Daily Stormer: Andrew Anglin Is Just A Character


Andrew Anglin has left us with little choice.

We’re going to have to put the Daily Stormer down.

TRS is going to have to be the one to do it. They were Anglin’s only remaining allies. Everyone else but Matt Forney and Greg Johnson have deserted them at this point.

Here’s why in a nutshell it has to be done:

  • Weev was never vetted.
  • If Weev had been properly vetted, it would have been crystal clear from the outset that he is a mentally ill Jewish troll, a habitual liar and someone with extremely shady connections.
  • Several months after his early release from federal prison, Weev was embedded within the Alt-Right at Daily Stormer. From what I am told by Daily Stormer veterans, the website came under assault in 2014. Suddenly, Weev showed up to provide his technical services. He has offered his technical services to other content creators as well who wisely rejected him.
  • Since becoming embedded within the Alt-Right, Weev has made the Daily Stormer in his image and has associated the movement with cartoon Nazism, domestic terrorism and Loser Nationalism. It has become his platform to pick fights with other people and to disrupt the movement. It happened with Ramzpaul and Colin Liddell. It happened with Richard Spencer. It happened with Andrew Torba and Gab. It happened with Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach. It happened with Christopher Cantwell and Eric Striker. It happened with Lauren Southern and all female content creators. It happened with Atomwaffen who Daily Stormer had previously cultivated. It happened with David Duke, Radio Aryan and Stormfront. Most recently, it happened with Jayoh and TRS.
  • Weev controls the technical infrastructure, domain name and finances of Daily Stormer. But who controls Weev? Who has given Weev over $2 million dollars in Bitcoin? Why did Weev register the Daily Stormer to the Manhattan apartment of a Chabad-Lubavitch Jew?

  • The Alt-Right was a very loose movement of independent and affiliated content creators and lots of people (including people who don’t even like each other) have all had a very similar experience with the Daily Stormer trying to control and define the nature of the movement by rewarding its allies and attacking those who don’t go along with whatever happens to be its stupid agenda whether it is shilling for God Emperor Blompf or wearing retarded red clown shoes.
  • The best example of this is when Pope Anglin announced that henceforth the Alt-Right would become “American Nationalism” and the movement had to be divided into “AmNats” and “Wignats” for the GOP after Charlottesville. That was Rabbi Weevlos’s idea.
  • Supposedly, this had to be done because “Wignats” are bad optics. This was very rich coming from the Daily Stormer which had literally spent years identifying the Alt-Right with cartoon Nazism and from Weev who had the worst optics of anyone who was ever involved in the Alt-Right. Not only is he a disgusting, repulsive Jewish troll with a Hollywood Nazi swastika tattoo over his chest, this is someone who sent faxes decorated with swastikas threatening to rape and murder the children of federal agents. This is someone who can’t shut up about domestic terrorism and who thinks mass shootings are great optics. This is someone who is obsessed with brutally raping women. This is someone who I once watched spend Christmas making crank calls to Jewish synagogues. The Alt-Right wasn’t associated with any of these things until Rabbi Weevlos came along in 2014.
  • There is speculation, but no hard evidence yet, that Weev is also involved with 8chan which would make sense because if anyone was there stirring up the crazies – whether it is the incel revolutionaries or the violent accelerationists glorified at Daily Stormer – then it would be Rabbi Weevlos who has his fingers in both pots.

  • What do Daily Stormer, Gab, Christopher Cantwell and 8chan all have in common? All of these sites have been either pushed offline or have been threatened with domain seizures after being involved with Weev who celebrates domestic terrorism. Weev threatened to “send Nazis” to Heather Heyer’s funeral back in 2017. Great optics, amirite?

None of this makes any sense.

Let’s be honest: it has never made any sense.

Now, the debate we had in the so-called Optics War was a legitimate internal debate, and people have been debating that particular issue for the past forty years. I will say that I think James Allsup and Patrick Casey and AIM represented a legitimate side in that debate. It is a moot issue now though because the movement changed strategies and shifted away from street activism in early 2018. How did we get to the point where Andrew Anglin and Weev are trying to polarize and divide the Alt-Right over optics again while simultaneously celebrating mass shootings and ranting about beating and raping women?

TRS is going to put you on a list! TRS has your personal information! Everyone at TRS is a fed because of Jim Object’s 2012 Anarchy Chopper podcast! BTW, our Stormer Book Club leader Azzmador – who mysteriously continues to evade a felony warrant for his arrest in Charlottesville – wants you to go plaster fliers of Brenton Tarrant on the nearest church during a moral panic about mass shootings!

Speaking of the FBI, it is fed posters on the Daily Stormer BBS who are actually getting picked up by them.

The FBI is focused on stopping mass shootings. Say what you want about TRS, but you don’t see them celebrating that shit like Daily Stormer. Who do you think the FBI is paying attention to? Is it TRS pool parties or is it Rabbi Weevlos and his cult of morons on the Daily Stormer BBS?

Rabbi Weevlos on his way to shul:

It is also Daily Stormer spergs who are getting arrested by them:

Listen to Rabbi Weevlos say right here in his own words that he doesn’t give a damn about how much damage he causes his associates because all he cares about is his revenge fantasy:

As we saw here yesterday, Weev’s revenge on the federal government has absolutely nothing to do with our community. On the contrary, he believes the FBI has been after him “since he was 15 years old.” There is a good reason for that too. It is because of computer crime.

Weev was sending out manifestos to be posted on his Live Journal while he was still in prison in 2014 in which he toasted Timothy McVeigh, Andrew Stack and the Killdozer:

Know that all this wealth will be directed towards a good and charitable cause. I am building a series of memorial groves for the greatest patriots of our generation: Timothy McVeigh, Andrew Stack, and Marvin Heemeyer. You see, In the “Special Housing Unit”, which is Bureau of Prisons codespeak for “solitary confinement” and “torture”, I had enough time to think about the current state of federal government.

The federal government has declared war on We the People. I am but the latest casualty of the unjust and seditious war being waged against honest Americans and defenders of the Constitution. At Waco the FBI directed the murder of 76 men, women, and children. At Ruby Ridge the FBI murdered both a 14-year-old boy and a woman cradling her infant child. All federal agents are, in fact, murderous thugs and seditious terrorists. Sedition is the charge for crimes which undermine the Constitution with violence. I can assure you that violence was used against me, and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has already verified that the case against me undermined the Constitution. …”

Long before anyone had ever heard of Weev, he was a mentally ill Jew and a criminal and a straight up liability to anyone remotely associated with him. Allowing Weev to become associated with the Alt-Right was unquestionably one of the worst things that ever happened to it.

Weev has always seen feds in his cornflakes because he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and because he is a criminal who lives in a foreign country with a non-extradition treaty. He chose the pseudonym “Weev” because it means destruction. He is a sick Jewish troll who has never cared about anything or anyone but himself in life. Nothing that Weev says should ever be taken seriously because it is coming from a guy who went to federal prison for identity theft after attaining the personal data of over 100,000 iPad users and who before that boasted about hacking thousands of Live Journal users and having access to hundreds of thousands of Social Security numbers in The New York Times. Do people seriously still not know who Weev is or his background?

The absurdity and bad faith of Weev of all people concern trolling about doxing people and the sanctity of personal information is staggering. It is like watching a serial arsonist give lectures against starting forest fires or a child molester teaching a kindergarten class.

Just look at the chutzpah:

Andrew Anglin’s bad faith campaigns should alarm you:

1.) First, if you were concerned about protecting the personal data of your readers, would you put Weev of all people in charge of your website? A convicted criminal who went to federal prison for identity theft?

2.) Second, why would you put a known Jewish troll in charge of your website and all its data? Why did that Jewish troll register the domain of your website to the address of another Jewish hacker?

3.) Third, why hasn’t Azzmador been arrested on a felony warrant out of Charlottesville? Why does he have Stormer Book Clubs going out and posting fliers of Brenton Tarrant on churches? How is it that Azzmador who has a criminal record a mile long is uniquely avoiding going to prison over Charlottesville? Why is he still doing livestreams?

4.) Fourth, why do Stormer Book Clubs target mosques and synagogues in literature distributions? That’s asking to get charged with a hate crime.

5.) Fifth, if you are so concerned about optics, why do you use racial epithets and vulgarity? Why do you celebrate mass shootings? Why do you promote beating and raping women? There is a night and day difference between Daily Stormer and everyone else that claims to care about optics.

6.) Finally, if are you seriously worried about the FBI, why on earth are you putting Brenton Tarrant’s face all over your website? If you care so much about young men, why do you have Weev on your website celebrating domestic terrorism and posting his violent rants?

There has to be an explanation for this because TRS has done what pretty much everyone else has done. It closed down the 504um because it could be a potential legal liability. It tightened up its rhetoric and got out of street activism. It focused on producing online content and networking between fans. In contrast, Daily Stormer has been celebrating mass shootings while lecturing others about bad optics.

What’s going on here?

It is Andrew Anglin who lots of us are asking questions about:

Normal people don’t fantasize about beating up and raping the Little Mermaid:

Normal people worried about the FBI don’t plaster the name of their website over Brenton Tarrant fliers and have their deluded followers post them on churches:

This is all about shock value.

Andrew Anglin wants to shock the media and draw attention to himself. But why?

It’s because the Andrew Anglin you see on Daily Stormer isn’t real.

He plays a cartoon character on his performance art website. He admitted it in his own words when he “broke character” after Charlottesville. Whereas I am telling you my honest opinion and giving takes on various issues from my perspective, the Andrew Anglin on Daily Stormer isn’t the real Andrew. It’s like Sacha Baron Cohen playing the satirical role of Borat in the movie:

The joke is on everyone who takes Andrew Anglin seriously.

Here is Andrew “breaking character” and giving his honest opinion:

The Daily Stormer is a Performance Art Project and the Andrew Anglin Who Writes for It is a Character I Have Invented

I am not a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.” In fact, I do not even know what that is. It has not ever been defined by the people who use it, despite repeated requests for a definition. I am also not a “hater,” nor do I know what that term means when it is used to refer to me. It would seem to be self-explanatory – “a person who is driven by the emotion of hate” – and yet I am not driven by hate, but rather by a genuine desire to see Western civilization continue into the future. One could even say that I am driven by love, if one wanted to get sappy about it.

Though we share the same name, the Andrew Anglin who appears on the site is not me but a character that I have created, an outrageously extreme individual who takes pleasure in being provocative, and maintains an unhinged desire to commit numerous genocides. Though it doesn’t matter who I am, as the only thing that matters is my plan, it may be worthwhile to let the record show that I am a very nice person, who has always treated people of all races as individuals in any and all of my one-on-one interpersonal interactions.

It may also be interesting to note that while most of my critics have lived in insulated white upper-class environments for their entire lives, save for perhaps a few paid “volunteer” trips to third world countries where they live in an sanitized, controlled environment for a week or two as they rack-up social justice points, I have spent most of my adult life outside of the Western world, much of it in third world countries populated by nonwhites. At one point in my mid-twenties, I spent the better part of a year living with a primitive jungle tribe in a bamboo hut.

As an actual human being, I do not resemble the character of Andrew Anglin which, with the enthusiastic assistance of the media and groups such as the SPLC, I have created for the Daily Stormer.

A big part of what I do with the Andrew Anglin character on the Daily Stormer is trigger the outrage culture, in order to expose the fundamentally flawed nature of it, as well as to draw attention to myself and my agenda, which would otherwise simply be ignored. That certainly worked with the Heather Heyer piece. …

The powers that wish to shut down the agenda of social transformation that I am working on. They have a vested interest in maintaining the idea that the Andrew Anglin character exists as a real person, and that his plan is pure evil. That he is a genocidal maniac out of some children’s comic book who must be put down at any cost.

If this blog is allowed to remain up – and it should, as long as I uphold my pledge to not talk about politics on it, as it is ostensibly only my politics that have been banned from the internet and not me as an individual – then I will elaborate here on this concept of Daily Stormer as performance art. …

However, the purpose of maintaining the character was to gain mass media attention by creating spectacle. That is a mission, I believe that I can fairly say, has been accomplished. Presently, I have a duty to make my ideas accessible to the wider audience that this massive media exposure has given me, and that requires me to go through the heart-wrenching process of breaking character and explaining the nature of my art. …

I may also reveal more personal details about myself, the life I have lived and perhaps tell of my understanding of human existence and all of existence as a spiritual phenomenon, rather than a material one. …”

This was in 2017.

In other words, Andrew Anglin is really still Andre Anglin. He is just a fucking con artist and a troll who is ripping people off.

When you look at Andre Anglin in this light as a persona or a character, suddenly his work makes a lot more sense. He doesn’t care that Weev is Jewish. He doesn’t care that Azzmador is on the run from a felony charge. He doesn’t care about your personal information. He doesn’t really care about optics or the FBI. He certainly doesn’t care about the White race either. No, he is still living the same lifestyle he was before he supposedly “joined” the White Nationalist movement and “changed.”

Bloated hillbilly? YES.

Let the fun continue. I’m just getting started.

Note: In case you think this is just a reaction to the TRS drama, we covered all of this over a year and a half ago. We also warned TRS about these people.

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      • Thank you. I saw the exchange before. Re: Der ewige Weev? He and Allen Ginsburg are the spitting image of each other. Weev is not 1/16th. He’s full on Heeb.

        That Tara McKikey comment? 2% is a LOT of DNA load. 2% may as well be 98%. People don’t understand genetics at all – and I am a mere neophyte layperson. FYI – if you actualy study phenotypes – that 2% was all over the Heeb grifter McKikey’s liver lipped shtetl escapee’s face.

  1. In a way, that manlet-sized mongrel is doing some good by using his performance art project to lure in unsavory, unlikable characters and then not only make fools out of them but expose them to possible prosecution by ZOG. Goytalk.com is better than Daily Sewage and The Rabbinical Stuff combined.

  2. I would think that a primary rule of effective politics is not to work with moral idiots.
    Apparently Angelin’s various associates disagree.

  3. That early picture of Anglin – he was kind of cute. Now – look what his choices have done to him. It’s so much easier to destroy, than build. All these loonies are doing is destroying. It’s so boring…

  4. Many are confused by why sites like DS are supported by ZOG since they seem to expose ZOG operations and encourage white racial awareness, but when one understands that the only way to survive and overcome a brutal occupation is through compassion and honorable action within your own circumstances it becomes clear why ZOG must encourage desperation, and persecution anxiety in peoples’ minds no matter what. When rage and suspicion pervade the mind there is no room for honor and compassion, which means there is no room to develop true bonds and act effectively as a group.

    When one thinks of white civilization it is not individuals and families viciously competing for who gets to feel good about themselves and who gets exploited and ruined, it is a social structure built on trust and honorable contribution where everybody has a place as long as they care for the civilization above themselves. Such a situation can only arise through men who overcome their personal resentments and desire for flattery and learn to act together for the good of all whites, this requires men to do the inner work of discovering their eternal racial soul and putting it above their temporary individual body and refusing to indulge in their emotions. One has to ask what exactly the point of caring about the race is if one does not love the fruits of the racial soul (a just and compassionate ordered civilization).

    Anglin and weev’s infestation of white identity is a huge indictment on the soul of whites currently, they would be banished quickly if people were more concerned with building a civilized future through humble contribution than with expressing their personal rage and frustration and worshiping the media darlings and the “trolls”. Many are saying whites need a leader to emerge, but only a con artist can emerge because too few would accept a leader that did not validate their childish emotions. A compassionate and honorable leader cannot emerge out of a cesspool of vile rage and resentment as they would have no way to develop. Therefor whites are led around by their emotions by ZOG con artists like weev, trump, et al. These are the outcomes of conservative desires to pause the decay we are experiencing so that we can indulge in our emotions and comforts just a while longer.

    We can see that these conservative attitudes emerge out of an addiction to material pleasures (comforts, flattery, emotional validation) coupled with an inability to think of death as it is too scary. Even many of those who claim to be Christian or “spiritual” are so frightened of death they will spend their children’s birthright on trying to squeeze out a few more years of life and distraction in their 90s. The problem is that not even your children can save you from the oblivion of death if you are concerned only with the material world, genetic drift and epigenetic influences will assuredly erase your genetic print just as time will erase your works. Dealing with this fact was put off for a thousand years as white men indulged in a foreign religion that denied the racial soul, but now that we are under overtly hostile occupation by an ethnic group that hates our racial soul, it is time to relook at the realities of life and death.

    The only solution is to accept that there is an eternal part of you that is shaped and imprinted by your actions and thoughts on Earth, and this shape will reemerge again and again in situations, racial circumstances, where it is an efficient shape. Many outcomes exist for whites, for you to witness the beautiful white civilization emerge again from the decay requires you to shape your racial soul in this life with suitable actions and thoughts. One can exercise self-control, humility, play, honor, compassion, effective force, resolve, kindness, all of the attributes that give birth to civilization, no matter what the circumstances are and in this way one can be a part of the outcome of these attributes (a healthful civilization) in eternity. Without this view, this awareness of the racial soul that you are developing through overcoming your uncivilized attitudes, one will find themselves suffering in confusion and lashing out in pain.

    • Mum, I appreciate your heartfelt, thoughtful writing here. Our concerns should extend beyond ourselves and our immediate desires. Our progeny and posterity should be foremost in our thoughts and actions. Not just because of the dubious Darwinian assumptions that we must, either.

      Your comments about the “eternal racial soul” confused me, though. You believe that the soul is a reflection of our race, and not a manifestation of energy or consciousness? Or that it is such a manifestation, but also is a likeness of our earthly selves? The idea of the soul usually assumes energy that is not like the “outer shell.” That idea is used to make more earthly concerns as race differences seem superficial and ultimately meaningless. Your belief seems to repudiate that notion.

  5. Daily Stormer, Fuentes, Cernovich, and the rest are all going to be using the old “sure trump turned out to be corrupt zog puppet by check these pics of tranny story hour and hear these anti-white platitudes from the DNC, we have no choice but to vote for him” play in 2020 for sure. Anglin is already pushing the line that voting GOP is necessary to avoid getting put in FEMA camps by a democrat.

    The shilling for GOP 2020 is going to be overwhelming, especially with all the boomer stock market returns that will get donated ot you if you shill trump. But tere is no denying it: if you are an eceleb and shill trump 2020 you are a ZOG puppet and must be starved out and excluded.

    The truth is that Trump will almost certainly win reelection as the democrats will intentionally fail, but the only way to make that a good outcome is to ensure that white identity is not pinned to him and stands in opposition to him so that only zionists are tarred by the trump brush in the end.

  6. Mathew 7:1 don’t judge, by Mathew 7:6 it is judge them if they are dogs or swine. The book is so obviously code for the people who wrote it only a fool couldn’t understand that. Put it on every church you see. Moron

  7. @vapingheals on twitter is weev, by the way, if that was unclear. The prior image used as an avatar on that account was the same image that weev used on his livejournal, and anglin has directly linked to @vapingheals in articles on his site, despite the account being very small. So that is why the account jumps in to defend weev anytime something negative is written about him. He used to do the same thing on 4chan and 8chan. Anytime his name was mentioned he would pop into the topic.

  8. “He certainly doesn’t care about the White race either.”

    Huh? On what basis do you say that, Mr. Wallace? Since I don’t follow these things, I have no idea what these recent posts of yours are about. I don’t know who Jim Object or where all this trouble between Andrew Anglin and others is taking place on the internet. To me, the Daily Stormer is just a website I visit and which does not seem to have changed during the past week or so in which you’ve been posting about all kinds of trouble having to do with Andrew Anglin.

    What is odd to me about this present entry of yours is that it seems to do the opposite of what you think it’s doing. During this past week or so, some of the commenters here, at Occidental Dissent, seem to have been saying that you, Hunter Wallace, do not get the spirit of the Daily Stormer; and now, you present information that confirms that misunderstanding on your part but that you, perversely, seem to think vindicates you.

    I don’t get it.

    • The “spirit” of the daily stormer is fed-posting, Hollywood Nazi stereotypes, and unironic shilling for the most pro-Jewish president in American history. When called out on their BS their response is always “lol its just satire bro, you don’t get it.”

      No, we get it. We get that the part about being pro-white is satire and that the shilling for the GOPe is sincere.

      • If Anglin somehow isn’t genuinely pro-white, then discredit is not to him but to genuine pro-whites, whoever they might be, because he makes the pro-white case more incisively than anyone else.

      • Like the modern performance it is, an appeal to pretense, beyond the comprehension of the mere hoi polloi for which it ostensibly advocates.

  9. It really is amazing what you have done, Hunter Wallace, to avoid the original issue of Jayoh and TRS’ links to feds and informants.

    I’m not so brash as to dismiss the in-depth, and obsessive research you’re doing on Anglin. There is really nothing wrong with that. Gold never fears a furnace. I have not digested your claims, yet. And for all I know you may have a legitimate point.

    But it is your motives which really betray suspicion about you. Why are you stressing these things so much now just when people are focused on TRS and Jayoh? This really stinks of a disingenuous distraction tactic to cover for these people. But now the spotlight will go onto you.
    Why are you covering for these people Hunter Wallace?
    Why do you justify, and sympathize with, a federal informant?
    Are you, Andy Griffin, yourself a federal informant?
    I do not trust you either. I think you and Anglin should have a live debate, with a disinterested moderator. But I have a feeling you would decline such scrutiny, the same way Mike Enoch did.

    • Juenbook – Hunter is a husband and a father. He’s got real world responsibilities. He and his wife have done what Whites should be doing, for real world existence. Create a child.

      Perhaps Hunter is simply fed up to his gills with malicious, evil, destruction Nation Wrecking TRASH. Whatever TRS’s issues are – and there are plenty – they are no where NEAR as malignant and destructive as the ((( Dalyl Sewer)))

    • Here’s my response:

      1.) This website was around long before Daily Stormer and I remember when the “original issue” was (insert name) that Weev had some issue with. Now, it is Jayoh and TRS, but before that it was nearly a dozen other people. I happen to know the real reason why they are so angry with Jayoh and it has nothing to do with that stupid podcast. It is because Jayoh wanted nothing to do with Daily Stormer because of the rape women stuff and the celebrate mass shootings stuff. The thing that set them off and caused Andre Anglin’s meltdown is that TRS quietly cut ties with him. Before TRS quietly cut ties with him, he had no problem with Jayoh or TRS.

      2.) I’m not anywhere close to being done with Anglin and Weev. The reason that I have reacted to these two the way that I have is because of what I know about their history. In particular, when you study Weev’s past it quickly becomes apparent that he has been “at war” with the federal government since he was imprisoned for computer crime in 2013, but this personal vendetta has nothing whatsoever to do with our community. Instead, Weev has been disrupting our community since 2014.

      3.) I’m not stressing these things “just now.” I said every bit of this a year and a half ago during their previous bad faith campaign when TRS was on their side. Back then, I was banned from the 504um for pointing all of this out when Weev had a stranglehold on TRS.


      4.) I’m sick and tired of watching a Jewish troll disrupt our community. That’s my motivation. Quite honestly, the problem should have been addressed in 2014.

      5.) As for Cantwell, he thought that cooperating with law enforcement was the best way to deal with Charlottesville. I’ve seen nothing that leads me to believe he was insincere. Now, one might question the wisdom of cooperating with the FBI, but that DOES NOT make you a fed. In contrast, I can’t explain why Azzmador has a felony warrant for his arrest in Charlottesville, but mysteriously never went to jail. When Charlottesville charged Jacob Goodwin and Tyler Davis, the feds broke down their doors.

      6.) I live in rural Alabama with my wife and kid. I run this website and offer takes on politics and history. Every comment on this website is moderated in order to protect our readers often from silly shit that they say themselves which I think might be misconstrued and used against them. You don’t see me telling people to go post Brenton Tarrant fliers on churches and synagogues.

      7.) Unlike Andre Anglin, I don’t curate the comments. We currently have one rule which is don’t post anything that smacks of violence or celebrates violence. There are people here taking shots at Cantwell and Enoch and I have allowed all that through the filter.

  10. I have not given up on street activism. It is a part of my daily routine. I am all Confederate all the time. I wear it, speak it, breathe it, live it! Anywhere I am, the Confederacy is alive and thriving. In the midst of the minority hordes, one proud White Man stands tall at only 5′ 10.” I actually function better as a solo entity. I have a way of drawing attention to myself. People often think I am crazy, but who is judging me? Some Negro with his pants falling off? A Wetback that should have been stopped at the border? A Bimbo with her hair dyed Blue? Some Biker with a tattoo of a skull pierced by a dagger captioned with the words “Born to Lose?” Some Nerdy, Effeminate, Snowflake, Faggot Fuck? A Prim and Proper, Dickless, Stuffed Shirt Businessman? Ain’t not nary a one of ’em got shit to say to me, and I won’t listen to it anyway.

    This is only one component of my modus operandi, which also includes distributing literature and reaching out to individuals on a regular basis. For every 100 that dismisses me or shrugs me off, at least 10 respond positively. And, those 10 are usually among the more conservative, straight laced, members of our society. Even though, I don’t look like them or act like them, I can speak their language. So, it’s kind of funny when some 50 year old flip-flop, Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirt, wearing Parrot Head who has just brushed me off, only moments later, witnesses me amicably conversing with a retirement age couple who look like they just emerged from shooting a commercial about investment portfolios.

    This approach might not work for everyone. It requires a lot of charm, finesse, theatrics, personal initiative and bravado.

      • Thank You, Mr. Green. I do my best with what little I have. A word of encouragement is always appreciated. May your days be filled with joy and blessings!

    • Solo activism is really difficult to do, and quite brave if you’re non-PC in these benighted times. What you’re doing is highly admirable, CR.

      • Thank You, Mr. L.

        Strangely, or perhaps not, I have found that I can operate more freely without the constraints imposed upon me by others. Especially, when these are individuals who are supposedly on my side. Constantly having someone tug at my reins, saying “Whoa!!!” Censoring my words and disavowing my methods. Promoting a Southern Fried version of Political Correctness. Eat, Meet and Retreat. Perpetual Mourning in Cemeteries. Infighting with a vengeance but with no heart to confront our real enemies. Optics. On the occasions when these people did present themselves publicly, they frequently were too engaged in conversing with one another to speak to those who may have shown an interest in what we were supposed to be there to do.

        I am free from all of that. I can decide what to wear, what to say, where to make an appearance and for how long. I always try to justify my presence by picking a suitable time, place, or event, that I can use to showcase a connection to the Confederacy. I have also used a reverse form of protest at MLK celebrations, carrying signs reminding everyone of the White victims of desegregation, and highlighting the uncivilized and violent nature of Gangsta Rap music. Following the release of Straight Outta Compton, I used N.W.A. to demonstrate a gleeful attitude about Black on Black crime. I distributed the information at a couple of theaters. One had a considerable number of Negro patrons present, whom I did not hesitate to hand the papers to. I was soon escorted away by security. I also handed these out at an M.L.K. observance.

        Some people tell me I should let someone else do these things and avoid getting into trouble or injured. The problem is, hardly anyone else will.

  11. The DS has been permanently nuked by Docc. We’re not doing mass shootings, raping women, and promoting incel/MGTOW behavior.

    We’re also hopefully not being self-hating wormpilled crustaceans who deny the Moon Landing.

    The Moon Landing happened and European Americans accomplished it. If your deathpilled brain can not envision it then just look to the CERN Large Hadron Collider for an analog of what Europeans can create.

    Do people on our side even comprehend what a massively miraculous creation the LHC is?

    I did my homework and I have my certified degrees in Science. When I think about the grandeur and majesty of the LHC it fills me with great pride to be European derived.

    Hopefully, others can go do their homework and steer their imaginations away from the blackhole pits of human existence and towards the mountain peaks.

    • I, we’ve done our homework. It appears to me and everyone else in the truth community knows the real truth, ‘Science… you’ve been blinded by science’ lol… Come back to earth, Lee Harvy Oswald’s ghost is calling you from the LHC and the ‘scientists’ are spraying us with vitamin fortified chemtrails.

  12. So we’ve got Jews running the Daily Stormer, we’ve got tranny fucking heroin dealers over at TRS, and we’ve got FBI snitches that dox right wingers and file false reports to FPS over in “Radical Agenda” land.

    White nationalism in America is fake and gay.

  13. There’s enough info out there about both the Stormer and TRS that make me not want to have anything to do with either.

    The difference is that TRS is a much larger animal and actually attracts a lot of serious and well-intentioned people, whereas the Stormer attracts the bottom of the barrel.

    But despite Anglin’s histrionics and obvious self-serving purpose here, he does make some legit points about TRS. Until someone can convince me otherwise, I believe both are compromised and should be avoided.

  14. Anglin for someone so concerned about the white race hehe yeah right!, he sure seems to bitch alot about his readers not sending him money. 2 out of 7 articles he’ll complain or say that he is poor and his storm spergers should be sending him cold hard cash for all the hard work he does

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