Ramzpaul: Don’t Join Movements

I agree with all of this.

I stopped using the Alt-Right label in 2018. This isn’t because I had changed my core beliefs. It is because the label had become toxic and associated with bad actors who had crawled out of the gutter of internet nihilism. It has become an albatross for us.

We shouldn’t adopt another label or brand ourselves as a movement again. It will just be subverted again in the same way because there is no way to weed out these bad actors. I now identify as a nationalist and a populist blogger. I’m a Southerner, an Alabamian, a Lutheran. I’m a husband and a father. Politically speaking, I see myself as a dissident and a pundit who rejects liberalism.

Among other things, I don’t have anything to do with mass shootings or school shootings. I don’t identify with the incel or MGTOW movement. I’m not a Loser Nationalist or a cartoon Nazi. I’m tired of being associated with dysfunctional people. The “mainstream” is a mess that has failed millions of young White men who lack countless things that previous generations took for granted like a strong and healthy sense of identity, roots in a particular place, a stable and loving family, a loving wife, a supportive community and a strong moral and religious foundation. Those are things which have mostly been erased over the past two generations in the United States and other Western countries.

We have not created these people and their problems. It is the liberal “mainstream” that has failed them. The purpose of the Alt-Right as a social movement was to try to restore that lost sense of identity to White Americans who have been deracinated by mainstream conservatism which is philosophically based on classical liberalism. Unfortunately, that project has failed because in truth it is too large of a task to be carried out online and was too narrowly focused on White identity. These people haven’t just lost their sense of White identity. They have been stripped of everything.

By everything, I mean critical things like real world relationships and a strong moral and religious foundation and when people lack those things – the attachments that make life rich and meaningful- it can drive them literally insane. Combine that with the pressures of the decomposing carcass of American culture and a certain percentage of them will either commit suicide or lash out or the solution that they hit upon to their identity crisis will be a negative one. As liberal democracy inexorably goes down from the weight of its own gravity, it will use these people as an excuse to crush dissidents who recognize and point out the flaws in the system.

RIP the movement. Long live the cause!

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  1. It also failed because it was tied too closely with Trump. Once Trump had sold out the the donor and political establishment it was over.

    It tried to hold on for a couple of years making 4D chess excuses but now they are just lost. They put all their hopes in the Orange cheeto and now are back to square one. Now you have Trump out there endorsing Ben Sasse and Dick Cheney fundraising for his campaign.

    I identify 100% as a populist these days. I don’t see any redeeming value in the political elites or ruling class no matter what race they are.

    • This is not 4D chess, this is common chess, Russians and Eastern Europeans used to play in public parks.

      Operating cucked electorate is not easy. In the Europe is the same. Politician may be radical but when politician shows even a little pro white opinion, sheeple runs away.

      Donald want to win, not get pathetic 10% pro white people usually get. Why David Duke does not run for president when running anti Jew pro white platform is so easy ????

      • The ((media)) attacks Duke so viciously it makes it impossible.
        Even if he can swim against it, ((they)) pull all sorts of electoral tricks.

        • Media attacking every last pro white person and pull all sorts of electoral tricks.

          Who could be the strict anti Jew pro white person, who could close the border without media attack and electoral tricks ?

    • “Populist” is really vague, Tucker Carlson has been described as populist and we all know he isn’t going to go there on certain issues, National Populism is a potential kosher fallback after National Conservatism.

      Also the problem with populism is that the disaffected masses are very vulnerable to propaganda tailored for them, see 4d chess / plan trusting / q-anon.

      They are desperate for something to believe in.

      I can’t help but see an extreme aversion to labels as a sign of moral weakness and reluctance to stand for something.

      Especially when it is combined with label flipping and/or rapidly changing positions.

      Nothing that has happened recently should cause people to change their core philosophy, if it was mature to begin with.

  2. Ramzpaul has always been, if a little odd, one of the better ducks. In our interview with Z man, when he started asking us about “Southern Nationalism” I sort of outed myself as someone who really balks at even that description.

    Maybe its becausue I’m a squeamish book-worm, or whatever, or maybe a special snowflake– but I have always found that explicitly identifying yourself with a “movement” just puts a straight jacket on where it isn’t really necessary.

    “Movement” politics are endless recapitulations of the late 19th and 20th century in Europe. As soon as you identify as an “Anarchist”, the “Marxists” become your sworn enemy– as soon as you identify as a “Fascist” the “Monarchists” become your sworn enemy. Now you have to spend just as much time flailing at them as you do anyone else.

    I can’t really call myself a “White Nationalist” (because I’m just not one), can’t really call myself a “Southern Nationalist” (because I don’t think secession is really feasible in the next few decades), and I certainly can’t call myself a “Fascist” (cuz lol).

    I’m a Southerner because I’m from the South, and that’s all I have ever wanted to be. All of the other affiliations in all directions are just a means to preserve that reality.

    • I mostly use “Alt-South” which I created, but I am wary of that label because who knows what it could be tramsformed into. I sometimes use “Southern Nationalist,” but I believe Southern identity is so weak and degraded that our task is largely one of rebuilding and preserving rather than rousing.

      • At this point it is best just to let all labels, and movements go, just live life, enjoy yourself, have a family, and die. That is what I’m gonna do and just let the world burn.

  3. You’re super on point, like Ramz at addressing the problems over and over again, these disaffected young White males don’t want to hear it, they want solutions to the problems you got any of those?

    • No one is offering any solutions, just a lot of speeches, irony bro snark and get behind the paywall podcasts, along with the usual accusations of being a jew, a Fed, a race – mixer or a closeted fag. We want revolutionary change, but without having to experience any kind of risks or privations.

        • HW, you’re a decent,family man, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Revolutions are always based in a strong individual (think AH in Weimar Germany). There are no “peoples” revolutions. All this hand-wringing about movements and labels is just youtube/internet content providers looking to stay viable (monetarily). It has nothing to do with affecting real change in a Nation/society gone bad. That takes strong individuals, and the movements (and organizations) they create.

          • I disagree.

            Adolf Hitler didn’t singlehandedly create a revolution in Germany. The Weimar Republic and the Treaty of Versailles that were imposed on Germany were always regarded as illegitimate. The reparations and war guilt that was imposed on Germany were also considered illegitimate. Hitler and the NDSAP benefited from hyperinflation and a global economic collapse which further discredited the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Republic lost its legitimacy as politics polarized to the extremes. A faction of the existing elite broke off and supported the Nazis in order to stop the communists. They came to power and created the Third Reich.

          • I didn’t say single handed. But to suggest that the NS movement (organization) would have happened without AH is just not rational thinking. The environment that facilitated the movement isn’t the same as the individual whose impetus made it happen. I appreciate that good folks like yourself and ramzpaul want to avoid “toxic” movements and labels, you need to make a living. Just don’t confuse that motivation with what individual leaders have historically done to facilitate needed change in a Nation. And we do need that individual leadership now more than simple “content”.

        • “Until they become conscious they will never rebel, after they’ve rebelled they will become conscious.”–George Orwell

    • If the diagnosis is correct, it follows there is little we can do. There are some things we can do as individuals, but this is a civilization wide crisis. There is no solution to it. There is nothing anyone can do as an individual that can solve the problem or reverse it. The only thing we can do is endure until the crisis resolves itself.

      • What matters is the various responses to systemic failure heading at the West at 1,000 MPH. The first thing to go will be financial markets then the economy then the currency. At that point it’s off to the races as existing society can no longer be maintained and the current narratives of diversity, inclusion, globo-homo degeneracy etc. rapidly lose their legitimacy. All those are top down, inauthentic, government forced narratives that will crumble when stressed.

        It will be obvious even to the most obtuse conservatives that the old paradigms of democracy, liberalism, “muh Constitution” etc. have failed. Mentally and physically prepared individuals who can explain the failures of the past and offer positive alternatives for the future will be the ones to shape things. We need to be those people with answers and solutions instead of people like Pocahontas, Bernie or other dinosaurs. This site and very few like it are now like a voice crying in the wilderness until the crisis strikes.

        The conservatives, Republicans, Constitutionalists, Libertarians etc. will simply vanish.

      • How many causes in history have succeeded with this attitude?

        If I think about successful nationalist movements in history (ones that broke away from Empires for example) there will often be a series of failed attempts before a final success.

        Would it have been better for those nationalists who failed to have done nothing and simply waited things out?

        Or would their cause have withered away, when there was no one trying to turn it into reality?

        It seems clear to me that there are (legal and non-violent) things that pro-whites could be doing to make a good outcome for Whites more likely.

        But most White Nationalists simply don’t want it enough to face hardship on behalf of their cause.

      • Spot on! I’ve been saying this for a long long time. The only thing we, as individuals, can do about any of this is to buck the system and live traditional lives – marry a good woman young, have lots of kids, educate and train them well, and, above all, recognize liberalism for the evil that it is and resist it at every turn, especially the “conservative” turns, which are always the most sinister and malevolent. That’s it; that’s all. Broad movements to the effect can never succeed in our day and age, simply because they are naturally schismatic like the church. …

    • There isn’t a “solution” to most things in history. Most of the time history just runs its course and these issues either resolve themselves or they don’t. Look at slavery. There wasn’t a solution to that for centuries. As time passed through, history ran its course

  4. That’s right. Listen to the Jew subverter who got booted out of Hungary in minutes, when he tried to scam Nationalists there. Don’t be a part of anything. Don’t organize. Don’t develop ways to sniff out infiltrators.

    Just go away quietly, into the night…..

      • I didn’t even know ramz paul was Jewish full heeb or just partial heeb heritage? Not really a fan he has the appearance of a crazy cat lover, he always seems to have lukewarm takes most of the time too

        I didn’t know about his Hungary nationalist scam denise, His blue checkmark on twitter during the current right wing purge is also highly suspect but whatever maybe i’m just skeptical

  5. The problem with the alt-right is that it was always just liberalism + racism. And not the good kind of racism that creates ethnic solidarity and social cohesion, no, just the juvenile racial-slur kind of racism that is used mainly for shock value.

  6. Apparently we can’t do anything about nonstop third world immigration into our countries, nor can we do anything about the queers, the jews, the coloreds or the communists. If we attempt to organize some kind of resistance other whites will condemn us or sabotage our efforts.

    Fine. Let’s paralyze ourselves into doing nothing except trading threats and insults online. Maybe living under Oriental rule for three or four hundred years will sober us up.

  7. The Red Army Faction, also known as the Baader-Meinhof Group or Baader-Meinhof Gang, was a West German far-left militant organization founded in 1970. Now that was a movement. The more research I do on this movement the more it doesn’t appear to be far left, maybe at the time it did, but today I’d call it hard right, that’s how much things changed
    Let’s face facts, we don’t even trust our own White brothers to even come close to this movement and they were close. Of course like always they were sold out.

    • There was a lot of far – left and far – right political “extremism” West Germany during that time. The Final Solution was to import an infinite number of shitskin savages to rape, murder and terrorize the Germans into submission.

      • I know Spahn but this faction was on the side of the Palestinians and what the jews were doing to them. I understand they were Nationalists not wanting to import millions of mongrels into their homeland. Afterall they were behind the iron curtain at the time and under communist occupation. All the countries that remain today after the fall of communism are Nationalistic today, more than any democratic country.

    • Baader-Meinhof has been mentioned in this thread, and it is apropos. That “leftist terrorist group” was revealed to be run by German feds, when Operation Gladio was exposed in 1976. German ZOG needed some leftist terror to sway the elections away from the party of Ostpolitik. It worked. Same with the Red Brigades in Italy. Italian feds from the get-go. And same with the “alt-right”, a fed op as well. The only group I belong to is the Church.

      • Good points! This is just one small example how they change history for their narratives and goals. I understand one of the leaders did small time in prison and when he came out he declared himself a neo-NAZI probably trying infiltrate that small organization at that time.

  8. Yes, too much of the right resistance bases it’s politics on a negative Outlook. To attract people, they don’t want to hear what you hate, give them a positive view of the future, you should offer them something better. One reason Christianity took over the Roman world was because it offered something better to believe in. Woe is me,never built anything.

  9. It’s important to say what you believe. Be honest about it. I get that labels are used to marginalize people, but even innocuous terms like “populist” and “nationalist” are seen as racist dog whistles across the political spectrum. Trying to avoid conflict means you won’t fight, which then means you’ve already lost.

    We don’t have the power to save anyone else, but we can band together with the like-minded. Just because most other people don’t want to save Western civilization doesn’t mean we can’t hold onto at least a part of it for ourselves and for posterity. I’m probably very different from most of the readers and commenters at OD in many ways, but I think we have in common a desire to not go along with the degeneracy and dysfunction of our times. I don’t know how to label that, and it’s not important. All that matters is to not give up.

  10. This article was pretty much a downer for me but caused me to recall a book I read. James Wesley Rawles (SurvivalBlog.com) wrote a book entitled Land of Promise. This piece of speculative fiction tells the story of founding a nation of refuge in response to the establishment of a global Islamic Caliphate in the near future. Some Christians manage to carve out of a disputed border region between Kenya and South Sudan a republic for themselves. They are given the consent of these two African countries.

    I had two ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and many in the War Between the States. I love the Southland and this country. I am now in my 70’s and do not foresee good days ahead in this country as a minority. Maybe Greenland is worth considering as a new homeland for my descendants and others of European ancestry.

  11. Brad you don’t have to post this but tell incested blue blood Ryan STOP DELETING comments on his fable please. I’m not saying anything harmful, just giving everybody facts.

  12. I’ll post my comment for today here since that ridiculous shithead deleted it on the 9-11 thread.


    Jackpot Day for Netanyahu, Larry Silverstein, and the dancing Israelis on the Jersey rooftop.

  13. Disappointing that simple, non controversial comments aren’t simply/quickly posted on OD. In particular if they challenge the host’s thoughts. Maybe just human ego but I hate to think it’s more nefarious. Have been a a long time visitor to the site. Can’t trust anything anymore.

  14. Spur, James Wesley Rawles is a race-mixer, and an Israel Zionazi. His wife (when she was dying of cancer) sent out an ad for her replacement, stipulating ‘race doesn’t matter.’ His novels are filled with non-viable Negros, Asians, and Mestizos, who act like White Midwesterners. In short, total FICTION. And Rawles is definitely an Israel Firster nut job.

  15. The alt-right is an “operation whack a mole” meant to identify the white resistance to multi-culturalism
    the leadership are all shills
    andre “i think the white race should be bred out” anglin
    jew weev, likely a fed informant seeing as after his sentence was mysteriously reduced he became a “neo-nazi” overnight
    azzmador who has a rap sheet that would make a nigger blush, and has admitted to talking to feds
    not to mention all the alt-right did was create the “white boogeyman” the anti whites need to demonize white interests
    spencer is a duganist operative
    and heimbach was a loser, used-car salesman scumbag

    4G Nationalism needs to have:
    NO PUBLIC ORGANIZATION (only private)

    just appear as you are, a White man who has interests. dress appropriate for wherever you go: city council meetings, guns rights meetings etc.

    arrive separately, but take the mic in rapid succession, with the same talking points.

    BECOME the “white everyman” if enough people do this, the towns will fall in line and be afraid to go against your consensus. it will also cause them to only be able to attack “white people” as there is no group they can smear. this pushes all whites to our way of thinking, the more they are attacked.

    its also BETTER that the enemy know this is the strategy, because they will become paranoid, and this inflates our influence and numbers.

    i said this over a year ago and no one listened.

    • Plenty of us here have made similar comments, JC. I don’t trust “leaders.” I’m willing to network with and support others sharing my cause, but I’m not following anyone. Not having an official affiliation allows one to come and go as one chooses, which plays merry hell with those wanting to infiltrate and manipulate a movement. Without leaders, who is the FBI (or Antifa, or any other shock troops used by TPTB) going to arrest or harass? It’ll be like trying to grab and hold onto smoke.

  16. ” Jackpot Day for Netanyahu, Larry Silverstein, and the dancing Israelis on the Jersey rooftop.”

    Their jackpot, our misfortune. Sure is strange, how that sequence always follows.

  17. A few points are in order:
    1. It took the Spanish over 700 years to expel the Moors! Should we be any less dedicated with our entire race is at the brink of extinction?
    2. We are revolutionaries living in pre-revolutionary times.
    3. Party officials once tried to replace Adolf Hitler with Otto Dickel who was also a veteran and college professor who was said to have Hitler’s speaking and organizational ability.
    4. The greatest threat in the decades to come will be sub-Saharan Africa because its population is booming and is expected to become the third most populated region on Earth behind China and India with Nigeria exceeding the U.S in terms of sheer numbers. Where do you think all that excess population is going?

  18. A few of us knew it as soon as we saw Trumpberg surrounded by his Jews. What you have to remember is WN has infiltrators controlling their media as well. My rule of thumb is trust no website that doesn’t keep it pure. If they are supporting garbage candidates for “strategic reasons”, they are clueless idiots or running a scam.

    As Kyle Hunt of Renegade Tribune once said, “Trust no one and remember, its the Jews.”

  19. The bottom line is the white Movement has always been infiltrated by either paid informants or anti social/ mentally ill dysfunctional whites. It is a completely spent force, and a waste of time to mess with. I’m gonna just live life, have fun, spend time with family and friends then die when it’s my time.

  20. I remember Ramzpaul trying to warn people about AA a very long time ago. He always suspected that something wasn’t right with him. I’ve held many of our type of beliefs for a few decades now, even through my Lolbertarian days.

    Full Disclosure: Ramzpaul was the first person I ever subscribed to on YT, back in 08 or so. In fact, I created an account just so I could subscribe to him. Before that, I just searched for what I wanted to watch.
    There was a period, after this whole “thing” started taking off, that I sort of drifted from ol Ramz, but here we are now, and it looks more and more like he was right.

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