Christopher Cantwell: Andrew Anglin Tried To Recruit Me To Invade Whitefish, MT

Andrew Anglin and Weev have created a stir across the internet. Various people are stepping forward to share aspects about their past and connect the dots:

Radical Agenda:

“I had no conception of the long and sordid history of the White Nationalist movement as I clumsily stumbled upon it. All I knew at the time was that talking about racial matters was edgy, exciting, relevant, and infuriating to the Leftists I despised. So I carried on in my signature bombastic style, associating with anyone who I could have an engaging conversation with, and trying to produce compelling radio absent the benefits or limitations of broadcast airwaves.

One of those engaging conversations took place in January of 2017 with a guy who went by the name of Weev. In hindsight, I should have spotted him for a bad actor from the gate. In the very first moments of his guest appearance on the Radical Agenda, Weev began advocating for the extermination of most of the world’s population. He called Dylann Roof a hero for killing nine people in a black church, and to clarify, he was not waxing philosophical about what might be justifiable in a different social framework. This is by no means the extent of the outrageous things he said in that short talk, but hopefully you get the idea.

I was not used to being out-edged on my own show, and my Marty McFly syndrome kicked in as I strained to take this in stride. In hindsight, what Weev was doing was not edgy at all. Edgy by definition carries the necessary prerequisite of limitations, and riding the edge of those limits in order to produce compelling and thought provoking talk radio. Weev, rather conspicuously, blew right past those limits and entered into a rather different sort of performance.

A listener warned me in the YouTube comments that Weev was Jewish. This was obviously a rather curious trait in a genocidal and seemingly unironic Nazi, but I was not nearly so anti-Semitic then as I am today, and I dismissed the concern as unwarranted paranoia, which seemed in abundance amongst my new social circle.

Much to my detriment.

Shortly after this I had an off air conversation with Andrew Anglin, who lauded what was in hindsight, conspicuously high praise on me for my content and myriad positive qualities of character, which he had supposedly been observing for some time from afar. He had spent the prior weeks organizing a “troll storm” against a Jewess who most certainly deserved it, and worse, by the name of Tanya Gersh.

This troll storm, Anglin explained, was to culminate in an armed Nazi march on Whitefish, Montana, where this oven bait resided.

Unfortunately, Anglin explained, he would not be able to make it to this event he had worked so hard to publicize. He offered me the supposedly high honor of taking his place as the face of the event, which he assured me would be historic, and earn me the fame and fortune I so richly deserved.

I had other plans, and this is one of few times during the course of this story I can honestly say I got lucky. While abundant fame was near at hand, no fortune was to be awarded to us, it turned out. That troll storm ended up the subject of a legal dispute which indebted Mr. Anglin to Mrs. Gersh to the tune of fourteen million dollars, but not before Anglin had syphoned off $150,000 from his readers, for a legal defense he ultimately declined to present. …”

Yes, if you give Weev a platform, he will use it to promote domestic terrorism and mass murder in general. He is obsessed with Timothy McVeigh. He even promoted the Killdozer rampage.

“Daily Stormer blogger Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer wrote in June that he wanted to raise money to build a monument to McVeigh. “Think of it, a gigantic bronze statue of Timothy McVeigh poised triumphantly atop a Ryder truck,” Auernheimer wrote.

“I am not joking,” Auernheimer added. “This should be done. Imagine how angry it would make people.”

Weev has been talking about this for years:

“Besides calling out FBI agents, judges, and attorneys for what he perceives as grave errors, as well as the entire federal government for declaring  “war” against “We the People,” Auernheimer’s 1,200-word letter dictates that the reparations money sent to him will be used to build “memorial groves for the greatest patriots of our generation: Timothy McVeigh, Andrew Stack, and Marvin Heemeyer.” (McVeigh was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, Stack flew his plane into a building in Austin, Texas, and Heemeyer went on a violent rampage with a bulldozer in Colorado.)

I asked Auernheimer why he would associate himself with this violent lot, considering he hasn’t committed any acts of violence himself. He responded, “because it’s fucking hilarious to demand money from feds for a McVeigh Memorial grove,” adding “I honestly think we need to build statues of them just to piss off federal agents really.”  

Weev sent his manifesto from prison:

“Know that all this wealth will be directed towards a good and charitable cause. I am building a series of memorial groves for the greatest patriots of our generation: Timothy McVeigh, Andrew Stack, and Marvin Heemeyer. You see, In the “Special Housing Unit”, which is Bureau of Prisons codespeak for “solitary confinement” and “torture”, I had enough time to think about the current state of federal government.

The federal government has declared war on We the People. I am but the latest casualty of the unjust and seditious war being waged against honest Americans and defenders of the Constitution. At Waco the FBI directed the murder of 76 men, women, and children. At Ruby Ridge the FBI murdered both a 14-year-old boy and a woman cradling her infant child. All federal agents are, in fact, murderous thugs and seditious terrorists. Sedition is the charge for crimes which undermine the Constitution with violence. I can assure you that violence was used against me, and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has already verified that the case against me undermined the Constitution. …”

Cantwell was fortunate to avoid that trap.

I’m fairly confident that Andrew Anglin tried to recruit other groups to “invade” Whitefish, MT. Ultimately, Weev’s Nazi Troll Army only ended up costing him a $14 million dollar judgment. The Daily Stormer ended up with sole responsibility for that disaster after no one else took the bait.

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  1. Wow, weev is unhinged.
    I never trusted him after I saw him in a video where he stated that nuclear weapons are fake, they don’t exist! Also, that maniacal laugh of his. I’m glad that Cantwell didn’t step into that cesspit.

  2. This total malice that DS has for women is very telling.
    They don’t address ((who)) is behind the warping of female nature, the caustic poisoning of their minds.
    It certainly fits into the jws agenda of driving a wedge.between White men and White women. Almost like they are working to serve the jws, hmmmmm?

    • Arian -thank you. I know that so many women re very trashy. Women are emotionally malleable. YOUNG women are in Mating Mode. They want to attract attention. The biological desire to mate and have a children has been warped by the Jewish Frankfurt Shul Cultural Marxist successes of Nation Wrecking. But who allowed it to happen? I don’t want to “male bash” – but men are supposed to be leaders – and White men have allowed Jews to put a ring through their noses for centuries.

      Until White men find a way to reclaim their identity and thus power – nothing will improve.

      FYI – there are still good White women. As well as White men. I live amongst them.

      • Andre wanglin doesn’t seem to hate Asian women as much as he loathes and despises white women, too be fair Asian women aren’t as toxic but they are by no means angels beyond criticism

      • Thank you for being honest about your sex, Denise.

        “Arian” makes the point, but doesn’t draw the connections, apart from ‘naming the Jew.’ We need to go far deeper than that, in order to rectify the situation. Yes, I am talking Russian Orthodox head-covered, or Amish-like civilization for white Women, with a VERY healthy distrust of the ‘xenos,’ to boot. And White men in control of everything. Think 1950’s Greece, or 1910’s Russia, or the 1870’s American farmer, before the Abolitionist and Feminist harpies rose to prominence

        We cannot “have our cake and eat it, too” – if we are going to be different from the vast morass of deracinated fools out there. As I have said before, “You can’t fight something with nothing.” Until White WOMEN (as a sex) seriously submit to the Men who are supposed to LEAD, it’s a moot point. We’re just like the Judaized society around us, if women consistently avoid early marriage, children, and MAKING the Men in their lives, the Masters of their household- in favor of selfies, obsession with their own visual appearance as the sine qua non of their shallow existence, and ‘getting a good job’ (which they truly DO steal from the Men who should be working at those positions- and even white women are now being edged out by the ‘edgier minorities,’ [like the trannie trash] just like the Right said they would, two decades ago) well, then…. the Juden still hold all the cards.

        And we’re just spouting platitudes.

      • @Denise

        Look to nature, in mammals, the males are the ones to defend the territory, drive out the interloper. Collectively, men have failed. Media has corrupted society and made men inert, ineffectual.

        “FYI – there are still good White women. As well as White men. I live amongst them.”

        But not enough. Society needs the vast majority to be good, otherwise it will collapse.

        “YOUNG women are in Mating Mode”
        Yes, and they need to be carefully sheparded, so that their instincts aren’t corrupted.

  3. I think I remember listening this one. I was alarmed at how Weev pushed the host into a corner. It was like wtf this guy is not stopping the interview. There’s no breaks on Cantwell as an editor. He truly stumbled onto white issues like a lamb, Weev as wolf. DS is still a laugh though. It’s most obviously a cash cow now that the possibility of capturing state power has gone up in smoke. The annoying thing is that DS captured the old ccc crime blotter of Negromayhem from yall.

  4. FYI – off topic but not really – that Briscoe Cain guy seems like a good egg. He’s the gent from TX who challenged the Beta O’Dork on stealing American property. I hope I’m not disappointed – but Beta just launched Briscoe’s national career,

  5. I think the OK Federal Building Bombing was an early False Flag. We now know how corrupt and evil and JEWED the Eff Bee Eye is. I felt sorry for Heemeyer, though. His business and life were destroyed by very corrupt, greedy people. He destroyed buildings, but he didn’t kill any-one. He committed suicide – which was wrong. He should have faced up to the results of his protest, and served as the face and voice of American Citizen SCREWED by political corruption. He’s be regarded as a hero, now.

    Cantwell is a strange creature, but I’m glad he avoided being Jewed by Mystery Midget and Der ewige Weev.

    • Yeah killdozer i can empathize with he got screwed over by the gov, Timothy mcfag on the other hand who killed a bunch of babies and children and ultimately achieved nothing I just can’t seem to ever see him as a hero

      • At least in Heemeyer’s case, he didn’t go after any humans in particular or attempt to hurt anyone (other than himself). All his “violent rampage” affected were some buildings in Granby, CO. Not really worthy of being breathed in the same sentence as McVeigh & Stack.

  6. “Anglin had syphoned off $150,000 from his readers, for a legal defense he ultimately declined to present. …”

    He totally SUCKERED me! Granted I only gave him $25.00 but still!

    • My current theory:

      – Cantwell sincerely believed cooperating with law enforcement was the right move in Charlottesville

      – Anglin is a crackpot

      – Weev is a Jew who supports domestic terrorism

      • “Cantwell sincerely believed cooperating with law enforcement was the right move in Charlottesville”

        OK so Federal informant confirmed.

        “Anglin is a crackpot”

        I’m thinking Bi-Polar disorder.

        “Weev is a Jew who supports domestic terrorism”

        Well his mother did say paranoid schizophrenia. So crackpot as well.

      • The only reason I haven’t uploaded my body camera footage to BitChute is because I don’t want guys getting doxed. All the information I have is exculpatory.

        Weev hit me up on Skype, trying to get me to throw the entire TWP under the bus and stick with this supposedly winning team. I said no, and Weev’s response was that “Matt Parott talked to the cops!”

        I thought this to be uncontroversial. Of course he talked to the fucking cops. We are not criminals. The Reds are. We talked to the cops before, during, and after Unite the Right. It was a permitted demonstration. That was the whole fucking point.

        When the local authorities didn’t do their job, I talked to Tim Heaphy from jail, and by the way, so did Enoch and Kessler and god knows who else. I just happened to say so publicly. Had I not done so, the attempt to frame me for brandishing the afternoon of August 11th never would have been mentioned in the now famous report. Heaphy described that as “The first sign of trouble” and indeed it was. That is PROOF that the Reds committed the first crime, and I was the FIRST target.

        When even that didn’t work, Woodard and I started contemplating going to the FBI.

        They had already visited Elmer Woodard, and Woodard showed them the videos we had collected for my defense. The FBI 302 report (which I don’t have but might be available through a FOIA) says that the FBI agent was satisfied with the explanation that I was defending myself. Initially they wanted to charge me with the same thing as the RAM guys, but they came off it after that visit.

        A listener emailed me right after I got out of jail saying he had the expandable baton Lindsay Elizabeth Moers from Philly was using to crack skulls at the torch march brawl. He offered it to me “as a trophy” and I said “I want it for evidence!” So I put him in touch with Elmer Woodard to establish chain of custody.

        That email was received on my well known GMail account. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the FBI was listening, as shortly after, the FBI showed up at his house demanding the baton, which he gave them, in exchange for a voucher. This told me the feds were investigating the Philly Antifa crew, who started all fucking violence, so talking to them and giving them the information we had collected on the Reds seemed prudent.

        So when Weev said “Parrot talked to the cops!”

        I said “So what? I talked to the cops too. Next, I’m talking to the feds”

        And then Weev went fucking insane, and started drumming up this mob claiming I was ratting everybody out.

        This isn’t just slanderous against me, it is slanderous against the whole movement and everyone who attended UTR. I had nobody to rat out, because I was not party to a criminal conspiracy. Saying that I am snitching is saying that we were guilty of exactly the plot the media says we engaged in. He was helping the fucking communists with this. He put me in the position of defending myself, wherein I had to say what I gave the FBI, which warned the Reds about the investigation and made the FBI not want to work with me.

        Anglin repeating that lie is him attacking everybody who attended that thing, and everyone who is party to that lawsuit which is still tearing me apart.

        I have made no secret of any of this. The people who don’t know, choose not to know.

        • Yeah, but after this you still doxxed a prank caller to not only the feds, but to Jared Holt, an antifa Doxxer. For these reasons, you are weak, and can never be trusted. no Man would ever collude with antifa. PERIOD.

          You only stuck around the alt-right because going to jail gained you sympathy, and therefore, a paycheck. if you wouldn’t have gone to jail, you would have split. you are a whining gutless yankee pussy, who just dabbles in whatever gets you shekels. before it was anal masturbation cam-shows and then it was lolbertarianism, then White Nationalism (which i personally saw you make fun of at Pikeville) and now it’s what? GOP dickriding???

          We don’t need you, or want you. Fuck off snitch yank.

        • I recall the early appearances you made on TRS and it occurred to me that you were a little naive. Anyone who falls for Ayn Randism falls for anything.

        • Long-time fan; I never doubted Cantwell for one second. HeIs been through trial-by-fire and still taking the heat. Never once groveled to the Regime, never backed down. One of the few intellectually honest men of our time.
          A hero!!

    • Cantwell is an admitted federal informant. It is not a mere baseless accusation, and he often threatens to rat people out to the FBI.

      • To “rat people out” you have to be involved in a criminal conspiracy. When people commit crimes against me, my only recourse is to law enforcement, you stupid fucking Jew. What am I supposed to do when people commit crimes against me? Show up at their house with a gun? This is flat out subversive Jewry, and you know it.

          • Watching all this drama from the North Pole, I gotta say I think Cantwell is one of the most talented and honest figures in American White Nationalism, dailystormer says they lost their domain to jews, then got another one, then another one and so on…did anybody stop to think that if the jews really didn’t want the dailystormer up and running they would have just bought EVERY dailystormer domain name, cmon! are 10bucks!
            The dailystormer is set up to capture young minds who will make lonely assholes and targets out of themselves following the dailystormer “red shoes, women r useless whores” nationalism…the whole thing is set up to identify, target, indoctrinate and preemptively destroy young white men who buy into that sht imo..the whole thing stinks of a Mossad fishing expedition, for fun and profit.

  7. for an unemployed felon landscaper from Lawn Guyland Cantwell sure has become a good and prolific writer. C’mon the whole thing Cantwell’s involved with is some counter-intel psyop. I doubt he even writes the material attributed to him online. To give this guy more publicity is shameful. When he moved to Keene, everyone knew he was some type of undercover cop or intel asset.

      • Watching all this drama from the North Pole, I gotta say I think Cantwell is one of the most talented and honest figures in American White Nationalism, dailystormer says they lost their domain to jews, then got another one, then another one and so on…did anybody stop to think that if the jews really didn’t want the dailystormer up and running they would have just bought EVERY dailystormer domain name, cmon! are 10bucks!
        The dailystormer is set up to capture young minds who will make lonely assholes and targets out of themselves following the dailystormer “red shoes, women r useless whores” nationalism…the whole thing is set up to identify, target, indoctrinate and preemptively destroy young white men who buy into that sht imo..the whole thing stinks of a Mossad fishing expedition, for fun and profit.

  8. Good thing Cantwell avoided that bullet. Andre is pretty much fucked forever if he’s not under the protection of the federal government already or won’t start cooperating. Serious stuff. As it stands now the attorneys would take every dime he made if he chose to return and actually get a job.

    Those lawsuits will make it impossible for him to ever move back to the US and make even a humble life for himself.

    Andre has nothing, absolutely nothing to lose at this point. He will go back to the way he was in 2012 in short order, make a deal with Jewish pressure groups and give information, and work even harder to derail the “movement”.

    That or continue to live abroad, broke. At some point he will make the deal, turn, and the lawsuit judgments will quietly go away. Andre can spend the remainder of his days in San Francisco, out of the closet, in the company of other radical homosexuals.

  9. During the Douglass Mackey drama, Andrew Anglin offered me permanent syndication on his website in exchange for curting ties with Cantwell.

    I declined. Not sure why he was trying to isolate Cantwell to protect Mackey if he wasnt actually in cahoots with the latter, but my download stats were artifically juiced during this period by (((someone))) and fell off the moment I declined Anglin’s offer.

    • and whats the difference between you and Ricky Vaughn exactly? both of you are useless GOP dickriders misdirecting anyone who will listen down the dead end road of “GOP infiltration”

      you are a shill moron, who tries to convince people that “no seriously, THIS TIME the feds have your best interests at heart, just vote one more time.”

      Fuck off shill

  10. It is interesting that the only IRL event that Anglin ever spent significant time promoting was UTR, which turned out to be a trap.

  11. The alt-right is an “operation whack a mole.” the goal was to preempt the rising White racial concern by leading a controlled opposition movement.

    1. cast a big tent, appeal to as many disenfranchised Whites as possible
    2. radicalize them
    3. coax them to take to the streets knowing full well your government buddies will poison any demonstration held
    4. they did try to do this with Whitefish, but when that failed, they tried again with Cville
    5. once the jews got their “domestic holocaust” at UTR (media fuel for the demonization of White interests) they wanted everything shut down
    6. jews call for the shut down of the alt-right, and TRS and DS also called for an end to all activism
    7. now everyone is just as atomized as before the alt-right, but most people have been outed over their support for White interests on social media, some have been doxxed, and the rest have still given the government an “estimate of force size”
    8. now the goal is to simply make sure people stay alone, and never network
    9. activism is the only thing that causes networking, so as long as this is relentlessly demonized, White men will likely stay atomized, which is easier for the state to deal with

    the whole thing was a scam, and DS was the leader of this. THEY are the feds. Azzmador, Weev are both informants and proxy agents of the government. This is so obvious, anyone denying it needs to be avoided as either a shill or someone too dumb to risk associating with.

    Brad has been one of the only men in this brave enough to expose DS.

    • Renny, most of what you wrote is obviously correct. But as for #9, networking doesn’t have to be done in big staged events, if that’s what you meant. We’re doing some networking here, just by keeping in touch with others in the movement. It might be more effective to drop truth bombs in conversation with normies, speaking up in local and county council meetings, and things like that anyway. Even the most pro-MAGA zombie knows things aren’t quite right. Most people don’t give a damn about groups holding events; they’ve got their jobs and families to worry about.

      • It was my experience as an organizer that leads me to believe that people do not get together for no reason. Most people would have to travel pretty far to get together. Only activism gives people the reason to network IRL. I’ve never seen it happen because of anything else. If it does, than great, networking is KING, but it’s been my experience networking doesn’t happen without activism.

        Not all activism is risky either. There are plenty of things one can do to get a message out there, risk free.

  12. Maybe I’m missing something with this conflict between Anglin and you guys – but Enoch (Peinovich) says he’s the grandson of Holocaust survivors (in his Twitter bio) – thus it appears that he’s openly stating that he has Jewish blood. So we have a Jewish guy as one of the heads of the WN movement but Weev is accused of being Jewish and is pretty much doing the same thing.

    If we’re going to make an issue of the Jewish background – then both Weev and Enoch (and any others with Jewish bloodlines) have to go (we have to stop following them).

    But I figure that there’s far more to this than meets the eye given the multiple long articles written by both HW and Anglin.

    I actually like both sites – this one and Anglin’s. There’s useful information that can be gained from various different sources and each one has a unique spin which is ok by me.

    However, I suspect that there are one or two figure heads (out of all of them) that are on the ADL payroll and have been for years – but this won’t come to light for a while.

    • Enoch may or may not be a Jew but the “grandson of holocaust survivors” is a joke from one of the shows. The joke being that technically we’re all the grandchildren of holocaust survivors if our grandparents didn’t die in the holocaust.

    • I don’t know if Enoch is a Jew or not but the “grandson of holocaust survivors” thing is a joke from one of the TDS episodes. The joke being that we’re all the grandchildren of holocaust survivors if our grandparents didn’t die in the holocaust.

  13. After everything he’s been through I think Cantwell deserves a round of applause. Battling the jews and Feds is hard enough, but avoiding traps set by internal enemies such as Lil’ Andre? Like Hitler before him, Cantwell has the luck of the devil.

    • Cantwell is spineless. I take it you forgot how he took the doxx of a fan from a book sale and sent that to Jared Holt, the antifa doxxer?? Anyone working with feds and antifa is DONE WITH. Lifelong blacklist. If you associate with him after that, you are massively dumb.

  14. “For an unemployed felon landscaper from Lawn Guyland Cantwell sure has become a good and prolific writer. C’mon the whole thing Cantwell’s involved with is some counter-intel psyop. I doubt he even writes the material attributed to him online.”- Louis

    Whoever is writing his columns, I will say that reading Cantwell’s site over the last year (since I found it as a link) is one of the better exercises in intellectual thought-provocation out there.

    But, like all the rest of the ”Artists formerly were known as Alt-Right”, I can’t in good conscience fund any of it- just as I never gave a shekel to AA or Parrott/Heimbach, etc., because it just didn’t feel ‘right’ (no pun intended, there). Just sayin’….. which is a pity. I’d like to know there was ONE person out there who is worthy of support in this Trump vs. Hosts of Hell/sliding to Bolshevism political landscape. It sure isn’t the Donald, nor any of the idiots on the Left. And, apart from a $1 to Tulsi (and I think HW’s call for the same, when Yang was on the cusp?) to get her/him into the first debate (the former per AA, I will admit it) I’ve not gotten a very good ‘return on my investment.’ The Kochs, Soros, the ADL, SPLC, etc. are all still out there, grinding away at the cornerstone of White America, while the masses sleep on in ignorance, and school districts give hormone blockers to minor children, all at taxpayer expense….. Well, I think the last money I willingly gave to a political candidate was Bush 1, and look where THAT got us….. Now, if I could only withhold my Federal Income Tax, as we used to, in the days before mandatory withholding….

    It’s akin to giving d’nations to a ‘worthy church charity.’ Unless one is copacetic with the aims and theology of a certain group, it ends up better giving to your local small-town congregation, because at least you KNOW all of THOSE PEOPLE (and who they are going to give your money to- and, more importantly who they are NOT going to give your money to….) rather than blindly giving to someone you don’t know, for people you don’t want in YOUR neighborhood, even if it’s a ‘homeless shelter/flop house,’ or a ‘women’s clinic.’ Just look at Europe, today. Thousands and thousands of non-Whites, on the dole, eating away (literally) at the Whites of Europe, as they rape and breed their way to a Moslem conquest. They’re in the mess they are, because of the false ‘Christian’ egalitarianism, preached by the Anti-Pope and the German Madam of the EU- Merkel. (May God damn her) Hell, look closer to home- at the hispanic trannies the US FEDGOV is feeding, housing, and helping with their satanic ‘hormones.’ Better to shoot such abominations at dawn, than steal our taxes for such godless evil. That may sound cruel, bit it’s a truism- because ‘charity begins at home’ and that’s where it should stay- among your own, at ‘home.’ All the rest is either idolatry of the Darkie, or Baphomet worship- or both. ‘Nuff said.

  15. “I also came to believe (though I turned out to be tragically mistaken) that so long as I obeyed the law, I could say whatever I wanted and not find myself in trouble with the State….The false sense of security I had developed during that phase of my life, did not serve me well as I discovered the Jewish Question.”

    Reading the full text of the above-referenced column, my viewpoints on these matters continue to be shattered. But it was these two related quotes that stood out, like a neon sign.

    I may not donate, but I would certainly buy a book about all of this. I still cannot believe how close I came to going to ‘see what was up’ in C’ville, in 2017. Call it Divine Providence, or just laziness, but the results of all this, show that the rule of law as we knew it, is dead in the USA. Especially as these eye-witness accounts continue to mount.

    Partition. Let the dead bury what remains of the corpse of this once-great land. We need a nation for White Christians, alone. [A mirror state to Israel- a nation for Jews, alone.] Misericordie, Domine.

  16. We’re going to stop White genocide by reporting WNs to the FBI for fake crimes, doxxing WNs, and filing false reports to Child Protective Services to destroy white families.

    Anglin, cantwell, weev, enoch, wallace, etc, all of you people are fake and gay and I hope you’re raped to death by a pack of niggers.

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