Ahab: Azzmador Was Chanting “Free Dylann Roof” At Charlottesville

Editor’s Note: I wrote this before The Stirrer went down yesterday. I’m going to go ahead and publish this because it is timely and move on to other topics.

This seems strange.

I didn’t know this. I wasn’t around the Stormer group.

It’s also extremely strange that Anglin and Weev were disappointed after Charlottesville that the Alt-Right didn’t attack the cops. As anyone who was there that day will tell you, that was about stupidest idea imaginable given the conditions that we had walked into on the ground.

It’s strange that Azzmador has a felony warrant out for his arrest in Charlottesville. He was uniquely never arrested. The feds busted down the door of Tyler Davis in Florida and Jacob Goodwin in Arkansas. For the first time in his life, Azzmador got lucky because the feds just forgot about him.

I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone who is concerned about optics would celebrate Brenton Tarrant and go out and have their followers post Brenton Tarrant fliers on churches after four mass shootings at places of worship (Charleston, Pittsburgh, Poway, Christchurch) in the middle of a moral panic. To my knowledge, no one else who is very concerned about optics would touch that with a ten foot pole. It just makes no sense given their assumptions.

The Stirrer claims we are all feds. Here’s my take on them at this point in the investigation in degrees of confidence:

Matt Forney – Matt Forney isn’t a fed. Fatt Horney is just a massive loser and rapidly fading eceleb and sex tourist who lives off e-shekels as an expatriate. When people on the internet found out that Ferdinand Bardamu was Matt Forney, it was all downhill from there.

Andrew Escher Auernheimer – Weev is also not a fed. He is a toxic, mentally ill Jew who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. He is not a White Nationalist. Instead, Weev is the head of an influence operation – he controls the domain, technical infrastructure and finances of the Drama Stirrer – that is trying to discredit White Nationalism. He is also personally motivated by his revenge campaign against the federal government and has been trying to manipulate and stir up both the violent incels and accelerationists in the bowels of the internet to further his own ends. Weev is working for other people behind the scenes and doing their bidding.

Andrew Anglin – The Andrew Anglin character isn’t a fed. He is a caricature of an “extremist” on the Stirrer which is a performance art website. At first, the character was a caricature of the 1.0 movement – he was an exaggerated version of a Neo-Nazi, a cartoonish throwback to WN 1.0 – at a time when the Alt-Right was making inroads on the internet. Later, the character became a caricature of the 2.0 movement after Charlottesville – he was an exaggerated version of the loner incel American Nationalist who came from Gamergate. The goal was to attract attention from the media by playing into stereotypes to divide and discredit the Alt-Right which was done quite effectively over the course of 2017 and 2018.

The real Andrew Anglin used to be a crackpot who ran a conspiracy theory website. He has always believed in miscegenation. It is possible he flirted with White Nationalism, but relapsed into his old ways. Currently, I don’t believe he has any real nationalist beliefs and what we are seeing from the Andrew Anglin character is part satire and part his true feelings on various subjects. It seems likely that he doesn’t care and is willing to along with whatever Weev tells him to do. It is Weev who runs the Stirrer.

Azzmador – Finally, Azzmador is the one who is most likely to be a fed in this soap opera because of the felony warrant in Charlottesville and his failure to be arrested which no one can explain. He was trying to get people to chant “Free Dylann Roof” at Charlottesville. He has the book clubs posting fliers of Brenton Tarrant on churches to create bad optics. It’s possible that he is just doing what he is told by Weev to discredit White Nationalism. If the feds were going to infiltrate the Stirrer, they would use someone like Azzmador given their history and would focus on IRL activities. At the same time, this is just speculation and perhaps there is a good explanation for why he wasn’t arrested and sent back to Charlottesville.

Note: Ahab begins his take on this at 2:03:00.

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  1. Azzmador is degenerate trash. Anyone that steals checks and uses meth is garbage.

    Very telling that weev would select him as their “man in the street”. I’m sure this is all very funny to weev, to make such a mockery of White people.

    • I clicked on one of his older podcast shows on jootube the other day , and he was talking about how he worked for porn stores that have adult video arcades in them in the Fort Worth/Dallas area.

      I get that people need jobs, but working as a jizz-mopper in the degenerate jooish porn industry seems to fit who he is very well…and is something that 99.9999% of decent people would never consider.

      How anyone could not realize this fat, sloppy degenerate is a piece of trash is beyond me.

      • Wrong. Go back and listen again.

        He said he specifically did not want to be a jizzmopper when he accepted the job. These stores got overrun by faggots doing faggy things in the back where you had to pay to watch movies. He was part of a crew that moved around to stores with issues and he was there to make sure people paid for tokens.

      • I guess AZZ doesn’t like this article and suspended my Infostormer account. Claiming I’m butthurt over something trivial. I guess you can get kicked off of anywhere.

    • “Anyone that steals checks and uses meth is garbage”

      Meh, just sounds like a typical drunk.

      ( hope the dude can clean up and put his life together)

      • Do you REALLY believe Azzholemador is ever going to clean up his act? Why are you making excuses for that career felon?

        • I went to a book club bbq once. Azzmador was supposed to give a talk but he no showed. The whole thing felt odd and there was a couple of guys there who seemed odd. They didn’t say or do anything that was even slightly illegal or immoral.

      • i just think this whole scenario is sort of telling.
        look at the conflict these dweebs and heebs have created.
        Not sure what your comment actually means, but i thought i would type what i thought

  2. This guy is yrs younger than me but looks older than my father does…
    Consuming drugs ,alcohol and cigarettes seem to be doing wonders for this degenerate tool of der ewige juden.
    Anyone who would openly promote hollywood nazism like these doofases do , is the enemy.
    Of course this forum is filled with more intelligent and honorable people in general than those this Azzclown is involved with.
    Just to let you know HW, i directly work for you and was shilling for you by calling this guy and his jew handler weev out for being loserNats.
    Glad to be far away from DS and IS and anyone who promotes dylan roof as anything but destructive and harmful to our people and our interests.

  3. “It’s also extremely strange that Anglin and Weev were disappointed after Charlottesville that the Alt-Right didn’t attack the cops.”

    Especially considering that Azzmador was telling everybody at the time to leave any weapons at home.

    • He started the attacks on antifa the night before at the torch march. He sprayed antifa from like 15ft away.

      Brad is right on this one, DS are bad actors, always have been since inception. weev, anglin, azz = all informants, shills, and enemy scum. PERIOD

  4. Celebrating the Christchurch atrocity makes perfect sense if you’re a Zionist Jew. An almost Identical incident occurred in Palestine in the 90s when an ultra Zionist Jew by the name of Baruch Goldstein opened fire on a bunch of Muslims at prayer. Thankfully Goldstein was beaten to death by the survivors, but the Israelis still celebrate him to this day, even going as far as dressing up in his uniform and building a shrine to him. The same sick Jewish mentality is on full display with all the Tarrant memes coming from sewers like 4chan and 8chan. These little kiddies, if not Jewish themselves, have been brainwashed by Jews into thinking that Islam is their numbers one enemy. Like good goy slaves they hate Muslims with all the passion of their Jewish masters.

  5. Good write up. But there is no way to know if Weev is Fed or not. So don’t be so sure. He is connected to a medium level Jew. So that’s something. Consider as well how entrenched Jews are in our current administration. So Weev and the DS could be a Fed op or an Israeli op. Would make sense.

  6. I highly doubt weev has schizophrenia. Schizophrenia would usually involve a less calculating and focused mind and spirit. His mother just said that about him to make him seem less vile, as if some supposed illness caused his degeneracy.

  7. Its a strange mix, Anglin makes some very good points health, lift, no drugs, no tats, don’t smoke, be very suspect of ghost and their dangers.

    Is Anglin malevolent, or someone maturing from adolescent stupidity to something mature and just not there, yet.

    • It’s not those points but his infatuation with asian women/ hatred of white women and the way he attacks other alt right figures. Plus for me his embracing of the ‘incel’ meme is just embarrassing. That’s why I’m done with him. He embarrasses the alt right. Nowadays All his website does is make us look stupid.

    • “I highly doubt weev has schizophrenia. Schizophrenia would usually involve a less calculating and focused mind and spirit. ”

      Oh no, some schiz can be very high functioning. I’ve been exposed to a few. They can be both crazy irrational and brilliant at the same time, it is scary.

      • Do you know what schizophrenia is? Disorganized thinking, among other things. I’ve known some sufferers whose psychosis was very discreet and really didn’t impact most of their cognition, BUT the emotional center of their psyches was still owned by it. Even very high functioning schizophrenia causes systemic emotional problems and distraction, etc. Granted, this person struggled with crippling self loathing and shame so it wasn’t all just the direct schizophrenia its very self which caused what almost seemed like an emotional possession. But the overall net impact was still highly dysfunctionalizing, plus I think he may have been taking medication which might have tamped down the psychosis. I don’t know…he did exhibit a specific side effect that came from having taken it at least at some point, I don’t know if it was permanent.

        The word schizophrenia is thrown around all over when that’s not some psychopath’s or simply mentally unstable person’s actual issue. You sound guilty of misusing the word in my probably far more experienced (at observing such people and various afflictions) opinion.

        • ” You sound guilty of misusing the word ”
          That would put me right in with the rest of the professional community.
          There’s a lot of misdiagnosed cases.

          “in my probably far more experienced “………..maybe

          Whatever the label, Weev is unhinged. He isn’t going in a direction that will bring serious stable followers. Having a swastika tattoo, his past history, his current ravings, he is plain weird, TOXIC.

  8. Like talk radio, it looks like the free and open internet with open Alt Right, White Nationalists has pretty much come and gone. What’s left is same old infiltrated, “movement” loners, losers, kooks etc.

    But this isn’t to say that healthy, intelligent folks with our views can do solid work, achieve solid successes in their local areas – you’ll just have to finesse racial issues and not come out of the closet as a 24/7 White racist which will attract all of the worst sorts.

    Chicago has some very effective anti crime blogs that do not hide racially realities:


    Others here and formerly in the Alt Right, Alt Right can set up blogs, PO Boxes, pseudo crime watch block clubs where they live. Again finesse the race issue just a bit and protect your, contributors’ privacy.

    Hunter, I had a blog that was briefly up describing the success of these Chicago anti crime blogs. It ended up in the trash.

    Was that a computer glitch or a deliberately move. No problem either way.

    Also, I should probably take a lot of time off from internet posting, comments – I am doing some solid things things in the real world, including small, but solid success with….

    Anyway, let me know – I written a long, long time on OD. I like to write, but maybe it’s time to move on. My guest appearances on The Political Cesspool continue to go well.

    • I briefly took it down because the featured image wasn’t displaying right. Then I got distracted and never edited it and forgot about it. I will put it back up and you can republish it. Jsut fix the featured image. That’s all there was it

      • Thanks B. My Apple Safari software is getting a bit dated, I can’t log in to OD on Chrome. Also I can’t edit my posts after they are posted in my older version of Safari, I work hard to spell check and proof, but often I need to see it on line to spot little typos. Thanks so much B for letting me write here all these years. Time flies when you get over 40 yrs old and also when we seem to run through Presidential election cycles every year with only a few months off – CNN and Never Trumpers will still be disputing the last Presidential election when we’ve finished this horrible new one coming up.I”m doing OK in the real world, kind of in a run online in Alt Right, identitarian cycles. One can only make so many comments on Amren or remaining WN blogs before one starts to wear out one’s welcome. I tend to do that… everywhere 🙂

    • Jaye Ryan,

      Did you propose to that international model you had a date with? If you snooze, you lose.

      A sheenie will swoop her up with diamonds and gold. You know that women are materialistic on the whole.

      You like to dance, so do the horizontal rumba and start cranking out some heirs, before you get too old.

      • I didn’t come out with a formal marriage proposal and she wasn’t an international model – she’s my housekeeper from Eastern Europe – but a very good looking younger woman, not a young girl, more like mid 30s, but definitely very “fine”.

        Plus she really does a great job of cleaning my place, something no college miseducated Anglo Chicago woman would ever conceivable do something nice for me.

        I just suggested maybe she wouldn’t have to houseclean 2 houses a day if she married some guy like me.

        She said she’d think about it.


        But, I also had some very positive interaction with a very sexy White gal on the Salsa dance floor this week. Those Salsa private dance lessons are really paying off.

        You younger Anglo White Midwestern guys, I can’t recommend taking partner dance lessons enough.

        Ok, I don’t “close” the marriage thing, but that’s a reason I’ve still got all my stuff.


        • Jaye Ryan,

          Good luck, and make sure to get a prenuptial agreement with ANY woman you marry.

          You’re definitely correct about White women still in their fertile years. They have little to no domestic skills.

          I do my own laundry, shopping, and cooking. All I need is a “Stepford Wife” or one off the assembly line in “Westworld.”

          • November,

            I found that funny. My family watched the 1975 original Stepford Wives several years ago. I found it scary.

            Obviously, girls should know how to cook, shop, clean, etc. In school we have also been taught etiquette such as the male walks next to the street when he is with a girl and that a male does not offer to shake a girl’s hand unless she offers it. And other matters.

            With a male I personally know he can greet me by kissing my cheek but i would not kiss him unless a relative.

            I know Mexicans like authority more than anglos and you do not threaten a male’s masculinity as a general rule. I would think being called a coward is the worst insult to a man. But I digress.

          • Christina,

            Hopefully, you’ll double back to see this.

            I am very surprised you caught that reference. Stepford Wives was redone with Nicole Kidman several years ago, but I think the original was the better of the two versions.

            You may or may not be familiar with the video creator “Blackpilled,” but coincidentally, he dissected the original movie and its dark undertones just a month or so ago.

            The video is 30 minute long and has almost 100K views.



            From your description of being taught old fashioned etiquette, it reminds me of what used to be referred to as “finishing schools.”

            Most of those customs you mentioned I am familiar with, but rarely have occasions to have to implement them. I stood up a one of my high school classmate’s cotillion years ago. What an experience that was.

            You and your schoolmates are going to rare but very highly desired ladies in the near future. May you all find your complementary partner for life.

          • November,

            Thank you for the complimentary letter. I am not familiar with a video creator called Blackpilled but I will watch the youtube connection you provided.

            I also am not familiar with a Nicole Kidman version. My father of course loved the 1970’s version. My grandmother just grunted and said that is the way men are. To me at the time it was just a scary movie.

            The schools I have gone to would not be considered finishing schools since etiquette and proper behavior for young ladies was just a small but interesting aspect of the school.

            So what was the high school cotillion like?

          • November,

            I just watched the analysis of the 1975 Stepford Wives. It was excellent. I was a child when I saw the movie and only remember the suspense not the propaganda which I would not have recognized so much then.

            It is true that those women live fantastic lives that are better than 99% of women on earth and they are complaining? Without maids the cooking and cleaning would be a full time job. The people that make movies do not understand how much work it takes to maintain property. We have a part time maid and full time gardener and we are usually busy bathing the younger children, cleaning and helping to cook—-which I love.

            My grandmother thought they should not have done that to their wives but that if they would have taken care of their own business nothing would have happened to them. My grandmother is of the old school———-no sympathy for the spoiled.

          • Christina,

            I am glad you enjoyed the analysis of the 1975 version of “The Stepford Wives.”

            Last night I watched the movie on YouTube, after watching Blackpilled video. It was impossible to sympathize with the supposed protagonist and her fellow women’s liberation ally.

            Even its classification as a “horror ” movie is misleading. Science-fiction would be a more accurate description.

            The film was based on a novel by…wait for it…Ira Levin. It would not surprise me, if Ira Levin was in league with feminist leaders and agitators such as fellow jews Betty Freidan, Gloria Steinem, and Bella Abzug.

            The Cotillion that I was involved in was for a classmate of mine that was originally from Columbia. She and her family were very assimilated but held onto that tradition.

            I was a part of the dance segment of the celebration as well as the religious element.

            We practiced that waltz for weeks to get it perfect. I had to wear a tuxedo with tails all day which was weird for a 16 year old teenage boy.

            Anna’s family spared not expense. The reception was held in a ballroom with a DJ, live band, fantastic food, an open bar, and everyone had a wonderful time. Never once did anyone make me feel like an outsider or gringo.

            I still have some memorabilia from that day.

            By the way, Anna went on to be our Valedictorian and is an orthopedic surgeon.

            I am sure you’re aware of the fireworks on the other thread with Anglo Saxon Revolt and Denise. I regret spending so much time and energy refuting their venomous attacks, but I couldn’t allow their falsehoods go unanswered.

            Did you see that link I posted about the average I.Q.s in 80 different countries? Well, lo and behold, two researchers one from the UK and another from Finland found that at 102, Italy had the highest I.Q. in Europe.

          • November,

            Thank you. I accessed it. It is encouraging that outside of Chinese and Japanese types that whites dominate the scoreboard. Koreans are a Chinese type people I think. If I am wrong feel free to correct my mistake.

            The USA would be higher but for…….
            Mexico is no surprise. The negative aspects of mixing go far beyond racial love/loyalty and social disruption.

            If you get 3 messages in response to your one above put it down to the poor computer I was given. I was having computer problems in messaging. My computer was bought used in order to help protect my privacy. I have no idea if that works or not.

  9. “What’s left is same old infiltrated, “movement” loners, losers, kooks etc.”

    That’s not true. We have ppl like Don Black, David duke, sam Dickson, James Edwards….lots of folks that are normal. It’s just that the kooks hog the attention.

        • Tom Metzger worked with Duke in the 70s and has some interesting stories to tell about the “good doctor”.

          • Spahn,

            I am quite familiar with several of those stories. A.Wyatt Mann had a cartoon about Duke’s plastic surgeries.

    • It’s very strange that Azzmador hasn’t been arrested. None of the usual suspect like Hayden, Matthias and Holt are calling for his arrest. As far as I know they’ve barely commented on it. He would be a big scalp for them. Not because of who he is but because of his connections to The Daily Stormer. The headlines write themselves. They know where he is, yet, no one has bothered to pick him up. Weird.

    • Yes those men you mentioned are all honorable, good men. So much of this gossip and infighting is caused by frustration that we can’t seem to break through the corrupt system and those of us who do make some attempts to oppose the worst insults and attacks and treason on our people are marginalized and we can’t make a living, keep a job, get a GF, wife and thus we turn on those WN leaders, spokesman who are able to be modestly successful:

      “How come he dresses so well? How come he’s on TV? How come he has a nice home, he must be a traitor”

      And our enemies spread terrible gossip, lies and wild exagerations. Yeah, David Duke is a heterosexual man, yeah somebody might have done a line of coke or smoked MJ in college. Big F****** deal, this is just like little children fighting over marbles, or folks re arranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

  10. Never heard of AHAB before, but I liked his take on things. Did a search but couldn’t find anything on him. Anyone got a link to his page??

  11. One doesn’t have to directly work for a gov’t to serve their purposes. Although not getting arrested after a prominent incident is something only cooperative witnesses or informants ever get away with. Informants also make money by setting up situations where the pigs get to make arrests and get press coverage.

    Don’t forget there are interlocking relationships between people that have served involved in gov’t, foundations, NGOs, and large corporations. They often know or know of each other, serve on the same commissions and boards, and so forth. “Affinity groups” wanting the same things can and do often cooperate. Such operations often get gov’t help and protection. The elites watch over and back up each other. I wonder what it would take to drive a wedge between those globalist kakistocrats.

  12. Ironic isn’t it that these people present the same personality profile and life stories of Antifa, differing essentially in that they probably bathe more and are certainly higher functioning loons.

  13. Whatever other faults Azzmador has, the fact he wanted to start a “Free Roof” chant should mean nothing, how many nationalist movements elsewhere in the world have called for the release of convicted terrorists and killers. One would not have to look too far to see the absurdity of the American Neo-Bolsheviks calling for the release of Mumia.

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