Exit Polls Appear To Show Bibi Netanyahu Losing Power

Blompf could have a new boss soon:


“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party trails the center-left Blue and White party in 3 of 3 exit polls, which continue to be updated after polls closed with real vote counts. All 3 polls show Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc falling short of the 61 seats needed for a majority.

Why it matters: Exit polls are not the same as official results, but they are a significant indicator. This was Israel’s second election in a matter of months after Netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition following April’s vote. He is facing 3 pending corruption indictments and may have to remain in power to stay out of jail. …”

Could be.

Possibly be.

He always seems to find a way to hang on.

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  1. “American taxpayer will still be forced to hand over millions every year ”

    BILLIONS , dude, BILLIONS ! that’s 1000’s of millions.

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