Matt Forney: My Life Sucks

Matt Forney, the author of Do the Philippines, is internationally recognized as being one of the world’s biggest losers. He speaks for a class of men who have fallen through the cracks of American society and who have ended up living their lives abroad as expatriates eking out a miserable existence numbed by the services of the occasional Third World prostitute.

Strangely enough, Matt Forney agrees with us in a recent Twitter thread that living the lifestyle of Loser Nationalism has made him miserable and homesick:

“People often ask me which country they should expatriate to. Here are my answers:

1. Wherever you have close friends/family.
2. Wherever you can get an easy citizenship.
3. Preferably both.

Expatriation is a life choice for cranks and vagabonds, not normal people.

It’s easy to look at the Big Mac Index or Numbeo’s Cost of Living Map and think, “Hot damn, I’d save SO much money if I moved to Kiev/Manila/Timbuktu!”, but moving abroad for better weather or to save money on rent ignores the mental/spiritual aspects of pulling up roots.

First, many second- or third-world countries have shit infrastructure, even for the rich. The tap water might be poisoned. The traffic might be horrible. The restaurants may be staffed by mouthbreathers who habitually forget to wash their hands after taking a shit.

Ex: I was once waiting in the airport of Davao City in the Philippines and I watched ALL of the tap water in the building turn brown. Even the water in the toilets was brown. Brownouts and blackouts are common, Internet service is spotty. These inconveniences add up.

In Ukraine, I was told by every landlady/lord I ever had to not drink the tap water because it was poisoned with heavy metals. I once got stranded on a train in December because it was a Brezhnev-era locomotive with USSR insignias and it was on its last legs.

One or two problems you can handle. But can you handle dozens of them all the time? Simple things like buying aspirin or mail delivery are like pulling teeth outside of the first world. If you want to expatriate, you have to have a supernaturally high tolerance for bullshit.

Second, there’s the loneliness. You’ve got family and friends, and if you move abroad, you’ll probably see them once a year at most. You need friends where you’re going. If you don’t have them, you need to make them, which is a struggle for more introverted people.

Your potential friend pool consists of two groups: locals, with whom you’ll have to learn the local language and navigate local customs, and other expats, who are very likely to be the kinds of annoying shitbags you’re trying to get away from. Pick your poison, motherfucker.

And yeah, most expats are awful people. In Ukraine, it’s sex pests. In Southeast Asia, it’s old sex pests. In Hungary, it’s British stag partiers and old German sex pests. In Poland, it’s American backpackers. In Georgia, it’s douchebag “digital nomads.” Have fun!

The happiest expat experience of my life was in Budapest, because I had friends there before I moved. They helped me get set up and it was nice being able to call them up for a drink whenever I was ready to mingle. In fact, they were the reason I moved there in the first place.

Third, there’s residency and citizenship. Both are very difficult to get in many places unless you have a local job (and are getting paid a shitty local salary). That relegates you to living on short-term tourist visas or “visa-free” regimens.

Most countries allow Americans generous visa-free travel privileges. Even Russia offers Americans a three-year tourist visa. But you can’t build a permanent presence in a country off a tourist visa. At some point, you need to normalize your presence with residency/citizenship.

That’s why the best country to move to is one where you can easily claim a citizenship. Many European countries offer citizenship by jus sanguinis (right of blood), meaning you can become a citizen by proving your ancestry. Italy, Ireland, Poland, and Croatia are among them.

Latin American countries are more generous than European ones when it comes to immigration. But again, do you have the patience to live in, say, Ecuador full-time? Also note that many countries where citizenship is easy to acquire (such as Georgia) prohibit dual citizenship.

Fourth, even if you can put up with bullshit and integrate into your new country, you’ll never feel 100 percent at home. You may think America is dumb and gay, but you’ve been marked by American culture regardless, and relocating abroad WILL be a shock to your system.

This is particularly pronounced if you’re white and move to a non-white country. In Thailand or the Philippines, you will always be seen as “the white guy” no matter how long you live there and how well you acclimate to the culture. No getting around it.

Remember that French-Canadian dude who got busted in Thailand for running a dark web market a couple years back? That guy learned to speak Thai, married a Thai woman, had a child, but he got popped almost immediately because his neighbors ratted him out for being a farang.

In a European or Latin American country, you can blend in better, but there are still aspects of foreign culture that you will likely never get used to. Even if you marry a local, have kids, and never set foot in your home country again, you’ll always be an outsider looking in.

My decision to expatriate was based in part on the fact that I’ve spent my entire life moving around. When I turned 18, I left my shithole city in upstate New York and never looked back. The longest I’ve ever lived in any city as an adult (Albany, NY) was two and a half years.

Living abroad is fun and cool. You get to see parts of the world and do things that few people do. But it’s not a panacea or a replacement for a happy home life. If you’ve got a loving family, great friends, and a good job at home, don’t give that up to become an expat.

Many expats are freelancers and/or have online businesses. They can make money anywhere they can connect to the Internet. The other option is to get a local job, but local jobs pay local wages.”

I also remember Matt Forney from his “Ferdinand Bardamu” days at which mysteriously disappeared from the internet:

“Because of Matt Forneys past as Ferdinand Bardamu, many Manosphere bloggers wouldn’t say anything critical of Forney, but as it became more and more apparent he was a massive fucking loser, they began to drift away, like Homer Simpson slowly backing into a hedge.

He has slept with two women over the past few years, both of which he has blogged about extensively. One was a groupie, the other a girl he met in the Philippines. The first became a 3 part, 30-40,000 word article, the second the basis for at least 6 posts on How To Gets Laid In Da Filipeens.

He also has a habit of telling people that they “argue like a feminist”, but will then get all emotional when he gets rightly eviscerated on his Emo Teenager worldview. He has the self-awareness of an office cactus.

I could go on, but suffice to say he is an exceptionally high calibre of shitbird.”

He ultimately did score.

I believe this was the mentally ill Jewish-Vietnamese groupie. She allegedly accused him of rape. Forney posted her dox on his website.

I’ve recently become interested in Loser Nationalism.

I found this thread to be revealing because of how it shows that people like Matt Forney are like my philosophical opposites. They are rootless, wandering, deracinated nomads usually from our Northern states. They have fled abroad in search of endless novelties. It is pitiful when you hear Forney say that the happiest experience of his life was when he had friends in Budapest.

As a Southerner, my ideal of a good life is being deeply rooted in a particular place and having lots of rich, meaningful attachments. It means being part of a larger whole: being part of a family, a tradition, having friendships, a kinship group, a community, a calling, a relationship with God, etc. I’m the opposite of a nomad. The reason that I hate all of liberalism is because it is poison that destroys these attachments. It “liberates” the “individual” from the context that makes his life intelligible.

Note: It’s interesting how the same circle of people keep showing up around the Loser Nats. Do you think it is a coincidence?

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  1. I feel genuinely bad for that unfortunate girl in the above photo who slept with Forney. Eeew.

    The good old days of American expats living in Europe like Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Pound are over.

  2. If you do a multi year grand tour you are supposed to come back and apply what you’ve learned Danish carpenters have to fuck off abroad for several years but they come home and settle down in their old towns to apply their learning to their craft and trade

    • …one of the reasons I’m glad I did an extended Navy enlistment.

      Hard to be a “cosmopolitan localist” if you don’t travel enough to learn how and why to appreciate your home. Like how learning to speak another language helps you see the beauty in your own.

  3. Check the Kiwifarms thread from the time period of Trump’s election. There’s some real gems they saved about Forney.

    He told the New York Times that openly white nationalist candidates would run in 2018.

    He demanded that if people were going to be serious that they unmask themselves.

    Forney also wrote a pro-Charlottesville article when it occurred and believed it would be a propaganda win while telling people the driver was not part of the rally. He has since reversed this position and has gloated about every bad thing that has occurred to anyone who was there.

    Then there’s this post which lays out how Forney’s attack on Jim Goad was how he covered up his collusion in getting antifa to go after a David Cole and Ann Coulter event

  4. The Shitlord Hub used to label Forney as “Roosh’s Fat Bitch.” Now that Roosh is seeing his previous life as empty and a waste, the Fat Bitch is apparently following suit.

    As a much younger man, I had the opportunity to go to places like Prague and look into ESL teaching and the local bar scenes. It was fun at first, but quickly turned into a reminder of why partying and chasing tail got old after the first year (or two) of college: Ultimately, it’s boring and unfulfilling. Everything in Eastern Europe was initially interesting because it was new to me, but after I got used to my surroundings they just couldn’t hold my interest. The US looked a lot better to me after that.

  5. Since 1865, the formerly United States have been defined essentially by, and as, the North. To the exclusion of the other thirty-four states.

    Essentially, because they don’t exist, except as scapegoats for Northern dysfunction, the South and Interior West are largely bypassed by Loser Nationalism, and all of the other isms, both ostensibly Rightist, and obviously Leftist, that are a part of “mainstream”(Northern) culture.

    Because of this, I think that Southern Nationalists have a clear field to operate in Dixie, virtually unmolested and unnoticed.

    • I agree with your conclusion Mr. Owen, but where are all those Southern nationalists? Is this going to be another situation where an outsider like me has to step in and become your Leader?

  6. So he’s basically admitting to how stupid, lonely you will feel, headache inducing and time consuming it is to travel to another country for supposedly easier access to pussy and tits? Don’t quit your dayjob Matt…

  7. Says a lot about America. Ppl are so disgusted that even mud countries are an option. Not just single losers move abroad, some married White couples are doing it.

  8. Forney has a lot in common with anglin. No wife and family. Rootless, chasing what he really can’t find. Because he doesn’t really know what it is. Gertrude steins comment about Oakland California applies here. “There’s no there, there” they are as much victims of this messed up culture, as creaters of it.

  9. Wow. Hunter. You are all about Blud und Boden! This is what leads to a fulfilling, centered, meaningful life! Whodathunkit! Chasing after 14 year old Asians ISN’T the ticket to Paradise, after all?


    A German man, with a funny moustache, tried to tell every one this, approx. 80 years ago. Hardly any-one listened….

  10. “You may think America is dumb and gay, but you’ve been marked by American culture regardless, and relocating abroad WILL be a shock to your system.” He is right about that! You guys “being marked” by the American culture and seeing all these desperate people coming to the US think this is the best place in the world to live while in reality it is as the saying goes among the white immigrants “a labor camp with a plenty of bad food.” The bland cities with the skyscrapers in the middle, the dangerous gettos in the south and the dull, afluent suburbs in the north side. The big plaza with the same stores everywhere, the restaurants overlooking the mall pavement. The people produced like from the same matrix with their empty conversations about the weather. It is so depressing, words can’t describe it! I spent 25 years in the US and when my kids were born I went back to Europe cause I didn’t want them to become Americanized and I was afraid they might not speak my native tongue. I thought I am making a sacrifice, I thought I’ll miss not living in the US. I didn’t miss the States for even one second and over the years I tried to figure out why. Now I know: its because of the things I described above. When I come on business to the States I look at these poor bastards with no health insurance, no work contracts but blessed with the at-will-employment, the disgusting minorities everywhere, the drugs, the crazy demonratts, the juden- loving cuckservatives and I say to myself thanks God my kids do not have to grow up in this poisonous environment.

      • I have an old friend living in East Germany Leipzig, moved in the early 2000’s. Married a east Germany women has two children from her and citizenship via her relationship.

        He complained to me for years in the 1990,s how he hated living in the states with its oppressive liberalism.

        When he would visit the states in the mid 2000,s

        He would boast that In the (((European Union))) they have more freedom!

        Now in the 2010,s after the none white migration crisis in Western Europe, I have the last say and lecturer of what it to come of civilization Europe!

      • What truly pro-White/European person would laugh at the state of Sweden today?

        They are the canary in the coal mine. It’s no surprise that Sweden has been one of the first targeted – (((they))) must loathe the fair-haired, Nordic phenotype and be desperate to tear it all down in some kind of Cain-like fit of envy and pure malevolence. That which is most beautiful must be destroyed.

    • I perceive you Scandinavians as exceptionally intelligent people, Bjorn. So why are you allowing infinite Allah niggers and rape monkeys into your countries?

  11. Whats the drama/ back story of his crazy ex being raped by a homeless black man who AGREED to use a condom of all things and creeper Jim Goad getting sloppy seconds? What crazy hijinks and misadventures for Matt lol

  12. Forgive me, this might be an indelicate question. What in the actual fuck is wrong with his head? Alien human hybrid? Seriously wtf?

    Anyhow, all of these shitty yankee degenerates are welcome to move to the phillipines and spill their seed with the savages. Or to move to wherever to lower their rent. So long as it isn’t Appalachia. We have enough people flooding out of California and New York into everywhere else, trying to better their own quality of life at the expense of people that aren’t totally insane liberal capitalist fruits looking for the nearest starbucks.

    I don’t want the Matt Forneys and Andrew Anglins of the world anywhere on this continent. I dont care if they are miserable. They earned it by being thoughtless, careless, soulless and immoral opportunists only interested in their own immediate gratification.

    A pox on all of these nihilist scum.

    • @ Clement

      Are you an old man or a woman? All sides of the manosphere provide an essential essence of redpilling men on women. Even the PUA community back 10 years ago offered more practical knowledge than most of the Alt-Right does today.

      Men are taught from birth to be nice and polite to women and women take these nice guys chewing em up and spit em out like old tobacco. The manosphere at least teaches men about the real nature of women and how they can get the most of their life as a man instead of jumping from rejection to rejection (romantic or platonic) and feeling worthless.

      In the case of PUAs, they actually teach men how to take advantage of the behaviour of women into ways that will actually get them interested in the man. I’d imagine this site would be pro-PUA because from conversations I’ve had with people in the discussion section, there are a lot of people on here that want to convince young men to marry thots, and the only thing a thot is good for is sex. PUA techniques would be necessary in attracting the attention of thots.

      Personally though, thots just aren’t worth it in the cost-benefit analysis.

      • Nope, I’m a millennial male. I married a virgin bride who is now pregnant with our third child, which is a lot more than can be said for most of those in the manosphere who claim to offer expert advice on how to deal with women. Roosh and Heartiste have both basically admitted that the goal of game is to turn yourself into a unfeeling psychopath who is incapable of forming a loving relationship with a woman. Game is a dead end.

  13. Sounds like the life of Andre and weev most likely. I’m good here in the South West. It’s not perfect but it’s home. It’s my culture and I don’t have to change or act like something I’m not just to fit in.

  14. Hunter, ever since this TRS and Jayoh fiasco you have been going real hard on ad hominiems and red herrings. As I said in a previous comment, I do not doubt what you have exposed here. But the fact that you are really upping the ante now when the spotlight was on Jayoh and Enoch is really suspicious.

    Even if every character flaw about Anglin, Weev, Forney, and Azzmador is true, absolutely ZERO of that has any bearing at all on the fact that Jayoh is either a liar or at least in touch with feds, Cantwell has admitted to working with feds and has doxed people, Mike Enoch hid his jewish wife from his audience, and Parrot had contact with the SPLC.

    Instead of addressing these claims, you attack the mailman. Not very smart Brad.

    • BlueBook,

      I said all of this a year and a half ago. I’m saying it again now because it is a pattern. The Drama Stirrer is clearly trying to bad jacket TRS. It is trying to disrupt our sphere of the internet. When it happens nearly twelve times, you begin to wonder why. What’s going on over there?

    • Hey, “BlueBook”:

      I’d like to see you address these facts:

      1) Until a few years ago, Weev openly claimed to be Jewish. Now the DS will ban anyone who points this out.
      2) Weev received a 41-month FEDERAL prison sentence that was suddenly dropped 13 months into his sentence. Then he was released and suddenly declared to the world that he was a Nazi.
      3) In the entire movement, no one had worse “optics” than the DS. They were openly encouraging murder. Then, suddenly after Charlottesville, they were attacking others for “bad optics.”

      Those aren’t “ad hominiems” [sic]. Those are facts. Address them.

      • 1. This is hard to get around, but it may (nevertheless) be hyperbolic. TRS engages in the same banning habits – when someone brings counter points to a platform, they’re silenced immediately and without appeal.

        2. It’s not unusual for people to avoid serving the entirety of a sentence…as for the sudden ideological change, Weev would hardly be alone in taking up WN 1.0 talking points during this time. Many hopped onto the phenomenon.

        3. You’re not allowed to talk about “optics” until you provide some sort of empirically-based framework for how to judge whether an “optic” is good or bad. To my knowledge, not a single person has done this yet. It’s a problem when the DS does it. It’s a problem when you do it.


        I’ve never cared one way or the other for DS and couldn’t really care less about Anglin’s commentary; I am concerned with the systematic breading of vulnerability into the white every-man.

      • I guess you can’t read.
        “As I said in a previous comment, I do not doubt what you have exposed here. But the fact that you are really upping the ante now when the spotlight was on Jayoh and Enoch is really suspicious.”
        Now you address the facts concerning matt parrot’s ties to the splc, cantwell’s snitching, and jayoh’s sketchy past involvment with drugs, fleeing the country, and back again with feds. Furthermore, if these are lies, then explain to me why I should trust enoch to put someone that sketchy in charge of trs security.
        Let’s go genius.

        • Not only can I read—unlike you, I can spell.

          What are Parrott’s “ties” to the SPLC besides telling them—not even directly, but in an online post—that they “won” after his life fell apart?

          What are TRS’s current “ties” to Cantwell? I don’t think anyone is denying he has spoken to feds, since he announced it. But kindly explain how this magically turns TRS into feds.

          The Jayoh thing has been addressed—it was obviously a joke, unless you think he was actually flying around on an “Anarchy Chopper” and sold heroin from Harvard.

        • Also, you don’t have the right to declare a one-way feud. DS opened the can of worms, so they opened themselves to questioning.

          I seem to remember Anglin raising $150,000 for a legal defense fund, but he never showed up for court. Now he’s begging for money on Gab. Suspicious as hell.

          • I raised $5,000 for our legal defense.

            The lawyer was paid. Bill Regnery was recently dropped from that lawsuit. I’m waiting, just waiting to get out of this thing which is in limbo. They have no case.

  15. Without ever having the opportunity to travel abroad, I can only gauge many aspects of living in a foreign country by reading about it and looking at pictures. But, most of the downsides seemed apparent to me before this Forney person made a list of them. The quality of goods and services is sure to vary in different geographical locations. But, the feeling of alienation and always being an outsider seemed like a given to me. I’ve often told the “give us your poor, huddled masses” crowd that only in America can people from other parts of the World show up and be accepted as and labeled an American, and be afforded the same (often more) consideration and benefits as anyone who was born here.

    I’ve tried to explain to them that they could go to a foreign country and completely dedicate themselves by acclimating to the culture, learning the history, and honoring the traditions, but they would never be considered anything other than an American living abroad. It’s like the folks who were going to move to Canada if Trump/Hillary was elected. You had both conservatives and liberals who hadn’t a clue that they were not eligible to just pack up and move to Canada; that you have to qualify for entry by demonstrating that you will not be a drain on their economy. If this Forney guy isn’t good for anything else, at least he has confirmed my observations.

    I can’t understand why the guy with the pink shirt wasn’t rendered unconscious? I guess, Forney. I can’t see myself tripping over stairs backing away from The Sons of Devo. “pweethe hewlp meeeee, Mithtuh Po-weethe-man! Tha Geek with tha gwatheths ith aftuh meeee!

  16. Some corrections here:

    Ann Sterzinger’s big mistake was that she did NOT accuse Forney of rape. Her boyfriend claims to have walked into their apartment, along with another guy, WHILE Forney was raping her and she was blackout drunk She says she was too drunk to in good conscience charge him with rape.

    According to Ann:
    “actually my boyfriend claimed that Matt raped me. I didn’t press charges because I didn’t want to ruin someone’s life over something I didn’t recall and didn’t know if it was true. so matt repaid me by telling people I raped him.
    matt also wrote a blog piece claiming he anally raped me. literally accused himself in order to brag that he got away with it. … he’s deleted it, because I guess even he’s not stupid enough to leave self-rape-accusations out there.
    I don’t recall ever having a sore butt but maybe that’s just a penis size issue.”

    According to Steve Gassen:
    “Matt Forney did rape Ann and it messed up some lives including Ann’s. The rape is a fact. Ann’s roommate/boyfriend walked in while it was happening. Matt ran away, Ann was passed out on the floor…Ann can deal with this any way she likes but the rest of us need to know Matt Forney is a rapist.”

    In this essay—which he deleted but which has immortality on the Wayback Machine—he brags about how he “kept thrusting” after she was screaming in pain and begging him to stop:

    From that article:

    “Noooooo,” she sort of mouthed, but she didn’t offer any resistance to me peeling her panties off.
    Undeterred by her reluctance, I yanked my pants off, snapped on a condom and entered her. While she was wet, she clearly wasn’t enjoying my thrusts like she normally did. (She’s a squirter—in fact, the day before, she came so much and so hard that her mattress was completely soaked in her juices by the time we were done—so she can’t get away with faking.) After about ten minutes, she started yelping like she was having her fingernails ripped out with a pair of pliers.
    “You’re not enjoying this,” I whispered in her ear.
    “No,” she whined. “It feels like you’re stabbing me in my asshole.”
    I kept thrusting…”

    Mind you, this was only four ago, when he was posing as a pickup artist and it was trendy among these circles to be a womanizing “degenerate.” Now that the TradCath “community” has stupidly accepted him, he’s posing as a chaste and righteous man.

    When Ann refused to date him, he launched a years-long smear campaign against her in the fashion of a jilted girl.

    For the past year he’s done multiple livestreams about how Ann Sterzinger was lying about being raped by a black man in Chicago last summer. He even duped the Irony Bros, those five-foot-tall losers named Shawn McCafferty and Matt Evans, into believing his side of the story.

    Trouble is, the DNA results are back and Ann has picked the perp out of a lineup. She is flying to Chicago next week on the city’s dime to talk to the state’s attorney and finally put the rapist behind bars.

    So let’s recap:
    1) In his own words, he admitted to raping her. Then he deleted the article where he boasts about continuing to thrust even after she said “no” and said she wasn’t enjoying it.
    2) Multiple people encouraged Ann to press charges against him.
    3) His method of repaying her for this was to spend years attacking her again and again and again when she’s been almost entirely silent about him.
    2) For some odd reason, he decided to insist, again and again in public, that she was lying about being raped by a black man last summer, despite the DNA evidence. It appears he is not only a pathological liar, but in an attempt to cover his tracks, he has a history of accusing truth-tellers of being liars.

    There are rumors that he was hinting on Twitter a few years ago that a woman—not Ann Sterzinger—was planning on filing rape charges against him. Before you knew it, he fled to Europe and has not shown his face in public since.

    He continues to commit credibility suicide because he can’t deal with any rejection on any level. He can’t even deal with mild mocking. Just be aware that he will now harass you for the rest of his failed life.

  17. That video of him fleeing like a bitch from those two Antifa twinks ins’t the only video of him displaying intense cowardice in public. Feast on this one:

    In his attempted defense, this fat blob of shit who is terrible at lying claimed:

    1) The two skinny fags in Cleveland were “big, burly guys.”
    2) The person who filmed him him running away in the subway station was pointing a gun at him. If that was the case, wouldn’t everyone else in the subway station look alarmed rather than bored?

    • Interesting informations m8 thanks I can’t stand rape apologists like Matt too influenced by Sasquatch assmador and wanglin probably I’m guessing but he brought this on himself

    • Matt Forney has this really funny walk where it’s almost like his legs are fixed at a wide stance and he walks in like a 45 degree angle instead of straight forward like a normal human being. Maybe the guy’s legs were injured in an accident or something.

      • Forney is club-footed. He also has a deeply uncontrollable twitch. There was a video that made the rounds from NPI 2016, that unfortunately no one had the foresight to save, where Forney is standing at the event and cannot stop twitching or being antsy.

        I don’t know if he’s just a panicky Pete who overcompensates with bluster or if he’s got some kind of neurological issue going on, but there’s more to his bizarre physique and physiognomy.

  18. All of the figures that were pushing “amnat” have spent most if their adult lives outside of America. That was enough to tell that it was disingenuous. How are guys who have lived in Southeast Asia 19 out of the last 20 years going to know what normal White Americans care about? The reality is that they don’t know and don’t care. It was merely a vehicle for attacking the movement to help advance the GOP.

    • Maybe instead of “Loser Nationalism,” the more accurate term would be “Man Without A Nation Nationalism.”

  19. what do you say to people who are naturally deracinated though? some people just don’t have roots or family or hometowns. some people are just “white” “americans”

    • My “family” moved around a lot, and my parents were dysfunctional people, TD3. It was necessary for me to sever relations with them. So I get not having roots or family. But everyone outside of a monastery needs those social connections. Whatever your problems or interests, there’s a place online where you can find a home. Those people you meet may lead to you discovering someplace IRL where you feel safe enough to stay.

      Maybe I’m speaking out of turn. After all, I don’t know your situation. But in general, once you find people that have good values you want to be around, stick with them. If money is a problem, you’ll have to stay where you are and search out those reflecting what you want out of life.

    • You don’t say anything to those poor wretches, they are the bugmen who’ve come to constitute most of the generically White race. These are the Whites who patronize the Big Data aggregation mechanisms like 23 and Me. They feel more kinship with the metrics than the heritage itself.

      Personally, I may say Mick excessively, but I am damned proud to be from hearty Irish stock. We all settled in the mountains back in the 1880’s and it has been home ever since. At this point I’d identify with growing up in the mountains as much if not more than being Irish. Being cold feels good, being lonely feels good, hiking a ridgeline and dropping in on a sketchy chute on skis or a snowboard feels life affirming.

      This is the only place I could ever live, nothing beats the smell of ponderosa pine on a warm summer day.

  20. What’s simultaneously hilarious and bewildering is his absolute lack of self-awareness.

    He’ll call people “fat” and “ugly” with no apparent sense of irony.

    He recently taunted TRS about their web traffic cratering from a 50,000 rank on Alexa to about 80,000 over the past three months.

    Meanwhile, the failed literary magazine he’s been relentlessly pushing for over a year dropped over a million spots over the last ninety days and can’t even crack the top two million:

    Every criticism he makes of others applies to him tenfold. Without fail. Every. Single. Time. It’s amazing.

  21. Ann Sterzinger wasn’t his “groupie.” It was the other way around:

    He endlessly promoted her work, saying she was a great author, etc. She never did anything of the kind on his behalf.

    Apparently he thought flattering her would make her fall in love with him. He was an attempted groupie of hers. A failed groupie of hers. And when she wouldn’t consent to his plan of showing the world he could actually make a woman stay without holding her at gunpoint, he started a smear campaign that’s been going nonstop for years.

    Look at the picture of the two of them up above. Who looks like they’re trying to kidnap whom?

    He is sadness incarnate.

  22. Forney’s discord server ended up in the Discord Leaks. He’s connected with weev, not that anyone would be shocked by that.

    No wonder he runs cover for them

    Keep in mind this is the same guy who told people to self-dox in 2016 and was fedposting up and down in 2016 about the kind of violence leftists should expect if you check the Kiwifarms thread

  23. He has one good article “planet of bitches” or something to that effect. I never realized that he was such a fuckin panzy did you see him standing with his hand on his hip? What a fag.

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