Daily Stormer: The iProphet Rabbi Weevlos

According to Dennis Fetcho, Andrew Escher Auernheimer aka Weev was the leader of a pack of Jewish trolls in the 2000s. He was the president of the Gay Nigger Association of America. Weev’s shtick as an “anti-Semite” hunter was to target and attack anti-Semites to make them sound so ridiculous and extreme that their arguments would not be taken seriously.

No way … everyone is lying about him. His mom was lying about him being a mentally ill drug addict. He didn’t mean it when he said for years on the internet that he was Jewish. The OkCupid profile was fake. Dailystormer.lol was never registered to Alex Pilosov’s apartment.

The iProphet Rabbi Weevlos:

Prophet Weevlos from quake rz on Vimeo.

Mischa Spiegelmock and Weev at Toorcon:

It is clear in the iProphet video that Weev is trying to make anti-Semites look ridiculous. The goal is to shape perception of them. He wants to discredit them.

The definitive proof that Dennis Fetcho is telling the truth about Weev though is the archive of his old GNAA “JewsDidWTC.com” website. The goal here is not to make a legitimate case for that theory, but to mock and discredit those like Fetcho who were doing it.

Note: Mark Potok of the SPLC and the ADL are brought on CNN to discuss the GNAA website.

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  1. Apparently there was a whole bunch of those iprophet videos but they got lost in the sands of Internet time I assume, shame cause i’d like to see them for curiosity sake.

    The iprophet videos were semi satirical with a early million dollar extreme feel to them I agree that this particular one is purposely making anti semites sound stupid crazy and misinformed

  2. I think weev’s involvement in trolling culture proves the following. The internet was a plot to take control of “public space” and spy on and subvert anything organic that arose in public consciousness while pushing damaging ideas on the public. It’s no coincidence that the US military funded its development, like TV and radio before it the internet was developed and deployed as a weapon to attack social bonds and break up families/communities so people are easily controlled worldwide. The reason we saw such a boom in technological “progress” in communications post-WW2 is because a hostile outgroup took control then. Developing radio then TV then internet as a consumer product to replace the natural bonding of telling stories, etc. in the family would have been unthinkable prior to that because it would clearly damage society.

    When one accepts this truth, accepts that the TV and internet aren’t ever neutral or healthful and have been brainwashing you quite Jewishly from day one, one finds that everything becomes clear. One sees that instead of railing against “the left” and the “SJWs” one is better positioned by joining them in “deplatforming” and ruining video games and getting Stallman fired and more. One finds that their desire to fight against “leftists” was literally implanted into their head by Zionists mad at the left wing stance on Israel and actually leftists are doing good work by pushing white men out of the matrix society by making it insufferable. If you don’t vote straight democrat in 2020 you can be sure you have been comped by weev.

    • As long as internet is free; as in you and me can find out and spread information quickly; thats a great danger to ZOG.

      Of course these jews want to control the internet so there is no opposition. The only thing the jew can handle is their own echo chamber.

    • The gov’t is interested in mind control, as MK-ULTRA proves. The CIA was and is heavily involved in books, newspapers and broadcasting. The kakistocracy is continually trying to mold and shape opinion. Gov’t developed the net, so of course it’s filthy, grasping claws are deep in it. Zuckersperg and his diseased ilk are not known for even being able to code, so they’re getting a lot of technical assistance and money from somewhere.

      Those not willing to stay within the allowed conversation points are being systematically removed from the net, or sent to its edges. As soon as someone demonstrates a reach beyond a limited audience of malcontents, their numbers are manipulated down and access to the normies is restricted, through algorithms. Or outright banishment, as in the case of Alex Jones and a few others.

      The above isn’t meant to black-pill, just make you aware. Total freedom of communication (or any other freedom) is an illusion. We aren’t in the times of Old Hickory, when gov’t was intentionally small and technologically incapable of monitoring us peons. I’m sure we’re on lists somewhere in a USG computer. I don’t care about that. I’m going to live as I see fit, until the means to do so are taken away from me. Accept your reality, and work within those restrictions as best you’re able.

  3. Hunter should get a medal for this. Looks like the kikes involved are getting scared we might find them all eventually.

  4. @general butt naked

    Mr. Griffin, has definitely proved his worth and is a formidable investigator of our opponents and infiltrators.

    • Agreed. But as Hunter is stirring them up, I suggest anyone that can help him does. But also maybe even more important is to find out who is funding weev, and the involved agents. This could be a good chance to sniff them out.

  5. Its such a pleasure to log on the www daily and read the articles and comments on this site.
    This is the best and most intellectually informative American history/ WN site on the internet, by far!

    HW should be recognized as the scholar and historian that he is…
    I can’t help but continue to lol @ Azz-mastadon and his GF lee rogers at IS who banned several people recently and me and called me a “shill” who was “sowing dissent” and doing Wallaces work on monday because i called weev a jude..super hilarious.

    *”Account suspended until September 14, 3019: Making wild accusations, sowing dissent. Being a turd. Go do Wallace’s work eslsewhere, shill.”*
    LOL yes, druggie boy, i work directly for HW…LMAO

    I never knew that they thought he was a white man and never knew they would act in such a childish fashion or i would’ve never signed in and been a part of the website to begin with.
    I thought it was common knowledge since 2016 or earlier that these clowns at the DS were poison to any real movement that was serious.

  6. Who else but a Jew would get offended by some random conspiracy theorist talking about Jews? Not only does this confirm Weev is a biological Jew, it also confirms he is a Jew who is very conscious of his Judaism. A Jew who feels he has a personal stake in fighting “antisemitism”.

    Anglin has promted Zionist hag Faith Goldy And the Jew black pigeon speaks before, it all makes sense now.

    • The Talosians work in strange and mysterious ways. The tip of the syringe is forged from weaponized conflations. The vaccination affords the Jewish poison immunity by eviscerating the political body’s friend/foe distinction noesis. The Daily Conformer’s man love for the orange King of the Jew’s God-Emperor being a prime example of the modus operandi. Rage against the machine by defending one octopus tentacle against the other. This is why face value interpretations, in the fullness of time, equates to facepalms. The easiest way to lead a parade… Is to give the Joker a power-eagle baton. Any fool can wave a flag of convenience, and every fool will follow it. The Jews killed JFK, did nine-eleven, and the holy-hoax©™ is a historical inversion of monstrous proportion. Conspirators doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, it is disparaged as conspiracy theory. Conspiracy; to breath together, a bound bundle of bombastic wooden rods wrapped around an international menorah, a tapestry of lies and conceits known as a tallit, a congregation of Jews, Anglin the anglerfish.

  7. Some observations : After Anglin said in that interview that whites must be bred out, he started his site ‘Total Fascism’ about six months later. I’ve read that supposedly on a prior site of his, he allegedly got radicalized into white nationalism/ fascism’ by someone called Beelzebub’ … regardless, he still did not have enough time to emerge a full bore (pseudo) fascist in six months, imo….I read TF and DS regularly and commented a lot until he went full blown anti woman, esp anti white woman, that’s when i quit. The site had gone downhill for awhile before that, when he began to get involved in the MGTOW/ pickup artist community, which eventually led to the asinine ‘white sharia’ crap…. I never thought the over-the-top racial caricatures were helpful and told him so. I also suggested he maintain an permanent sidebar of info showing bullet points as to why the Holocaust was a hoax- he responded back telling that he thought that was a good idea, but he didn’t have time to write about it. He has time for everything else, except that.
    Before TF and DS, he frequently cited French philosopher Jacques Ellul as a strong influence upon his thinking.
    Anglin has been poison for a long time. Where is he now, with his Bitcoin (and legal judgment proof) fortune?

  8. It ought to be obvious to Southern Nationalists that virtually none of this circus is taking place in Dixie.

    As always, the focus is on the North and the Pacific Rim. All of the characters, with the exception of Azmador, are Northerners or Pac Rimmers of one stripe or another.We don’t need any of those people. They’re not our people.

    What this means is that Dixie is an unimpeded field of action for Southern Nationalists.

  9. I would like to know who gave weev 2 million in bitcoin? Apparently he was rewarded for something, perhaps subverting DS?

  10. The Gay Nigger Association of America used to spam slashdot, back when slashdot was a thing. It was some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen. I wondered what happened to those geeks.

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