Daily Stormer: When Did You Realize Daily Stormer Was A Fake Website?

UPDATE: Matt Parrott on when he figured it out:

I first realized that Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer wasn’t who he pretends to be on the internet back in early 2015, but our attention quickly shifted to the rise of Donald Trump.

To borrow a phrase from a friend which is apt here, Little Andre is “a master of angles”:

The Goyim Know?

What do the Jews know?

My recollection is that Andrew Anglin first manifested in our sphere of the internet as TotalFascism.com in late 2012. It wasn’t until 2013 though that I heard about that website. He launched Daily Stormer in July 2013 and back in its earliest days the Stormer was defined by its crudity and coarse language and its celebration of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Far from being Alt-Right, the website seemed to hark back to an exaggerated form of WN 1.0. It was almost like a caricature.

In any case, I paid little attention to Andrew Anglin and Daily Stormer for the first two years of its existence because I was focused on Southern Nationalism at the time. I was never interested in any of that stuff. At the time, I was focused on enjoying the relationships that I was building here in the South, getting married and having a son and maintaining this website wasn’t my priority at the time. From a distance, I watched the turmoil that the rise of the Stormer was causing within the Alt-Right or White Nationalist movement, which I gently mocked in Beefs 1, Beefs 2, Beefs 3, Beefs 4, Beefs 5 and Beefs 6. The concern was that the Daily Stormer was bad optics and was destroying the Alt-Right brand.

In early 2015, Marcus Cicero asked me to set him up an account here on Occidental Dissent. He was leaving the Daily Stormer. I began to talk at length with Marcus who had become disillusioned with Andrew Anglin after writing for his website. The source of his disillusionment was his realization that Andrew Anglin is a fraud. Supposedly, Andrew had become a hardcore White Nationalist or National Socialist or something since leaving the Philippines, but in 2015 he was back over there doing drugs and sleeping with underage non-White women and was supporting himself with donations from his White Nationalist website. He dismissed Marcus’s concerns that Weev was a Jew because he didn’t care.

He later did the same thing with Christopher Cantwell:

In the early days of Daily Stormer, we all learned about Andre Anglin:

Everyone who joins the Alt-Right has a past.

Jim Object has a past as a lolbertarian An Cap. Greg Johnson has a past as an Objectivist. TRS has a past in right-lolbertarianism. Mike Enoch has a past as a lolbertarian with a Jewish wife in New York City. Christopher Cantwell has a past as a lolbertarian shock jock.

Andrew Anglin’s past is Andre Anglin who wanted the White race to be bred out of existence, who believed that microchips were being implanted in our brains, who rejected Western civilization to go live in the jungle in the Philippines to become closer to nature, who hated consumerism and technology and who was like a sort of liberal who wanted to join a tribe of Noble Savages so that he could live in the Stone Age. For six years on the internet, Andre Anglin made tens of thousands of posts running his websites OutlawJournalism.com and RealitySituation.com. He was into David Icke and Alex Jones and was a major figure in the Truth Movement. Anglin’s mind was overwhelmed by conspiracies.

Some people are just unable to leave their past behind though and that has become increasingly obvious with Andrew Anglin. He said on that podcast in 2012 with Lewka Peel that he was only attracted to black women and that it was bullshit that White people should only breed together. In fact, Andrew Anglin hasn’t changed at all on this subject since he was Andre Anglin:



According to Andrew Anglin’s black cousin Trey, Drew was always like this growing up in suburban Columbus. He was never a racist and only pretends to be one on the internet. He exclusively dated black women and Asian women. As far as we know, this deep seated problem that Andrew Anglin has with White women goes back to high school when he was humiliated at a party when his girlfriend kissed another guy. This wouldn’t be an issue if Drew who later became Andre who later became Andrew wasn’t in a position to poison the Alt-Right and White Nationalism with his “former beliefs.”

Suppose that Mike Enoch told you he had become a White Nationalist and had divorced his Jewish wife. Then you find out that Mike was lying to you about his conversion and never really held these beliefs and was in fact still with his Jewish wife. Such is what has happened with Andrew Anglin since he “changed” in 2013. According to Andrew, the Daily Stormer is a performance art project. It is all satire. The goal is to manipulate the SPLC and the media into drawing attention to the cartoon character that is Andrew Anglin who says all kinds of extreme things. What is being satired though?

Daily Stormer has always launched these Gay Ops. The Neo-Nazi invasion of Whitefish, MT was a Gay Op which interestingly Andrew Anglin didn’t want to be present at in person. He wanted Cantwell to have the honor. It is telling that he couldn’t be persuaded to go to Charlottesville either. In fact, he has no real world relationships with anyone in the Alt-Right or White Nationalist movement.

Here’s a short list of some people who I have met IRL:

  • Greg Johnson
  • Richard Spencer
  • David Duke
  • Dr. Michael Hill
  • Kevin MacDonald
  • Don Black
  • Christopher Cantwell
  • Jason Kessler
  • Matt Parrott
  • Matt Heimbach
  • Mike Enoch
  • Jayoh

It is much easier to get a sense of a person in the real world than on the internet. Some of these people on this list despise each other like Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer. It is striking how everyone seems to know everyone else, but no one has a personal relationship with Weev or Andrew Anglin. TRS doesn’t believe that Jim Object is a “fed plant” because they have known him in the real world for years. Does anyone know Andrew Anglin or Andrew Escher Auernheimer in the real world?

Alex Pilosov has a personal relationship with Weev.

The Daily Stormer was registered to his address in New York City. I’m sure there is a good explanation though why Weev has such close personal relationships with all these Jewish leftists in New York City. To my knowledge, no one else has those associations and certainly not Jim Object.

Andrew Anglin will tell you he is somehow exiled from the United States. What crime has Andrew Anglin been charged with though? I saw David Duke last weekend. He left the United States after high school and was filming documentaries in the Philippines for years before he “converted” to fascism. He briefly returned to the United States in 2013, then he left to tour eastern Europe, then he went back to Southeast Asia. He was living there long before he was sued over the “Neo-Nazi invasion” of Whitefish, MT. He raised $150,000 from his fans to fight that lawsuit and didn’t even bother to mount a defense. In contrast, Mike Enoch vigorously fought the Sines v. Kessler lawsuit until he was dismissed from the case.

I can’t put my finger on it, but something doesn’t add up with Drew aka Andre aka Andrew Anglin. It is preposterous that any real “White Nationalist” or “National Socialist” would act like Andre. For the record, I don’t believe he is a “fed.” I just don’t think he was ever real.

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  1. Were you aware in 2014 when DS was cheerleading for ISIS?

    They were also supporting the Novorossiya side against ZOG Jewkraine which was a good thing, as much as I was always suspicious of their motives, they were better on that issue than a lot of other “National Socialist” groups. They never talk about that anymore though. Starting in 2017, maybe 2016 to some extent, DS became a whole lot worse.

      • knew DS was (mostly) satire when they had Taylor Swift meme’d up in an SS uniform running a gas chamber.

        as such, it is highly entertaining and always my last daily stop before turning to my own projects.

      • Hunter I am not sure yet. But I may be able to get proof on Andrew Anglin being a Jew. A lawsuit might prohibit it though. If I could get it would you print it?

          • When I know if I can I’ll get back to you. Last time I checked it was stopped by a suit. Good work on this stuff. But keep going we need a total cleanout. Enoch is one too. I know it. People need to know the truth about him too.

          • Mr. Wallace, does this post by “Jack Corke” not strike you as silly? Someone behind a screen-name dramatically suggests that he might be able to provide proof that Andrew Anglin is a Jew–proof that nobody else, in all these years, has ever seen, apparently, and that’s cached beyond public view by a lawsuit (?); then he asks whether, if he can obtain it, you would publish it? Uh–why wouldn’t you publish it?

            By the way, have I mentioned that secret document I recently stumbled upon, the one that provides a brilliant plan for removing Jews from the heights of power in finance and the communications media? I have it around here somewhere; I’ll have to look through the clutter on my desk. If I find it, would you be interested in posting it at Occidental Dissent?

          • There are people who have always posted all kinds of things in the comments.

            I’ve never looked into Anglin’s ethnic background. I know that as Andre Anglin he claimed to be Irish and Native American. He was mocked in that YouTube video for looking like an Israeli. Of course, I didn’t look into Weev’s background either until he became such a disruptive shit stirrer and particularly after that interview with his mother came out.

    • The work that we did on the Jewish coup in Ukraine was Pulitzer caliber stuff, and note that this was all done pre-Weev.

      The descent began early in 2015 when Andre decided out of nowhere to start attacking White women harsher than he was attacking the Jews.

      In fact, if you go back through the history, he wrote an article literally on Valentine’s Day 2015 whining like a little bitch about how women were mean to him his whole life.

      It honestly made me contact him and be like, “You ok, Bro? You about to come out of the closet or something?”

        • “White Sharia” was a meme that came from the Vandal bros on their podcast The War Room. They were actual combat marines in Afghanistan so that’s where the gallows humor came from. Typical military humor really. It’s actually a hilarious meme, people take it way too seriously. Anglin merely adopted that meme and then started making serious arguments for it. It was originally a joke. A really funny joke. Probably the best joke to come out of the alt-right IMO.

          • The War Room were open apologists for race-mixing, Zionism, and wars for Israel in the Middle East. They wrote an article in Return of Kings calling for a nuclear holocaust of Israel’s enemies, and mass miscegenation. “White Sharia” was the least of their problems.

          • to me, the idea of taking rules and terms by a non white background, like thew saudi-led sharia law, was contamination in any case.

            I think I had enough of non white religions in the last 2000 years- the 3 abrahmitics, of which christianity is the one white washed at its best… which is in reality very little forn a real indoeuropean.

          • In my opinion, taking a concept from a non white world ( sharia is mainly a saudi- wahabite ‘institution’, after all ) and applying it, even for ‘joke’, to the white world means contamination.

            I had enough of non white religions in the last 2000 years- of the three abrahmitic religions, the white- washed christianity is what is doing the worst damage in Europe since 2000 years: killing of the pagans ( who were indoeuropeans ), thwarting and distorting the indoeuropean traditions, and in the end, with the sense of guilt, making Europe to accept jews, niggers, and every scam on earth.

            no, thanks. not for me and not for Europe anymore, we were elegant people in beautiful cities, now we are scared elegant people living in degraded cities trying to avoid at our best the littlest contact with the so colled ‘ immigrants’.

  2. This is why I prefer ppl wi a lifetime of dedication, like Don Black. These suddenly ‘pro-White’ are suspect, especially when they previously held the opposite opinions.

    HW, have you met Dr. Ed Fields ?

  3. It’s funny how Wang Lin’s followers have such a high opinion of themselves, yet they were fooled into following someone who not only laughs at them but isn’t even completely white.

    • anglin is half “red indian” and a manlet
      weev is a jew and a manlet
      azzmador is an old white trash criminal, literally behaves like a nigger

      Imagine thinking this lot are the arbiters of “optics” lol

  4. “I can’t put my finger on it, but something doesn’t add up with Drew aka Andre aka Andrew Anglin. It is preposterous that any real ‘White Nationalist’ or ‘National Socialist’ would act like Andre. For the record, I don’t believe he is a ‘fed.’ I just don’t think he was ever real.”

    He’s atypical, I’ll grant you that, but I don’t find it preposterous, as you say you do, that a genuine pro-white would act as Anglin does. Someone who approaches a subject as unusually as he approaches race–i.e., the politics of race–probably can’t be expected to behave usually in any respect.

  5. His attraction to Asian women was all the evidence we need. I’ll copy and paste what I wrote earlier today:

    Do people here realize that men who like Asian women are homosexual? Even if a man is only attracted to Asian women and never once lusts after a man, he is still gay. Asian bodies are built like a pre-teen pretty boy’s bodies. So even if these men attracted to Asian women are only attracted to Asian women, they’re just as gay as dudes at a gay bar.

    An Asian woman is an affront to nature So is the man who pursuers her Both of them will face the wrath of gods and nature when they die. So guys, don’t be fooled by comrade Anglin. Seek after a good, white woman. Cherish her. Have children with her. No Asian woman (no matter how feminine, attractive, fit) can ever compare her. In fact, I have found that traditional white women (real women) have nothing but healthy contempt towards Asian women. Asian women return that hatred towards the traditional white woman.

    • Yes there have actually been scientific studies on this. The same men banging Asians and having strange alien looking, boy shaped, Asian waifus are the same weird af, can’t get a white woman ones that are attracted to kids.

      • @Marcus I remember that fallout you had, it was after a podcast you did with some woman and Sven I believe who was a regular poster on DS. The next day Anglin was flipping out, I believe in the comment section about how woman shouldn’t have any say whatsoever and then you disappeared. Then onward Anglin started with his mommy issue woman bashing. Long time posters were POd on what he was writing and lost many commentators. He only got worse calling for the rape and beating of woman. I can see once in a while for the lol but when 1 out of 3 or 4 articles are written demeaning woman, that is way out of line. I believe the juden weev had a lot to do with it, that’s about the time he came on.
        Marcus you were a colorful writer and one of the best Anglin had, his lost.

          • Yes, I believe that was the time Sven suddenly disappeared also. I remember quite clearly, two of best writers on the old DS Marcus and Sven were gone after that podcast. Then weev appears after several DoD attacks, that’s no coincidence.

          • Almost every writer anglin has ever had ended up leaving on bad terms with him. That or they turned out to be Jews like that goldberg guy

        • Thank you for that, and the more I think about it, the anti-woman stuff coincided perfectly with the arrival of Weev behind the scenes.

          The podcasts Sven, CrimsonTide (the lady) and myself were doing were all in the top ten articles ever featured on DS until that time. They were far and away the most popular radio shows. There were at least 3 done in a span of a couple of weeks and Andrew had FULL control over what was published – he also knew in advance of these podcasts and who was scheduled to be on.

          On the last one he flipped out – I think because CrimsonTide called out racemixers, still not sure – and started doing his lying, and crying about having a female on the site. He had 100% control of the publishing, we could not publish without his vetting and I can tell you, he vetted everything and made sure everything was exactly how he wanted his image to be seen. He was a micromanager – so to say he knew nothing was all lies.

          Andre obviously always had women problems, but before the arrival of the Jew, he could at least suppress it deep down.

          The Jews play on our inner demons, and we can see the end result with how Anglin has now gone to the brink of going full Ted Bundy.

    • I think thats a bad take on Asian women Odinsons, you are not gay for liking Asian women thats ridiculous and absurd statement. I agree Asian women are petite but that doesn’t necessarily make you a pedo. It is however another race,so it is racemixing if you have a child with a Asian women

  6. Andrew looks to be a case of too scared to come play with the big kids. It is easy to get lost in his funny shock style and not even look at his backround. OD is doing a phenomenal job at exposing him though. He is a cheerleader thinking he has skin in the game but doesn’t. Hunter has won me over on this one. Time to delete that ds shortcut on the home screen….

  7. Hunter,

    Unless people can be born White Nationalists, or they hit on White Nationalism the first time they have a political idea, they were all something before they got involved with White Nationalism.

    Is it your view that Anglin’s and Weev’s sketchy pasts should lead people not to trust them?

    If you hold that view, then shouldn’t Jim Object/JO’s sketchy past lead people not to trust him or the people who put stock in him at TRS? (Let’s leave out his more recent history as a drunkard and advocate of mass extermination of other races, not to mention his tales as a badass mercenary in Africa.)

    If you think that JO’s past is not relevant to people’s attitudes toward TRS today, then why are Anglin’s and Weev’s sketchy pasts relevant to The Daily Stormer today, specifically to the Stormer’s recent string of revelations about Jim Object/JO and about TRS’s handling of the situation, which adds real insult to potential injury and leads people to conclude the worst?

    As you know, I am on the record opposing the Stormer’s takes on almost every position:





    But just as people can be a whole bunch of other things before becoming White Nationalists, they can also believe a whole lot of wrong things and still hit on the truth.

    I think the Stormer’s post-Charlottesville persecution, which was worse than anyone else’s in the movement’s — save the people who actually had their lives ruined by participating in Unite the Right — caused them to wake up about street marches.

    I think they are also right about American Nationalism.

    Logically speaking, the things they are saying about JO need to be taken on their own merits.

    Bad people can make good arguments. That’s why the ad hominem argument is a fallacy.

    • Greg Johnson – Give. It. Up.

      If you wish to retain the slightest, thinnest shred of credibility, in ANY capacity – STOP. Just. STOP.

      You are truly embarrassing yourself.

    • The lying and manipulating they’ve done are good reasons to not trust them. Why do you continue to defend them, especially after all the evidence HW has presented? Is it because birds of a feather flock together?

    • Greg,

      My attitude has always been that everyone has a past and it is unreasonable expect perfect people to come into the Alt-Right or White Nationalism. There are some people who should be absolutely disqualified from being allowed to join our circles. If you are a mentally ill Jewish troll who has been to federal prison for identity theft, then you should never be accepted within our circles. I would love to hear the case as to why someone with Weev’s background was ever trusted.

      In the case of Jim Object/Jayoh, we always known he was a lolbertarian An Cap. We have always known that TRS is a political comedy show that does bits. There is no reason to believe that Jim Object was ever a mercenary in South Africa or that he escaped from the United States in the Anarchy Chopper. It seems obvious to me that his explanation that this was nothing more than lolbertarian political comedy is likely correct. Plus, the TRS guys have known Jayoh in the real world for years now whereas no one that I know of has a real world relationship with Andrew Anglin or Andrew Escher Auernheimer.

      Now while it is true that everyone has a past and that as practical matter we have to have some level of forgiveness, it is also true that not everyone successfully overcomes their past. There are people who were drug addicts before becoming White Nationalists. They often relapse into being drug addicts. There are people who have all kinds of issues who have relapses. Andrew Anglin’s particular issues are 1.) being a race-mixer with deep seated issues with women and 2.) being a paranoid conspiracy theorist. This is who he was for years on the internet as Andre Anglin.

      Has Andrew Anglin ceased being Andre Anglin? I don’t think so. I look at who Andre Anglin was and who Andrew Anglin is now and I see someone who has reverted to his former lifestyle. I also see a paranoid crank who is using his platform to weave conspiracy theories and accuse other people of being federal agents. I see someone who for years has disrupted our corner of the internet on behalf of Weev and likely because of the financial relationship that he has with Weev who has a mental illness.

      As for optics, that’s a legitimate debate.

      As for American Nationalism, that’s also a legitimate debate.

      Do you see Patriot Front or Patrick Casey and American Identity Movement having these issues? It’s striking to me how no else has these issues. Patrick Casey doesn’t sound anything like Andrew Anglin. He doesn’t say anything like that because it is bad optics. Ask anyone else who believes in optics and American Nationalism and they will privately tell you Daily Stormer is bad optics.

      Daily Stormer is more than bad optics though. It has become a liability at a time when law enforcement is cracking down on mass shootings. Let Anglin go lead his bizarre Incel Revolution. Let Weev go build his monument to Timothy McVeigh. This personal vendetta he has over being locked up for computer crime has nothing to do with us.

    • It is striking how Greg bans anyone who is critical of him in his comments section at Counter Currents, yet every time he posts something here, which is normally extremely critical and negative, Hunter has no problem allowing Greg to do so.

      I’ve always thought that Hunter has always been way too nice to Greg because he will inevitably turn on anyone who extends a hand of friendship for one petty reason or another.

      Remember everyone, Greg was also friends with Mike Enoch, Matt Parrot, Richard Spencer, Daniel Friberg, etc. (the list is so very long). All of whom he has now turned against for one trivial reason or another. And look, now Hunter has wronged Lil’ Andre and the Jew boy, so Greg has to defend his two boyfriends publicly on this site. These two men who have openly advocated executing homosexuals, and yet Greg is their bestie.

      What’s the story, Gregory ?

        • I completely understand. My point is Greg is admonishing you for not having a dog in this fight and not addressing the “Jim Object” situation. Johnson is just so histrionic about all this that I’m starting to wonder what weev has on Greg? What did weev find on Greg’s network when Greg was stupid and insane enough to give Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer control of his website and network when it was suddenly hit by the same DDOS attacks as Daily Stormer had been a few years earlier when weev suddenly appeared to save the day?


          • The Greg Johnson-Matt Forney alliance seems strange.

            I personally attribute it to Greg’s long running beef with Richard Spencer. Greg personally doesn’t believe in any of the things we are criticizing about Andrew Anglin and Weev and has said so many times on his site. I have no idea what his relationship is with Weev though. I certainly hope Weev isn’t providing technical support to Counter-Currents.

        • From the horse’s keyboard, Dr. Gregory Johnson himself, from this very website’s comment section:

          “Weev has given countless hours, probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, to helping movement platforms deal with deplatforming and DDOS attacks. He never asked a cent for it. He has done far more for the movement in concrete terms than all his detractors put together.

          He has helped CC even though we disagree on a lot of matters.

          Frankly, Weev is by far the movement’s MVP for 2017 and 2018. Nobody else is even close.

          It is really disgusting when embittered losers try to relaunch themselves from their well-deserved obscurity by attacking their betters. Go back to the shadows”

          -Greg Johnson, Counter Currents


          • Greg starts beefs with everyone. It’s a real personality defect. He follows a particular pattern. He starts a beef then goes on forums to raise support for his attacks. That’s what he’s doing with the DSbb. He’s over there trying to stir up support because he’s burned almost every other bridge. He doesn’t have very many friends left. If you’re cavorting with the likes of Matt Forney and Weev you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Fatt Horney is a particularly repugnant figure who in all likelihood is working with Michael Hayden. There are too many coincidences in the timing of all of the attacks.

    • Greg, I have to know. What does weev have on you? You’ve admitted in the past that weev saved Counter Currents from DDOS attacks that suddenly appeared just like the ones at Daily Stormer years earlier when weev opportunistically offered his services to Anglin.

      What did weev find on your network, Dr. Gregory Johnson of Counter Currents?

      What does he know about you that you don’t want other people to find out?

      Is he blackmailing you so you’ll keep up this histrionic tone-policing campaign against Wallace because weev knows that you have an amicable relationship with HW?

      Greg, bruh, wtf?

      • Funny because now that I think about it, years ago Anglin mentioned to me (and may have written a DS article) that some people were trying to send him child porn via email.

        Is this another breadcrumb?

        • Greg is involved with all these in-the-closet gay mafia WN-types (people many of us know by name), and they are all very well-connected with each other. Back in the earlier WN days, they used to say all WN’s were feds or fags because there were so many of both.

          This is why it shocks me that Greg is siding with people like Matt Forney, who hates Greg because he’s gay, to defend Anglin and weev. Normally, Greg lashes out at anyone who is even slightly anti-homosexual in the movement, but for some strange reason, he cannot stop white knighting for weev and Anglin, who both advocate for executing homosexuals

          In one of my OD posts where I called Johnson, weev, and Anglin out for their extremely negative behaviors, Greg posted this response:

          “Weev has given countless hours, probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, to helping movement platforms deal with deplatforming and DDOS attacks. He never asked a cent for it. He has done far more for the movement in concrete terms than all his detractors put together.

          He has helped CC even though we disagree on a lot of matters.

          Frankly, Weev is by far the movement’s MVP for 2017 and 2018. Nobody else is even close.”-Greg Johnson

          Greg always seems weirdly proud of how close he is with weev, but I have a feeling there is much more to the story than just saving Counter-Currents from these DDOS attacks .

          Weev probably offered Greg technical support, and once he gained Greg’s trust, was able to get access to the entire network. Who knows what weev may have found? It would not shock me it if was child porn because Greg likes to groom much younger men. Greg also has a lot of doxx information on an amazing amount of people as well, so I would not be surprised if it was something like that either.

    • As usual Grindr Greg chimes in with more sophistry. TRS, DS are Shills, and you are a sodomite. Case closed. Anyone who doesn’t believe that has been consciously avoiding the mountains of evidence that prove these things.

      You will never convince us to accept sodomites. Beat it faggot.

    • Greg Johnson can’t help but stick his beak in every last one of these feuds.

      He’s an elitist with a long track record of disparaging rural and low-income white people. He seems to think he can build a winning coalition of gay drama queens—you know, the .0037% of potential white nationalists who are Just Like Greg.

      This is the problem with WN at this point, as well as the slur term “wignats”—complete hatred for Southern, poor, and rural whites on a par with the same hatred the media shows them.

      Black nationalists don’t do this. To them, you’re part of the “movement” if youre black, no matter how poor or rich or crass or elegant you are. We could learn a lot from them.

      Please die of AIDS already, Greg.

  8. The Libertarian to Racist Right is no shocker. I would add that the Communist to Fascist is not a surprise. Aesthetes are also fascistic. I can even see the Bernie Bro to Fascist is a possibility. An Eco primivist to Fascist is no shock either, but Anglin-Weev is more of a Mansonesque thing, getting people to do Stupid shit and giggle about it. Weev certainly admires Charlie a little too much for comfort. Properly running fascism should just let people get on with ordinary life. Speaking of which Oswald Mosley is a feature on Peaky Blinders and the writer is having trouble describing Mosley convincingly. Mos only wanted to build roads, sell cars sell fridges, build 3 bedroom houses and the banks crucified him for it and drove him out of a Labour cabinet. Mosley was only proposing things that were 20 years ahead of their time. Good stuff for ordinary people. That’s fascism.

  9. It’s worth noting that a lot of the people opposing Daily Stormer (and TRS) in the AmNat debate were former readers of Daily Stormer.

    Up until around Cville, Daily Stormer provided at least some value, in the form of edgy humor and social commentary from a perspective that included both edgy WNism and manosphere stuff. It was fun clickbait.

    Young people don’t want stale and boring boomer takes, sorry, that’s just how it is. Humor is meant to be transgressive, especially in the current PC environment.

    But he jumped the shark when he tried to tell everyone what to do over the internet and enforce that by… ineffectively trying to “bullycide” people.

    Some of the people who enjoyed his humor were mindless cultists, but most of them were more independently minded than you might expect, and he alienated a sizeable percentage of his own supporters over time, sabotaging his own ability to “infight”.

    So some extent you guys risk strengthening him by creating a false dichotomy between Stormerism and Boomerism. Stormerism > boomerism, even though the Stormer is basically a dead website.

    It’s entirely possible to have radical and funny takes, without going on a giant campaign to sabotage the movement

    (Unfortunately we live in a world where both DS and TRS decided to go on a giant campaign to sabotage the movement for some unknown reason. But they were joined in the AmNat revolt by some others who were never radical or funny.)

  10. “Do people here realize that men who like Asian women are homosexual”

    Then, 3/4 of the men who served in SE Asia must be queer.

    “Asian bodies are built like a pre-teen pretty boy’s bodies.”
    Don’t be so sure of that.

  11. The attention being given to Anglin, Weev, & the Daily Stormer, is in part because the site is so damn popular, its millions of monthly viewers apparently legit, the ‘biggest alt-right site’ out there, despite awful and drecky stuff

    Maybe it’s good to step back and consider why DS has remained so popular with such huge numbers … Dwarfing the numbers of more ‘sane and sensible’ sites … and with people who wouldn’t admit it often lurking there

    For example, on one of the biggest financial sites in the world, ZeroHedge, you often see its comment-inspiring ‘red meat’ postings, are stories that were highlighted on the Stormer a day or two earlier, the language toned down from Anglin’s version but at times almost copypasta

    So why is DS popular? –

    – Humour, a lot of readers come back to DS just for the large supply of memes, jokes and laughter, often racist vulgar & awful etc … but a quick place for laughs … the memes often come from 4chan but they’re more compactly presented and quickly accessed on DS

    – A fairly useful set of headlines to quickly scan, a heads-up on various kinds of cultural Marxist derangements etc culled from news services, its ‘news aggregator’ function, something people find unique & informative, with sites like ZeroHedge secretly riffing off DS

    – Strong layout, presentation and article ledes, quite ‘pro’ in design, enabling people to navigate quickly, and even enabling one to totally skip obvious dreck pieces by Anglin or others

    – A ‘quick take’ style that is effective and hard to do well, versus the ‘long reads’ typical on most blogs and websites

    – A quite singular combination of political stuff many people find interesting (when not going totally disgusting) … combined with a confrontation of the relationships-with-women problems young guys are having in the modern West … However awful Anglin & co get at times on aspects of the issue, DS has for many young guys ‘hit home’ with some of those manosphere ‘forbidden truths’, for those not so lucky with marriage and family as some of us … Aside from DS, the other big site that did this combination effectively was Château Heartiste, but that got shut down, Heartiste himself now a much-less-prominent Gabber

    DS maybe only finally sinks when the forces behind Weev decide the site is no longer useful and pull the plug on it, somewhat as has been happening to Alex Jones, who is down the street from the CIA’s Stratfor in Austin TX

    • Apparently it’s pretty easy to fake the Alexa rankings

      DS used to get mentioned a lot, there was a lot of buzz around it, but for a while now nobody seems to be talking about it in any pro-white communities, unless it is in the context of infighting

  12. It was not one moment. I have been an avid reader and supporter
    going back. Lots of Old School WN reading and posting early and
    WARNING ANGLIN about people and some supidity. Anglin the
    know it all “noob” didn’t listen. He lost a lot of good people long ago.

    Like Cicero.

    Anglin pulled a bait and switch.

    At one point he even had David Duke explain to people on
    his show how DS is “satire”, a joke website where most of
    the stories at one point came from Breitbart.

    Anglin has always been a smear merchant, “co opting”, “by
    association”, attaching himself to people, much of which I did
    not even get, like Crowder, some young “republican” child, a

    The mission is to expose “WEEV” , Hunter Wallace did great
    work, it should be plastered all over the internet.

    By Hunter Wallace , LINKS , copy paste everywhere


    All Jews must be boycotted, not made tech/admins.

  13. Remember the original Daily Stormer and what Andrew Anglin said
    he wanted to promote.


    Pro Christian

    Western History

    Never, only to deceive people and get them on board early.

    The more viewers the worse it got with total stupidity mocking
    its own readers and supporters.

    Much of it hidden on some obscure website not accessable to the
    regular viewers with a regular browser.

    Like a cult it now has its followers that have been cut off.

  14. I have personally seen the infiltrators at job.

    A lot of european nicknames in Daily Stormer were banned only for having talked about the aryan spirituality citing Khrishna, the Aryavarta, the fact that persians are old indoaryans, the fact that there are genetically aryans with different phenotypes, or others- my german friend Kikophobia, for example- citing Goebbels who wrote ‘ Some southern and eastern nationalists ask me if we consider them aryan even if they are not blond haired and blue eyed- I want to say them it is the jew who try to divide us basing aryanity on a specific physical phenotype and not on genetic, cultural, historical ties.’

    In few months I have seen how they put, first of all, the anglosaxons against the southern europeans, discriminating them: spanish and portugueses were the first to leave; then, they harassed some germans, among them my friend Kikophobia, who cited Wagner and Goethe for talking about the real ‘Geist’ or Spirit that there was behind the reaction of the Nationalsozialisten Arbeiter Partei in 1933; then, I see my italian friends disappearing, just after the germans; the french and the british were the only one remaining there. I simply kept reading the discussions without writing anymore.

    Then, I saw the americans against the britishes, and the briths went; I had a private conversation with a briton friend who told me ‘ I go, here you cannot breath.’

    Mainly, americans and australians, with some french resisting there, were the only ones talking over themselves.

    Andrew Anglin never banned the jew Weev and another jew who was harassing the forum.

    My friend Race Realist who was super skilled in genetic issues about the aryan migrations, and the indoaryan family around the world, stopped to write.

    My last comment was in french, to say goodbye to a french friend: It was long time I didn’t write anything on that place, only reading, but when Anglin and his crowd of jews and niggers began to offend the memory of two swedish girls who had been raped and killed by a bunch of moroccan- chimpanzees, I wrote, in french, to this friend: ‘ Do you think a real european, or a real american of european ancestry, would call ‘ whores’ two victims of the negro moroccan shits, and go along insulting them, who have been killed and beheaded? Only mongrels with negro blood, aka jews and niggers, can do this. See you in Europe, brother.’

    He said me ‘ I think you are right, this place is full of jew- niggers.’

    And then, I don’t know anything else, because I never opened anymore the page of that open cesspole.

  15. The most disturbing aspect of all this autism over Anglin is that it appears it is being used to rehabilitate Matt Parrot. What gives?

  16. “As for “talking to cops,” there is the Cantwellite approach of generally trusting the intelligence community and the Stormerite approach of behaving like a drug cartel.

    The solution is simple: Talk to local cops when appropriate about immediate legal and logistical issues.”

    For the record, if anyone here is ever incarcerated, the “Stormerite approach” is the one your fellow inmates will take. Something to be aware of.

  17. Not, just the daily stormer, the whole troll right came out of nowhere. I was on NRO comments dropping red pills and getting banned over and over, then these people showed up who would just post things like “—- you” a hundred times. Those were the TRS troll brigades. They got those comments shut down so myself and others could no longer engage boomers or leave red pills in the comments for boomers to see.

    I don’t think that was a good move. Better to engage and push strong arguments that just try to shut a place like that down. But that’s the troll mentality. We have to have a better name for those kind of people. They have nothing to do with the 00’s era alt-right. A lot of them were into a bizarre libertarian cult that most of the guys in their 30’s and 40’s who have been pro-white for a long time have never even heard of.

    This cult like network seemed to move into the alt-right as a network, not a individuals. They set up their own parallel infrastructure and even parallel discourse. Now we are seeing this network becoming more integrated into the pre-existing alt-right, which is a good thing.

    The alt-right needs to enter a new phase of sophistication where organizational problems are addressed in the same systematic way communications problems were addressed earlier. We need to study well functioning organizations now.

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