Matt Forney: The Day of The Incel Is Coming

What do you think?

Would the most beautiful woman on earth be interested in Matt Forney? One of the biggest losers and lolcows on the planet? Is he Hephaestus?

Matt Forney could have had a normal life. He could have found a woman and settled down with Mrs. Potato Head. Even Hotwheels is a happily married Christian. Instead, he didn’t want to find a woman on his level. He developed a massive complex and became an embittered loser.

UPDATE: We haven’t been able to confirm Matt Forney’s account that Ann Sterzinger was ever his girlfriend.

UPDATE: Ann has denied ever being Fatt Horney’s girlfriend.

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  1. Even Hotwheels is married? Lol i didn’t even know that. Seems he beat Forney at his own game cause he lives abroad in a foreign country, is severely disabled, has a wheelchair and is yet to find a Philippino wife (I’m assuming of course) and be happyily married despite having a hellish and fatal genetic bone condition thats crazy

        • Hes not anti free speech He’s just fixated on being a martyr for helping destroying 8chan to get into the good graces of mainstream media, even tho he helped create 8chan he keeps on gloating its his right to destroy it to be fair hotwheels makes some good points on certain subjects especially jim watkins dropping the ball on cloudflare, Bitmigrate but its all a jewy situation to begin with

          • He has defended hate speech laws on Twitter. He has become a piece of garbage after his conversion to Catholicism (like all other Catholics), and he ought to drop dead from his terminal illness as quickly as possible.

          • Yeah, it’s awfully ironic that Hotwheels is the guy Hunter picked to demonstrate the wisdom of getting married and converting to Christianity. No thanks!

          • Yeah, it’s ironic he is the guy Hunter chose to demonstrate the wisdom of getting married and converting to Christianity. No thanks!

  2. never mind “inceI”. To begin with,

    I DK how fat slobs like Forney can stand themselves. Imagine

    having to drag that lard-ass around all the time.

  3. “In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, specifically chose Hephaestus, the ugliest of all the gods, as her husband because she saw that he was a hard worker and she would be utterly loyal to him.”

    I don’t think Forney actually gets the message from the mythos. That valuable, hard working blacksmiths are as attractive as and will get a beautiful woman.

    “The incel’s time shall come again.”

    Perhaps, but that would involve circumstances beyond an incel’s control to bring about. Like a war where most men went off and died or some apocalyptic social breakdown where they could physically kidnap women.

    Forney would be wise not to consider himself Hephaestus. He’s not some hard working blacksmith who deserves a Venus. He’s more like Hermes, a messenger and traveller. I doubt Forney would be able to smith a perfect sword to catch the eye of a beautiful maiden.

    • Oh yeah he’s like just like Hermes, seriously? Dude is like 230 lbs fatty can’t run a 5 minute lap You think he’s like the god of trade, trickery, athletism and of travel? Pfft smdh

      • @Thom

        lol well it’s the closest thing to a Greek God that Forney can hope to attain. He travels, he writes, and he tries to convince you that he’s a 9/10 superchad in the Philippines and therefore you should give him money so he can tell you how to score with a 4 foot Filipina.

        there’s your trickery and trade for you.

  4. I’m just grateful that I don’t know who the f**k any of these people are. Nor do I want to know, thank you.

  5. Hunter, with all your lofty talk about virtue ethics, one might have thought you’d be above the fray here.

    If one didn’t know you, that is.

    But the truth is you thrive on these interpersonal dramas. You’re in your element here and you’re loving every minute.

    • The only reason that I have responded so forcefully to these people is because I am sick of the disruption that they are causing. I’m not interested in drama for the sake of drama.

  6. This “winner”-“loser”-distinction is such a jewish nonsense that I am really disappointed that you use so extensively. In a society in which nearly everything is controlled by jews you cannot win big if you position you against the jews (unfortunately I don’t even believe that any of you is a real enemy of the jews you are all agents who are playing fake opposition).

    And btw., on what basis do you use this distasteful distinction? As far as I can recognize your main point is that winners have more sexual intercourse than losers which is really the lowest argument you could find and makes you automatically a real loser in my mind.

    And let’s not forget: All of you (HW, Forney, Anglin) shilled for Trump who was an obvious puppet of the jews. You must be either a monumental idiot or an agent for the jews not to see the many red flags in 2016. So nobody can claim to be a leader, you are either to stupid to lead or judas goats.

    So this is a squabble between agents and I don’t care who wins the “argument” (more of mud slinging, really).

    • @ Gast

      It reminds me of that meme where a woman is sitting on a lawn chair holding a drink and a fat idiot in MAGA gear holding a drink tray and a skinny soy boy who is fanning her with a leaf are telling each other they don’t understand or respect women and accusing the other of not being able to get laid.

      I don’t know if Anglin or Heartiste said it, but women want you to base your idea of self worth on whether or not you have sexual access to women. I guess the White Nationalist movement has become the same?

  7. “Well, since I spent quite a few years lying that I was an expert on getting laid, I’m still going to get laid one day in the distant and undetermined future because of some Greek myth about the ugly guy.”

    LMAO, this guy is a comedy machine.

    Dude also has a weird penchant for writing erotic fiction from a woman’s viewpoint. He did some blog a while back called “Virginia’s Secret Garden.” Sample passage:

    “After a while, he lay on his back and asked me to suck his cock. His cock was huge. Some of my friends told me that black men usually had very big cocks…”

    He tried fobbing it all off as some kind of massive troll.

    But he still keeps writing erotic fiction where he fantasizes that men are fucking him.

    Early this year, he sent Penthouse a resume because I guess he’s so desperate for work, he’ll lay off the traditionalist shtick long enough to peck out a few more fantasies of being fucked by men.

    Sample passage from the sample he sent Penthouse:

    “Dipping his index finger into my juices, he started doing circles around my clit, my hips gyrating in response to his touch. As I neared climax, it felt like my heart was going to tear itself out of my chest….As his manhood filled me, my agony gave way to pleasure. My breathing deepened and I moaned with each thrust. Ethan grabbed both of my breasts and squeezed them as I slipped into an orgasmic reverie.”

    Please never die, Matt. You provide the world with too much laughter.

  8. You have really gone overboard on the personal stuff, and in the process confessed to everyone you’re own lowly character.
    For those that do not know, Matt Forney did a series of podcasts detailing TRS’ links to federal informants and jayoh’s suspiciously sketchy past:

    Hunter Wallace hasn’t been the same since Forney brought out this information. Decide for yourself instead of Hunter’s CNN-tier journalism.

    • “For those that do not know, Matt Forney strung together a bunch of personal smears and extremely flimsy allegations of guilt by association against people he formerly tried desperately to suck up to—let’s face it, that’s the only thing he does these days—and I’m here to cry foul that someone is publishing factual information about Matt Forney.

      In fact, I’m acting exactly like CNN does when someone says their reporters should be held accountable, too.”

      • Aww can’t handle that TRS covers for snitches such as Cantwell and that their head of security is one sketchy character who is either a pathological liar or in with feds. So which is it?
        You people will do anything to avoid this argument. But ultimately it proves you weak asf clowns can’t hold up.

        • You’re too stupid to even articulate in what capacity they “cover” for Cantwell. You apparently just half-heard something and ran with it. What are they “covering,” genius?

          Was Weev serious when he went on Cantwell’s show and said people need to be slaughtered in the streets and that violence is necessary? If that’s not “fedposting,” what the fuck is?

          And was Anglin serious when he said women need to be raped and beaten and kikes need to be gassed? Or is he a pathological liar? Or was he kidding?

          Well, so was Jayoh when he talked about running heroin out of Harvard and escaping in an “anarchy chopper.”

          You’re also too stupid to even attempt explaining what is meant by “head of security.” You’re too dumb to even attempt explaining.

          By the way, why was Weev an admittedly Jewish “anti-Semite hunter” in the early 2000s?

          Why were his federal charges suddenly dropped and he suddenly became a Nazi who banned anyone who dared to comment in the DS comments that he’s Jewish?

          The fact that they’re pointing fingers so aggressively opens them up for questions—questions you’re terrified to answer.

          • M.Edge is a moron. He’s easily duped and will believe anything. We don’t need gullible fools like him. They’re total resistant to reason and facts and operate exclusively on emotion. They’re essentially men who think like women.

    • M.Edge as in the lolbertarian dork from Free Talk Live? Whether it is Jim Object, Rantwell, or The Forneycator, it seems like lolberts can’t be drugged out drama seeking weirdos. The internet needs a total ban on lolberts until we can figure out just what the hell is going on.

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