Daily Stormer Goes Offline

I’m not sure what the plan was at the Daily Stormer.

There was a descent into paranoia that began in late June in which TRS became the center of a vast conspiracy. The reaction to the Andrew Anglin character’s descent into paranoia at first over the summer was to dismiss it as a drug fueled bender or a mental breakdown. Pretty much everyone ignored it as it soared past 15,000 comments from a handful of people on the Stormer BBS.

The downward spiral accelerated this month as Jim Object became the keystone of the TRS conspiracy and a federal agent. An old podcast was dug up from 2012 in which Jayoh was doing a bit in which he dramatically escaped from the feds in the Anarchy Chopper and fled to an anarchist safehouse in the Third World. It was obviously nothing but lolbertarian fantasy fiction, but we were told this literally happened. Soon, everyone at TRS including Mike Enoch became a federal agent. The whole thing struck me as the sort of conspiracy theory that you would find on a crackpot website.

It’s hard to tell what is going on with the Andrew Anglin character because so much of his material is satire or tongue-in-cheek while much of it is no doubt heartfelt. One minute he is calling Jim Object a federal agent. The next minute he wants to beat up and rape the Little Mermaid or is wondering why the Jews aren’t being slaughtered en masse. Perhaps this has all been one big joke and the point the Andrew Anglin character was trying to make was that people in far right circles believe all kinds of dumb, stupid paranoid bullshit? Maybe he wasn’t being ironic though and has gone mad?

In any event, The Drama Stirrer has gone down in the middle of this debate. Auernheimer has explained that Bitmitigate has dumped them for not being worth the hassle of dealing with. The Stirrer aggravated Bitmitigate to the point where they just couldn’t take it anymore. Hopefully, they will be focused on addressing the technical meltdown for the foreseeable future rather than burning bridges with nearly everyone else in this scene and we can have a respite from Infinite Dramaquest 2019.

Note: THIS … but Weev and literally.

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  1. Daily Drama are still up on Tor doing the same ole thing.

    This is the biggest story of the day IMO. A pretty girl arrested for fed posting. Bullying at her old school seems to have been the reason for her ire. She shouldn’t be wasting time in school anyway. She should be married and starting a big family. How long a sentence can she expect for saying words the authorities don’t like?


    • Its perfectly alright to bully and isolate other White people; but if they do anything back they all fall back and pretends to be “hurt”.

      • Another gay word ‘fedposting’, and she wasn’t fedposting anything she told people Irl that she was going do this, whether she was joking or serious but it seems just another dumb bitch running her mouth off

    • I never believe female claims of “bullying.” 99% of the time it’s their own self-consciousness causing them to become delusional and see things that aren’t there. Something like nobody commenting on her new haircut becomes “bullying” in her own mind. Sort of how, for paranoid Jews, anything other than gushing adulation from the goyim looks like “anti-semitism.”

      • You don’t have daughters then and unlikely sons, because I can tell you bullying between boys and girls are both prevalent and it’s never ending as now the kids have contact nearly 24/7. Not like the old days when you could just come home and forget about it all.

        The stuff I have seen as accepted as “ok” by communist admin in schools, would get you locked up if you did it in a workplace or at the students home. And their biggest fear (admin) is for you to go to the real police or media.

    • On TOR, the Featured story is: “SAVE THE STORMER: Please Send Money to Keep This Site Online!”
      – where Anglin is telling people how to use Bitcoin, to send shekels.

      I think Weev pulled the plug, and Anglin is all alone.

      • The Stormer was briefly knocked offline after El Paso when 8chan came on Bitmitigate. 8chan crashed and still hasn’t come back. Now, the Stormer (The Drama Stirrer) has gone down for the same reasons. They’ve seen this coming for weeks. That’s why they have been pushing their readers to get on the Tor browser. Weev is the reason both sites are down.

  2. Libertartianism is the word you’re looking for, ‘lolbertartian’ this gay word please stop using it sir it isn’t 2016 during bronald blumpfs election anymore

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