Southern History Series: Transplants

Editor’s Note: This is a work in progress.

I’ve really been enjoying William A. Link’s new book Southern Crucible: The Making of An American Region which was delivered yesterday. It didn’t arrive in time to be of any use in my speech. The first volume covers the history of the South to 1877. The second volume from 1877 to the present. I bought the single edition version although I plan to get the others.

Check out these graphs about transplants:

Virginia is a Blue State.

Florida and North Carolina are Purple States.

Louisiana remains the most traditionally Southern state.

Mississippi is a Red State even though it has proportionately more blacks. The cause of this is the sheer number of transplants born in the Northeast and West Coast who now live in places like Charlottesville. It has had a greater impact on Virginia than millions of Hispanics on Florida.

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  1. If Texas turns Blue, it won’t be because of the Mexican invasion. It’ll be because of Transplants from Yankeedom.

    When Wendy Davis, a Rhode Island Yankee, ran for governor, she got outvoted 60% to 40%. The 40% of the vote that she got didn’t come from illegal Mexicans, who can’t vote, in any case.

    Texas, like every other Southern State, is flooded with swarms of Yankee SJWs every time there’s an election, referendum, or the legislature passes a law that people in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania don’t like. Governing other people’s states, as well as their own, is what I guess Yankees must mean by “Democracy.” It certainly doesn’t mean Southrons legally and effectively governing their own states as they see fit.

    Beto had more support from Yankees and Californians, than he did from Texans. I saw a car with Illinois plates and a Beto sticker in Paris, Tx, of all places.

    • Illegal Mexicans can’t vote in US elections? My head is spinning from the outlandishness of that statement.

    • “Texas, like every other Southern State, is flooded with swarms of Yankee SJWs every time there’s an election, referendum, or the legislature passes a law that people in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania don’t like.”

      Call it the ‘Trickle Down Transfer of Culture’ effect, but don’t blame it solely on the Midwest. The wife was confronted by two lez-beans at a parent/teacher conference when our kids were small, who confided to her, (why, she never knew) that they had moved to Minnesota, gotten jobs, were ‘jointly raising’ their bastard child, specifically to help ‘pass a gay rights/marriage law…. and they had come there from??? CALIFORNIA.

      It’s the Xenos and the Pervert enacting these spurious laws (that are no laws, as St. Paul alludes to) that are the EVIL ENEMY. Yes, the stupid Swedes, Norskis, Germans, and such Up North, do ‘go along to get along,’ but it’s not actively been OUR FAULT, alone. It’s the OTHER that is to blame. Just sayin’…..

  2. New Jersey and New York have lots of beach towns, when visiting them, I see very few North Carolina or Florida Plates. When visiting the shoreline of North Carolina or Florida, I notice New Jersey and New York plates everywhere.

  3. It is very sad to see unfold. I moved to North Carolina from my home state of Indiana back in 2000 at which point North Carolina was comprised mostly of southerners born and raised in the area while the rest were midwest families that relocated or foreigners like Germans and Asians who worked/lived in RTP and Charlotte. Unfortunately in the mid 2000’s the Hispanic and Indian(dot heads) invasion took place(and still is taking place) across the state while wealthy liberal wasps and kikes from the northeast have moved to Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, and Winston-Salem metro areas. It’s only going to get worse and unfortunately we are running out of places that are diversity free.

    • I remember the very picturesque, and White North Carolina of my youth. Now the same small towns are full of Mexicans, and other Roman Catholics like you.

      I get a laugh out of the term halfback, used in the Carolinas to describe people half way back to New York.

      I’m also trying to think of the town in NC described as a containment area for Yankees. LOL.

      • Cary NC is a city filled with white southern liberals, Jews from New York/NJ, and Indians(dot heads). Very few Roman Catholics or Mexicans live there and boy do you have a hard on for us Catholics lol. Btw Mexicans and various other mud people from Central America are not true Catholics. Catholicism was and is a White European religion based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ. Za Dom Spremni

      • @Krafty Wurker I’m originally from Indiana bud. It’s the furthest ideologically from Commiefornia or the Northeast. The Cornbelt states are nothing like the liberal whites of the Northeast or Left Coast. Do some research before attempting to compare apples and oranges.

      • Cary, NC, is the town. Countainment Area for Retired Yankees. And it’s true, the whole damned state has gone downhill, and is accelerating rapidly toward the bottom. Between the Mexicans and the dotheads, it’s like a foreign country, especially in the cities. I lived in Durham for 10 years and was never so glad to get out of a place in my life.

  4. Virginia has the best living standards and the highest average income in the South. That is one of the reasons why it’s become liberal and a blue state. I believe either Texas or Florida will also turn blue in 2020.

    • Since the 1960’s you have had White flight out of the Washington, DC area. People escaping the Blacks, and Roman Catholics/Latinos/Hispanics, and other non-White immigrants.

      I will never forget, in the 1970’s I was on my way to a party in trendy upscale northwest Washington when I sensed something, and looked behind me to see a glassy eyed Latino pulling a butcher knife out of his belt.

      • Krafty Worker,

        I am not going to go to bat for any sect of Christianity, but the reason that mestizos are Catholic is because the Spaniards who conquered them were Catholic. That’s also why they speak Spanish.

        Had the British or Dutch conquered South and Central America, those same mestizos would be practicing Protestants and speaking either English or Dutch.

        In contemporary America, the state religion is zionism with its offshoots of holocaustianity and juden-christianity.

        WTF does this bickering do to achieve the 14 Words?

        Theists. Smh.

        • Had the British or Dutch conquered South and Central America, there would be no Mestizoes today. Protestant colonists did not mongrelize, Papists always did.

          • The germanics went into new worlds to *build* something. Romans-Catholics went in to rape and pillage and parasite, more or less. Of course, the jews led the charge for the spanish while they left the real work to the anglos, so it’s not all the latin non-jews’ fault, ultimately.

  5. OT: The intended goal of UTR was achieved.

    “A Virginia judge has blocked the city of Charlottesville’s effort to remove Confederate statues.”

    Maybe next Brexit will finally come to pass and nationalists will have two victories…

    Give all the credit and glory to God …

    “I am afraid that our people are looking to the wrong source for help, and ascribing our successes to those to whom they are not due. If we fail to trust in God, and to give Him all the glory, our cause is ruined. Give to our friends at home due warning on this subject.”
    — Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

    • Banned- Apart from a few of us stalwarts on this forum, such pleas to “return again to the Lord, and he may restore the fortunes of Zion” fall on deaf ears, to many commenters here. Brad seems to think pagans’ views are the equal of the Christian- whatcha gonna do?

      • It would be very easy for me to curate the comment section.

        I’ve given the widest possible berth though to free speech. This comment section isn’t an echo chamber. The only rule that we have at the moment is to steer clear of talking about violence. I’ve been considering a civility rule.

        • Mr. Wallace,

          I believe you should have a civility rule. Conducting a discussion with decency and dignity promotes a better examination of beliefs and opinions compared to the mindless rant and the personal smears.

          Non-stop emotional rants and hateful statements can and do lead toward physical violence as compared to a rational presentation of a belief put forth with honesty and dignity.

          Christina Romana

          • “”…I believe you should have a civility rule. Conducting a discussion with decency and dignity…”””

            I believe that we do not need the ethics professors with bike locks. teaching us the meaning of those words. In the real life, you already have civility rule. Antifa takes a good care to keep society civil and discussions decent. Do you like it ?

            The problem with those weasel words is, that this shifts the playground to genetic white liberals.

            The problem with Western society is all equal concept. I can demonstrate genetic liberal modus operandi at any time. Say whatever word and I turn this to absurd.

            Good morning.

            Well, this is not good morning, this is another day when white males beating the wife and lynching blacks and climate is warming and economy is crashing because of luck of foreign workers Nothing is good and also there is no morning , there is only the moment when white males losing their life.

            Some white males beating and raping women and lynching blacks also in the darkness so there is nothing good and there is also no mornings.

            I propose to switch from Good Morning to decent time zone. You know, lynched blacks and raped and killed women do not care about the time of their death so forget the clock and concentrate to white male evil 24 /7 .So instead of Good Morning we should say, the moment white males victims were last time seen alive.

            White genetic liberals are the root cause of all problems. If you do not believe, I can demonstrate. Say whatever word you like, I take over and turn this to absurd and censorship and mass immigration.

        • LOL. Brad, the Protestant Reformers were anything, but, civil. Most of the harder and cruder things said by the Protestant Reformers have been edited out, or censored by today’s theologians and church historians.

          It’s a shame, that everything that was published commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Protectant Reformation was so toothless and weak in fear of Catholic reaction.

          Centuries of Papal interference in the politics of Northern Europe are glossed over in today’s histories. Everything from Pope backing the Norman French against the Anglo-Saxons in England, to the various Papal plots and murders in Scandinavia, the murder of the Huguenots, and other numerous Catholic plots are forgotten.

        • OT: And students (DTH school newspaper) at UNC-CH have discovered where the university has been hiding Silent Sam. Maybe this will force the UNC administration to quit stalling and make a final decision on the monument’s fate and then maybe NC will take them to court for not obeying the state law concerning war memorials. Pray for the South!

  6. The cognitive disconnect of people leaving dysfunctional states for greener pastures, then voting for the same policies that created the hells they left behind, makes me want to banish such entitled hypocrites to a random Third World country. Haiti and El Salvador come to mind.

    Whatever happened to waiting out the harsh winters in a rental property down south, then coming back home in the spring? My grandma and great aunts loved staying in mobile homes in Alabama while the snow piled up, but were anxious to get back to their Wisconsin small towns in the spring.

    • Well that is WHY the locals need to FIGHT back and give the invaders pure Hell. You can’t be passive. You do have to get involved, and fight. Go to city council meetings, and school board meetings, etc. Evil never sleeps. Ra fights the forces of Darkness EVERY single night.

      • @Denise,

        You often wonder why White men are no longer the heroes and leaders of ages past.

        Well, perpetual brother wars over f-ing religious differences, political differences, and wars for international jewry have depleted our best and brightest out of the gene pool. The vast majority of those White men died or became disabled before they passed their tier one DNA onto the next generation.

        What is the current nature vs nurture percentages in behavior? 60%-40%.

        To add insult to injury, popular culture, the jewdicial system, and msm controlled by (((you know who))). So the combination of athird rate gene pool and judaic mind control equals modern White makes in the West.

  7. Interestingly the places in the South that were first to become red are now the ones that are turning blue, while the reddest areas now are the ones that were still “Dixiecrat” relatively recently. Most of Trump’s best counties in many states in the South were the Old South ones that voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980 (if they have white majorities).

    • @Jijcf

      Back in the 70’s and 80’s, I knew old folks who voted in honour and memory of FDR, and in honour and memory of their parents, who had voted for FDR.

      They were lifelong Dixiecrats and you couldn’t convince them, to save your life, that the Dixiecrat Party didn’t exist anymore. Or that the Democrats were now the party of the Left.

      They still believed that the Democrats were about giving a fair shake to farmers, ranchers and cotton gin hands in Texas.

      To them, the Party was Sam Rayburn, “Mr Sam,” and FDR. Mr Sam’s house over in Bonham, is a museum and a historical landmark.

      My parents were Dixiecrats. They revered Mr Sam, their whole lives. Even after Johnson’s betrayal had caused them to switch parties.

  8. I don’t believe there’s any Protocols-type conspiracy to turn the Red states blue, it’s just part of a natural transition that is turning the South from a rural and remote backwater into a region that is fully integrated with the rest of the country. And I’ve come across a few Southern transplants up here in the North. They usually maintain their Southern ways and often complain about how cold and unfriendly a lot of Northerners are.

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