Lady MAGA Event Shutdown In Utah

This is new:

Before Blompf, we didn’t have this.

George W. Bush even pretended to support the Federal Marriage Amendment in the 2004 election. Mainstream conservatism has continued to lose the culture war and assimilate new social revolutions. Transgender Republicans are the future of conservatism.

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    • You were born 150 years too late, Mr. Owen. This is not a good time for serious, hardworking white men. This is the age of freaks, fairies and fools.

  1. I am sick to the marrow of these mentally ill freaks. Guidelines prevent me from writing about what should be done with them – but let’s ship them all to Israel or Saudi Arabia.

    • I’m beginning to wonder if we’re already actually in hell. That would be part of it I think…being there but not knowing it.

      • The same thought has occurred to me on more than one occasion. However, I am reminded of the small things that give me pleasure. A sudden, cool gust of wind on a hot day. The rush of a creek running over a bed of rocks. The solace of a solitary stroll down a dirt trail. The somber remembrance of loved ones that have gone before. The innocence of youth as they discover the wonders of the world while they still have an opportunity to experience and enjoy what little is left of wholesomeness and morality. The joy I derive from learning something new. The desire to acquire a new skill or to achieve something greater. All of these things remind me that I am alive, that there is a God looking down from above, and that I do still have some things to be thankful for.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly no lighthearted optimist. In fact, one of my favorite sayings is, “The main difference between an optimist and a pessimist is: the pessimist is usually better informed.” So, I am not trying to shine a light into a black hole. I am all too well aware of the dire straits we are in. But, I also know that we are not in Hell and that we must try to live our lives as good people and to appreciate the small blessings that we often overlook and take for granted. But, I am also convinced that being more in tune with our forefathers means we must defend our society from the evils that seek to destroy it. That definitely includes the freak show that the G.O.P. seems Hell-bent on appealing to. There is absolutely nothing redeeming or conservative about the Log Cabin Republicans. But, I’m a Dixiecrat at heart anyway. I’ve only voted Republican because there isn’t a viable alternative and, at least, it causes the Lefties to screech like nails grating a chalk board. I’m surprised that the shrillness of it all hasn’t caused them to tear eachother’s hair out. I’ve frequently speculated about the breaking point of their symbiotic coalition of foreigners, domestic terrorists, anarchists, homosexuals, minorities, communists, and certifiable nutcases. The only thing holding them together is their hatred of the White Man and their collective efforts to undermine him.

        Anyway, don’t let yourself get so discouraged as to despair yourself into purgatory. Instead, try to use these negative feelings as an inspiration to take stock of your situation and look for the positives therein. Give voice to your concerns as you are able; to both, educate others, and to vent the frustration that builds up drawing dark clouds around your thinking and robbing you of hope. Embark on a program of self improvement; a hobby, a sport, or a creative pursuit. And, try to take a deep breath and bask in the warm sun on a clear day, or gaze up at the sky through the leafy veil of a towering forest, or look down upon creation from a high precipice, and remember that, in spite of everything, it is still good to be alive and that we are tasked with a very important, though, often, seemingly thankless, mission to save our people.

    • Ok, now THAT was funny- in a sick, perverse sort of way… but funny, nevertheless. Stoning of sodomites- an idea whose time has come, again.

      Romans 1.

  2. Remember idiotic white people, the democrats are the real racists and intolerant folks…this creature should be deported to Rothschildstan

  3. Blue blood Trump laps this gay/tranny shit up. He praised a bunch of negros today ‘A mind is a terrible thing to waste’ for free black welfare academic scholars and future brain and rocket scientists.
    Some are saying Melania is connected to Epstein’s east European sex ring according to an old Vanity Fair article claiming Epstein bragged fixing them up.
    Don’t worry White man they won’t forget you while you’re still on earth. Take your death with pride fighting amongst yourselves.

  4. Indeed, the Trump administration has helped promote sexually deviant lifestyles that ol’ Dubya at least pretended to somewhat disapprove of. I was briefly talking (non-political stuff) to an local evangelical preacher today that I am lightly acquainted with, but whose church I *DO NOT* attend, who to this day proudly displays an 8×10 inch framed photo of Donald Trump on his wall. How do the evangelicals not grasp that Trump is pro-homo and soft on abortion? How?

    • He has been good on the issue that most evangelicals consider the most important. That’s all that really matters in the end.

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