writings to be convinced that he is basically just bug-nuts INSANE.

    That said, the humor of the site sometimes brings back memories of the old National Lampoon, in which nothing was sacred and everyone was offended. Trouble is, the Stormer’s NOT a humor site; it’s a platform for a glib nutjob, so even that doesn’t redeem it.

    • No one knows for sure what has happened to him.

      1.) There is the COINTELPRO theory

      2.) There is the SPLC theory

      3.) There is the sell out theory

      4.) There is the “he has gone insane” again theory

      5.) There is “he is on drugs” theory

      It could be any one of these things or some combination

      • There could be the “Enoch put a cop-compromised drug user in charge of his security and dox info, and the feds have him by the balls” theory, too.

        And you’re serving as his attack Chihuahua in the hopes of a few crumbs from the TRS paywall table.

        • No, he is just mad because TRS quietly stopped returning his texts, emails and calls as he went off the deep end. Obviously, they did this because they didn’t want a big public blow up with him, but wanted to disassociate as he began to go insane

        • Kind of hard to ignore the Fed connection. Who the fuck would trust TRS with their information at this point? I think they are done at least as far as their paywall is concerned. They also might very well be under a gag order. Either way…. Shame I was enjoying their content.

          • “Kind of hard to ignore the Fed connection”

            What Fed connection? Show me. I’ve been reading the accusations. But no actual connection has been shown.

      • 1. Probably not unless very recently.

        2. See number one – highly unlikely my gut tells me.

        3. More likely, but with the GOP being the main culprit.

        4. Quite possible (there are sources that would give this credibility).

        5. In combination with number four.

      • In any of these cases, the safest bet is to put as much distance between him and yourself as possible.

        As for the daily stormer forums, I count myself as fortunate for having been banned from them the day Anglin celebrated the death of Heather Heyer. Peak optics. I called him on that. How can you see celebrating the accidental death of someone like her, who is now a Martyr, as anything but tragic in every way. He banned me personally. Deleted all of my posts, and there was no recourse. I’ve never even been banned from twitter.

        I’ve been sounding the alarm over his self serving hypocrisy and destructive narcissism for over two years now.

        Its officially taken two years for the Altright to catch up to where I’m at. It used to only take a year.

        The subject of Identity Dixie’s recent thesis, that race isn’t enough, was the subject of my epic debate on Gab with Ricky Vaughn. This was a year and a halfish ago. Ricky Vaughn was a solid proponent of the white blank slate. I argued that it was and had to be a confluence of Religion, Culture and Language that formed the basis of the movement. He disagreed, but couldn’t argue against my reasoning as its proof is abundany in history and our current age.

        Ricky Vaughn, the face of the tacit alliance between TRS and the Stormer. Lost that debate to me, a nobody.

        The truth of this collapse by the daily stormer, is that it was apparent a long, long time ago. Only now in his weakened and disorganized state, have people had the stones to speak up about it because of the damage anglin is willing to do in self service, even to allies. Hunter, you were one of the few who spoke up. Thank you for using your platform to raise the alarm back in the days of the optics war and ever since.

        This leads me full circle to the comment. He may not be a fed, or cointel pro or a shill, yet. But if this turn against him becomes permanent, he very well could become so.

        The only thing we can do, is put as much distance between him and us as possible.

        TRS isn’t off the hook. But they are at least willingly self contained in their echo chamber.

        • That article in Identity Dixie definitely falls into the category of “articles that make the alt-right sound a million times more based than it actually is.” If the alt-right really were calling for people to “embrace Odin Socialism” I would support it enthusiastically. The real problem with the alt-right is that it has too many “people” like the author of that article and not ENOUGH wignats.

      • Dart – no. It’s not. It’s DIFFERENT. And they kill people for their organs. Just like JEWS. They torture dogs, and eat them, in a new “festival”. The Chinese do very Un Aryan things. I think they should be nuked for Dog torture festival – but this obscenity should tell you that they are anything but “free”. They are soulless, remorseless insects.

        • Exactly right, Denise. The Chinese aren’t evil or immoral, they’re amoral, a race of insects in human form. They eat and swarm like termites. They’re also a merchant race, of which there are several. Anything for a penny. They’ll add melamine to dog kibble for export not because they hate our dogs (they would probably find them quite tasty) but because it’s the least expensive way to meet our pet food protein standards. Similarly they added propylene glycol to baby formula not because they wanted to sicken or kill American babies. They simply wanted to meet market demands. “American baby like sweet, sweet!” And it didn’t hurt that they could get 55-gallon drums of propelene glycol at bargain prices.

  5. Like HW has already pointed out Anglin’s preoccupation with trannies, thots, waifus, roasties and the like have little if anything to do with fighting for white racial survival. I feel like I need a bath after visiting his site. It’s the equivalent of an old-timey X-rated peep show, complete with creepy guys lurking about in dirty raincoats.

      • I see one of Andy’s Autistic Incel Warriors has already descended on this forum. Did you do so on orders from your master? You’re too dumb to realize it, but eventually he’ll throw you under the bus, just like he did with Stryker and “Doctor” Duke.

    • Slut and race traitor shaming is necessary,usually best done by other White women, Anglin goes extreme because he knows his audience… mostly male Turks < you're probably thinking i'm joking.

    • “actively alienate the only thing in the world that is actually capable of producing a white child”

      Coz being extra nice and inclusive to a woman really makes her want to breed with you.
      Nice virgin logic there.

  6. All the comments posted here are first-rate but madam always has the best takes on Col. Wang Lin and his antics. Could he be having mommy issues?

    • Yes iindeedy – but the brutally bitter irony of Andre’s Mommy Issues is that his cheatin’ Daddy caused the problems. I think Mommy fled because she couldn’t take the soul-killing abuse of Daddy Anglin. But it’s always the wah-man’s fault.

      • @Denise – that “wah-man” reference gave me a smile…TRS have worn that sh#t out, along with other verbal tics, to the point one wonders if they are 7th graders.

  7. You morons haven’t done your due diligence. The Stormer hasn’t been supporting Trump for a loooong time.

    No, they’re not trying to get Elizabeth Warren elected like you numbskulls, but you’ve missed the boat on them being pro-Trump by about 6+ months, if not more.

    Your lack of awareness of what the hell you’re even talking about is laughable.

  8. I am 95% sure that Anglin is a paid still. The bitcoin transfer earlier this year perfectly coincided with Anglin flipping from anti-Trump back to pro-Trump. He was writing blompf articles for weeks, then got a big bitcoin donation and the next day he was posting “maybe Trump really is good” 4D chess articles again.

    • Anglin’s source of income is something of a mystery. If he really is living in the jungles of Cambodia or Nigeria how is he supporting himself? How is he able to run his website? Is his boomer dad sending him an allowance?

      A 35 year old latent homosexual cult leader living in a third world country as a fugitive from justice with no wife, no kids and no visible means of support….truly an inspiring role-model.

  9. “Daily Stormer has become a website for embittered incel losers who can’t find a girlfriend”

    Therein lies the problem. Nobody else on the racial right is willing to take the problem of dysfunctional sexuality seriously and Anglin’s brand is accelerated by tapping into an angst that exists among the overwhelming majority of young white men: women act horribly and being in a relationship with one is a dangerous game.

    Saying things like the above quote only serves to alienate these people further. Rather than ignore the dire state of the western female and call everyone who doesn’t betabuxx for them a loser, why not just take a more reconciliatory approach to these people? Why does it seem like Anglin (and Chechar) are the only people willing to discuss the issue at any great length?

    It is clear that modern marriage is a pretty terrible deal for men. Statistically speaking, most women over the age of 18 self report as not being virgins and having had at least a couple of sexual partners. Couple that with the correlation between sex partners and divorce rates and I think it is quite easy to see why many have concluded that relationships are a fool’s errand.

    I should also add: why is it that nobody will also defend ‘hitting’ women in any capacity? Is it really an absolute moral wrong to physically discipline a sex which is more akin to children on an emotional level than ourselves? This is another issue which the alt-right is totally silent on, outside of Anglin et al.

    I cannot recall the last time I saw an Alt-right leader other than Anglin say that women do not need any legislative power because them having it is destructive. Further, I have seen only a handful defend their position that it’s actually easy to have a healthy relationship in this day and age. I don’t recall Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, or even guys like Mike Enoch and Striker having discussed it at any great length at all.

    To be fair to you Hunter, you may have, and I may have missed it-but my point stands. Anglin’s otherwise weird beliefs are ignored because he is willing to talk about some things everyone else is seemingly to scared of saying.

  10. Andy is reaching age of “why didn’t I have a family and kids”. Has to bother him. He is also an incel.

    He has a gift of writing scathing stuff, but aside from that he is nothing. And unless hell freezes over, he is stuck living abroad. Andy might toughen up and come back to his nation, face the government and lawsuits, but I doubt it.

    He’s is a rough spot. His internal rage spills over. This should be a lesson for others of not how to do this.

    He is heavily influenced by Weev. Both have been written off by anyone with any common sense.

    His site is a glimpse into the stereotypes Weev pushes. His stuff is “Schlick” humor, very Jewish, shock value, low grade, profane and vile. The rape stuff is very Jewish as well.

    It’s not clever, just vile and shocking.

    I think he started out on the right road but fell apart. He owns this, and if he ever wants back in the tent of real activism, it will take a lot.

    I don’t know anything about much when it comes to Andy, but from the outside looking in, looks like Weev and other forces got to him.

  11. Best bet for Anglin is to man up, get away from Weev, get back to the United States and face it. It always bothers me when expats talk down to Americans, sneer at us and the problems here.

    I think it’s disgusting to be honest. Don’t run away and tell me how to fight.

    Andy has a lot to answer for. Sitting back in Africa living off of donations from American patriots is very low. Running from legal problems is cowardly.

    Not much else to say about the smut writer. Hopefully he gets it together and cleans up his act. Only time will tell.

  12. I just looked at the images posted here. Red clown shoes and the cartoon of a White woman with a battered up eye.

    I’m leaning towards Anglin losing his mind and out of touch with reality. There is nothing funny about beating and raping women.

    Andy needs money and his only source of income is the DS. He is not much different than a Hollywood producer, the worse the better. Smut and gore.

    The red shoes were Weev’s idea? Clowns?


    • Anglin reminds me somewhat of Colonel Walter Kurtz, a renegade cult leader who knows too much and needs to be “taken out” by another Captain Benjamin Willard.

  13. Wow, Hunter, I never though you would of attacked Andrew in order to protect and obvious Fed at TRS. Anglin is away from the US, he has more of a chance of being compromised by the GRU than the FBI or GayDL. Why do you attack him so?

  14. Anglin, Weev and Azzmador are all felons, 2 of which we know have been to jail (weev, azz) azz admited feds come to his house and he talks to them, he is currently on the run from Cville felony charges, but mysteriously has not been arrested for several months. weev had his sentence cut short, and emerges from jail a “neo nazi” when just before his incarceration he was a well known leftist commie.

    Daily Stormer are the feds.

    The alt-right is simply an “operation whack a mole”

    their goal was to cast a wide tent (any white man upset over anti-white agitations and dispossession)
    radicalize them
    get them to take to the streets so the media can get their “domestic holocaust” to further demonize white interests (they tried first to make this event whitefish montana, but no one showed, so they jumped onto kesslers UTR)
    after UTR got violent (solely the responsiblity of the state of virginia: mike signer, wes bellamy, etc) the order was to shut down all domestic street activism (the only thing which causes networking, which is the only thing that matters)
    DS and TRS have attacked all domestic groups relentlessly, demonizing them as “wignats” THE SAME WAY the media and feds are going after activism
    the media went after gab
    DS went after Gab
    not to mention all the massive payments (60k and 30k) DS receives right when they start destroying the movement
    the last 3 days anglin has said in every post he is against groups (unless they are his fed group that led the “white supremacist” narrative after weev’s faxes, and fedposting on gab, and now with tarrant posters on mosques)
    weev is a jew, he admitted this several times, as did his mom

    the whole point is to get white opposition to multi-culturalism to identify itself, like Obrien did to winston in 1984. then, without any groups, its easy for the feds to round up the individuals who have all ID’d themselves through social media

    The alt-right was always controlled op

    spencer, weev, anglin, azzmador, ricky vaughn, and now cantwell – they are like the dirty dozen of fed informants and infiltrators.

    time to wake up folks

  15. When I first noticed them, it might have been just before or when Trump started running. They had a large group of morons who’s job it was to find the most powerful Jews in the country and post gas chamber memes on their Twitters to scare the shit out of them. When I pointed out where this behavior would lead us, their reply was the same boiler plate bullshit back then, as it has always been: “We’re just joking bro!”

    Hollywood Nazi is a travelling road show the Jews have been putting on since the 1950s. If they can’t find a White man dumb or corrupt enough to play Hollywood Nazi for them, a Jew will play the role. Frank Collin (Cohen) started the American Nazi Party and this guy led marches through Jewish neighborhoods, not to recruit Whites, but to rile the Jews up. Daily Stormer has the same mission as Frank Collin. That being to kick the Jewish hornet’s nest and to get free speech shut down on social media.

  16. Nobody is winning on our side. In fact, we are losing in a very horribly way which is probably unprecedented in history. So, calling each other “losers”, is not the most interesting move.

    As I said before, Anglin is probably some kind of agent, as his shilling for Trump (which he has abandoned now, but kept on far too long) and his association with Weev aka Andrew Auernheimer suggest.

    But he is a good writer who has more depth than his boulevard style of journalism seems to allow for superficial readers. I like reading his articles.

    On the other hand, I had never time for the clowns on TRS. It was not surprised as they were revealed as a bunch of jews or feds. And that someone like Greg Johnson was associating with them was always very damning in my view.

    So, in the current feud I am siding with Angling and even find his take too tame. He treats TRS still as a possibly honest operation and urges them to remove their bad apples as if they had good apples at any point in time.

    It is a shame that we (members of the White race) have no leaders we can fully trust. And the whole “movement” seems to be a circus provided by our enemies.

  17. I have noticed on the Daily Sauzagefest that Col. Wang Lin has now even lashed out at HW, a universally admired and respected scholar of unimpeachable reputation. If that is not the action of an emotionally unstable closeted homosexual then I don’t know what is. I look forward to Andrew’s Angels attacking this site with their incendiary comments – once they are given orders by their fugitive cult leader to do so.

    • first, I hit the threads @ VoxDay and lay a few land mines. Then

      I always stop @ OD to read his HW’s interesting essays about this n’that. Then

      I go over to DS (with a stop @ Unz along the way) for some comic relief.

      this is a balanced and healthy diet.

  18. Brad, I was disappointed that you did not deal with the actual cause of this latest flareup in drama: the Jim Object podcast, wherein we learn that the person known as Jayoh de la Rey, who is on the TRS payroll, claimed that he was a heroin junkie and a pansexual who had been collared by the Feds for drug trafficking, released on the promise that he would be a federal informant, and then fled to Latin America.

    This raises some uncomfortable questions.

    The best case scenario is that J.O. is a pathological liar.

    The worst case scenario is that he is a federal asset of some sort.

    In neither case is he someone that people can be comfortable with at the heart of TRS.

    Anglin and Weev have checkered pasts and have taken many positions that I passionately oppose, as is evident from my writings, but that does not prevent them from being right about this scandal.

    Nor does it prevent them from being right about the bizarre bad judgment of TRS people associating with Chris Cantwell after he gave information to the FBI and doxed people.

    Nor does it prevent them from being right in the optics war.

    By the way, the American Identity Movement is doing activism. Do you think that they should rebrand to look more like TWP?

    Attacking the messenger does not invalidate the message.

    Brad, I have a question for you: If people like Weev and Anglin, who were deeply involved in the worst of Nazi stuff before Charlottesville, were able to radically rethink their positions in the aftermath of Charlottesville, what is Matt Parrott’s excuse for clinging to wignattery? What is Richard Spencer’s excuse?

    You should not be white knighting for TRS.

    You should not be launching ad hominems against Weev and Anglin.

    I have said it before: It is utterly bizarre that Anglin and Weev are now among the most sensible and moderate people in this movement on certain key issues. But the fact remains that they are right on these issues. You need to get on the right side as well.

    • Greg,

      My dislike of Anglin and Weev has nothing to do with TRS. I’ve disliked those two for well over a year now. In fact, I condemned them long before their current falling out with TRS who sided with them in the optics war. I want nothing to do with those two or with Loser Nationalism.

    • Grindr GRIDs Greg is back!

      Not only do you have this weird unhinged obsession with defending both of those complete mental patients from Daily Stormer, you also have this compulsion to tone police Hunter Wallace with extremely gay articles and stupid comments on his website. What’s the deal, Greg? JFC, aren’t you like 60-something now?

      It’s very bizarre and telling how both you and the Andys went after Eric Striker recently. You did so –shockingly—with a gay porn meme.

      Greg, you are a bitter old queen now, and they are demented freaks, along with that fat pathetic retard Matt Forney. These are the friends people like you have now—bravo, I guess.

      TRS has turned its back on you, like almost everyone else, and that has infuriated you since you stood up for Mike so intensely in the past over his Jewish wife/doxxing situation. Now that TRS has disassociated themselves from people like, you want to get some kind of backbiting, petty revenge on them. You have completely destroyed most friendly relationships you have had in the past, and almost no one I know likes or trusts you anymore. You, Greg, have also been accused of being a federal informant and a total liar over the years, and there are many that still believe and proselytize those facts.

      One of the very few people who has been the most affable and cordial to you in our movement over the years is Hunter Wallace, even though you have maliciously insulted him several times and called him a wignat costume Nazi (it seems you have finally learned what wignat means, you dumb old Boomer).

      You are also infatuated with American Identity Movement because they are part of the gay mafia/AmNat alliance. You always seem to find a way to talk about them or work them into a comment. By the way, their “activism” is a joke, and their opsec is some of the worst I have seen, just like yours as evidenced by your grooming videos with Patrik Hermannson.

      TWP was a force majeur because they were successfully organizing working-class White people for the first time in decades, which is something that really started to bother the champions of the kosher sandwich dichotomy. Plus, TWP never cucked when it counted, and their message still resonates. What does Patrick Casey believe? He’s like an Alt-Lite race realist at best.

      Greg, you are a scum bag and probably a fed. I was really hoping your GRIDs would take you out sooner than later, unfortunately, that has not happened yet. Your constant petty drama causing, concern trolling, and troublemaking is pathetic and shows what a weak character you have. You are and old man who is trying to pretend he is still in his 20’s, which is why have this maniacal attraction to Andrew Anglin, who also has a weak character and is very suggestible and easily influenced by much smarter people like you and weev.

      At the end of the day, you, the Andys, and Matt Forney are undoubtably all Loser Nationalists.

    • Greg Johnson – Hunter is launching ad hominem attacks against Anglin the Closet Case Mystery Meat Midget and WEEV the JEW? HAHAHA!!! I see you’ve decided to take up comedy now. THAT is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read! Thanks for the laffs!

      FYI – comedy is based on observable fallacies and foibles. Your “chiding” of Hunter is amusing, because there is virtually NOTHING – NOTHING – that could be said about Andre and Weev the JEW (who looks like the literal clone of Ginsburg the Jew child raping FREAK, I mean you really can’t tell ’em apart) that could ever ever ever be construed as “ad hominem”. EVERYTHING they do is an attack on themselves. EVERYTHING. No one can possibly say anything about them that is worse than what they DO.

      Greg, sweetie – I rarely make the sort of comment I’m about to make – but perhaps you need to have your meds adjusted. Please review the last sentence of your post, in what would be an increasingly rare lucis moment for you, and consider taking action. I’m worried about you.

      Thank you,

    • @ Greg… the problem with D.S. and others is their extreme misogynist “religious” posture which comes straight from the propaganda messianic politico-religion of those bent on our self-genocide … this is very revealing in my opinion …

    • Mike’s response earlier today is completely unpersuasive for someone who is usually incredibly persuasive. I am starting to wonder if TRS has been a Fed asset for some time now. Quietly collecting data from subscribers and pool parties (of which Jayoh was in charge of vetting personal information). Please prove me wrong I really believed in these guys.

      • As a former member of the most well-known TRS pool party on the planet, no personal information was ever collected by anyone at any time, and Jayoh was not in charge or part of any vetting ever. This is just Anglin blowing smoke up everyone’s ass.

  19. This whole Alt-right business was a Jew fabrication. Jews will lead you in 50 different directions if let them. But each path will lead you away from your true leader and your true salvation, Christ.

  20. Anglin’s questions about Jay Oh are valid.

    I like Jay Oh and Mike a lot. I want Jay Oh redeemed.

    In a former life in the 80’s I slung dope for 1% MC’s in Texas. Any patched member who suffered significant LE contact was required to IMMEDIATELY report it to his superiors, and was then put into quarantine for monitoring and re-vetting.

    It was serious, life-and-death business. Our security in the Hard Right should be too.

  21. Both the “American Nationalism” turn and the Optics War were openly planned on MPC because the goons there decided “wignat activism” was endangering Trump and the grand political realignment, therefore the “movement losers” needed to be bullycided.

    Before that the MPC crew went after NRXers (weev in particular boasted about sending Michael Anissimov over the edge).

  22. I suspect the Dailystormer is part of the plot to construe disaffected white males as ‘mentally ill.’ Gathering them under the site’s obviously demented ethos just helps justify plans like these:

    Now those deemed ‘mentally ill’ will be monitored via their social media and digital technology devices, including smart phones. This will include well more than Anglin’s flock, but his site contributes to the conflation of ‘mental illness’ with ‘white supremacy’ and ‘terrorism.’

    And coming this fall Parkland High’s Stanley Pollack (father of allegedly killed Meadow) presents America with the supposed solutions to crazed gunmen in his new book – massive bolstering of the Maoist mental reeducation forces:

    I read one of the excerpts from the book, that is being highlighted. It calls for ‘institutionalization’ of Cruz, who apparently couldn’t even be forced into a Baker Act if you believe these jew stooges. Pollack is an out jew, BTW, appealing to the far right with his paeans to ‘discipline’ and his clear cloaking of black and anti-white liberal problems in the persona of Cruz. Recall that the people who took Cruz in and gave him access to a gun (much less to their own children) heard none of what had to have been a highly-gossiped about hardcore problems in the kid…yeah, right.

    “We are not dealing with honest brokers.” — Ann Coulter. Speaking of whom, Ann is backing this push for mass institutionalization of the so-called ‘mentally ill.’

    Personally, I think the jews want to get the blacks under control. I think many will simply wind up dead under government ‘care,’ or victims of drug and medical experimentation, maybe organ harvesting, etc. But whites are obviously going to be interned into these modern-day psikhushkas:

    • Anglo Saxon – yup.

      FYI – Cruz is a mischling Jew. Drugged out of his mis-shappen mind. That Crusius (sic) El Paso shooter is some type of a mongrel, who has been in the clutches of his VERY evil Daddy. Daddy has had a decades long love affair with mind control drugs and techniques, along with a decades long association with (((Alphabet agencies))).

      People are very afraid of “mental illness”. It’s more frightening than cancer. Mental illness is a chimera. We have protocols for cancer. Mental illness is shifting sands. This designation is the new “Al Quaida” for gaslighting a population grown immune to “terrorism” and (((mass shootings))).

  23. Pre-2017 Daily Stormer was on point, the memes were good (mostly me, moshe and toothpuller) the troll storms effective. Then along came the jews in the disguise of Ricky Vaughn (Anglin had resisted other forms of Doug Mackie infiltration) The whole essence of the Stormer changed, Anglin tried to make a ‘movement’ out of it which of course is easily infiltrated. Stupid idea and i tried to tell a nigger.

    I know the donor hes good boi, what he donates is chump change, if there was a real positive say Rockwell type, he would sink 20 mill in a heartbeat, but there just isn’t.

    I got my own issues with weev but i know 100% he is not fed, he is genuinely against the jews and the feds ..they literally took everything off him ,home,life,country. He just doesn’t believe in anything and just wants to watch it all burn, to which i can semi-relate but i have White kids so id kinda like something to rise out of the ashes.

    The whole muh mass murderer schtik from you Brad EVERYDAY is super gay. Just dont say anything until there’s 10,000 hajis living in your hood, then you can judge Tarrant.. before or after one of them kills your daughter in a truck attack. There’s a million Tarrants out there ready to pop because of failures of our ‘leaders’ to do anything about the replacement of our people, not everyone can afford to homeschool and hide in the hills like you Brad.

    Moving on – this drama shit is gay but understandable, everybody fell for the greatest hoax since the holo – the great potato man hoax, (this is the grieving stage) and here we are right back where we started, its like the 90’s chilling on Stormfront.

    Just an after thought, but i’d bet if everyone mentioned in all these dramas were in a garage in person,together they would be plotting some real shit about now, that was the real fear from our enemies about the ‘unite the right’.

    Stay alive my brothers, dodge the jew poison. Leonidas didn’t get his moment until he was 60, you never know what tomorrow might bring.

      • “innocent muslims” Yeah bro the 7th century death cult make innocent neighbors. Oh look how innocent these hajis are poor things getting bombed by jews.

        Tell me more about these precious ‘innocents’ you hold so dearly.

        • You sound like one of those Jewish funded “counter-jihadi” blowhards.

          You claim to be familiar with old-school white nationalism and yet you’re spouting classic neocon anti-Islam propaganda. Real white nationalists like Pierce stood in solidarity with the Muslims in their struggle against global Zionist tyranny.

          Even if some Muslims do hate the west, so what? They have every right to. I hate the west too. The west is anti-white and a global exporter of degeneracy.

          • Imagine actually believing jews and muslims are enemies.

            The same jews who opened the gates for moor muslims in spain.

            The same jews the Caliph Omar invited back to Jerusalem after Romans drove them out

            The same jews the Sultan Saladin invited back after the crusaders lost Jerusalem

            The same jews who actively flood the west right now with muslims

            Dude. There is not 1 single muslim on this planet that wants to stand in solidarity with you, they hate you more than you hate jews.

            Oh and fuck White Nationalism, a dead end stupid gimmick that never did anything but sit back and watch the decline of our people.

            For the record the jews had balls than you, bombing hotels and hanging British soldiers, rolling barrel bombs into villages to achieve total victory and win their very own ethnostate.

            How do like them apples? “White Nationalist”.

        • When they are not warring, they are very peaceful .We propped up brutal regimes for our cold war, and before that colonial interests, and so they resorted to freedom fighting i..e,. terrorism.

      • Yeah, no such thing as an innocent Muslim. They literally want to conquer the whole world, and make you convert or submit. Sound fun to you?

        • Not true; in the Islamic ME they allowed both Jews and Christians their own laws .They all got along till the western colonizers favored the Christians , propped up regimes, and then the Zionists came in from Europe.

  24. I like DS despite the fact that the fucker banned me for a 1000 years( literally that’s what the message was) from his forum for telling to stop shilling for the Russians because he sounds like the commies in the West salivating about Stalin in the 30s. But he is right about women and their inability to think logically and their dependence on societal approval. Also somebody needs to remind people every day how degenerate the western societies have become and to point that the minorities commit crimes against the whites every day and the mainstream media ignores the carnage.

    • Sorry, HW. I must have overlooked it.

      In general, I want to thank you, that you let comments appear if they don’t agree with your point of view. This is a strong thing to do, whereas elsewhere the weak ego protection prevails.

  25. You are very incorrect about DS shilling for Trump, it’s not what it’s about, you completely missed the whole point. Why is Anglin acting this way, I honestly don’t know, but DS was off the Trump train before the TRS. FTN guys were the last ones on it pretty much. If he wrote anything positively about GOP, it’s that they are STILL better than the lunatics on the Democrat side.
    I also disagree with “loser nationalism” terminology, Daily Stormer was very popular with its “loser nationalism” thing, more popular than ever. Why do you let the media have so much power over you? Stormer was as its height when they didn’t give a fuck about anything.
    Those printers and Stormer Book Clubs were good things, only people that were outraged at that were TV-watching boomers, everybody else thought that was funny as fuck.
    You are completely cucking to shitlib morality of throwing people under the bus and calling them incel.
    I hate his anti-women rhetoric and love his new “they’re small, funny and silly” thing though.
    I love your style, but I love old Daily Stormer as well, both of you had different goals.
    Why can’t everyone just reconciliate, why is this happening?
    It’s not an easy position, being censored at every step and all, but the implosion was completely unfounded, only ones who are happy about it are the merchants at SPLC and ADL.

    • Why is it happening?

      Because Anglin asked a couple simple questions relating to opsec (operational security, or not getting everyone who

      1. Why is TRS associating with Cantwell, a self-admitted federal snitch who also brags about doxing White nationalists over personal disagreements?

      2. Why does TRS have as their head of security someone who bragged about taking heroin, being with trannies, and most importantly getting freed from jail on the promise of handing over the information to people with the cops?

      To which you might add a third question:

      3. Given these dubious associations, why

      Instead of answering, TRS got butthurt, refused to answer directly, for months, then went into an attack mode that doesn’t address these questions.

      “Wallace” isn’t helping. Instead of answering, he’s throwing around strawman insults about incel, “loser nationalism,” incorrect stuff about the Stormer supporting Trump, and a whole laundry list of petty, pathetic, and frequently stupid accusations.

      “He’s insane, he’s doing drugs, he needs his mommy!”

      Really? THAT’S his response to a straight-out question — why are you associating with feds or possible feds?

      This is not a game. The Deep State jailed a guy for over 400 years for a traffic accident .A group of ppl are spending long prison sentences for defending themselves while attacked at a permitted speech rally. Snitching on and doxing people associated with the dissident right could easily result in their lives being ruined.

      TRS appears to be associating with snitches. They refuse to answer why this is the case, nor will they dissociate themselves from these individuals.

      Their only response is to go on the attack with stupid personal jabs after being silent for months. Again, this is not a game. If you’re going to be a dissident, you have to shun self-admitted and proven snitches like Cantwell or this “Jayoh” individual. Or all you’re doing is potentially handing over unsuspecting people who follow your content over to a very hostile, unscrupulous, and ruthless opposition.

      • Here are your answers:

        1.) No one knows why TRS quietly disassociated with Daily Stormer. It is highly likely though that is due to Andrew Anglin celebrating mass shooters and his violent incel rants.

        2.) The beef between Christopher Cantwell and Daily Stormer arose when Weev went on Cantwell’s show and began ranting about murdering children and terrorism. Cantwell’s domain was seized as a result. As for Cantwell, I am not sure what he is doing these days. I assume he is still doing his show and feuding with the remnants of Bowl Gang.

        3.) Jayoh was a right-libertarian An Cap like the whole squad at TRS before the Alt-Right. Presumably, they have known him for years and trust him.

        4.) I’ve been calling out the Daily Stormer for over a year now. Here is something that I wrote about them last month after the El Paso shooting:

        5.) Loser Nationalism is the ideology of the Daily Stormer:

        6.) Andrew Anglin went insane after he started to believe so many conspiracy theories. That’s why he shut down his previous website and fled to the Philippines to live in the jungle.

        7.) I don’t believe that Jayoh is a fed. No evidence was offered to establish that. Instead, I agree with Weev’s mom that he suffers from an untreated case of paranoid schizophrenia.

        8.) I’m often called a “fed” too by these people for sitting here in my house in rural Alabama and making fun of them. In my view, mental illness is the most likely culprit.

        9.) I haven’t been silent about Daily Stormer. I have said openly for a year now that those people should be shunned. More and more people agree now.

        • Cantwell ADMITS to doxing a White nationalist over a personal disagreement in order to get his life ruined.

          ADMITS it.

          And you’re okay with this?

          • 1.) After the Pittsburgh shooting and Torba’s censorship, I left Gab. I returned to OD and have focused on this website. Thus, I haven’t followed Cantwell’s feud with Bowl Gang, although I have heard about it. That’s not the cause of his feud with Weev which stems from Weev endorsing terrorism during an interview on his radio show.

            2.) Here is Weev sharing his thoughts on doxing in The New York Times and on Huff Post Live:


      • Also: why is TRS allowed to continue using payment processors that have cut off practically every other dissident content creator, including, I believe, this site? Why are they still raking in the bucks through the jew-controlled channels when everyone else, Occidental Dissent included, was booted off those long ago?

        That should probably have been the botched third question above.

        • I’m not sure.

          My own experience with deplatforming was gradual. First, PayPal. Second, the PayPal alternatives like Maker Support and GoyFundMe. Most recently, Stripe and Square, but that has only been since Tarrant. I know it is possible to get a merchant account for some banks and I have some friends who have done that, but it is technically more difficult.

  26. Here are some basic bullet points of Andrew (the correct name I botched above) Pollack’s agitprop theater lawsuit against the supposed authorities at Parkland he claims failed to protect the public:

    The notion that the system had such a record on Cruz yet never Baker Act’ed him is completely unbelievable. Instead, we’re supposed to buy that they pushed to mainstream him despite being an obvious and constant menace. The county mental health services claims as a defense that Cruz wouldn’t have been committed even if they had Baker Act’ed him, and that without an involuntary commitment on his record he wouldn’t have been prevented from buying a gun.

    It’s all absurd. He didn’t buy the gun, I’m pretty sure, anyway. They could have easily had him committed and various people could have prosecuted him just as easily.

    This is clearly designed to justify mass internment and for way longer periods than the current Pharma model would support.

    The Sun Sentinel lead the way in libeling James Tracy at FAU who exposed the Sandy Hook Hoax, with all its Op-Ed’s from ‘Lenny Pozner.’ We’re talking a major hub for the Mossad.

    Do not be seduced or fooled by this fifth column-trojan horse appeal to the far right.

  27. I agree with alot of what you say on Anglin. He is most likely a Fed. Weev is a confirmed Jew. That said ALL you guys are either Jews or Feds. It’s just about getting the information and discerning it. Enoch is a Jew. Jf Garieply is enaged to a Jew. Spencer is a Fed. Augutus is a race mixer. Cantwell is a proven Fed informant. Heimbach literally sleeps with his step mom I believe or something sick like that. Even The Duke is suspect. Jett from who is a very smart researcher has suspicions on Duke. I read the DS and Occidental Dissent. But I also like Varg and Gab. We are in deep shit right now and anyone that can wake up any whites to the small hats is useful.

    • This current crop of “leaders” is so bad, they are making me start to miss the good old days of Glenn Miller, Erich Gliebe and Bill White.

      At least they wouldn’t have openly admitted miscegenation and tried to justify it. At least they would have denied their fed connections and not bragged about them.

      At least in those days, there was an idea of what white nationalists were supposed to believe. Now the line is “support Israel, vote GOP, screw Asian hookers, laugh at the 1488ers, but post ironic racism and anti-semitism and nazi shit to own the libs!”

  28. >Also somebody needs to remind people every day how degenerate the western societies have become and to point that the minorities commit crimes against the whites every day and the mainstream media ignores the carnage.

    I never read their “Race War” section since I’m not from USA, but damn you’re right about this one.
    Just the fact that they can write so many articles every day in that category is astounding.

  29. I read DS mostly for entertainment. There are a few things worth taking serious. But not much.

    In the end though, I’m a Southern Nationalist and couldn’t care less about any of these Alt-Right characters, Cuckservatives, or the Democrats and Republicans. I was born and raised in Dixie and taught the old culture by my parents and teachers. I don’t need to be Alt-anything, because I’m conservative in the Southern sense, which is just natural, everyday living.

    It’s these characters that have impinged on my World, not I on theirs.

  30. Well, after reading this article and all these comments, I think we should take a moment and be thankful that we have such knowledgeable, articulate and normal family man such Brad on our side.

  31. I don’t presume to know what all is going on or what it is like to be invested in things like the big players at DS, TRS, OD or anywhere else do. What I can say is that the public airing of all these greivances and suspicions and borderline slanders all around does nothing at all to help whatever nascent movement is going on here. The online, anonymous nature of the dissident right makes it such that nobody appears to be real, and who can anyone trust anyway when anyone else can be a fed or a snitch or whatever? Even reading websites like this one or listening to a podcast is enough to go to jail now, seemingly, so why do we bother at all if we can’t even trust anybody else to be who they say they are in real life? The mainstream political process is closed to those with our kind of beliefs unless we do an opportunistic, disingenuous about face; the system is against us and is beyond reform anyway; everyone online could be a fed or cooperating with the cops, who are overeager and emboldened to get anyone on a thought/hate crime if they can; all the would-be leaders of the nascent movement hate each other. It sure looks like our cause is lost…again.

  32. Hunter Wallace, how do you defend associated with a SELF-CONFESSED federal snitch, Cantwell?

    Don’t answer with some obfuscation or ad hominem against Anglin. I’m not even talking about Anglin here. I’m talking about Cantwell.

    Cantwell is a snitch, admits to it, and has doxed people ostensibly on his own side and bragged about it.

    Do you, or do you not, disavow and disassociate yourself from the snitch Cantwell?

    • 1.) First, Cantwell was right to be upset with Weev who came on his show and started advocating terrorism and advocating murdering children. He was right to distance himself from Weev.

      2.) Second, if I understand this correctly, the accusation is that Cantwell turned over the video evidence he had of Charlottesville (this being the confrontation in the Wal-Mart parking lot on August 11th) to establish his innocence. Weev’s position was that the Alt-Right should have attacked and resisted the cops in Charlottesville. Another example of his insanity.

      3.) Weev not only doxed people. He posted their Social Security numbers and defending doing it to The New York Times.

      4.) I disavow and disassociate myself from Andrew Anglin, Weev and the Daily Stormer. I don’t want anything to do with people who advocate raping and torturing women or who celebrate mass shootings. They are nothing but a liability to the movement. As for Cantwell, I don’t know what happened between him and Bowl Gang, but I am not going to condemn Cantwell for distancing himself from mass shootings (he was right to do so), which I understand to be the ultimate cause of their dispute.

      • None of those are answers to the questions posed.

        They’re misdirection. Which, I guess, is itself a complete, decisive answer.

        Thank you.

        • I answered your questions. Now answer mine:

          1.) Here is Weev endorsing doxing on Huff Post Live:

          2.) Weev went to federal prison for compromising the identities of tens of thousands of people:

          3.) Here is Weev in the New York Times boasting about doxing a woman and having access to hundreds of thousands of Social Security numbers:

          4.) Weev used the Encyclopedia Dramatica website to dox Dennis Fetcho and ruin his life.

          5.) According to Weev’s own mother, he is Jewish on both sides of his family.

          Now, do you disavow and disassociate yourself from Weev?

          • I have not investigated all of these claims.

            Regardless, I am a random person on the Internet. Who I endorse or disavow has no impact on other peoples’ fate.

            You are a website owner who is endorsing an operation which has a police-compromised drug-dealer as its head of security, and invites someone who doxed other people ostensibly on the same side over a personal snit, as well as openly admitting he communicates frequently with the FBI and the Virginia police, among others, onto their show.

            This operation, through its paywall (which remains “miraculously” untouched by the great deplatforming after Charlottesville) also gets the real personal information of thousands of people sympathetic to pro-White causes.

            This personal information, in turn, is available to their “security guy” Jayoh/J.O., who is on an openly available recording stating that he was arrested for drug dealing and only released by the police when he agreed to turn over people’s names to them. He actually stated this, though his boss now claims it was a “joke.”

            Your position behooves you to do your due diligence on these matters and be exceedingly careful about associating with anyone over whom so many red flags appear.

            Despite your attempts at dodging and misdirection, there is no equivalency between me, a poster who has no power over anyone, and you, a public figure supporting a highly suspect group of people — who admit over and over again to being snitches — for unclear reasons.

          • 1.) I read Andrew Anglin’s article.

            The shocking expose is that Jayoh used to be an Objectivist, An Cap and lolbertarian like everyone else at TRS. I know little about Jayoh, but even I have known that about him for years. Am I surprised that he was a moral degenerate? No, not really because that is consistent with what I already knew about his past.

            I found it amusing that Anglin and Weev chose to go with this line of attack. Actually, when Jayoh was a lolbertarian, Weev was still an openly Jewish leftist and was about to be sent to prison for compromising the personal data of tens of thousands of people. Andrew Anglin had become obsessed with conspiracy theories, gone insane and fled to the Philippines where he lived in a jungle propositioning random underage Filipino women. He was also recording videos about how the White race ought to be destroyed.

            2.) The accusation against Cantwell is that he cooperated with the police after he was arrested and went to jail in Charlottesville. The specific charge is that he turned over a bodycam video of the Antifa who confronted him at the Wal-Mart before the Cville torch march. Well, I find that far less disturbing than a guy who openly advocates domestic terrorism. It’s true that Cantwell cooperated with law enforcement, but as far as I know he isn’t advocating raping women and murdering people and terrorism like Weev.

            3.) I’m not concerned about TRS having anyone’s personal information. As far as I can tell, TRS has meetup groups. TRS isn’t advocating terrorism or celebrating mass shootings. I don’t see TRS posting fliers on Brenton Tarrant on churches. It is Weev who has boasted on Huff Post Live about doxing people and in The New York Times about having access to hundreds of thousands of Social Security numbers.

            4.) Once again, I don’t see TRS celebrating mass shootings, endorsing raping women or having frequent outbursts about domestic terrorism like Weev. I don’t see TRS pool parties repeatedly posting material on mosques, synagogues and churches either which could result in hate crime charges. I don’t recall ever reading about how school shooters were reading TRS.

            5.) In my view, Daily Stormer is a highly suspect group of people: Azzmador, who leads the Stormer Book Clubs, has a felony warrant for his arrest in Charlottesville; Weev is a mentally ill Jew who advocates domestic terrorism and Andrew Anglin is a loser and a conspiracy theorist who has fantasies about raping women. There are plenty of people who don’t like TRS who hate Daily Stormer.

  33. Simultaneously supporting establishment Republicans and mass shooters makes absolutely no sense… Unless you’re a Zionist Jew who wants to discredit white nationalism while getting those same white nationalists to vote for the most philo-semetic president in American history.

    I have no doubt that former leftist Anglin and the Jewish dwarf “weev” are enemies of the cause of white wellbeing.

  34. Brads normalcy is what i like. So much of the alt right is just full of strange people. Hardly anybody just wants to build a family. Yes the are problems with women today, but both Brad and I are happily married, so it’s possible to do it. Having a faith seems to be rare too on the alt right. When people are religious it seems to be related to their white advocacy, rather than their personal religious faith. And the constant warfare inside the movement gets really old fast. Anglin has become rather like Bart Simpson, but Much more vulger, and not nearly as funny. My suspicion that things will move forward by someone much more normal than anybody we know today

    • Normality does not win wars and normal people by your definition meaning moderates with families and things to lose won’t be the leaders who are needed. Look at Hunter! I like him too but he is saying flat out that he won’t risk his head to fight Antifa on the street. The Fuhrer actually enjoyed beating commies and had nothing but contempt for women. So as I said I am still pissed at Andrew and I agree that he is crazy but only such a person could stand up against the system. We need more people like him. People like Hunter might be useful after the victory but not before that.

      • AH did not have “contempt for women”. He

        was always polite and respectful. Read the books by two of his personal secretaries:

        Traudl Junge, Until the Final Hour (NY, 2004)
        Christa Schroeder, He Was My Chief (Barnsley, 2012)

        s’truth, Anglin’s misogyny is a problem. But everyone has a few warts: cf.

        VoxDay with his pro-Trump and monkeyball nonsense. But

        he has the public courage to Name the Jew. And anybody

        who can do that (even Jews like Weev and Unz)

        are OK by me.

  35. A lot of new commenters suddenly showed up here, trying to cause rifts. Ignore them. This is a small, scapegoated movement. Squabbles like this divide us at a time when we need to be coming together. Further divisions among us is most likely the goal of all the commenters that sprang up out of nowhere; they’re poisonous mushrooms that emerged from a pile of toxic shit.

    • That’s pretty rich, Rich, considering that this entire article is “intended to cause division” and chaos in order to distract from what can, at best, be construed as an appalling lack of operational security on the part of TRS. A lack they refuse to explain or rectify, instead responding with either silence or braying insults.

      • Virtually everyone disassociated from Daily Stormer over these concerns years ago. The source of Anglin’s beef is that TRS eventually concluded they wanted nothing to do with him either which is a recent development of the last six or seven months. After concluding he had gone insane, TRS tried to distance itself from Anglin in the quietest possible way by ignoring him.

      • You demanded HW answer your questions, then used the “I’m just an anonymous person on the internet” dodge when countered, I noticed. Hypocrisy and arrogance are hallmarks of the mighty anonymous keyboard warrior. Rave on, secret king, rave on.

  36. Welp, fuck it.

    Fuck identity Dixie. Fuck Southern Natuonalists in general and fuck ol’ Matt Hamback and his associates. Every time this shit happens, the usual suspects come out bitching about incels and paganism (both ID and OD are guilty of this.)

    Say all you want about Anglin. He’s correct. He has every fucking right to wonder why TRS is associating so closely with a self described federal informant as well as a bisexual heroin dealer who is also a self described informant. No doubt, had the stormer been exposed as the one doing such things all of you people would’ve torn them apart like hungry wolves scarfing down the meat of a fresh kill.

    I’m glad Greg Johnson was sensible and isn’t neglecting the discussion of these things.

  37. This is just so deppresing. I hardly have any words. The opposition is laughing their collective @$$ off at us. Talk about a black pill.

  38. HW, could you please explain why Anglin has brought you into his feud with TRS by publishing a very old photograph of yours? If I understand it correctly he published this before you published this article which is retaliatory. You are not associated with TRS or am I missing something?

    • 1.) I’m not associated with TRS.

      2.) Over a year ago, I disavowed the Daily Stormer and Weev in particular.

      3.) I published two articles about Weev last month.

      4.) I’ve been sick of those people for over a year now.

    • Anglin “brought him into this” because Wallace has been attacking Anglin, weev, and the Stormer.

      He could have sat on the sidelines like every other site not involved.

      Basically, Anglin asked TRS why they have admitted snitches on their program and staff. Their response was to ignore and evade.

      Eventually, the TRS decided to attack Anglin as insane, drunk, jewish, whatever, instead of issuing a simple statement on the matter, or agreeing to have a discussion.

      Wallace echoed their attacks despite having no reason to participate in the situation, leading to the question of why he is apparently stirring up trouble about a matter which does not concern him or his site.

      • No, I wanted to get involved.

        I didn’t expect TRS to say anything publicly in response because this has been going on for months now. I took the initiative and responded because I am tired of these people and want to be rid of them. I launched the attack entirely on my own.

  39. The problem is that all these edge lords from different fringy subcultures latched onto the alt-right around five years ago. They all brought massive baggage with them. A lot of those people are unstable. Even worse, we had people in defacto leadership positions who were still learning about the basics of the alt-right. The blind leading the blind.

  40. There is so much vituperation going on in these comments, just a few points need to be addressed:

    1) AA’s positions on celibacy, and how to treat uppity women, are both normative…when one looks at historic Christian attitudes on Chastity prior to the 1960’s; and how fathers/husbands treated their women, prior to the Judaized 20th Century. Prostitutes were both permitted, and allowed to exist in biblical cultures, to keep ‘good girls’ virgins until marriage; men ARE the Lords of their households, and should be addressed as such; and women who were disobedient or ‘uppity’ to their men (either wives or daughters), were asking for a slap in the face, with NO legal standing apart from their Male heads.

    HW’s attitudes (misguided as they are, because he luckily has a good wife) are not NORMATIVE, in all instances- primarily because, while he reads history, he is not LIVING a life exhibiting those traditional patriarchal virtues he so much admires- one look at his dress, his wife’s dress, and how his son is part and parcel of the modern era, is the most telling element in this disconnect. As a Christian, he should be in the world, but not OF it. This is the problem with most under 40-men today- you won’t call women who abort, MURDERESSES, and stone them in the streets. You won’t keep your daughters pure by monitoring their behaviour, associates, cell phone/computer use, and teaching/training them in the way they should go. You don’t have your wives avoid wearing slacks, short hair, and other manly aberrations, you don’t do arranged marriages, nor teach them that their primary purpose is to be wives and mothers, and to raise up sane, normal MEN to lead- even as they seek employment as teachers and nurses, the only two valid occupations until they are married, to gain a dowry for themselves, if the family does not have one. Instead of mocking and denigrating to the max, shrewish whores like HIllary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Fauxcahontas, Harris, et al., and screaming at the top of your lungs that they are ILLEGITIMATE WHORES, who have NO FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO EVEN HOLD OFFICE, you act as though they are valid options in a [sic-k] ‘democratic’ society!

    2) I haven’t seen or heard Weev mentioned on DS in well over two years- I thought AA got rid of him, and/or his views. More and more, however, AA seems to be veering toward (believe it or not) an almost traditional Catholic point of view in his growing disgust with the modern immorality, and that can only be considered a greater good, even in the midst of his sarcasm and sardonic humor – conversion works in each man, differently. For example, that one cartoon of a battered woman about getting an Incel Tattoo (which AA said he would NEVER do, btw), is a caricature of ARIEL from Little Mermaid- the first of the Disney ’emancipated’ princesses, foisted on American culture by three JEWS. The picture itself is a slap in the face to hellish pseudo-Americanized JEWISH CULTURE, as much as it is a visual that states yackity females have NO RIGHT to tell a man what to do. So, when Spawn of Hell lauds Denise, I crack up, thinking, what? Is he her cucked spouse or something? Because that is what it appears to be, more times than not.

    3) I still don’t understand the ‘optics’ bit mentioned in the post- even when it was happening- and I have been reading both OD and DS for years- but the main proximate reason for AA’s leaving the US, was a filthy JEWISH WHORE, who, USING the judaized Legal System in Montana, sought to DESTROY AA, simply because he dares to stand up to someone who threatened Richard Spencer’s mom in the little town in Montana where she lived. WHY THE HELL IS A JEW ALLOWED TO LIVE IN MONTANA, anyway? And why should this shiksa slut have the right to engage in a legal action, when NOTHING HAPPENED, anyway? But that’s the reason AA is not living in the USA, and for that, I can’t blame him.

    All of this conjecture, innuendo, and downright meanness against one of the most visible men in the now-defunct Alt-Right/Trad Right/Sick and tired of the Con-servatives Right, makes no sense. I didn’t know that about Cantwell- because his columns are spot on, to this day. I didn’t know that FTN was still making podcasts, since they no longer were found over at DS. We’ve already lost Cambria, Faith and Heritage, Alex Jones, Roper’s site, etc., It would appear that the Yids have accomplished their task, from this latest infighting- that all rightists who know and name the Jew, have to destroy one another, because we cannot maintain an impregnable front and merely annihilate the Christ-killers, as the foundational problem of the modern age. My two cents.

    • Friar John: You should know better than to drink and then post rambling screeds on a commenting system that won’t allow you to delete or edit anything.

    • Your comments are right on. I would also state that the common course of chaos in the dissident-right movement is brought about by (((governmental))) manipulation easily inserted into these platforms. The ease of (((outside))) incursion is related to the near uniform degeneracy in the actors who portray themselves as leaders and opinion makers. Evil sifts them like wheat and they have no defense. What the White Nationalist movement needs is a foundation and leadership based on Christianity. Not paganism, humanism, arrogance, deviance, but authentic, unapologetic, non-hypocritical, uncompromising Christianity. Living in moral decay yet promoting ideals you don’t exhibit is why this eventually fails. Homosexuals, drunks, fornicators, thieves, adulterers, materialists, vulgar, selfish leaders only lead others into the ditch they come from. They are easy to influence and manipulate because they have determined to live by the flesh and pander to (((those))) that offer it.

    • Prostitution is forbidden in the New Testament (it is included under “porneia”, which outright means prostitution but refers to a few other things too, like race mixing in Tobit, Jude, Revelation).

  41. Hunter Wallace, why can you not answer a simple question?
    Instead of addressing the issue of Cantwell being a snitch, Andrew Anglin must be an incel, miscegenating, anime-loving, closeted homosexual woman hater…
    Yeah, nice logic there.
    Even if that were all true, it still doesn’t justify or excuse TRS’s involvement with feds. Answer that question first, then we can talk about Anglin all you want.

    • You forgot mentally ill conspiracy theorist. There is no proof that Jayoh was ever charged by the feds with anything. There is just a podcast and a lot of suggestion which is calculated to stir up paranoia

  42. All the above. Driven to this level of obfuscation and insanity just for not hating ourselves for being white, and daring to object to our own destruction.
    We are being systematically eradicated. We’ve got to stick together or we’re FINISHED.

  43. Amazing, too, how the comments above are mostly about distrust of other White men and hatred of White men…
    Barely a mention of our real Enemies or the feral Negroes who are openly preying on White people EVERY DAY WITH IMPUNITY. WAKE THE F* UP!!

  44. after all, as I have written in the previous thread about daily stormer, he has reached his goal: estranging all the nationalists from europe to america to australia ( russians never participated, and it is a great failure in my opinion ), and in such a way he, with his ((( weev ))) friend, has made a desert about every form of unity among us all.

    he can now rot in hell.

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