PewDiePie Rescinds ADL Donation

Everyone is talking about PewDiePie.

I initially assumed this was just a troll. There was a big backlash against it on social media. He came out and announced this afternoon with a new video that he was rescinding the $50,000 donation.

I’m not sure what to think.

Was this ever a real thing? I tend to believe it was always a troll. I can see why PewDiePie doesn’t want his brand and YouTube channel to be associated with mass shootings though after the Christchurch and Poway synagogue shootings. The jacket he is wearing though is typical Felix.

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  1. Why are people so quick to ascribe some kind of clever motive to this guy’s foolishness? Besides, isn’t his appeal limited to “tweens”?

  2. From John Earnest manifesto, he was the Poway synagogue shooter—-

    “….I think it is important for you to know that I did not do this alone. I had the help of a man named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He was kind enough to plan and fund this whole operation—the sly bastard. Apparently, Pewdiepie hates Jews as much as Pajeets. Who would’ve known? Make sure to call me a ‘white supremacist’ and ‘anti-semite’ or whatever bullshit you spew to spook the normalfags. It doesn’t even matter. ….”

    • Did John Earnest really write that in his manifesto? I’ve only read bits Thats some larpy shit right there Why are all these shooters like Tarrant, Earnest want to get pew die pie purposely in trouble?

  3. He got me good, i waited a day to make sure he wasn’t trolling then last night i told my son pewdiepie is canceled for baking bread with the enemy, then i get a “looks like you’re canceled dad” message with his new vid this morning.

  4. no, it was for real. PDP is about as dangerous to the Jews

    as Ann Coulter. To whom the NY publishing industry Jews

    give a $3 million advance for each book she writes. The mere fact

    that PDP is still on Jewtube shows what a tool he is.

  5. Its pretty funny that he took back the 50,000 thousand donation tho taking back money from Zionist terrorist jews haha they will never forgive him now taking back money is literally another shoah. He might be mossaded in the near future for this

  6. Can you really presume that a man living in Sweden, who makes as much money from doing silly YT game reviews, actually read or knew about a 19 y.o. boy from Poway, CA.?

    I just can’t fathom that.

  7. So many con arti$t$, so many fools. Tune in tomorrow for the next manufactured controversy.

    Rabbits. All of us.

  8. Anything that gets potentially millions of young people asking questions about the ADL is good for us. A lot of the most popular video comments were redpilled.

    • You nailed it @Oldtradesman.. To othets, this Pew person has been out there in this milieu all this time and just *had no idea* what the ADL is really up to ?? Total bullsh#t.

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