Daily Stormer Comes Back Online

UPDATE: Rob Monster has responded.

UPDATE: Lee Rogers is mad that I quoted Rob Monster who runs BitMitigate who was featured in an SPLC article on the Stirrer this afternoon. I’ve reached out to Monster to independently confirm the email is genuine, but there is no reason to believe he was misquoted.

This is confusing.

I made the mistake of taking the Andrew Anglin character at his word that he had been dropped by BitMitigate. As of yesterday, it seemed like The Drama Stirrer was about to go the way of 8chan because there is no readily available alternative to Cloudflare and BitMitigate.

The Andrew Anglin character was saying that he needed $11,000 a month to stay online because he was dropped by BitMitigate:

Andrew Anglin posted his fundraising appeal on Gab:

And yet, this morning The Drama Stirrer was already magically back online. Did he really raise that much money in 24 hours? NO, the answer is that he simply didn’t pay his bill:


“The Stormer has lost its main access because it hasn’t paid for the service that allows audiences to view the content, Rob Monster, founder and CEO of Epik.com, told Hatewatch in an email. Epik.com runs BitMitigate, a content delivery network, or CDN, that ensures a site’s content becomes visible online.

“As for Stormer, they actually never paid us a penny,” Monster wrote. “In August we discontinued the free plans. Stormer, like any other client, had the opportunity to secure a paid plan. They chose to overlook those opportunities which were proactively presented with ample opportunity.”

Anglin could not be reached for comment. But on Gab.com, he made a desperate plea for support and noted that the Stormer website might not survive. He wrote he’s seeking $11,000 in donations to fund continued access to BitMitigate.

“We’re searching for a new CDN – Bitmitigate is no longer willing to put up with the level of attacks we bring on a budget we can afford. Daily Stormer is now under an unprecedented level of pressure and we’ll have trouble staying online for the future.”

So the truth comes out.

How much does DDOS protection actually cost on BitMitigate? It offers three monthly plans: $29 a month (1 IP address), $99 a month (5 IP addresses) and $159 a month (10 IP addresses). Presumably, Anglin got the Stirrer back up after paying Bitmitigate a whopping $29 a month or $348 a year. Even the most expensive plan would have cost him $1,908 a year. The site went down because Anglin or Weev (probably the latter) didn’t sign up a paid plan in spite of having over a month to do so.

I broke my own rule and failed to fact check Weev on something as trivial as the true reason why the Stormer had gone down. Assume he is lying until proven otherwise.

Note: Lee Rogers falsely accused TRS of being responsible on Infostormer.

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  1. I tell ya this weev is a hell of a guy. A real bonafide computer wizkid. He got ole Azz’s computer working back again in no time flat. Fella didn’t even charge me nothing either. He even got dailystormer.com working again and didn’t even announce it! I tell ya this weev is real top notch.

    Bottom text.

    • No but seriously! Check dailystormer.com! Not .name, .com!

      It’s been working for a while now! I don’t know how this weev fella does it!

      Bottom text

  2. It’s just like Hal Turner begging for donations to stay on the air, Anglin even uses the same message that Hal used: “My content is unique and you will not find anything as edgy anywhere else on the internet so better keep me afloat!”

    • I’m going to be charitable and assume that Weev told him this and he believed it until he found out that he only had to pay a $29 a month bill. It is Weev’s job to keep the Stirrer online.

  3. I’m not very interested in this whole OD Vs DS thing. It’s tiresome and in fact seems to be a “directed” distraction on OD’s part. That said, citing the SPLC in any context whatsoever is the most suspect behavior ever. IMO

  4. DS is back? Good news. My

    last stop after VoxDay, WRS, Denninger, OD, and Unz. ‘Cause

    I like ending up with same good LOLz.

    • They deserve more than that. If White ppl had any loyalty, all pro-White activists would be millionaires.

      No, nope, gotta go watch sportsball and make some ghetto ape a millionaire.

      • I completely agree we having funding problems but we shouldn’t want to make pro-White activists millionaires through funding.

        Maybe an organization with high moral leadership and trust but, individually, I just see corruption written all over that.

        Better to have White millionaires wake up and actually care about what’s going on.

        Regarding sportsball, I completely agree. Solid middle class and even upper middle class White men wearing a sportsball jersey with a black mans last name on the back……


        • “we shouldn’t want to make pro-White activists millionaires through funding”

          Better in the hands of a dedicated PW than in the hands of some orc or jw.

    • Look up the conversion rate for $29 to NGN (nigerian money). Well, look at that, 11,000.
      Hurf durf, technically it wasn’t a lie goyim, I told you I was in Nigeria, you should have assumed as much!

  5. Oh joy. Oh bliss. Oh rapture. Now the most important site on the ENTIRE Internet is safe for Jews pretending to be NAZIS, and women hating closet case mystery meat midget to be…whatever…they..are.

    Western Civilization is SAVED!

  6. It’s hard work being “internet money making machine”
    These DS jews hate pussy and porn(unless they are working the desk and mop at “pornstore”) so its even harder to make easy money.

    Creating content for sheckles got our once great country in the shit shape its in now…how about being makers of something tangible? Selling ideas isn’t the best long term money maker…make widgets not farts in the wind!

    • Several have tried and are trying, but viable businesses aren’t that easy to create, especially when (sabotaged).

      Still, look at the way most Whites squander money on, booze, gambling, empty entertainment. If they spent .000001 on WN causes, we’d have serious progress.

  7. I sent Andrew Anglin a 2,000 dollar donation today via bitcoin! He is a great patriot who is fighting the wicked sons of Satan on the left! He now lives in Poland and has a very nice remote home. Visited him last year. The locals of his village love the man! They detest the Jews and the fags more than Andrew does!

  8. Do y’all know how many times Anglin has pulled this same old same old trick? He takes the site down for a few days to get folks freaking out then does a fundraiser afterwards and whines about how he has no shekels.

    Same same same same…..his DS junkies will sell their mommy’s only ring to get money for their fix. He used to say it was like 9k a month so it went up I guess in fake world, where ya just make it up as ya go.

  9. Anglin is now ok with pedophilia. He has up a smash or pass pole for Greta thunberg, who is a mentally challenged and very under developed 16 year old. Disgusting and degenerate.

  10. It’s amazing how much quality content Anglin produces, and gets results! I am certain he would never turn into a recipe pusher!

  11. After years of watching the entirety of this shitshow unfold, it still amazes me a little.
    Mostly there’s only deep disappointment.

    Long and short of it,
    Southerner, conspiracy/history buff, ended up in that anti-Bush/anti-establishment/libertarian/InfoWars/AmRen pipeline.
    Got banned for calling a Jew out as a shifty Jew on Daily Stormer after his own mother said he was.
    Except for the 4chan and Purity Spiral types, got shit from all sides (including Anglin and Azz) over refusing to accept the bullshit that was the Jew wife Christmas special TRS served up.
    Charlottesville(a TRS/DS promotion), box break, mass deplatforming…
    Now we’re here.

    I could make a decent case for this whole thing being Jews and/or Feds, either formally or using easily controlled people with compromising pasts. From David Duke, Frank Collin, and Hal Turner to Peinovich, Ghoul, Eli Mosley, Jayoh, Azz, Cantwell, Anglin, and Weev… this thing has been rife with varying degrees of sordid types, narcissists, junkies, Feds, informants, and Jews.

    I could also cite how domestic propaganda was legalized for intelligence agencies and the limitless money they have access to. (Funny how long time political operator Roger Stone called out Cernovich and Weev by name, after embedding himself with Alex Jones, who also falls in this collection of miscreant degenerates.)

    But really the amount of sheer stupidity makes it impossible to distinguish between enemies and morons. I think this has been and will always be a combination of grifters and morons.
    Who can tell the difference between whether say a Cantwell is sincere, grifting, or under the thumb of some agency, and likewise the Bowl guys (hey Vic, used to talk with you on the bbs), Nehlen, and Goytalk… sincerely radicalized, misguided, or aiding in entrapment and database building?

    I know TRS are untrustworthy liars that will obfuscate anything they can. They’ve proved it repeatedly. I should’ve known it when my radar initially pinged at how vehemently anti-Christian they were early on.
    You’re a fool if you think otherwise HW. Seriously, undermines your credibility coming to their defense in this over what, harvesting some of their dwindling user base, or for Jayoh? a weird looking admitted degenerate who, at best, for some unknown reason… malicious or moronic again who knows, likes to fabricate self aggrandizing bullshit constantly. He wasn’t joking in that podcast any more than he does with his other bs. Same as Mosley wasn’t “trolling” about being a combat vet. Defending these people is retard tier or shilling.
    Same goes for Anglin and co. though.

    It would appear to be a controlled demolition of the American right (which if it’s this thorough is terrifying as that signifies something big on the horizon). Even Stone and Jones got taken off the board,
    But hell, would “they” even need to bother? The egos and opportunity to prey on young white men’s hopelessness is enough on its own to wreck anything that starts to coelesce for us.

    Realizing this stuff is why a lot of us checked out. How many people have gone silent or disconnected from the clown car? Sure some of us notice Lauritz, Larry, Halberstram, Natt Danelaw, Common Filth, Vandals, Coach, Jim, whoever else… but what about all the bbs, 504um, and Gab accounts that went dormant.

    Here’s a wake up call for all you would be Hitler’s. All of you that put yourself forward as thought and “movement” leaders. Whether through malice or childishness, your abject failure as men has not only destroyed something that was pretty incredible with a palpable energy and hope for the future to it, you’ve also got blood on your hands.
    All those dormant accounts and silent voices… more than a few of those are young men that became so blackpilled that they are now dead. How often do even the show hosts joke about killing themselves…
    Dwell on that for a moment.

    You may console yourself with “I’m just a pundit, a podcaster,” whatever… but you know what you’re doing. You are putting forth your voice and it has consequences. Collectively you’re all bombarding a very sad, very disconnected group of young men with a torrent of dismal shit. Congratulations on the doxings, suicides and OD’s.

    Get better at this or shut the fuck up.

    My last post as an “alt-righter”.

    – in memory of Andrew Dodson

  12. Daily Stormer’s traffic has plummeted almost 25% in only 90 days. Anglin—who used to have a policy about never infighting with other white-identity people—is clearly freaking out that his cash cow is drying up. It’s a legitimate concern when you’ve harassed so many people online that there are nearly $20 million worth of civil judgments against you. https://www.similarweb.com/website/dailystormer.name

  13. According to SimilarWeb.com:

    1) TheRightStuff.biz’s traffic is up 3% over the last 90 days.

    2) Dailystormer.name’s traffic is down 23% over the last 90 days.

    Who exactly is “cratering” again?

    • Anglin and his sorry-ass little band of autistic incels need to just creep back into the darkness from whence they came. And, it pains me to say, that includes Lee Rogers of Infostormer as well. They are an embarrassment and a disgrace.

  14. Meanwhile, on the Stormer BBS, Anglin continues to lie and say that TRS has lost 2/3 of its traffic. Never had him pegged as a liar, but he’s lying through his Mongoloid teeth.

    Do a search on Alexa or SimilarWeb…the only site losing lots of traffic is Daily Stormer. TRS has actually gained traffic since the spring.

  15. The thing that stinks to high heaven here is the Stormer’s abrupt pivot to become the self-declared arbiter of pro-social behavior and good optics.

    I mean, we’re talking about the Dally Stormer, right?

    Someone must have offered them a deal.

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