Pity The Stormer

According to Lee Rogers of Infostormer, the demise of the Drama Stirrer on the clear web is due to a Jewish conspiracy and is retaliation for all of the attacks on TRS.


“The Jewish establishment is hell-bent on shutting down anyone who criticizes them. And this particular situation appears to be backlash to the Daily Stormer and other people exposing how TheRightStuff.Biz has been totally compromised by feds and crazy weirdos. …”

Here is Hotwheels’ take on the Stirrer getting kicked off BitMitigate which has gone down for pretty much exactly the same reasons as 8chan:

Here is Hotwheels on 8chan in a recent interview in Wired:

“After the El Paso shooting, Brennan’s views appeared to have evolved, and he was unequivocal. “The reason 8chan should be shut down is because the owners don’t care at all that people use it to incite violence,” he said Tuesday. “They don’t care, and that is the problem. You see it is not really free speech to post that you are going to go kill a bunch of people. Even if you don’t do it, that is not free speech.” …”


That’s the problem.

Who do you think is the “self-described millionaire” who is propping up 8chan which is a financial sinkhole? Who are the “tech savvy white nationalists” who “celebrated and planned shootings” on 8chan? It is probably the same guy we see everywhere fed posting and getting booted off countless platforms. I would bet it is probably the same retard who was going to “send Nazis” to Heather Heyer’s funeral or the same retard who came out of federal prison promising to build a Timothy McVeigh monument or the same retard who masterminded the Neo-Nazi invasion of Whitefish, MT.

OD and TRS don’t have this problem.

Dennis Fetcho has said for years that anyone foolish enough to become involved with Andrew Escher Auernheimer would burn and now it has come true.

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    • Yeah what happened is the Feds / SPLC / ADL saw how much heat the DS was getting and everyone was that close to the truth, so they “Shut it Down”

      • As in they told Anglin and Weev, Hey we aren’t supporting you anymore in this project, let’s lay and wait for the next mission.

  1. I don’t pity the Stormer and neither should anyone else. Damn it and all its stupid “irony” and its moral hypocrisy to hell. Let’s hope this is the last we hear from Anglin the goblin and his miserable band of angry incels.

  2. “””…Who do you think is the “self-described millionaire” who is propping up 8chan which is a financial sinkhole? …”””

    Our Soros . Some people are smart enough to understand that force counts, not optics or intellectualism.

    Antifa and BLM and homosexual never cared about intellectualism or optics and they are winning.

    Eastern Europeans also do not care about intellectualism and optics and they also winning.

    Mr Jared Taylor was thrown out both from Poland and Hungary. With his intellectualism and good optics.

    • It’s great that ds is not on normie web. That site is similar to the way a junkie cannot help himself from scrounging money for a fix. OD did a great job exposing the toxicity of it all and I feel cleansed in a sense for not having to click on that damned D icon on my phone.

    • Antifa and BLM win because they have the backing and protection of the system. They’re tentacles of the octopus that is the power structure. We don’t have that power. We don’t have a blank check to engage in violence and mayhem. Remove that protection and backing and BLM and Antifa wouldn’t win anything. If law enforcement actually did there jobs Antifa could be dissolved in a matter of days.

    • Long ago, Sven Longshanks was Anglin’s co-pilot, before Weev came onto the scene.

      Seems like a lifetime ago at this point. The site was a lot more solidly pro-White back then and wasn’t too over-the-top (American White History Month on Facebook used to link to the old Daily Stormer all the time, and that page had over 200,000 likes.) The ISIS cheerleading crap in 2014 wasn’t happening while Sven was around. He would never have stood for it.

      Was Anglin corrupted by Weev, or was he always a bad actor? Hunter’s latest evidence seems to indicate so, but all I’ll say is that the pre-Weev DS was quite enjoyable, even for a guy like me who was very sensitive about optics and the JQ back then. I honestly miss it.

  3. I knew those controlled op shills at DS would try to blame their server takedown on TRS. What a joke, just meant to make them seem more credible because they are the “victim” and to cast more doubt on TRS as the “attacker.”

    Actually, they are BOTH controlled op, and this is simply a “controlled demolition” of the last of the “movement” Fuck them both. They all deserve much worse than simple lawsuits and website take downs, for smearing White interests in the truly bad optics of Daily Stormer “Loser Nationalism”

    The South remains unaffected.

  4. ….. never cared about intellectualism or optics and they are winning.
    ….. do not care about intellectualism and optics and they also winning.

    “…Not with a bang, but with a whimper.”

    Western Civ is doomed, because the heresy of egalitarianism has made buffoons the ‘winners.’ And yes, I include Trump in that category, too.

    God help us. The inmates ARE running the asylum, and the gerontes and intelligentsia watch in an agony of knowing far more than they can ever tell, because idiots value intelligence less than nothing.

  5. Its like if someone put a mask on their face to look like a jew, weev have that perfect jewy look on him; he couldnt look more jewy.

  6. HW: well DS is keeps saying I am a fedposter,which is ridiculous.

    Also HW: yasss the FBI finally got them evil nazis,is not this wonderful goy…I mean guys?

    • I’m not celebrating the demise of the Stormer.

      Even though I disagree with it, I believe it has a right to exist on the internet. I’m just saying that everything Weev is associated with ends up burning and this comes as no surprise given the political climate after so many mass shootings.

  7. I see no reason to believe that weev was funding 8 Chan. There were a ton of crypto guys there, and I assume a number of them would have a lot in bitcoin from the early days.

  8. Good or bad “optics,” in 10 years we’ll be no closer to “winning.” This is not to say that optics don’t matter. But as the enemy’s rules change we will comply until banished from the internet.

    The prospects for non-PC internet punditry are poor. A new approach to samizdat is needed.


    Meanwhile, it is better to orient our sons toward electronics or electromechanics, as technicians and engineers. Or mathematics with computer science. Knowledge of CAD (Solidworks, for example) is useful, as are welding and machinist skills. Automation is just around the corner.

    The importance of community is mentioned here quite often. So we put these skills to work serving us – a network comprised of the remnants of western civilization. Somewhat informally, of course. Full-time or “on the side.”

    Rather than fear technology we should embrace it. Beats a low-tech Amish lifestyle, I think, or drawing Yang’s (likely conditional) welfare checks imo.

  9. During the Great Shuttening….

    Anglin was posting constant Japanese Anime on Gab while Jack Corbin, the Antifa Hunter,
    was doxxing Antifa……

    Gab was the place to be for quite a while until the Happening….

    Mr. Cullen truly believes that if ‘Fascists go Away, then Anti-Fascists will go Away’.


  10. Here’s something everyone forgot about. Byron de la Vandal. Everyone immediately forgot about Byron because he was forced to renounce his beliefs via lawsuit and undergo “anti-hate” training.


    Byron ended up in that situation after the Daily Stormer started posting about Taylor Dumpson. Dumpson used the Gersh debacle as a precedent to successfully sue Anglin.

    “After news media reported the incident, Andrew Anglin, who heads a neo-Nazi and white supremacist website called The Daily Stormer, posted Dumpson’s picture and personal information and directed his followers to attack her online. When Anglin first posted her photo, he referenced the nickname “Dumpy Dumpson” and wrote that his readers should “fully support her struggles against bananas,” telling them where to access her Facebook and the student government’s social media pages.”

    They exaggerate what Anglin posted. Anglin posted her Facebook and the Twitter account. That was the extent of her “personal information”.


    When you read the filing on it, what their entire argument hinges upon is the precedent set by Gersh and that Anglin knew what would happen if he directed his followers to “say hello” to Dumpson.


    Byron sending the messages he sent is his own fault. Everyone was high on their own supply in 2017 with the trolling. But it is another example of how when you get tangled up with the Daily Stormer in any way, your life ultimately gets ruined.

    Even weev admits it’s a dead-end and wished he’d never gotten involved with it in the first place:


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