White Nationalist Arrested In New Jersey On Bullshit Charges

Red flag laws?

There is nothing to worry about.

There isn’t any kind of politically motivated round up going on since the El Paso shooting … oh wait, there is. Just a few days ago, two drunk guys were arrested out in Las Vegas for threatening a mass shooting with a pellet gun. They were allegedly shouting about “white supremacy.”

New York Times:

“New Jersey’s bias intimidation law allowed prosecutors to charge Mr. Zaremski with targeting a particular group.

Mr. Zaremski’s lawyer, Evan F. Nappen, said that his firm would “vigorously defend” Mr. Zaremski. Mr. Nappen said his client will plead not guilty to all charges.

In the indictment, prosecutors accused Mr. Zaremski of terrorizing his ex-girlfriend by holding a gun to the back of her head and calling her stupid, saying “women don’t know anything” and that “a woman’s place is to do what the man says.” On another occasion, prosecutors said, he assaulted her by obstructing her breathing.

But the police’s initial investigation was sparked by a separate incident while the two were dating, Mr. Mueller said. At some point during the relationship, Mr. Zaremski made the woman, whom officials have not identified, pose for a photograph while wearing a hat with a Nazi emblem, he said.

After an acrimonious breakup, Mr. Zaremski created a fake Instagram account under the woman’s name and posted pictures of her wearing Nazi apparel, Mr. Mueller said. He then sent one of the images to her employer.

The woman’s bosses, who were not identified, were Jewish, which led prosecutors to bring the bias intimidation charges.

“That act of sending a photograph to an employer that was known to be of a Jewish heritage and descent — our allegation is that was designed to be a threat,” Mr. Mueller said. …”

This isn’t first time this has happened in New Jersey.

I know another individual who went through a similar ordeal several years ago. In his case, he was guilty of owning “assault weapons” in that state while having the wrong politics. If I recall correctly, he got into a dispute with his neighbors. It was a very traumatic experience for him.

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  1. I read a book called the Godfather last year. In the book the author said that under the repeated occupation and rule of Sicily over the centuries that the common man in Sicily developed the Omerta. The silence when dealing with authorities and in the pursuit of their lives. They learned not to visibly show anger or make threats or cooperate with the Law but to keep their thoughts to themselves.

    Well. Perhaps white nationalists in the United States better wise up and learn Omerta. You are under occupation.

    Sicily was conquered by Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs, Byzantines, Normans, Angevins, Spanish, Italians, Communists under Garibaldi etc. Perhaps others as well.

    • There are two excellent movies based on Puzo’s writing, made in the Seventies: The Godfather, Parts I and II. Maybe you should check them out.

      • Rich L.

        Thank you. I will. My grandmother saw the movie around 50 years ago. I will see if I can find them.

      • These movies are fairy tales. I live in NJ, right around the Sopranos and their ilk. If David Chase even approximated the truth about these utterly disgusting mouth-breathers, no one would have watched. The crudest scenes are the only ones that capture any truth about them.

        Ditto for the Godfather. Puzo was very likely of at least partial jewish descent, BTW.

        • I lived in NJ for a number of years, and your assessment is 100% en pointe. FYI – a lot of the “Italian Mafia” are and have been totally kosher. Jews love to romanticize vermin, in their movies, don’t they?

        • Some scenes were based on fact. The story of the singer wanting out of a contract was the thinly-disguised saga of Frank Sinatra trying to leave Tommy Dorsey, for example. Sinatra did have mafia connections.

        • Anglo, Just catching up with you from a few threads back. I have long abhorred the Sicilian, Guinea. Even the Northern Italians seek to draw a distinction between themselves and their coarser, less dignified “countrymen.” Being someone, who, from an early age, developed a straight forward approach to problems, I have always deplored the cheap shot, ambush tactics employed by goon squads of any variety. I do not believe in tit for tat. If something needs to be said, you should say it. If someone needs to be addressed, you address them, personally. Not their home, their car, or their families; only the offending individual should bear the consequences for their words or actions.

          If you look closely at these dramatic depictions, what initially appears to be a close, tight knit family bond always disintegrates by the time the show is over. Michael Corleone murders his own brother and brother-in-law. Plus, ol’ Fish gets taken on what is obviously a last ride for betraying “the family.” Tony Soprano offs the bulk of his crew. These people represent nothing more than a den of thieves, and there is no honor among them. Why anyone would idolize or seek to emulate them is beyond my comprehension, unless they, themselves, aspire to be as vile and unscrupulous as those that they admire on T.V. and in the movies.

        • We understand that the most common way the jews blend in and hide under the radar in America and other English speaking countries is to take on unremarkable and common names of their hosts, think of all the Goldsteins and Bergmans you know of, which are historically and linguistically German names. However, such individuals in our times are invariably jewish. Well, if one thinks about it, there are jews in other non-English speaking countries, aren’t there? What do you think jews do to blend in in those locales? What common Italian, Spanish, or French names do jews appropriate to hide themselves as jews so often do?

          All we think we know about the so called Italian Mafia is what (((Hollywood))) has shown us. Think of the literally thousands of gangster movies that jew Hollywood has produced which have emblazened in our psyche the specter of Italian criminals when the truth is the Sicilian Mafia is in fact Converso Crypto jews. Bonnano and Colombo crime families are jewish because Bonnano and Colombo in Sicily are jewish names. In order to be a “made man” in the Mafia, one must be Sicilian. As we well know, jews are not White Europeans. Jews are not Italian. Jews, are jews!

          • Yes, this is definitely something that we fail to fully take into account. Yet, the examples are numerous. One that automatically comes to mind is: Jean Lafitte, who, until about a decade ago, I assumed was French. To quote, Adam Sandler, “Guess What? He’s Not!”

            The book, although not the film, “Gangs of New York” was very revealing about the role of Jews in street crime during the days before prohibition. Both include the rogue Irish Catholic element; albeit the film is a sympathetic portrayal of them, while the book is a more realistic one. Catholicism, too often, equates to: Irish Mob – Italian Mob – Mexican Cartel, etc… So, this cannot be wholly orchestrated by the Jews alone. How much influence did the Jews have in the Irish boroughs of New York prior to the Civil War? I wouldn’t think there was a great deal, but I could be mistaken. From what I could gather, most of the Jewish influence in organized crime began, simultaneously, and likely not cohencidentally, with their arrival alongside the Italians in the latter part of the 1800’s. Although, I guess that the Jewish presence in the city actually goes back to New Amsterdam. Hunter has probably read a great deal more about this than I have.

            Still, back to your point: All you have to do is look how often the Jews still change their names to something less Semitic sounding: Hence, Murray Rothstein becomes Sumner Redstone just as Moses Horowitz became Moe Howard. “But, Guess Who is? All Three Stooges!”

            But, even this practice appears to be on the wane, as the Jewish people seem to be secure enough in their power to cease to hide their identities or even cloak much of their true sentiments and intentions.

        • Yeah, Puzo’s novels and the films based on them were romantic fantasies. I too have met ‘wiseguys’ and there’s nothing appealing about them. The least appealing thing about Sicilian organized crime in America, is that they were essentially working for jews. That said, I had a good time on the “Broken Arrow” Livestream deconstructing Scorzese’s “Goodfellas”, an entertaining film.

    • Amazing how Mexican transvestite troll “Christina” lives such a trad life but has nothing better to do than be the first to jump on a White Supreeemacist Southern Identitarian website comment thread and subvert the entite conversation. ..While you all slavishly dish out the praise.

      • My grandad, who is Venetian, used to spit on the ground if he heard something about the so called Sicilians
        He absolutely totally despises and hates them, though living far away from the plague, and he’s quite moderate politically speaking.
        He hates also communists, homosexuals, lawyers, politicians, Germans, Spanish, Jews, Negroes, Moslems, lazy people, people living in big cities, with long hair, colorful clothes, tattoos, earrings, everybody in short.

        • Nemo,

          That was good. Older people tend to be cranky. Perhaps their bodies hurt or they have seen so much foolishness in their time that they have become impatient with stupidity.

        • No, Nemo. Christiana is a child. She has insights; (often good ones) but people who are disrupters of society (most of the characteristics your G’pa supposedly hates) were all covered in that list.

          Cultural annihilation (like racial annihilation) is a war between the ‘normies’ (a comment I’ve come to find insulting, because it’s usually uttered by some young twink who knows NOTHING) and the ‘abnormies’ (i.e., the modern era). This is not some ‘standard Psyop’ that happens every twenty years or so- this is a MANUFACTURED schism between the young and their elders, as was noted in Diana West’s book, ‘The Death of the Grown-Up,” a VERY insightful book.

          Elders should be given not less credence, but MORE, especially in a Judaized age- because the seed of the Serpent (which is both Biblical, corroborated by Christ, and a foundational tenet of C.I.- for good reason) are (as HW noted in his expose of Weev) CULTURE DESTROYERS, while Satan is a SOUL DESTROYER. The Jews are the ‘shabbas goyim’ of the Primal Jew/Accuser- Satan.

  2. It’s this kind of insanity that reinforces the idea of an independent South in my mind. I’m tired of all of these characters and their foreign notions.

    There are vast tracts of Dixie and the Interior West that are free of goings-on like this.

    • I think Mario Puzo based his novels on newspaper reporting, and magazine articles by Gay Talese and Jimmy Breslin. Both excellent authors.

      The Italian mobs had a foothold along the Mason Dixon Line, and in West Virginia, but, as the economy contracted after WWII, the mob left for greener pastures. There was also that old Confederate Veterans organization that kept them somewhat in check too.

      More than one Catholic priest got word to close the his church and take his nuns with him. LOL. That calmed the Italian mobs down too. Catholics tend get very frightened when they think they might die without a priest.

      You do have somewhat honest, and not very smart dagos like Joe Manchin, left in WV today.

      • @Krafty Wurker No one in my family has been or is involved in Communism. My great grandparents came to the US from what is Modern day Croatia back in the 1890’s. My great Uncle served with the Ustasha in WW2. If you know anything about Croatia the Ustasha were Definitely not communists.

  3. The Italians are the single biggest jew-proxy there is or has ever been. The jews use the irish as fronts more often, since they are in a position to ‘fool’ whites and protestants and germanics, specifically (don’t know as much about the slavs but while they are also white for the most part, they’re roman catholics and the newer arrivals in the urban counties of NJ tend to ally at least in a utilitarian way against the anglos). Italians are mediterraneans and so they would not be able to fool whites so easily, and camouflage the mediterranean jewish hand. But they are way more powerful in these overtly jewish-controlled regions like the northeast than the less united irish catholics are, ultimately. And many irish came into this country and dispersed (unlike the italians who are only doing so now once the jews have made their invasions easy and profitable), both much earlier and more innocently. They helped to build this country, and often sacrificed the most in battle and labor. Not all are so ‘connected’ to a nepotistic corrupt anti-anglo spoils system the mediterraneans try to set up everywhere.

    My irish great uncle used to joke, ‘When you see a bunch of men running from battle look for the vowels at the end of their names.’ Uncle Ed was one of three out of a company of a hundred men who survived WWII.

    • you’re funny. Irish? Cheaper slaves than negroes a not so long time ago?
      Italians are Alpines, Dinarics, Mediterraneans , Atlanto-mediterraneans, etc. who cares?
      your entire lineage, including Uncle Ed, doesn’t
      worth a brick of Venice.

      you surely are female, dumb, not very well educated, and possibly with extra- chromosomes, right?

      anglos? in everything siding with the jews, because they have a similar mindset, it’s about hurting people that cannot defend themselves, corrupting everything with liberalism, and doing everything for shekels.

      Jews crack their whip, anglos obey. They managed to massacre 5 million souls in Ireland while stealing Irish food at gun point, because the Jews demanded so. Just asks the survivor Uncle Ed
      Ask about the massacre of the Boers, to enable the Jews to steal South Africa’s gold and diamonds.
      Take a good look at children, women, elderly burning alive in Dresden, Hamburg, etc
      Why? Jews crack their whip and demanded it
      How can this people look in the mirror?

      Anglos emerged a little time ago, get a clue, no one cares.

      • Enlighten me, Nemo. Exactly why do your people follow mine into every single nation we found around the planet? If we and our ways weren’t superior to yours, you wouldn’t be here.

        The anglos went along in a very limited capacity with the Irish Hunger, orchestrated by jewish landlords and bankers, to defend themselves from your Roman filth, idiot.

        We would love it if you stopped ‘caring’ and went back to your shithole in Venice. But you’ll continue following us around, just like the jews, claiming we could benefit from your ‘help.’


        • who “followed” you? I never ever put my feet in US or Britain, delusional cherokee

          Venice is a shithole, like Verona, that’s why Shakespeare wrote books about that cities and not London aka downtown Peshawar.

          who founded London btw? the Roman filth
          what alphabet are you writing? show a bit of respect for your creators

          your true culture died with the Druids, fake history, fake ancestors, fake religion, fake honor, fake food, fake wars, fake heroes, fake rebels, fake life, you’re fake, you live in a fake Matrix with very true (((overlords))), and you know you it.

        • Typical Anglo who says meds and slavs aren’t white. While Eastern and Southern Europeans aren’t Protestants that doesn’t mean they aren’t white you autistic retard. According to that logic Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, ect. are not white countries.

          • Christ! No wonder Whites are being displaced! Of course, an unwarranted attack deserves a response, however. As though there are not many traitors among all our peoples.

          • Oh, a Croat, like Marshall Tito, Dennis “The Menace” Kucinich, or John Kasich. That’s a real political selection.

          • Nothing autistic or retarded about it, it’s the traditional British view and was the traditional American view until the unending waves of immigration started unraveling American ethnogenesis. “White” being interchangeable with “European” is very recent, it’s not some settled term.

        • ASR to Nemo: Why do the Irish follow the English everywhere?

          Nemo to ASR: What do you mean I didn’t follow you! I’ve never personally set foot in Britain or the U.S.

          He didn’t ask you why you are following the English, he meant why the Irish as a whole followed the English.

          You sound like a Boomer. The question wasn’t about you personally.

    • Your ignorance is encyclopedic. The most philo-Semitic people in the history of Europe are low-church protestants from the British isle, i.e. you and your ethnic group. Protestantism was referred to a Judaizing before it collapsed into nothingness -you’re probably a “pagan” or “white nationalists.” Your very anti-Catholicism is the product of your Jewish indoctrination through your Mickey Mouse churches.

      The only countries standing up to GloboHomo are Catholic; the only people who ever took action against the were Catholics; and THE ONLY people who fought off the Muslims ar Vienna were Catholics.

      You’re an uneducated person grasping at “wasp” straws. It is people like you who keep affluent, high IQ people away, you Anglo Warrior you!

      • Sebastian – much of what you’ve written is true. But don’t rave on about Cathokikism. Your (((Church))) allowed Hebes to rip off money on church doorsteps in the MIDDLE AGES – and you’ve had 3 Jew Popes in a row. The current one kisses the feet of Muslims and the rings of Jews.

        Do remove the motes from you eye.

        • Denise,

          Many of us are aware and have been taught about the infiltration of the Church past and present. No people century in and century out have been more aware of the Jews than the Catholic Church especially the Latin Catholics.

          For many centuries we had the qualification that the Pope had to prove he was free of Jewish blood for 7 generations. Our Jesuits had to be free of even one drop of Moorish and Jewish blood from 1593-1946. Evidently, the results of WWII changed that. In Spain until deep in the 19th century a Spanish army officer had to prove that his wife was free of any Jewish or Moorish blood. This was only stopped because after many centuries the records were hard to verify, This can be found in many sources such as the Plot Against the Church etc. Pure blood laws etc.

          So while there have been times that the Church did not come true there still were plenty of centuries where we did. As recently as the 1960’s a priest in Majorca, Spain could not say a mass in public because he had some Jewish blood in him.

          As an aside I have the blue veins.

          Every Catholic I know has a dim view of moslems and Jews. OKay. Most Catholics I know are Latin and Traditional. Yet every Baptist I know loves the Jews and hates us Catholics. I have an Aunt in America who converted to Baptism. When she did we thought she went crazy. She started talking about getting a rifle and going to Israel and fight for the Jews.

      • Where do you Roman Catholics get the crazy idea that the Roman Catholics were the only army to oppose the Muslims at Vienna? The fact is that John George the Elector of Saxony led a German Protestant Army against the Muslims at Vienna! John George did this while being threatened with invasion by the French Catholics.

        You listen too much to silly Papist propaganda.

        If the Pope and Catholic Church had come to the aid of the Eastern Roman Empire, and prevented the fall of Constantinople the Turks would never have gotten as far as Vienna.

        As far as I’m concerned it’s too bad Gustav Adolphus didn’t drive the Catholics back over the Alps and into Italy where they belong.

        Catholics know it all, now go confess your sins to a priest. LOL.

        • @Krafty Wurker I’d list all the Anglo/Protestant retarded politicians and leaders but I’d be here all night. Protestants especially Anglo protestants are cucks and butt goys. A kike tells you to jump and you ask how high?

          • Croatia was a communist country. Were you parents or grandparents communists? There were lots of anarcho-communist Croatians in the US at one time. The Palmer raids deported a lot of them.

    • When the Poles came to America in the 1880’s the jew merchants came with them. I know this ‘cuz I’m half a Pollock…and raised cat’lik. So come on haters…

      • He does look jewish, possibly italian or some mix. Could be slav mixed with either, but the jew look is the most dominant.

    • I was also thinking that he wasn’t exactly the ideal poster boy for a White nationalist movement. And, overall, he doesn’t seem to be a very good person. But, still, categorizing the sending of an e-mail containing nothing more than what is perceived as an offensive picture as a form of intimidation is stretching things by a mile. I think he should claim that he did it in jest and thought they would get a laugh out of it. He could cite “The Producers” as an example of Nazis and Jewish humor.

    • Not white enough for you? Judging by his last name he is polish but he could be jewish i dunno. This guy sounds like bit of a loser sends a photo of her in nazi clothing to her employees after their breakup and previously held a gun to her head saying some very anglin tier incel stuff This is all hearsay so far but he does not sound like a stand up guy

  4. I’m not sure what the point is over arguing about whose flavor of white people have been the bigger tool of “teh jews”. When I think of purity spiraling, this is what I imagine it looks like right before everybody just goes back to being muh rugged individualists, watching sportsball and deriving more unity from fanship of their mostly black college football team of choice, then they have ever truly felt over their own people.

    While its true that Jews have had their share of responsibility for the current plight of all flavors of whitey, the deracination has happened under white yankee imperial rule. I dont care if they were WASPS or Wops or potatoe nigger communists.

    There may not be any such thing as a common white identity. But one thing we do all have in common now is total deracination. The pathetic nature of this comment thread is proof positive of that. You’re acting like a bunch of coons fighting a turf war over a corner of the ghetto.

    Missing the common thread here… and it isn’t “teh jews”

  5. The Democrats are doing nothing but looking for anybody with a Gun and calling that person a White Nationalist Terrorist. It’s all nothing but a campaign mission putting Democrats vs White People. However Trump is President and this is happening under him. He’s nothing but an enemy of the White Nationalist community. He’s the enemy of all White People. Those who still support him are nothing but a bunch of brainwashed morons who have no political sense of direction. What has Trump done for America. Nothing. Oh but he’s cut taxes and regulations for the top 1% of the population. The rich do nothing but exploit White People. It’s White Nationalists who represent common White Working Class People. That makes us the enemy of both Democrats and Republicans. We should just be White Nationalists and not Vote for anybody unless that person agrees with us 100% on White Nationalist issues. Deo Vindice !

  6. I don’t like the love American have for organized crime, especially the Godfather. While I admit the book was good and the movies classics, they convey a heroic view of criminals and thugs. I prefer a movie I saw in 1960 where Ernest Borgnine played an Italian-American cop fighting the mob in 1900s New York, showing the mafia terrorizing and stiffing Italians.
    Italians I know are good, hardworking, patriotic people. I never liked this mafia crap, and when Godfather came out, it was a craze. You heard the freakin’ godfather theme everywhere. I took a girl to a banquet at a country club given by the bank she worked for, and the bank president thought it hilarious when the band played the Godfather theme when he entered. Ha-ha.

    When I was in college, I took an historical biography course, and we had to deliver a speech/paper on an historical figure. Four guys in class wanted to do Al Capone. He was the only American they cared about.
    I chose Konrad Adenauer.

    Sad to say, Americans are a very sleazy people, or at least too damned many of them…especially the ones who talk our good, Christian types to go sign up and fight in wars. But as Mark Twain observed, there was always an American trait to associate virtue with cash.

    Also, it’s nice people in this thread acknowledge the Jewish gangsters. Capone, after all, was only a lieutenant of the Bronfman crime family in Chicago.

    A woman I know is a writer and loves to write about crime and the mob, but it’s always Italians, NEVER Jews. Even the Russian ‘mafia’ is Jewish…but she’d never admit that.

    As for Christina Romana’s observations, my Mexican friend worked for some Jews when he was in Houston, and shook his head. ‘I had to get away from them eventually,’ he said, ‘Jews are annoying.’ I’ve heard of Mexicans going evangelical and getting weird.
    I recall in Guatemala in their 1970’s-80’s civil war, the president became an Evangelical Christian, and the country was flooded with lots of single white men who were ‘missionaries’, but probably military or CIA. Also, a lot of Israelis were on the scene pimping their military hardware for sale. It was said the ‘relocation camps’ the Guatemalan military designed for rebels and villagers were inspired by Israeli detention centers in Palestine.

    Then, Tom Metzger said he knew a lot of Evangelicals that would kill you if you openly went against Israel and they got the order to shoot.

    Also, Christina, I recall that on the border in Mexico, the drug lords actually have a ‘narcosanton’ a saint they pray for, a saint for narcotics smuggling.

    To conclude on the topic: the liberals have made it clear they want to destroy whites and the traditional patriotism. How anyone can vote for a liberal is beyond me. They were always like this, but it’s out in the open now. Obama opened all of this up, and now we can be a little more honest about who our enemies are.

  7. dargason,

    We only officially have patron saints for activities that are not sinful in themselves. If the Cartel tries to artificially create support from a Saint for their sinful activities they are acting on their own. The Cartels are in a state of mortal sin and should stop their activities not seek to justify them.

    I personally have not heard of them as a group trying to create such patron saints but many of them are nominal Catholics so who knows.

    In other words we could never have a Patron Saint of prostitution for that is a sinful activity. But we do have Patron Saints for war and hunting for those are not wrong in themselves. Example-St. Barbara who is patron of miners, artillery, and gunsmiths.etc.

  8. This ‘case’ smells very funny indeed. Sussex County has sort of been considered the hold out county, located on the very northwestern corner of the state near rural NY and Pa. Rumors went around for years that there had been ‘KKK’ and other assorted evil whitey happenings up there, although the last 15 years have also seen a supposed influx of ‘New Yorkers’ buying ‘country’ getaways or investment properties. I don’t think it’s been quite that gentrified, at least not by the NYC types.

    All that said, there isn’t a soul in NJ who doesn’t know how insanely illegal carrying an unlicensed gun is in the entire state. There is no concealed carry license except for maybe people who need one for their jobs; the last I heard anyone getting one for working in a tough urban locale was around 40 years ago, no joke. This is why he’s supposedly been making his own weapons.

    The idea that this character walked into the police department with a loaded gun in his jacket is completely ridiculous and extremely hard to believe. The idea that he didn’t know in this climate and state that to send his ex-girlfriend’s jewish employers some ‘nazi’ expose wouldn’t get him in massive trouble, particularly with a cache of illegally acquired and manufactured assault weapons at home, is equally sketchy.

    Then, some have noted that he doesn’t even look like the classic whitey. There aren’t that many people up there who aren’t whitey (although there are some), and the types who aren’t would be the least likely to be pro-white and pro-gun anyway. His lawyer is a pro-Second Amendment jew from what would be considered south Jersey known to take up these odd pro-gun causes; I believe he is affiliated with an oddball national jewish Second Amendment society.

    As has been noted before, it’s even easier to stage fake prevented mass shootings than fake mass shootings. It’s also easier to place some non-whitey ‘white man’ in these incidents to avoid too much scrutiny and the attendant skepticism of actual whitey men. There’s a reason these incidents feature ‘white men’ who do not resemble the founding stock, or even pure native europeans.

  9. Purity tests are a way to break up the group. Europeans need to stick together. If you’re a wop or a bogtrotter, cheese-eating surrender monkey or limey, you’re my brother or sister. Worship God, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or plastic cabbage heads; it’s all fine by me. We’re surrounded by enemies, so we should concentrate on fighting them, not each other.

  10. Christiana:
    Just an update: I’m quite familiar with St. Barbara. I was in the army, especially the artillery, and we have an organization called the Order of St. Barbara, since she’s the patron saint of artillerists.

    As for the Narcosanton, I read that in Atlantic, July 1998, when a Robert Kaplan wrote a series of articles on America’s future. He was in Culiacan, a major drug center at the time, and the Narcosanton was a shrine dedicated to Jesus Malverde, a common criminal hanged in 1909, and drug lords came to pray to his ‘shrine’ for good fortune. it was made of plate glass, bathroom tiles, lots of gimcracked material, but seemed to have lots of visitors., and lots of votive candles.

    Kaplan actually liked drug lords. He claimed they gave Mexico and its economy stability, and was an example of ‘new world capitalism’, free from government intervention, and that Mexico itself was falling apart, and the drug lords would offer a new order and stability.

    I don’t know how you feel about this. As it is, a lot of people in Mexico seem happy many of these druggies are in jail, and Mexico, far from falling apart, seems pretty much in one piece.

    Of course this could be just another piece of Jew crap; Kaplan enjoyed showing everything falling apart and replaced by new capitalistic pods of high-tech, mixed culture, etc.

    • Dargason,

      Nice to hear from you again. I liked your comment on St. Barbara. I have an uncle who was in self propelled artillery.

      Naturally, I am against the Cartels for moral and temporal reasons. At times Mexico always feels like it is falling apart yet it continues. I think since we have lower expectations we are less shocked at reality than Americans.

      Mexico around 1940 had a murder rate 2 times what it is now and it did not fall apart. Mexicans are tough. It will hold together.

  11. Christiana: Artillery. I was in a 155mm unit, and there was always a difference between ‘towed’ and self-propelled’. The National Guard had a lot of the towed. Also, you might like to know that in Missouri, my brigade had two battalions of three firing batteries: A,B, and C batteries, but my sister unit had A, B, and D batteries, because in the old days, there were four firing batteries, and D battery, 129th Field Artillery, was Harry Truman’s old unit when he was company commander in WWI, and in Missouri, Truman is our god.
    Probably no one appreciates this, but there seem to be some history buffs on this site.

    Hunter might be interested that Truman joined the National Guard when 18, and when he walked in wearing the blue uniform, his grandmother ordered him out, because the Trumans were Confederate supporters in the Civil War, and had been forced out of their home by the infamous Order Number 11 the Yanks put in to burn out Confederate sympathizers in western Missouri.

    Mexico reminds me of what Churchill said about Russia: ‘Russia is not as strong as she looks, nor is she as weak as she looks.’ A lot of talk came when the PRI party lost support that Mexico would fall apart, but it holds on. Like my Mexican friend told me, ‘we had our revolution, and it will never be taken from us.’
    He also said much of Mexico’s difficulties were from overpopulation. ‘If Mexico only had thirty million people, it would be paradise,’ he said.

    Catholic countries always seem to last. We protestants get caught up in making things better, and lose ourselves in progressive ideas that might not be good in the long run. The last great battle of old, moralistic America was prohibition, and you see how well that worked out.

    One man always told me to ignore however weak the Mexican army was. ‘If you gringos invade us,’ he said, ‘everyone will get a gun, and you’ll have a million Zapatas, and that’s the true Mexican army. You guys couldn’t even catch Pancho VIlla.’
    But really, what is there for America and Mexico to fight over? If we had a decent border policy and some rational control of who comes here to work, a lot of tension would be resolved, and if we would have to lose Arizona, California, New Mexico…you can have them back, although Kaplan argued they were in effect new, corporate states in embryo…but as we see, it’s 2019, and they’re still under nominal American control.

  12. Dargason,

    Thank you for the interesting historical information. I was not aware of the burning out of confederate sympathizers in Missouri. Seems like they should have been left alone unless they actually took active part in the rebellion. Americans are very brutal like many others. The main difference however is that the United States always controls the official narrative and with it’s propaganda always portrays itself as wonderful and just and ignores or justifies whatever atrocities it commits.

    There definitely is no effective border control. That encourages invasions of course. The Southwest is probably more Mexican than Anglo now in population. Texas will soon follow.

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