Daily Stormer: Response To Infostormer

Here’s my response to Infostormer:


1.) Hunter Wallace has gone on a rampage publishing numerous articles attacking the Daily Stormer.


I’ve sat here and watched the Daily Drama Queen launch nearly a dozen of these campaigns over the past five years. Frankly, I am sick and tired of the Daily Drama Queen disrupting our corner of the internet with its bad faith campaigns of character assassination against Weev’s enemies.

I haven’t said anything about the Daily Drama Queen that I haven’t said before. I said pretty much all of this last time it happened in March 2018. I personally warned Duke about these people in April 2018. Back then, Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer was still on good terms with Eric Striker, David Duke and TRS. They were all warned at the time that Weev was a mentally ill Jewish troll.

2.) Hunter Wallace isn’t addressing the allegations against Jim Object.

What is the cause of this?

I happen to know the real cause of this. The true cause of this is that TRS quietly cut ties with the Daily Drama Queen and tried to distance itself from that website. Apparently, over the course of 2018 and 2019 the folks at TRS figured out who they were associated with and broke off contact with Andrew Anglin as he became increasingly unhinged posting violent rants on his website about incels raping women and celebrating mass shootings. Understandably, TRS didn’t want to be associated with any of that. The only thing TRS has ever done is their radio shows about politics which is their focus.

More than anyone else, it was Jayoh who was convinced that being associated with the Daily Drama Queen was bad for TRS. Jayoh has seen first hand the damage that being identified with the Daily Drama Queen and its ideology of Loser Nationalism has done to the Alt-Right. The current bad faith campaign against Jayoh is nothing but a temper tantrum. No one believes that Jayoh is a fed at TRS because they have known him in real life for years. It was Jayoh who was worried about Daily Stormer celebrating domestic terrorism and all the poison it was stirring up with incels.

3.) Jim Object was not joking in the podcast.


Yeah sure, all of that actually happened. Jim Object was a mercenary in South Africa. He also flew out of the United States in the Anarchy Chopper to an anarchist safe house in a Third World country after the feds burned down his house. BTW, there is no corroborating evidence that any of that ever happened. It is plainly nothing but autistic lolbertarian fantasy fiction. If anyone is dumb enough to believe that was anything but a joke and should be taken literally, you should rope yourself.

4.) Hunter Wallace is misrepresenting satirical Daily Stormer articles.

No, I agree that Daily Stormer is a performance art website. I agree that Andrew Anglin is a character who isn’t real. I also agree that it is satire. It is White Nationalism that is being satired. The Andrew Anglin character is a violent, unhinged, dangerous loser and that is the image being cultivated in the hope that it will be amplified by the media. No one who possibly has our best interests at heart would be doing that.

5.) Hunter Wallace claims Daily Stormer doesn’t care about your privacy.

Here’s what I can’t wrap my mind around: if you cared about the privacy and data of your users, then why on earth do you have a known Jewish troll who went to federal prison for identity theft handling it? Why is the Daily Stormer registered to the Manhattan address of one of the top Jewish BGP hackers in the world? Does that make any sense at all?

6.) Hunter Wallace is making unfounded accusations against the Daily Stormer Book Clubs

Feel free to explain how Azzmador who is an ex-con with a criminal record a mile long has a felony warrant out of Charlottesville from Unite the Right and uniquely has not been arrested? The feds busted down the doors of Tyler Davis and Jacob Goodwin. I’m sure there is a good explanation for that, right? I’m sure you can explain why Azzmador has Daily Stormer Book Clubs posting fliers of Brenton Tarrant on churches.

This time Azzmador just got lucky after going to Charlottesville. It’s a fucking miracle.

7.) Hunter Wallace rehashed allegations about Weev’s Jewish ancestry

I traced his genealogy and showed you the graves of his ancestors. The whole world knows that Weev is Jewish. His own mother has told you that he is Jewish on both sides of his family. Weev is a liar.

8.) Weev has done nothing to sabotage our efforts and is not part of a Jewish conspiracy

Are you kidding me?

I’ve been around since the beginning so I remember what the Alt-Right was before Andrew Escher Auernheimer and what it became afterwards. It was Weev who associated the movement with cartoon Nazism, domestic terrorism and Loser Nationalism. It is also Weev who has launched over half a dozen of these campaigns over the past five years. Finally, it was Weev who decided that the Alt-Right had to be fractured after Charlottesville so that the GOP would win the 2018 midterms.

9.) Hunter Wallace published an article about Christopher Cantwell being asked by Andrew Anglin to invade Whitefish, MT


I found that extremely curious. I was unaware of that. If I am not mistaken, I believe he tried to persuade Matt Heimbach to go as well. No one else participated in the “Neo-Nazi invasion of Whitefish, MT” which successfully saddled Andrew Anglin with a $14 million dollar judgement.

10.) Jim Object is the main point of contact for TRS real life meetup groups

As Mike Enoch has explained, Andrew Anglin doesn’t know anything about how TRS real life meetup groups work. Trey wrote that article dismissing it as a transparent smear because he knows better.

11.) Mike Enoch has accused Andrew Anglin of being an SPLC agent.

In his own words, Andrew Anglin “breaks character” to explain his performance art project:

Little Andre says:

“As an actual human being, I do not resemble the character of Andrew Anglin which, with the enthusiastic assistance of the media and groups such as the SPLC, I have created for the Daily Stormer.”

12.) Hunter Wallace has defended Ramzpaul

I believe that Ramzpaul and Colin Liddell were correct that Daily Stormer is some kind of Jewish performance art website. This would explain why Jews like Joshua Goldberg were brought on board.

13.) Hunter Wallace is redirecting attention away from Jim Object.


I’m restating exactly what I said a year and a half ago about Daily Stormer during Weev’s last campaign of character assassination.

They will miss me when I am gone!

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  1. Goldberg was brought onboard mostly by TRS guys, actually. In TDS’s defense here, Goldberg simply wrote an article for TDS when they had few writers.

    I agree with you on a lot of other stuff and not so much on others. I agree with you about Azzmador. But Goldberg is something I’m gonna blame TRS (or their fans, which matters little to me as the TRS top brass set their culture) for.

    • I wasn’t really following the Daily Stormer at the time.

      I’ve been told about Goldberg though. It just seems odd that all these known Jewish trolls and hackers are associated with Daily Stormer, you know? Perhaps one you could explain away.

      • I wasn’t either — IIRC Goldberg wrote an article as Michael Slay and clearly did it using TDS. TDS isn’t at fault for him other than posting that obviously BS article.

        All I know is, on coontown I was the one trying to stop the “wignat” shit and everyone called me a kike for it (although I did find out I’m 2% Ashkenazim via DNA tests). I wanted Goldberg off the moderator team when Goldberg basically endorsed the Dylan Roof shooting, but it was the TRS-affiliated moderators who overwrote me.

        All and all I think most of this can be summed to to people allowing and tolerating bad behavior, then the subsequent infighting.

        Weev called for my death on gab a week before he got banned, I didn’t take it seriously. He likes to play macho for his fans. He appears to very much desire a fanbase.

    • And now Goldberg is housed in the same prison as Johnathan Pollard (was), Bernie Maddof and Samuel Israel are. Butner is an American luxury prison for bad jews.

    • Does anyone know if Anglin has paid any of the 14 million dollars he’s been ordered to pay? I don’t see how he can still operate if he’s lost 14 million…

  2. Too bad the career felon Azzholemador is stinking up Infostormer with his crude, combative and thoroughly repellant personality. Lee Rogers has unwisely allowed that bum to monitor the comment section to make sure no disparaging remarks are being made about the Mongolian Manlet. Well, if Infostormer is going to be nothing more than the Mini Me version of the Daily Sewerpipe then to hell with them.

    • It’s sad in a way because we all had a lot of fun on Infostormer for a long time – the election coverage of Blumpf was actually some of my funniest work.

      It’s just really odd about Azz because I honestly can’t recall hearing about that mangy degenerate before 2016 or 2017.

      Where did he come from?

      He wasn’t part of the pre-queer MGTOW DS, that’s for sure, and I would’ve banned his hairy Azz from Infostormer in a heartbeat for being a drama queen.

      • same here.. he arrived in the DS about around 2017… the community was richer and there were very interesting personalities, who really cared about unity of indoeuropeans… then, after weev, another jew that was trolling the discussions, azzmador and AA himself, it became impossible.

  3. @Hunter Wallace why waste your time with the movement? Any intelligent man or woman would leave all these “movements” no matter what you label them in the past. Simply put its much better to just live life, and let whatever happens in the world happen. Live, Love, be happy, and die, it’s pretty simple

    • There isn’t any “movement.”

      I agree with Ramzpaul on that issue. We’re all independent content creators. I’m just tired of the agent provocateurs at this particular website which needs to be exiled. It should have happened in 2014.

      • You protest too much.

        You’re not even part of this. The entire issue is over TRS having admitted federal snitches on their staff. You could easily have remained on the sidelines and not gotten involved

        Instead, you have turned your site into a frantic, desperate-seeming torrent of smearing and personal attacks totally out of proportion to an issue between two other sites.

        You sound like someone trying to distract from, and drown out, the questions about federal snitching and the doxing of right-wing people by wildly dumping freight car after freight car of your mental manure on the messenger.

        This is a bizarre decision. What is your motivation for being TRS’s point man in trying to drown out questions about federal associations of TRS with jew-like smear tactics, and huge amounts of point-and-shriek, instead of pursuing your own niche?

        • 1.) You’re right.

          I could have easily remained on the sidelines during this which is Weev’s seventh or eighth campaign of character assassination against his various enemies which stems from his paranoid schizophrenia. Rather than allowing this Jew to continue to disrupt our corner of the internet, I believe that Weev needs to be permanently discredited and exiled for good.

          2.) Yes, I saw this as an opportunity to do what should have been done in 2014. We should have gotten rid of Weev back then when he first showed up. Instead, this Jew was allowed to worm his way into the Alt-Right.

          3.) It’s a bad faith campaign of character assassination. It is coming from the same Jew who has been the source of most of our problems over the past few years. Get rid of him and everyone else can moved forward.

          4.) TRS didn’t ask me to do this.

          I told TRS about this Jew back in March and April 2018. I told Eric Striker about him. I told David Duke about him. They don’t want to deal with the problem at the time though. Now, Weev has gone after them. I’m doing this as a public service to rid our larger community once and for all of this destructive pest who was never vetted and should have never been allowed anywhere near us.

          Note: When I found out the truth about him, I exposed him. I never had any reason to pay attention to that lunatic though until his violent rants became so extreme in late 2017 that I became curious about him.

          • Why are you wasting your time giving such detailed answers to this one-note, OCD gamma sperg? Whatever you say to it doesn’t matter; it will never be satisfied with the response.

          • I literally wrote for Daily Stormer on a daily basis, and in the beginning I had no knowledge of Weev aside from him being a rambling crazy that I thought likely to shoot up a hospital or daycare.

            Near the end of my time with DS, I learned of his Jewish blood, but honestly still had no idea he was doing anything aside from remote IT work from wherever he stayed.

            I didn’t know he was already poisoning the well, but the dots eventually clicked years later.

          • “but the dots eventually clicked years later.”

            Thanks, Marcus, for saying much the same as I said- but unlike you, I got smeared by the antichrists/pagans on this forum, who hate ANY authoritarian figure telling them truth, even when it is an apology. But that’s because they are naught but Judaized goyim, who will attack anyone who shows human sentiments such as remorse, acknowledging mistakes, etc. Theirs is a Jewish vengeance model – we have no sin, all others have sin, and like jackals, will turn and rend someone asunder (even when they’re white). So much for racial solidarity…

            Frankly, it was writers like you that made reading the DS a daily event, even with all the foul language and the barely obscene junk…. but, as I told Brad, it’s no worse than most Left-wing sites- or the most recent Democratic debate insult-fests… and, in the days before Trump won, it was a heady mix to think that we might at last, have been making headway – it all culminated at the UTR rally, and that’s when the masks came off. It’s just taking longer with the DS/Weev thing. It’s not pleasant reading, but it is illuminating.

            At least we now all know: “With Jews, you lose.” Every.Single.Time.
            Look what they did to Christ. Just sayin’.

        • At-a-goy, G-Man “Straight Answers” … J. Edgar “take up the a$$” Hoover would be DAMN PROUD of you son.

          “You sound like someone trying to distract from, and drown out, the questions about federal snitching and the doxing of right-wing people by wildly dumping freight car after freight car of your mental manure on the messenger.

          This is a bizarre decision. What is your motivation for being TRS’s point man in trying to drown out questions about federal associations of TRS with jew-like smear tactics, and huge amounts of point-and-shriek, instead of pursuing your own niche?”

          I guess this is what passes for counter-intel at Quantico these days, huh?

        • “Whatever the case, Mike – summoning up the fat costumed slob Hunter Wallace o call us all Jews” – Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin

          This is why Hunter is doing it, because he’s offended by being called a fat costumed slob. Apparently, that’s worth getting into a bitchslap fight with DS for.

          Fed or no fed does it really matter? JO used to deal drugs and fuck trannies. Is that leadership material?

          No one is addressing that, and this faggoty, game of “You’re the real fed!” isn’t worth the endless articles. Personally I think there’s feds on both sides of this petty drama which makes it even gayer and it’s obvious to anyone who has been in this thing for a year and a half now who are the real feds and who are being manipulated by the feds unbeknownst.

          Regardless this drama started over JO and it should be ended by kicking JO’s bisexual, drug dealing ass out. Fed or not.

          • No, that’s not the reason at all.

            The true reason is that I am simply tired of the Daily Drama Stirrer and its bad faith campaigns disrupting our corner of the internet. I’ve sat here and watched it happen over half a dozen times now. For the record, I don’t believe that anyone involved in this dispute is a “fed” with the possible exception of Azzmador whose circumstances I cannot explain.

          • @Hunter

            As I said a few days ago, don’t even play Anglin’s game. The question isn’t even whether JO is or isn’t a fed. That’s the bait Anglin is putting out on the rod. The question is why are the TRS crew and others palling around with this obvious degenerate? Why is Anglin including you in his spergfest?

            This drama could be finished with a 5 minute response by TRS demoting JO and Anglin would be left flapping in the wind yelling fed while everyone thinks he’s lost his damn mind.

            1st rule of the internet is don’t feed the trolls and you keep throwing chips at the gull hoping it will make him fly away. Instead, you’re just encouraging him to come back.

            Let Anglin kick up dust, and connect you to his vast conspiracy it just makes him look like a wacko. Whose he going to say is a part of this web of spies next? David Duke? Richard Spencer? Murdoch Murdoch?

            At this point Anglin is looking so unhinged I wouldn’t doubt him saying JO being a drug dealing tranny banger is proof that George Lincoln Rockwell was a fed.

          • Right? Those cretins in the BBS consider themselves too cool for school, when in reality they are being laughed at and taken advantage of by D’Andre, the chinese nigger.

      • ” why waste your time with the movement? ”

        Because there are higher callings than just self-interest.
        (Besides, our fate is inextricably woven into the fate of our race.)

    • “Simply put its much better to just live life, and let whatever happens in the world happen. Live, Love, be happy, and die, it’s pretty simple”

      That’s why whites are going down, because that is what most of them do. That is why our civilization is in a downward spiral. It’s a good philosophy for you and me. Not a very good philosophy for your children.

    • Once again another “just get attacked but dont fight back bro” comment. Fuck off. DS and TRS need to be destroyed.

  4. Azzmador is trash. His arrests were for check fraud and primarily being a drunk and a meth head. A junkie thief.

    Garbage like that can be flipped by the Feds with ease.

    • Where did he come from?

      Can anyone sit down and trace his history to when he first appeared in our circles?

      We’ve done this with the Jew Weev, but what about the Azz?

      • @ Marcus

        He co-hosted a podcast called HIdden Mysteries radio with a man called Ghost I believe. Nothing feddy about it. He didn’t just pop out of no where, that HM show was independent and had its own website.

  5. @Arian lol to be a legitimate “movement” you have to be “moving” the Movement hasn’t ever moved in a positive way towards any kind of positive success at all, period, end of story. There is no “White race” because that is a social construct. There only exists different diverse ethnic peoples. There will never be “White unity” or “White victory” because the concept doesn’t exist except in your minds. So to put it all to proper rest I say FUCK THE GODDAMN MOVEMENT MAY IT DIE.


      • Arian,

        My encyclopedia says that since prehistoric times the inhabitants of Europe have belonged to the same white race with branches in North Africa, Western Asia, and elsewhere. The European whites are divided into 3 main types—The darker Mediterranean, The Alpine, and the Nordic. Much cross breeding between the white groups in Europe have occurred. It gives plenty of archaelogical and genetic research.

        This is Volume 8 page 845. Encyclopedia Britannica. It is from the 1950’s. It mentions that common culture and somewhat same development of civilization helped in mutual trade though they felt little unity outside their tribe unless invaded by others.

        The idea that race is made up is a bad joke. But then practical white unity in the USA is also a bad joke.

        Eugenics is openly studied in Mexico and is government sponsored. It is quite easy to tell the DNA differences between Indians and whites as well as features, toning etc. And we are not speaking of tribes or ethnics but of race.

        • “But then practical white unity in the USA is also a bad joke.”

          Sure, because each time it is attempted, powerful ((( forces ))) shell it.

        • The idea that native mainland europeans, much less germanics, would ever consider north africans or middle easterners ‘white’ is a jewish hallucination passed off as ‘scholarship’ in the Judeo-Roman controlled ‘Great Britain.’

          Folks, this is what this troll’s purpose is here.

          There is not one iota of science behind the ‘caucasian race’ theory. Not one. It’s just like the ‘mutual trade’ micro-psycho-thesis being alluded to.

          The jew cries out in pain as (s)he/it strikes you, or, as it enslaves the native european and sub-saharan races. Remember that the jews adapted the Moors’ sugar cane cultivation to both Spanish and Portuguese islands off West Africa before pioneering the industry in the Caribbean and Brazil.

          For the record, there were some southern native europeans, I assume I don’t have to tell people. They became subsumed, however, under north african/middle eastern rule at some early point in both greek and roman history. Unz did a recent article on this in ancient greek culture, except that he tried to depict the early transplants into Greece as ‘whites with dark hair’ when they did not start out that way. They might have bleached out environmentally or mixed in certain city states with more native populations (who never looked just like the germanics or slavs or celts but who were european natives). Unz is jewish, it should be noted. He reports history according to his jewish magical thinking.

          Some seem to think the system of slavery benefitted the majority of angloceltic people in the South of the US. In my view, it did not. On the eve of the Civil War, half the white population in Mississippi didn’t even own a plot of land. And that was a place where the 50 year explosion of cotton cultivation had endowed formerly common people with newfound wealth, and not just jews. But even in such an unstable temporary boom (unlike Virginia where the vast majority of whites never shared in slave industry profits) the price paid in white status was profound and devastating, ultimately.

          And this was not unforeseen by the very creators and pioneers of ‘Race in America.’ As in, NORTH America. The jewish plan all along was to enslave the bulk of both races, just as it is now. And to never get caught doing it.

          Last scandinavian scientists have proven irrefutably that the Sahara desert took millions of years to form; some say up to seven. The Mediterranean Sea was not some massive lake while the Sahara was desertifying; it was a vast ocean that rigorously separated the continents and prevented all the contamination that later infested mainland Europe.

          There is no biological caucasian race. This concept has and always will be jewish propaganda.

    • The article you linked to talks about races being constructed to give cover to White supremacy. But if all race is a mere construct, there is no such thing as a White race, so there’s also no such thing as White supremacy. Logic and reason aren’t your strong suits.

        • spahnranch1969,

          In response to your comment below. No, I do not consider you a rogue. You are interesting and amusing and have never done me any harm.

  6. Hunter, maybe you could also investigate Weev’s connection to MPC (My Pissant Career).
    He just appeared there one day and everyone started to kiss his ass for no apparent reason, this despite their ostensible disdain for “Nazis”

    MPC played a big role in the “amnat vs wignat” split by cultivating fanatical Trump supporters and sending them out to attack real nationalists. Ricky Vaughan got his ideological foundation from that place and their retarded mixture of GOPe worship and racial snobbery.

    Kiwi Farms is another place Weev like to frequent. Its full of sociopathic stalkers and has a Jewy neocon vibe to it.

      • The gap lies between the time he was released from prison and when he wrote his first article for DS that send my alarm bells off like no tomorrow.

        Fast forward a few weeks, and you had the great Ddos attack of 2014 – the hacker claimed to be a Hispanic the entire time…

        I think we’re starting to realize the actual story of it all, though.

        • Kiwifarms might be alot of different things but neocon? Bro where did you get neocon to associate with it? Its a site that showcases lolcows like chris chan and dsp for people to laugh at, not a lobbying power to fight for more heeb funded wars

          • The moderators are heavily Jewish. They allow criticism of progressive ideology but mainly from a neocon perspective, e.g. leftists are dumb because they are too tolerant of Islam. They have a negative rating with the crescent symbol called “Islamic content”. The owner of the site hosts the Christchurch snuff movie ostensibly in the name of free speech but really because he hates Muslims. That’s why they trigger my neocon radar.

    • Yes. He also posted there (MPC) years ago trying to recruit people for a website that specializes in “extreme rhetoric” There are screenshots of this out there.

  7. I have to admit Hunter, you are making history by ass blasting these wiggers and pulling their cards. Something never seemed correct about these actors and you have done a huge service by connecting the dots for us outsiders/consumers. I hope you continue with no chill and keep piling on.

    • It’s about time. Some of us were warning against Dailystormer as early as 2014 or 15…that the misogyny and promotion of violence aka ‘trolling’ would cost whites majorly one day.

      Without the Dailtystormer, I highly doubt these Red Flag confiscations and framings (or mini psy ops) would be so easily sold by the gun grabbers. So-called battered ex-girlfriends, both real and fake, of especially young white men are being used as the connecting points and excuses for government invasion of private lives and homes.

  8. @Arian the elites created the terms “Whiteness” and “Blackness”, “Colored” for their own ends, to divide and and conquer. Though obviously Ethnicities/Tribes do exist no collective “White”, “Black”, “Brown”, “or “Yellow” races exist. We whites have never been a collective race but rather many different warring and competing tribes. This is why White Nationalism will never work because in reality it doesn’t exist. There was a time when Irish, Italian, and Germans were not considered “White” in this country because the term “Whiteness” has never been fixed or concrete, but rather a sliding scale by the elites.

    • Kevin,

      Give me proof that Irish and Germans were not considered white in the USA. Not the way they were treated but racially not considered white by an official political consensus. I believe that is not true at all. I am sure that on the census they were classified as white both in the north and the south.

      If somehow true, that would just mean stupidity of some Americans. The white race as well as others are composed of different ethnic groups that is obvious. The idea that negroes are invented as well is ludicrous. Blacks were noticed as being a race in the greek and roman world as well as in the Egyptian.

      About the only thing you got correct was that who is considered white socially can and has changed at times. But that does not negate the reality of race itself. For instance my grandmother in the 1950’s in the Deep South was considered white socially and legally. Her American birth certificate says white. Yet when she returned to Texas in the late 1950’s she is still legally white but socially a Mexican.

      If this was the year 1500 probably Arabs, Persians, etc. would be considered white because they are. But now? But once again this does not change the reality of race just the classification.

      I have seen wanted posters in the USA with obvious Indians classified as whites on the poster. That is done to artificially inflate white crime and disguise illegal crime. Does not change their blood lines or image just a fake classification.

      You might not exist but I know I do. And my race is white and my ethnic group is Latin. And my skin is usually white. When not tanned etc.

      Different white ethnic groups can work together against a common enemy. Rather some very important person such as yourself deny our existence or not. Because no matter we do know what are not————We are not negroes or Orientals.

      However, if the comment section on this website is an indication no white unity seems likely in the USA currently. There are too many factions and arguments some of them organic and some not.

      • correction.—–On my grandmother’s birth certificate from Texas before WWII under race it said Mexican. Now there is no such thing as a Mexican race but it showed the anti-Mexican attitude of Texans.

        While in the Deep South she was politically and socially considered white in the 1950’s white supremacy South.

    • Kevin,

      I just checked the US census for 1850. It had the racial classifications of —white, negro, and mulatto. Are you going to pretend that Irish, Germans, and Italians had to classify themselves as negro!!!! or mulatto!!!! I think not.

      I see no reason to check other census.

      There is a reason why far older and wiser people on this website will ignore you. i will learn. Well, goodbye. I also did not like your blasphemy. So I doubt if we will communicate again.

      • Why am I skeptical of this original source fact-checking claim?

        Most irish hadn’t even come into this country by 1850. 1857 is a famous year in irish american history as it marked the zenith of the attrition rates for the Irish Hunger, and saw the single biggest immigration of irish catholics into the US throughout those years, and possibly forever. The only region irish catholics existed in politically significant numbers in 1850 were in enclaves in Massachusetts and Maryland, but they had little political power or presence. Even NYC had not amassed anything approximating the eventual power they came to wield as an immigrant group through Tammany Hall, which if you bothered fact-checking actual sources didn’t become majority irish until well after 1850 when the Hunger was in full sway: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tammany_Hall

        The Hunger was justified in many english minds by racial caricatures and outright fabrications of the ‘irish celts,’ portrayed in art and the press as differing broadly and crudely from the english. There is a museum in Connecticut called the Hunger Museum that houses some of these paintings and drawings popularized during the era. They are shocking in their attempt to distort some aspects of irish into non-white personnae. It was not unheard of for the irish to literally be compared to animals and ‘beasts.’

        This is just a primer on a real racial history of the US your people have contributed nothing but St. Augustine’s massacre of Protestant Huguenot men to. Nothing’s changed in 450 years, except if you haven’t noticed, they won’t be so trusting of spanish treaties this time around.

      • Christina Aguilera: In antebellum America “Alpine” Germans, southern Italians and Irish Catholics were considered by some of the old Anglo-Saxon elite to be not much better than niggers.

    • Kevin speaks the truth here.

      ‘White’ was always a fluid, jewish-coined concept that changed according to various dynamics and factors.

      Most especially, only anglo was wholly and consistently white. What’s happening now, is that the anglos have lost such power that they can no longer serve as the uniting scapegoat and in some reaches putative hegemon, so the jews have to scramble to close the deal before the mob fully turns on itself and them.

      There is a native european sort of race, if you will. Europe isn’t very big, and there are tribal groups that can be said to form a larger race type category. This does not include north africans or those too mixed with them, biologically or culturally. Since mediterranean comprises a distinct cultural and biological group which Christina belongs to, she takes profound umbrage at the truth, as her race has sought to dominate and exploit mine throughout its history. Some (((mediterranean))) pretending to be ‘british’ created the utterly science-less myth of a ‘caucasian’ race. This was to justify the occupation of Europe by the jews fundamentally, and romanists secondarily. The jews think that by trying to force the north africans and middle easterners (or just their special little subset of them) into some alleged united ‘race’ with europeans, they can justify their colonialism in both Europe and the Americas; said jews saw a way to camouflage their diabolical tyrannical hand behind ‘whiteness.’ They not only ran the slave trade, they created it. Some anglos merely went along. Most were enslaved themselves by it.

      Exactly which mediterranean tribe this ‘juvenile’ comes from is the question…

    • Kevin,

      There is also the 1870 census which had the classifications of white, black, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese. So when were the Irish, Germans, and Italians classified as non-white?
      Do you really think they were under any classification besides white?

      If so you are as crazy as Anglo Saxon Revolt –also known as Genie/Mary Phagan’s Ghost/Make Pie Great Again.

      Find me a US census that classified those whites as anything but white.

      • Whites take note: anglos aka those evil ‘WASP’ young women are literally ‘diagnosed’ according to jewish-catholic ‘science’ as diseased for refusing to mate with black men in Jewish-Roman Catholic controlled urban counties in NJ, especially Essex and Union…Bergen, Hudson….

        This is an absolute thing. It also famously happened to blonde Jordan Monasmith in Washington state in the last few years.

        I think the forced mating of anglo women with black men feeds some bizarre psychological fetish in the jewish men who can’t consciously acknowledge their demented fixation with the shiksa. Philip Roth’s compulsion to ‘stick his dick up her whole WASP culture’ captures the essence of not just Essex County (he was a native son) but of the North’s entire jewish and catholic jihad against anglos and protestants. It’s some variation of the cuck mentality.

        Some psychiatrist should discover the science behind it right alongside that quintessentially jewish field of ‘race.’

      • Christiana- Now they are turning on you. While I am no fan of modern Bergoglian Anti-catholic Roman Catholi-schism.’ and my race is the White Anglo-Celtic/Northern European, I still see that you strive to honor men via courtesy and civil discourse- which I consider Christian/European traits much in absence today.

        Trouble is, even this site is descending into the worst examples of paganism online, that used to be normative on the old AOL boards, and Yahoo boards. YOU CAN’T REASON WITH IDIOTS. And most of the people now posting, (especially with the blood-letting over Mr. Anglin) are smelling blood…. and like most beasts in that scenario, all rational cognition disappears when fresh carcasses are smelt.

        It’s best to just realize you can’t argue with beasts – and pagans are nothing but beasts on two legs, that’s for sure.

        • Father John,

          Thank you for your kind and wise counsel. You are right of course. I was foolish to be the bull to their red flag.

          I consider Bergoglia (Francis) to be an obvious apostate and heretic.

          Yes, a good portion of people on this website are lacking in basic decency and dignity. The best response is No response to such people.So once again I thank you for your support.

  9. Brad that ‘Hey Weev Whatcha Doin?! meme is priceless! 6 garrilion thumbs up!!!
    Also I’m sure many people would thank you for bringing this to light. You might of saved many a long unwanted prison sentence from a possible fed trap, things are getting crazy.

  10. Anglin’s army of misfits is embarrassed that their leader conned them for several years and x amount of shekels.

    Anyone with 20/20 vision could easily identify that weev is a jew. His own mother admits it, and he has admitted it numerous times.

    After all the evidence that HW has presented, the case against weev, and lil’ andre is a slam dunk indictment of their pernicious activities against White well being. To believe otherwise is to live in denial.

    Weev’s connection to a nyc jewish supremacist and andre’s carnal lust for oriental and black women should be enough to make these two bad actors radioactive.

    In regards to this JayOh fella, even if everything he’s been accused of was true, how does that change the revelations about weev and anglin?

  11. It’s pretty obvious that jayoh was BSing. I don’t even get what people want as a response. It was a bullshit story,

  12. I remember when weev told Ricky to make an apology post on mpc (he was attacking regular posters who had genuine question) hahaha that some funny shit

  13. Hunter, I support you, but you are giving too much trust to TRS and Jayoh. Wifegate is inexcusable, period. PERIOD. And take this with a grain of salt, because I can’t prove it, but I hung out with Jayoh once and he told me he was a merc in SA, so it wasn’t a troll, he actually tells people this unironically.

    TRS and DS are BOTH controlled op. This spat is nothing but a “controlled demolition” of the last of the Alt-Right to keep people atomized now that they have outed their beliefs on social media, and gave the MSM “terrorist optics” via Cville.

    Anglin wrote in his articles for like 4 days in a row recently, that HE DOESN’T WANT ANYONE JOINING GROUPS. He is admitting what I am claiming here. TRS is also a part of that. They also led the optics war with ricky vaughn and are not all of the sudden an ally to most of the people in this that they’ve already dismissed as “wignats.”

    TRS are fake nationalists, as is DS

  14. Even if you don’t buy the “Weev is a Jew” line, the guy is a toxic scumbag with a history of attacking pro-White movement figures. Weev was one of the 4channer kiddies who went to war against Hal Turner about ten years ago. He is likely the one who hacked Turner’s web site. Yes yes. I’m aware that Turner turned out to be a Federal informant, but at the time of the 4channer raids that fact was not known. Weev and his buddies went after Turner because they perceived him to be a high profile White Nationalist figure.

    In the years since several movement figures who have said negative things about Weev have suddenly found themselves with hacked websites, compromised emails, and been the target of various other acts of hacker hijinks.

    Weev is also a black hat hacker and a convicted felon. When he was in federal prison he spent almost his entire time locked up in disciplinary segregation. Instead of acting like a decent White man, making the best of a bad situation and following the institutional rules, he instead chose to act like a negro. Classy….

    Then there is his history of hard drug use.

    In short, he’s a complete piece of trash, even if the “jew story” turns out to be incorrect. No decent human being should be associated with creatures like him.

  15. Having conversations with brother Jeff Schoep has really helped me since leaving the White toilet bowel Movement. I highly recommend leaving to everyone I come in contact with now.

  16. Ok……here is a wild one for you Hunter.

    Weev speaks esperanto. So does Soros.

    Just look at the pictures of the people involved with esperanto. They are always around children; especially in Asia.

    DS waited a long time on posting anything about the Epstein case, more than long enough to raise suspicion.

    Is there a connection between esperanto, soros, epstein and other pedo kike rats? I say yes, until anyone can prove me wrong.

    Is DS a site made to create noise so they get away with it? It seems likely.

    • The goal of Daily Stormer is to discredit White Nationalism and the Alt-Right through caricatures by making ideas loom extreme that they will be stereotyped and rejected by the public

      • Of course, but who does the funding? I believe it is soros; through a whole bunch of middlemen; possibly in this esperanto movement.

          • Hmm looks like my comment didnt go through..thats ok it was rather long. Send me your mail and I will send you a lot of pictures and names with everything I got so far.

      • @Hunter, White Nationalism and the Alt-Right collectively is already rejected by the public, and normal average white people because it is, and always has been an extreme fringe sub-culture. It will never be accepted by enough normal people to ever be successful. People that simply cannot let it go really don’t have a real life, and either have mental issues, are anti-social, violent/criminal, and are delusional. I recommend contacted brother Schoep if you need somebody to talk to help leave the toilet bowl movement.


  17. This is why I stopped reading your site. You are the drama queen not Anglin. You are an activist Anglin is a writer. This is why you do not know him. Also the feds are everywhere and there is no reason to know anyone IRL.

    Polite discourse is the Republicans cover for their lose all the time results. Anglin reaches more people than you and has a larger effect and that is your real problem. He is a better writer than you and you are jealous. There is no movement yet. We are still in the wake up stage and Anglin is a better alarm than you.

    • 1.) No, I have responded to the Drama Stirrer after three months of this shit.

      2.) Really? Last weekend, we picked Dr. Kevin MacDonald up from the airport. Everyone knows each other in real life. Strangely enough, no one knows Andrew Anglin.

      3.) The feds haven’t prevented everyone else from knowing each other. Look, Greg Johnson knows Richard Spencer in real life. They hate each other. Neither Spencer or Johnson know Anglin. No one does.

      3.) The fact that Drama Stirrer was registered to Alex Pilosov’s apartment makes me wonder about that. Google him. He is known for redirecting internet traffic.

      4.) I’m not jealous of Andrew Anglin. I didn’t give a shit about him for years.

      5.) The purpose of Daily Stormer makes a lot more sense in light of the Fetcho podcasts.

  18. It was Matt Parrott who sent the FBI to my work after I threatened to post a pic of his micro penis.

    It’s just a matter of time before he fucks up so hard even the jews at the SPLC won’t be able to save his cottage cheese ass.

    And he may have already, by openly threatening a cops son on Twitter.

    I may be off the Stormer and have retired as a Propagandist and Assault Troll but now I live a clean life and can say I did it my way till the very end.

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