American History Series: Second Founding

I’ve been looking forward to reading Eric Foner’s new book The Second Founding: How The Civil War And Reconstruction Remade The Constitution for months now. The title of the book made it sound like something that I would agree with. I went out and bought a copy last night.

I wasn’t disappointed:

“Together with far-reaching congressional legislation meant to provide former slaves with access to the courts, ballot box, and public accommodations, and to protect them against violence, the Reconstruction amendments greatly enhanced the power of the federal government, transferring much of the authority to define citizens’ rights from the states to the nation. They forged a new constitutional relationship between individual Americans and the national state and were crucial in creating the world’s first biracial democracy, in which people only a few years removed from slavery exercised significant political power. All three amendments end with a clause empowering Congress to enforce their provisions, guaranteeing that Reconstruction would be an ongoing process, not a single moment in time. This in itself was a significant innovation. The Bill of Rights said nothing about how the liberties it enumerated would be implemented and protected. Introducing into the Constitution the words “equal protection of the law” and “the right to vote” (along with the qualifying “male,” to the outrage of the era’s women’s rights activists), the amendments both reflected and reinforced a new era of individual rights consciousness among Americans of all races and backgrounds. So profound were these changes that the amendments should be seen not simply as an alteration of an existing structure but as a “second founding,” a “constitutional revolution,” in the words of Republican leader Carl Schurz, that created a fundamentally new document with a new definition of both the status of blacks and the rights of all Americans.”

I agree with every bit of this.

This has been my position for 15 years now. Lincoln and the Black Republicans destroyed the Republic of the Founding Fathers, substituted in its place the American Empire and reduced the South to the status of an internal colony. The Reconstruction Amendments are effectively a Second Constitution, one imposed by the victorious North on the rest of the country during the Reconstruction era, which reversed the constitutional relationship between the states and the federal government. As nostalgic as we might be for the Revolutionary generation, the White Republic that they had created for their posterity was destroyed by Lincoln. Rhett was correct that we live under a consolidated despotism.

Note: Check out the Roman fasces on the Lincoln emancipation monument. There are also fasces on the Lincoln Memorial.

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    • Oh really? What’s so great about it? You can’t own land without being taxed. You can’t inherit land (estates) without being taxed. In fact everything in your life is taxed. You need a license to anything from fishing to remodeling your taxed estate. It seems to me in this great country you’re nothing but a slave. All the useless wars up until the 2nd world war were brother wars killing off the White race. Even our own civil war was complete BS and an extermination war. Somebody at the top of this satanic food-chain has gotten this all figured out decades or even centuries ahead even with our useless unbacked currency. Satanic Kabbalist cults own your slave ass in new Babylon with your private slave number, your social security. The private city of Washington DC (Rome) is the war department, the private city of London is the financial department and the private city of the Vatican is the religious department. All private and not connected to the countries within them.
      If you haven’t noticed but in your great country with only a two party BS system, White males are now the greatest threat. If we get an insane democrat president in your great country, God help us.
      I find freemasonry and other 322 Kabbalist satanic cults are the biggest threat to humanity. This fact goes back to the Knights Templar who weren’t the good guys but in fact the enemy within and still are today. Medieval, Roman or Egyption history is not what you’ve been taught and it all connects today.

      • With 20/20 hindsight we can make the south greater than it or America in general ever was. Yes the things you list – General naked – need to be eliminated or changed, but there is no Utopia while in these bodies on this planet in this age. However … we can try and come as close as is humanly possible. Look at A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY as a partially formed blob of clay from which to form, tweak hone and polish OUR Utopia. What are some of YOUR ideas for it Mr. Naked ?

        Another VERY good article by Hunter. You should get into making documentaries Hunter.

        • Soooo… what are the first steps to making “A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY” an actual reality GG?

          • I’m asking YOU Boom. Let’s “start a conversation.” I can tell you the first phase would be people getting on board and moving south before anything official happens. “Steps and phases.” Nothing abrupt.

      • you missed the point of Brad’s entire column, Butt. It is the White Republic that was created, NOT the post-Lincolnian counterfeit that was great. Though there were some strong elements that remained (in the North, and for Northernors) at least until the Great Depression.

        • Organized religion is also bunk. It’s no coincidence many fables concerning Jesus Christ being born from immaculate conception, where did I hear that before? Maybe the fable of Isis, Osiris, Seth and Horus, Seth chopping Osiris into 13 parts and they put him back together but they couldn’t find his penis so Isis made a fake one, the obelisk you see everywhere worldwide that they worship, the fake penis. She got pregnant from immaculate conception from this fake penis then producing Horus. This fake penis or the obelisk is in the Vatican front and center of the Catholic religion and in most every town and cities throughout earth.
          Freemasonry created this country through subversion. Even the Pilgrims coming to the new world in 1620 was subverted with Governer Bradford who was a Freemason buried under an obelisk, the fake penis. I believe as many others believe this country was only created to be destroyed under their Babylonian Kabbalist death cult beliefs of Freemasonry. Everyone in politics are either Freemasons or other 322 death cult members. We’re dealing with a very organized, very secretive and very wealthy organization with death cult beliefs. No I understood Brads article but he and everyone else misses this important point. The fasces stands as an icon ‘all for one one for all’ where you can break one stick easily but put several together like the fasces it can’t be broken. These death cults hide behind power and religion (most likely made it up over millennium from the Isis religion) and put their enemies on pedestals like the Jews. Everyone is yelling it’s the Jews but refuse to look at the enemy within, White men and woman in these secret societies who put our enemies on pedestals. This is all very real and probably planned for decades if not centuries.

  1. It is the nature of power to want to preserve itself. Preservation means expansion, in order to ensure a longer life for the power structure. That doesn’t mean power is being stolen from the peasantry, though. As much as I would love to have an individualist anarchist society, it is also not in the nature of most people to accept the huge burden of personal responsibility that would be transferred from the rulers to the ruled. Most of us don’t think for ourselves, not only because of programming, but because it’s easier to stay within the herd. It’s safer, and people want safety and security above all.

    As long as you accept that there is a necessity for a power to be above you, that power will seek to grow. That is the course of history. If you want to replace one set of shackles for another, the recourses are few. Revolt, or carving out small pockets of independence that come to be tolerated by TPTB. Those little pockets are only tolerated once shown they are no threat to power. If we are to reverse the course of history for our little movement, perhaps it’s good for the long term that we’re being so relentlessly persecuted. It will force us to come together, to seek out the like-minded. Maybe it will lead to unofficial partitions within the overall monolith. That takes collective effort and will. Is it there amongst us?

    • No it’s not. Definitively. We are a bunch of small, squabbling tribes that exist on the outer fringes of society and are 100% content to bitch and moan on the internet. There is no Will in WN. We have our little echo chambers in which we talk bug and tough, but nothing ever happens. So many ppl involved in the “movement” relish in tearing others in the “movement” down more than they want to take the fight to the enemy. It is true that the Dem Party is a coalition of warring tribes. So is WN. At least the tribes of the Dems are warring over things that matter and are observable in the real world such as race, religion, sex, etc. For us it is just a sad mixture of ego and delusions of grandeur. Perhaps we will get our Arminius some day. I doubt it.

      • There are anti-Christian and anti-pagan comments here, plus anti-Irish and anti-Italian ones. I hope for cooperation between us all. All Whites are being attacked, so ethnic identities mean next to nothing. Western civilization was preserved and expanded in medieval times thanks to the church. But we needed that pagan toughness to withstand the muslim attacks on Europe. We’ve got to get past these nonsense disagreements that mean little in our current predicament. Focus on jewish influence, and stop worrying about if we should follow the pope or odin.

        Are blacks worrying about if they came from Nigeria or Ghana? With all the crime and illegitimacy in their community, their more primitive tribe still stays together against outsiders. Aren’t we supposed to be more civilized and capable than they are? It’s embarrassing. No one has been more savage towards Whites than others of our own kind. This self-sabotage has got to stop, for all our sakes.

        • Rich L,

          I believe that we have had similar life experiences and have come to similar conclusions.

          There is a lot of internecine animus among different European ethnicities and sects of Christianity on this blog and other “pro-White” websites. Who wins from this inter-family squabbling? Our collective enemies.

          This short video (3 minutes) by No White Guilt aka Jason Köhne should act as a template for our cause.

  2. I consider Reconstruction *the* pivotal period to illuminate. We are literally reliving, now en masse throughout the entire country, the period. Whites will not fail to recognize this if it’s illuminated adequately.

    As an aside, Jew Jersey was occupied territory in certain areas much earlier (duh) in this country’s history than almost any other region save maybe the South. By the 1970’s, non-whites like the mediterraneans particularly were invading what was being transformed into Levittowns. While the name was only jewish in many states, in ours it was a concrete reality. This alongside the hold jews and their mafia brethren put on the urbanscape and all its colored inhabitants created a culture that whites couldn’t take for granted even outside the cities, as the taxes rose and the pillaging of the middle class his full force.

    It is due to this phenomenon that Tim Wise avoids NJ. There simply is no ‘white guilt’ in the state, which by now is about 98% psychopaths anyway. But for a time we anglocelts lived under our own Reconstruction. The question is now what will we and our sidekicks do in the towns and states we run to, as there is no sanctuary for white flight anymore.

    • In my state, there are massive demographic and economic changes occurring. Even normie Whites are getting entirely fed up with it and are heating up board meetings.

      My eyes have been opened wider and wider and I see it’s partially caused by free market capitalism. Greedy and nihilistic developers are ruining once pristine rural regions and turning them into shopping centers and warehouses. It’s not only them but the selfish and greedy landowners whose family once were morally steered don’t care anymore.

      Maybe it’s just the modern American culture of nihilistic hypercompetitiveness grounded in a loss of shared identity due to anti-white diversity and open border multiculturalism. “Why not, everyone else is doing it? What’s there to lose? I’m not going to fall behind these new Hindu immigrant doctors, engineers, scientists, and business owners.”

      Rootless White people chasing narcissistic self-actualization, logical White flight to the suburbs/rurals, Whites not wanting to perform certain jobs, low White birth rates, etc.

      Profit margin maximizing, need for government tax revenue, need to maintain basic services, rational business interests, and plenty of other reasons that smarter people can flesh out.

      The system seems to be self-perpetuating in some ways and most of us are still dependent on it and so non-White labor everywhere is rationalized and eventually so will the necessity for plenty of non-White doctors.

      Strange thing, well maybe not so strange, is the increased sighting of Confederate Flags this far north….


    • ASR,

      Are you off your meds again? Your beloved anglo-celt yankees are the ones that allowed the Jews into the bastions of power.

      How many bags of silver did you and your ancestors earn from the jews in the northeast?

      • The idea that a WOP is going to sow division between the american angloceltic people is a joke, but nice try. I suppose if you were a jew you’d try to pretend to be one of us, so you at least have that.

        • ASR,

          You’re a schizophrenic dried out krone that children are afraid to visit on Halloween.

          Ancestry DNA has me at 19% Italian and 23andMe at 21%, so ill split the difference at 20%.

          You must have has your heart broken by a suave dago years and years ago. What did you do? I suspect you tried to feed him Chef Borardee’s canned raviolis, and he burnt rubber half way down your street to get away from you as fast as he could.

          By the way, the Americas are named after the “WOP” Amerigo Vespucci.

          I am looking forward to your next username on OD.

          Now go clean your litter box. It stinks worse than you.

          • November,

            I see you are doing fine. You even could have added Christopher Columbus as an Italian bonus.

          • Christina,

            I’ve held back my most devastating revelation/counter strike.

            What I have in reserve will shatter this troll once and for all.

            I was hoping that you were monitoring the festivities. Haha

          • November,

            I try to check this website fairly regularly but with school picking up I have less time to comment and browse.

          • Balthazar,

            Were any of your ancestors “squaw men?” Because I’ve known a hell of a lot of proud Appalachians that were either married to American Indians or were the product of that coupling. Feathers and rebels. lol

          • Are you threatening me November?

            This is a site dedicated to Southern heritage yet a greasy guinea barges in and tries to menace me simply for rejecting him, all the while telling himself anglo women want him.

            Sothrons, this really is what our northern Reconstruction was like. They corrode the fabric of our society, rig loot and pillage, and now turn towards the South once their rackets have collapsed what white men made.

            November, I try to eschew personal invective generally towards your people as I am not opposed to absorbing discreet sectors of well meaning white Italians, but your fragile boundless ego keeps you from abiding basic civility.

            In short you are filth and your greasy ways aren’t going unnoticed by me people or my men. Watch your tone if you can’t help yourself from following us.

            The idea that I should fear you is hilarious. If you think your depraved vendetta towards me for merely rejecting you will be tolerated you’re too far gone to spite.

            Mostly you just prove my point.

            Brad do you think someone has ‘flamed’ here? In front of everyone, do you not think I and WASP women have the right to reject mediterranean men?

            I think a civility code clarification might be in order. If you are so anti-‘Yankee’ that this invader doesn’t offend you that’s something folks might want to know. It’s sad the times have taken you to this point.

          • ASR,

            As anyone can see with their own two eyes, there wasn’t any threat directed towards you. You really must be off your anti-psychotic meds to be suffering such paranoid delusions. If paranoid schizophrenia wasn’t enough, you’re also presenting with a pathological case of delusions if grandeur. For you to extrapolate that I have made or have any romantic or sexual feelings towards you illustrates how you loose your moorings from reality have manifested.

            You just can’t stomach any pushback to your baseless claims and accusations.

            It must eat you up inside that no one is rising up to White Knight for you or your blasphemous rantings, which by the way, you’ve made under several different usernames/aliases. That is the behavior of a troll. In your case, a troll that intentionally posts inflammatory bullshit to stir up discord between European ethnicities and Christian denominations. Your actions are obviously pernicious and divisive .

            Genie, Mary Phagan’s Ghost, MakePieGreatAgain, and currently in at least your fourth incarnation; Anglo Saxon Revolt. Either you’re intentionally trying to be deceptive by posting your insipid and inane comments under a myriad of aliases and/or manifesting multiple personality disorder. Evidence points more towards the former than the latter.

            I’ve spent way too much time and energy responding to your blatant insanity. You’re such a pitiful and ugly person that any attention in your direction strokes your ego.

            In closing, I only wish that I could provide you a gift of a dildo or vibrator, so you could go fuck yourself..

          • Do you have any idea how you sound to white men – real men of the South or anywhere? As in, white men?! White women? Do you think this is some kind of fruitful strategy?

            This is further proof that you are indeed a sandnagger looking to skate off of us.

            Carry yourself on your way out, it’d be a first for your kind. There are lots of people who come and go in this movement avoiding jewish – mediterranean – surveillance. No anglo has any duty to somehow check in or report to you.

            Brad, civility code? Would you really succor some latinx when they demand supplication. Guinzo will wind up with a lonely southern man for an ally. You can’t say I’ve never called a few on here. Get a hold of this loser before he drowns you.

          • ASR,

            It was currently beloved New England yankee Anglo-Celts (in one of your previous manifestations it was the Nordics) that were responsible for the South’s brutal reconstruction. It was the same Anglo-Celts that were the foaming at the mouth radical abolitionists.

            Fifty-two years later, the defendants of those Anglo-Celt yankees crossed the Atlantic Ocean to murder “Huns,” “Krauts,” and “Jerrys,” at the behest of the Anglo-Saxon establishment in Great Britain that in turn were following their jewish rothschilds masters orders.

            Twenty years later, with the jews stranglehold on both 10 Downing Street and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue some of the same British and American Anglo elites yet again fought a brother war for the benefit of international jewry.

            Since your grasp of history is dreadful, Italy was an allied with NS Germany both before and during most of the Second World War.

            If your contention that Italians are “sand niggers” is true, explain why Hitler formed an alliance with the fascist government of Mussolini?

            Your arrogance, falsehoods, and histrionics don’t make your steaming pile of manure chocolate mousse.

            Obviously, you didn’t watch Jason Köhne’s a.k.a. “No White Guilt ” video on Apn-European unity. That makes sense because all you do here is attempt to create divisions where they shouldn’t exist, especially when there are actual existential threats to ALL people of European descent.

            Your behavior is that of an enemy not a friend.

            Here is onelast thing for you to stew on: Italy has the highest average I.Q. at 102 in Europe. Not too bad for “sand niggers,” huh?

          • And yet all of y’all follow us to every country we build? Why? Everyone wants to know why you leech from us, in the UK it’s just as bad especially with you East bloc people.

            “Worthless and useless”, I hope every Southerner here reads that. This is what you get when you allow these types in, they hate us in their bones.

          • Croat – I usually enjoy your posts – but you and any other commenter has no right to trash any other White ethny. There is corruption and betrayal everywhere.

      • November – you are correct that Normans allowed Hebes to follow them, and then parasites them, and abuse Whites. Please recall, however, that Romans – Meds – allowed Jews in, and Jews systematically destroyed ROME. There have been Hebes all over Italy for CENTURIES – do study their early shekel scams, in Venice and Genoa – it’s a the same thing they’ve done, with the money supply, in the modern West. Jews were expelled from those cities – but they NEVER left. The Kikes are busily finishing off their destruction of Italy – just like everywhere else.

        Why have Italians allowed themselves to be slandered as “mobsters” publicly, when most of the Mafia were kosher? Perhaps it’s because Anglo Saxon is correct, n’est ce pas? I used to live in NJ. I knew the family that the “Sopranos” was based on. Tangentially – but I visited the home of that family on more than one occasion. The personality depicted in the character “Livia” on the show was the polar opposite of the real lady. The real lady was a lively, crude, LOUD, very funny peasant. I used to enjoy conversing with her, because she was funny as could be, and every-one liked the fact that I was respectful, and kept her out of their hair, when I visited. I was treated very well – but we all knew I wasn’t one of them, because of DNA, and I knew they were nothing like me.

        I now know there is very little difference between Jews and Italians, in the Northeast NY/NJ region. FYI – al the Italians I knew virtually worshipped the Mafia. One woman I knew lamented that fact that the “Italian mob” had dissipated and collapsed, and rhapsodized over all the “free” stuff she and her family would get, “off of trucks” when she was a child. So JEW. So NEGRO. Seems like Law and Order and not thieving is an Anglo-Celt-Teutonic genetic imperative.

        Now – the Cathokike (((Church))) has allowed Jews to abuse and loot Europeans and every-one else, for centuries. There have been 3 kike popes in a row. Rabbi Benny “retired” because the sexual depravity was beyond the pal – bad even for centuries’ worth of depravity in the Vatican – and the current pope kisses the feet of Negro Muslims, and the rings of Rothchild’s BatPeople Jews. So you may want to stop insulting Anglo Saxon, and Celts, and everyone else.

        What does the rest of your DNA reveal? Sephard? Mizrahi? Ashkenazi?

        • Denise,

          Damn, It seems like padre John and Outlander were correct abut your personality deficits, especially when your challenged with facts.

          Btw, pope Benedict did partially step down because of the ongoing pedophile scadels rocking the rcc, but in this climate of intense political correctness, it was his involvement as a member of the Hitler youth that forced him to abdicate . Here again, to fire off your own little unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the Benedict being a Jew. He was in the Hitler Youth!!!

          You must be a fan of Alex Jones because he’s the only other person that is wacky enough to believe that all the mass shootings are fake. Your pretty much out on that ledge by yourself because it is a ridiculous notion.

          It is not surprising that you would accuse me of being a Jew.. Even ASR didn’t go that far because it lacks any credibility, like your claim that the British royal family are all Jews. King Edward VIII was very pro-Hitler and National Socialism to the extent that the heebs still refer to him as the “Nazi King.”

          It is true that the Sicilian mafia got in bed with the money changer Jews. That was a terrible thing to do, but if you know how and why the mafia formed was do to Italians being treated like the Irish and Jews by the Anglos. They couldn’t count on the cops or judges to give them faur treatment or banks to provide loans for mortgages., so they reverted to tribalism.

          The Romans were responsible for what became known as the diaspora, but that was after they had slaughter thousands of rebellious Jews and destroyed their temple in Jerusalem.

          Yes there have been Jews in Italy and the rest of Europe (remember the 108 countries that expelled them). Shakespeare’s play “The Nerchant of Venice” illustrated their usury as loan sharks with Gentiles. Shakespeare the Englishman also let the Jews off the hook with the “Do Jews not bleed…” soliloquy . The Jews gave been using that play as propaganda almost as much as the bulkshit “Diary of Anne Frank.”

          You must’ve never taken one of the DNA ancestry tests because your ignorance is glaring.

          They have catagories for every country and regions inside that country. As anyone who has taken one of the DNA test can can attest, there’s an independant listing for Jewish genetic alleles.. Both Ancestry DNA and 23andMe revealed absolutely zero Jewish DNA in my genome. Sorry, try again. Other than my Italian DNA ;which is approximately 20%) they found a pan European mix of French, German, Norwegian (my largest percentage at 27%), Russian, and a trace (~1%) of East Asian which is most likely the residue of the Mongol invasion. So you’re correct that I am not from Great Britain , but I am 100% White.

          Even the most based women in European history (I.e., German female Bational Socialists) couldn’t contain their gender’s pathology. Poor Uncle Adolf had to hide his relationship with Eva Braun because it would cause the single and married Germam wome to seeth with envy that he had chosen someone other than themselves. It was this female biological vanity and ego that Herr Hitler understood would cost him their conditional support, so he had to remain to be seen as a single man to sparking an tidal wave of jealousy and criticism from other German women towards Eva.

          • Lulz!

            November – your reply to me is genuinely laughable, and verification that you are ignorant, deliberately deceptive, and pathetic.

            1) Benny Ratzinger was a blood Jew. From the Hebes themselves:


            This is merely one site, but do look up Laura Cahn’s (a variation of Cohen) article in the HuffPost. This Jew was surprised and thrilled over the connection. FYI – ignoramus – there were LOADS of Jews in NS Germany. (Again – White men have failed for centuries to purge the demons!) WHO DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS TOPIC? Rabbi Bennie’s infiltration into The Hitlerjugend was simply par for the historic Hebe infestation tactic.

            1a) Your interpretation of Shakespeare’s Shylock is ridiculous as well. Jews howled about this forever – until they began portraying Shylock as “sympathetic”. The actual Do Kikes Bleed speech is a terrific example of Jews whining about poisekushun, whilst trying to get you cut to pieces. Shylock is a thorough VILLIAN, a greedy, ruthless, bloodthirsty KIKE – and most readers and audiences would have recognized this character for what he is, under the Modern Era wherein Jews have just about vanquished White Men entirely.

            1b) Your “explanation” of the reasons why Uncle A kept his relationship with Eva in the QT is one of the most inane, yet funniest things I’ve ever heard of! You really should refrain from discussing ANYTHING pertaining to National Socialist Germany or Shakespeare, or perhaps ANYTHING – because you really are revealing the breath-taking scope of your ignorance, as well as the 2D nature of your flattened mental landscape. But thanks for the comedy gelte!

            2) The rest of your sad little commentary revolves around admitting I’m correct – but making limp excuses and justifications historical events, while trying to make it appear as though I’m not correct, even though you kinda admit I am, while trying to say I’m not, So SJW! J for Jew!Perhaps you ought to have that DNA test run again! Oh – think about the location of Italy, in relationship to Africa. Meds are a REALLY mixed bag. Just like Jews.

            3) Wah wah wah! Uppity wimmenz! LOL! I am flattered you compare my with Anglo – her posts are intelligent and thoughtful. I’m sorry you can’t stand to hear her opinion of Italians. I don’t agree entirely; some of my favorite artists and writers are Italians. But in the American Northeast, there is a toxic brew of Jew, Eye-tie, and Negro that would make any healthy, sane woman retch.

            I regard any insult from Fraud John as a compliment, as well as wickedly funny. He is pathetic, useless, raving old eunuch, who is devastated by the crumbling of the Jew run Daily Sewer. Where will he go now, to get his woman hating score? Outlander – I honestly can’t remember anything he’s ever written. I surmise this is because he is an intellectual nonentity, and to insignificant to notice. If you place yourself in that camp – go right ahead! AGAIN you confirm everything I’ve ever written . HAHAHAHA!

          • Denise,

            Are you experiencing senior moments at your advanced age?

            The FACT that you cannot recall your previous show of obfuscation and deflection with Outlander could be an early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Please have a neurological work up done ASAP. I’d leave out your whack-a-doodle conspiracy theories though, unless you want to be held on a 72 hour psych hold.

            Let me clear some off the cobwebs off of your little used cerebral hemispheres. You accused Outlander of having “Yellow Fever” even though he repeatedly wrote that he didn’t find East Asian/oriental women sexually attractive. In other words, you utilized The Big Lie against him because you couldn’t refute his statements about modern White women in the West. Who did Uncle A accuse of using the Big Lie as a tactic? Let’s see your DNA results. Are you perhaps a jewess posing as a Gentile Celt?

            As part of my undergraduate requirements, it was necessary to take 20 credit hours in the humanities. Among the classes I took were critical thinking, logic, and Shakespearean Literature.

            Both critical thinking and logic began with about even numbers of men and women. By midterms, most of the women had dropped both classes, and by finals, only one female remained in logic and only eight men remained for critical thinking. I believe the professor gave the lone female a pity ‘C’ for gumption. I asked both professors if this was the norm, and he regretfully nodded his head.

            There are intelligent White women just as there are seven feet tall Chinese men, but they’re the exception and not the rule. Unfortunately, both you and ASR are unexceptional. Boo. Hoo.

            You claim to be married? Your husband (if he exists) must either be a cuck or have the patience of a saint to deal with a perpetual fire breathing hellion like yourself. The other possibility is that you have to often hide your ‘Irish sunglasses’ with lots of makeup.

            Your (((Hollywood))) witch’s cackle belongs in The Brothers Grimm book of fairytales than the generic Halloween anti-Pagan version.

            Maybe ASR will share her “gift” with you while you’re both baking gingerbread to lure lost children into your cabin in the woods.

          • @Deep South

            Isn’t it amazing, how guineas suck up oxygen when all their blabbering could be so much more concise? ‘The anglos mistreated the jews.’

            Total projection.

        • Denise,

          I must be the only person not to have watched a single episode of “The Sopranos” in America.

          Italians that take pride in the criminal behavior of the outfit/Black Hand do so out of some deeply misplaced sense of pride. Many just like to use the threat of mob connections to impress or intimidate people including other Italians.

          When I was a boy I played baseball with a lot of transplants from Appalachia. If I had a penny for every time one of them claimed to be kin to Ty Cobb, I’d have at least a half dollar. People boast to make themselves feel better about their lives and impress others.

          Many Italian-Americans cringe at their depiction by Hollywood jews as gangsters, and formed their own organizations to lobby against that slander.

          Painting all Italians as mobsters is as inaccurate as depicting every Southern as hate-filled, inbred, toothless, and illiterate.

          Do you want to guess who’s behind such slander?

          • Deep South,

            How many times did you sister-mother drop you on your head as an infant?

            You claim to be from the Deep South but you’re actually a low-T Limey aren’t ya son? Watch out for flying acid and knife wielding cultural enrichers.

            The Irish, Italians, and more jews immigrated to America approximately during the same time. The Irish and Italian Catholics were discriminated against by the Protestant northeastern Anglos. Signs were posted that read, “No Irish, Italians, or dogs need apply.”

            You’re so dumb that if they turned your micro-brain into gasoline, it couldn’t power a flea’s motorcycle half way around a cherry pit.

            Now go watch your daughters get groomed by Muhammad and his crew. The Americans aren’t coming to save your bacon a third time.

          • No, the signs would say ‘Irish Need Not Apply.’ Italians were not grouped with us (I’m half irish catholic or thereabouts). They weren’t even considered white if they were the mixed kind.

            Jews and Italians came into this country en masse starting in the 1880s and through the 1920’s. The Irish Catholics came here during the colonial era in Massachusetts, and then in major waves beginning in the 1850’s. I have forebears who arrived during 1857, the famous apex year of the Hunger which the jews wired to starve out the irish.

            My people fought during the Civil War. They built the railroads, the canals, much of the infrastructure of the industrial North. Many died in these ventures, and suffered under sometimes cruel conditions. Most of the greedy northern style ‘planter’ class was infiltrated by jews and allied with them; they comprised a small sector of the anglo protestant population.

            By my lifetime the irish and english (and irish protestants) who lived in rural and suburban areas in NJ lived in peace and harmony. The urban coastal counties were where the irish allied with jews and italians, but they represented only one element of the irish catholics. Most of the farmers, irish, german, anglo, out in Hunterdon, and various profiles in suburbia in the center, loved this country for its founding stock. They weren’t tolerating mediterranean conniving. They tried to keep the jews out when they could, and tolerated only the italians who didn’t cop the attitude you exhibit here. Hunterdon to this day has some very white-looking italians but the more suburban center of the state has now given over to southern italian and jewish domination.

            At the end of the day, November, you keep coming on here promoting Roman Catholicism but you fled Italy, or your ancestors did at some point, to come to a Protestant founded cultural and political system. In all candor and sincerity, I’d ask why on earth is it so hard to simply admit that our (my hometown was more protestant than catholic and my family was part protestant so I claim the culture that I prefer) system is superior.

            If you have issues of identity around being not pure white, I don’t know what to say. I have a right to celebrate my people’s identity and culture. Italians who came here wanting to refashion us into what they left don’t. I offer no apologies to those who don’t deserve it. No one invited you to come here. We were doing fine on our own, thanks very much.


            This is why I don’t think we can absorb many italians and must militarize against Roman Catholicism (which is bleeding white support by the day, particularly amongst irish). They cause constant distraction and conflict, and get outraged at the idea that we want to remain a white ethnostate. They insult me and try to torment me for simply rejecting their violence towards me, when that is my right. They parrot the jews’ attacks on anglo women who suffer violence at the hands of non-white mediterraneans and blacks, calling such survivors ‘mentally ill’ as if guineas don’t rape white women in the northern US and Italy at will (Italy boasts one main center of the white slave trade in Europe).

            This whole debate is a lesson in what price will be paid for not recognizing the threat these people pose. November has engaged in a campaign to insult, pathologize and bully me for simply reporting the dynamics of how NJ lost its anglo culture. It’s either succumb to mediterranean domination with these guineas and their jewish co-racialists or preserve our right to live in peace from their invasions. Even Denise who doesn’t share all my views on them gets insulted and attacked by the foul-mouthed WOP.

            Italians need to be encouraged to maintain their own country with their ‘irish and jews’ without our help. Irish who ally with the Romans and their ilk should go kill themselves.

            November, the only reason my men aren’t defending me is because in our culture, women are respected for speaking their minds. The idea that they approve of your violence towards me – and yes, you have absolutely asserted violence towards me – is a misread of their silence. I notice guineas often misinterpret my men’s strength and control for passivity. Brad feels sorry for Ladina Latrina because she’s young and can’t find friends her own age. He’s a Southern man who believes in manners and gentility, such that he doesn’t grasp that she’s got some handler or maladjustment problems he shouldn’t be enabling.

            So get lost, troll. My men don’t need your mediterranean ‘help.’ Your own women sure seem to need some though.

          • Oooohhh! NovemBERG – you took 20 credit hours of “critical thinking, logic, and Shakespearean Literature”. Such an expert! Woo HOO! What’s the name of the Yeshiva you attended? Your bubby must be so proud of her brilliant genius boychick!

            FYI I’ve been reading Shakespeare since I was a child, and studied under a Shakespearean scholar. Your shekels were wasted….FYI – I’ve seen Jews in the Academy. Jews do expect to be rewarded just for showing up. It doesn’t matter about the drop outs. Uncle Hymie will set them up nicely. You Tribe really aren’t that schmart, after all – but you do make sure you get what you don’t deserve! Thanks for detailing your experience.

            You are so JEWEY. You bring in every tired cliché. It’s funny. Try your vaunted critical thinking skills and guess what I’m referring to! For fun!

            What’s your hubby’s name? Ari or Schlomo?

  3. For any interested in what truly happened in the South during reconstruction, check out this excellent book from 1890. Each state has its own author, and all the authors are prominent Southern men, such as US Senators. It is titled “Why the Solid South? or, Reconstruction and its Results.”

  4. OT:

    Hi there!
    Thanks for all your work, first of all.
    I just wanted to share with you something I think is really important:

    This is a Subcommittee Hearing from the House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans called “Meeting the Challenge of White Nationalist Terrorism at Home and Abroad”.

    It has a lot of troubling parts including:
    They are asking for laws to force tech companies to ban “hate speech”, which is now defined as anything globalists and leftist organizations like the ADL don’t like (and if you want proof that ADL is a dangerous leftist organization, watch this: ).

    Other troubling ideas these people have is that they want to use US military against European nationalists, and they want “White” nationalism (which they never define in the hearing as something else that someone who is aware that Europeans are indeed being demographically replaced via third world migration, which they admit is a FACT during the hearing at the 1:16:20 mark) to be considered terrorism, and classify anyone who doesn’t even join any group as a “White” nationalist if they ever agree with ideas like uncontrolled illegal migration being a threat to the health of Western Countries.

    It is a really insane video, I suggest you watch it and talk about it, because the leftists in the US government are going insane.

    Thanks for reading, have a great day!

  5. Thing is there is no solution for what we face. The only thing we can do now is watch the shit burn. Eat, drink, be merry, and die is what I say now.

  6. Oy. the crapfest continues. I’m just surprised Denise hasn’t chimed in…. Now that DS is offline, there isn’t much reason to come here on a daily basis. There is no balance in the universe any more.

    Right, Drew?

  7. “So profound were these changes that the amendments should be seen not simply as an alteration of an existing structure but as a ‘second founding,’ a ‘constitutional revolution,’ in the words of Republican leader Carl Schurz, ….”

    I wonder from time to time whether that should be (((Carl Schurz))), but I’ve not yet encountered anything that answers the question. Schurz was one of the so-called Forty-Eighters, Germans who emigrated to America after the failed Revolution of 1848. (See ) Wikipedia speaks of his Jesuit education, but that doesn’t mean anything. In a Google search, I encountered a NY Times article that might say that Margarethe Meyer, whom Schurz married, was Jewish, but I haven’t read it. From the Wikipedia entry about her, one would get the impression she was Catholic, if anything. (See )

    Well more than a decade ago, I think, I saw some reviews of a then-new book whose theme, if I’m recalling this correctly, was that many of the Forty-Eighters were Jews. The two authors were themselves Jewish, and the book seemed to be one of these “Well, ACTUALLY, yes, a great proportion of [fill in the blank] were Jews” books, as in “Well, ACTUALLY, yes, a great part of the Bolshevik leadership was Jewish.”

    Anyway, here are two other things … (“Jewish 48’ers in America,” American Jewish Archives) (“How Karl Marx Helped Shape the Republican Party”)

    The first of those doesn’t have anything to do with Schurz, but the latter includes the following:

    “After the uprisings of 1848 were crushed, many of the most militant Germans prudently left the country. Many settled in Texas (a place that Marx considered moving to), Oklahoma and Ohio. The 48-ers, many of whom were followers of Marx, became very active in the Republican Party. Senator Carl Schurz, an acquaintance of Marx, became a powerful senator from Missouri, as well as Secretary of the Interior. The 48-ers sometimes get credit for having been the major force that tipped the nomination of the party’s presidential candidate to Abraham Lincoln. Mark Lause’s book, A Secret Society History of the Civil War, makes a powerful case for their contribution.”

    • Mr. Bonacorsi,

      The last paragraph was of special interest to me. I have some German blood in me. They migrated to Mexico in the 19th century and I was never told why. My 75% Germanic grandfather is very irreligious even though they have been in Catholic Mexico for almost 2 centuries. I was told he loved Castro and listened to his broadcasts. That was common in Mexico.

      A shock to me to realize the possible revolutionary connection.

    • Yawn. Sorry – but Southerners are JUST as rotten, White hating, and degenerate as any-one – if not more so. Think of the Jew Worshipping Evangelitards, Miss Lindsey Graham, and now the Anti White lesbian Daughter of the Deep Depp South, Ellen Degenerate:

      The Southern woman devotes an entire segment of her show to trashing and mocking White children.

      • @Denise Sometimes you have to get down on their level and throw shade right back at them. I get so sick and tired of hearing that Meds and Slavs aren’t white. According to some in the movement you can only be white if you descended from Northern/Western Europe and you are protestant or pagan. However if you are from Eastern/Southern Europe and Catholic or Orthodox Christian you are somehow lesser than and not white. That type of attitude is why the movement will never go anywhere and my comment about modern Anglos being spineless cowards is true. There is a reason it’s called Cuck Island! Meanwhile in Croatia(where my ancestors originated) the Police remove African and Muslim migrants with an iron fist and Croatian politicians/citizens openly refuse to go along with the Holohoax narrative.

        • @Croat0517,

          The Croatians can take pride in being on the right side of history during the Second World War.

          I have a buddy from Germany that lives along the Dalmatian Coast. He loves Croatia because it’s a sane country in a sea of insanity.

          Croats are Central Europeans and without a doubt White.

          Please take a moment to listen to this three minute video by Jason Köhne about Pan-European Unity. Anyone who opposes his message should be looked upon with justifiable suspicion of being an agent against White well being and an accomplice in working for the anti-Whites.

        • Croat grow up. No one in this discussion has said you aren’t white racially. I absolutely reject Roman Catholicism as mediterranean and therefore not native european.

          Your comments on a Southern anglo man’s blog are kind of rich, aren’t they?

          I’m addressing you because you’re lost in your own orbit, falling prey to November’s manipulations. I don’t know much about Croatia but have known croatians and slavs who looked as mainland white as me. I have also known tons of italians who are clearly mixed race.

          Try not to be so gullible and vulnerable to the evils of sandnaggers. No one here is out to get you but you need to check your lack of focus and respect the people who built this country your ancestors fled to.

          Take care.

          • @November Croatia is a great county filled with White Catholic Christian’s. The UK(Modern UK) and US are multicultural shitholes filled with the worlds garbage. If Whites in America and around the world want to take their countries back then I suggest looking more towards and taking advice from the Croatians, Polish, Russians, and Hungarians and less to the UK, US, France, and Germany.

        • Corat – I understand. Division hurts us – not helps us. You know this. I agree with your assessments. You know the kikes are trying to do to Slavic Nations what they’ve done to Western European countries, The West is in smoking ruins.

          I’m watching the Jew demonization of lies about White video, that Kathy posted above. It’s one kike after another lying as deeply and vastly as you can lies. Their lies are of a cosmic vastness.

          They are attacking American and Western European Whites – but after we fall – Slavs are left. They have been abusing and attacking Slavs for centuries, but you know this.

          We need to stand together. Watch this Jews Planning to Slaughter Whites video. These are Jews in POWER. Anglo Saxon is NOT a Jew. She is gruff, yes. It’s because she is frightened to death. She is NOT a kike. She has experienced real world terrorism via Diversity, as a White woman. Every White woman, including yours truly, has experienced degrading “attention”. II once had a group of Nigra males comment loudly on my physical attributes, in broad daylight, in mid afternoon, when I lived in DC. I was dressed in professional garb, not clubwear or casual clothing. There was a group – 5 or 6 – and it was frightening. The street was very busy – but people don’t pay attention. They were so loud and CRUDE, and kept calling after me down the block. No one said a word. There were no social controls to inhibit this TRASH to make them refrain from speaking to any woman that way. That was the frightening thing. Nothing happened. But nothing would have happened had they decided to physically attack me. I’ve had actual physical threats happen – but that was the first time I realized how….broken…things have become. I did not speak to them. My clothing was anything but provocative. I was on my way to work. But none of that mattered. And there were NO White men to defend me. This was in DC. Most of the White men were and are homos.

          Watch the video above. A man called Christian (HAHAHA) Picciolini. He’s “Italian”. He used to be a musician. He used to be a member of Atomwaffen. Look at him. Does he look White to YOU? He states he was “recruited into Neo Nazism”. Skinheads. As a teenager. He is a LIAR. He probably sought out White kids, in order to be protected form Orcs. Actual White idiots should have REJECTED him. His parents were Italian immigrants. Saxon obviously has been surrounded by these types, and I have experienced them as well. Look at him. THIS is what Anglo Saxon RIGHTEOUSLY despises. He was “saved” from White Nationalism, because he’s now realized there’s no MONEY in it. There’s MONEY in attacking and destroying Whites. He pimps his products at the end of his slander. He’s LYING about everything. He’s aiding and abetting the killers of our Race.

          He’s flanked by a vile Jewess, and a total mud shark crazy Race traitor beeyach. THEY are the threats. They are LYING, slanderous, treacherous VERMIN. Can you blame Saxon for loathing this strain of Eye-tie? LOOK at him. Is that WHITE? This is what I mean. We cannot accept ANY-ONE who is not truly one of US in our ranks.

          PS – the bitterly funny element of this “hearing” is that they accuse us of doing EVERYTHING they have done.

          • @Denise I am very sorry to hear about your experience in DC unfortunately this does not surprise me. The sad part is if something did happen and a white man came to your defense he would have the book thrown at him by the JEWDICIAL SYSTEM. I understand what ASR is upset and angered by when listening to a guy like Christian Picciolini however he is not Italian. Christian Picciolini obviously is Sicilian(sicilians have 15%-30% North African DNA) due to the history of the island going back to Carthage and Rome. Mainland Italians are white though! Ex. Matteo Salvini. Yes at the end of the day the (((Tribe))) wants to see America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK all the way to Greece and Russia destroyed by multiculturalism so they can rule over the brown hordes. I realize not every single Anglo is literally sitting in Silence however more need to speak out and get involved. Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe are by no means perfect or the solution to all but I can tell you one thing and that is the shit going on in Western Europe the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand would never happen in the Mediterranean or Slavic countries because the citizens would not tolerate it. The UK police are wearing Homo pride pins and seen taking smiling pictures with Muslim filth meanwhile all across Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe the Police there are removing migrants. It’s just common sense things that need to start happening in the West or else you will lose your ancestors homeland and eventually America.

  8. @November ASR is a shitposter who is just upset his ancestors country(UK) is being overrun by Muslims, Africans, Asians, ect and instead of going head on and calling out the (((group))) who is responsible for the destruction of his culture he decides to pick fights with Meds and Slavs particularly Italians. Funny how North America was originally discovered by… ohhh wait Christopher Columbus an Italian! There’s no disputing that the English founded America and set up it’s original government but since the late 1700’s they have done absolutely nothing except team up with the (((ALLIES))) to kill fellow white Europeans and remove the last government from the face of the earth who stood up to the (((tribe))). Cuck Island is burning and the native Anglo population sits in silence watching as it does.

    • Croat – I’m glad you recognize the subverter (((November))) for what is really is. He’s trying to demonize various Commenters in the most obvious, Jewiest way possible. He’s so inept it’s actually funny. They can’t help themselves anymore. They never could.

      I think you are in despair over England. I was horrified, for years. In absolute despair. You must understand – the English are over-run, and the Kikes have been working on taking over for over 400 years. London is their base in Western Europe. FYI – France is even more Jewed. Not all English are sitting by quietly; Mark Collett is doing fine, healthy, SANE work. The most important thing is to LIVE. Western Whites have been psy opped and for de-racination. We must get Whites to re-racinate. We are doing it. The Orcs are even doing a better job of re-racinating Whites!

      This the land of my ancestors! Bee of good cheer. Behold what’s been done to Hungary, Poland, and Russia. We are simply trying to catch up.

    • @Croat0517,

      Your absolutely correct about the uk and America.

      The U.K. Is getting a karmic blowback for their dirty hands in destroying South Africa and being the attack dog for the jews in both world wars in Europe last century. No one is coming to their rescue this time, and the kicker is that their hebrew masters that they fought and died for are the ones along with their corrupt anglo establishment set their present situation in motion in 1939.

      ASR, is truly mentality unhinged. That’s no exaggeration. I suspect that IT is a cross dressing tranny like the unfunny British “comedian ” Dame Edna. IT is definitely a shitposter and under several different aliases to boot. Kinda like a ‘shapeshifter’ jude. Hmmm? iT shows discord like das juden does among Whites. By its actions IT be should judged. All IT spews from its mouth besides the semen from its last visit to the glory hole are lies. In its latest diatribe, it claims that I am trying to spread Roman Catholicism. As anyone can read for themselves on OD, I’ve never promoted any religion at all. Truth is I was raised and Christened Episcopalian, and even sang in the choir, until my voice changed during puberty.

      Other jewish traits that ASR exhibits is telling people what to do (she lectured you in how too behave), trying to censor speech IT doesn’t like, and attempting to put psychological guilt trips on others for behavior IT wants changed. All of that is extremely jewey.

      Denise is another ‘toys in the attic’ looney bird. Everyone she dislikes is a jew. The driver who cuts her off in traffic is a jew. The door she stubs her toe in is a jew et cetera.

      Her ignorance is on display for everyone to see on a regular basis. Even the most ardent Southern Confederate sympathizers would call Lincoln a “crypto-jew ” like she does.

      As much as I despise churchill, I know he wasn’t a Jew, but a compromised Limey drunken psychopath that did the jews bidding in return for forgiving his sizable debt.

      Both ASR and Denise are the norm for what passes for a ‘woman’ in the the NY/NJ region. They’re vile and rabid with arrogance, feminism, and pseudo-intellectualism.

      These decrepit old twats use subterfuge (multiple usernames in ASR’s case), obfuscation, deflection, and projection. When confronted with irrefutable evidence of their previous comments/opinions, instead of defending themselves they attack you as they cry out in pain.

      Both of these ‘ women ‘ insidious and repulsive creatures. They doth protest too much.

      • @November I agree with you on ASR but Denise does have valid points and thoughts. I understand where she is coming from with her concerns meanwhile ASR is just all over the board with his bs. The UK, US, France, Australia, and Canada reap what they sow. For years their governments along with the (((Tribe))) have actively demonized the native citizens of those countries, systematically oppressed them, have taken away their rights, and pushed degeneracy. I realize this is a Southern Nationalist website and everyone cringes when we talk about WW2 but the Nationalists in Germany, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania, and Hungary were the last governments on the face of this earth brave enough to stand up against the behemoth that is the Jews and they were attacked and destroyed by (((Capitalists))) in the west and (((Communists))) to the far east with the blessing of the butt goy governments at the time. In the end millions of White European men, women, and children were killed and from then to now the European people around the globe have been in despair and decline.

        • @Croat0517,

          “Denise does have valid points and thoughts.” A broken clock is correct twice a day, but it’s still garbage.

        • Croat0517,

          The Spanish nationalists/fascists did fight against the evil Republicans during the Civil War. It had valuable help from the Germans and Italians. Spain sent the Blue Legion to help fight the communists in the Soviet Union. They were not strong enough to do more.

          I struggle to feel sympathy for the anglo countries. I do not gloat at them reaping what they have sown but most seem to love their fate.

          • @Christina Romana Alva. H. Franco was a great Catholic Nationalist leader and it was unfortunate he could not do more because he was busy fighting a war at home against the (((Reds))). It’s funny how all these Anglos will try and be buddy buddy with the Germans in our movement now and my question is where the hell were they when it mattered? When Germany, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, ect were all under attack by the (((Tribe))) where were you Anglos? Ohhh that’s right you were murdering our citizens, raping our women, and destroying our countries. I have no sympathy for any Anglo and the hell holes they have created in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

    • Croat0517,

      Correct: the most ardent pro-Dixie confederate would not call Lincoln a crypto-jew like kike obsessed Denise does.

      Denise is also a geographical savant. Because Italy is across the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa they can’t be White. Okay if that’s your premise, then why were the Greeks and Romans European Whites? Were Galileo, Cassini, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Fermi, Pollo, and Dante White men? According to Denise they couldn’t be because of the proximity of Italy to North Africa.

      She put words in your mouth claiming that you “recognize me as a subverter.” Tell me Croat, where did you imply that? You didn’t. Nuttier than squirrel shit Denise made it up in what’s left of her malfunctioning mind.

      Readers of OD can make up their own minds as to who are the cancerous elements among us.

      • @November I do not believe you are a subverter by any means and I’m always on here defending Eastern and Southern Europeans from constant attack by the various Western/Northern purists. Out of all the attacks and comments they all have to do with the fact that Italy, Spain, and Greece are closer to Africa than say the UK Germany, or Scandinavia despite the fact that they are all situated on the same damn continent. They also say Slavs are somehow related to Asians/Mongols and aren’t white. The only Slavs that have a mix of Mongol/Asian are the Russian population that lives on the European-Asian border(93% of the Russian population lives on the European side and are European).Then these comments are usually followed up by attacks on Eastern and Southern European peoples religion which are Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. They’ll say ohh you worship Mary or your priests wear weird clothing, molest children(a Jewish lie to an extent however if a priest did molest or harm a child he along with anyone else who did should be executed). I’m a Traditionalist Catholic who believes priests should be allowed to get married. The celibacy laws were meant to be temporary due to misbehavior of a small sect of Catholic priests many years ago. I criticize my church when its needed and will never defend someone who harms a child however the unwarranted constant petty attacks against Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy get pretty old very quickly especially when the people who are criticizing you are from protestant sects that have been around a few hundred years. Lutherans are the only Protestant sect I view with any authority or respect. The rest just hopped on a bandwagon years later.

        • Croat0517,

          I agree with you that Catholic priests should be allowed to marry. Lifelong chastity is not normal.

          Thank you for setting the record straight. Both Denise and ASR employ the devious tactic of putting words in other people’s mouths.

          The list of pro-White leaders that I’ve met, befriended, and worked with IRL is long. Not a one of them would ever blaspheme me like those two abominations.

          I just hope all the readers have seen them for what they are.

  9. Southrons,

    After posting this link to a concert by the 2nd South Carolina String Band playing “Southern Soldier ” and “Dixie” for HW to watch, (((Denise))) commented ,” Southerns are JUST as rotten, White hating and degenerate as anyone- if not more so.”

    This northeastern yankee agitator had that to say about you folks. Look it up for yourselves. It’s on this thread.

    And then you have her co-conspirator and fellow northeastern yankee and multiple username partner in crime (((Anglo Saxon Revolt))) literally wants the Irish to in her own words,” Irish who ally with the Romans and their ilk should go kill themselves.” Nice, huh?

    To quote David Duke,” Ladies and gentlemen, these are not good people.”

    • November – you are a complete psycho. You lie and twist JUST like a Jew. I presented a video of a White HATING, Child Hating Southern LESBO. You are a liar, and you sow division. How many times have you visited the back room of Man’s County, in Chicongo?

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