Fed Poster Arrested In Kansas For Threatening Antifa In Telegram Chats

It’s probably not a good idea to be in private Telegram chats talking with FBI agents with skull mask avatars asking loaded questions about violence.

ABC News:

“According to charging documents in the case, Jarrett William Smith, who transferred to Fort Riley, Kansas, in July, joined the U.S. military only after first expressing his desire to fight in Ukraine.

On Aug. 19, 2019, Smith allegedly spoke with an FBI informant in an online chat group and discussed a plan for an attack inside the U.S., his search for more “radicals” like himself, and the possibility of killing members of the group Antifa. …

Then, in a Telegram conversation with an undercover FBI agent on Sept. 20, Smith allegedly had this exchange:

FBI: You got anyone down in Texas that would be a good fit for fire, destruction and death? 

SMITH: Outside of Beto? I don’t know enough people that would be relevant enough to cause a change if they died. …”


Are you telling me that Antifa aren’t fed posting about engaging in violence in private Signal chats? Is it a coincidence that after three years of chronic street violence caused by these people who repeatedly travel across state lines that the FBI and DOJ is incapable of arresting any of them?

I’m starting to think there is a clear pattern here.

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  1. Why would zog’s deep state arrest or monitor the criminal activities of the ADL’s and SPLC’s street level storm troopers? Zog and their shabbos goyim establishment flunkys don’t even make any attempts to hide their relationship with antifa.

    • I think it’s obvious by now to everyone that FBI is a corrupt organization. So corrupt that they attempted a coup upon the sitting President.

      A failed one. Best to create as much distance as possible from the flailing government police department.

  2. Remember, the only correct answer to any, and every question from the FBI is … “Lawyer”

    In the future, use this template …

    FBI: You got anyone down in Texas that would be a good fit for fire, destruction and death? (or “I really want to kick antifa ass, how about you”, or “good damn jews, somebody needs to shut them up”, etc. etc.)

    SMITH: You sound like a fed … I want a lawyer.

  3. “I’m starting to think there is a clear pattern here.”

    A little slow are we? After Charlottesville, the writing on the wall was as clear as day.

    • Even a king had to have ‘Mene, mene, tekel Upharsin’ translated for him. Don’t be so hard on those who are just getting the fact that the Trumpenreich, is actually the Pravda Zone, 2019

      – with a Jew at the head, and a shabbas IDIOT goyim at the helm… just like before.

      HW, you are spot on. After this, WHY VOTE FOR TRUMP?!? Why vote for a man who is turning out to be a godless heretic, and tool of the Jews, when we could have…. (Yeah, coming up empty here, too.).

  4. Perhaps Trump’s campaign rhetoric was to smoke the racially-aware whites out of the woodwork? They can’t have globalism with whites fighting against it. And, by and large, we are the only ones against it. Liberty is a white creation. That is also the reason for getting the guns. The messengers are just….. well, the messengers.

    Which Indian chief told the white man something to the effect….. you’re time will come, too? I believe it was Sitting Bull but not positive. Anyone know?

  5. Looks like everythings heading towards a Waco or Ruby Ridge again. They will kick the wrong door in one day bound to happen.

    Just stay off the social networks boys, increase bbqs and other outdoor activity’s, just lurk and laugh at it all burning.

    You don’t need to bomb media stations they already bombed themselves, 90% of media stations are empty ghost shells of what they use to be, they make 0 money outside of heavy $$ inputs like Jeff Bezos keeps his media enterprise afloat with Amazon money.

    They are irrelevant , whats is relevant is you.

    The internet is lost, what comes after they scrub the entire internet of their deeds, is they come after you, because you still possess the knowledge. Knowledge that you must onto the next generation.

    Cliche as fuck i know but it’s where we are at…

    Buy land

    Make White babies

    Since Tarrant im on my 5th born 3 months ago number 6 is on the way. All my circle of friends fedpost to me around the bbq every weekend, ive turned the most normie of normie friends into the racially awoken, they cant even watch a movie anymore without seeing a jewish agenda, and they dont shop at minority stores.

    You gotta get out there and do it, build a White community around you it doesn’t matter how small it is at first (4 of us 1 year an half ago now 30+) it will grow.

    We’ve passed the point of figuring out who the enemy is, we made them say it loud and clear. Everyone knows.

    Stay alive, don’t get gulag-ed for dumb shit. We need you.


  6. On a not so related subject but distantly related….. to all those who do not believe in the woo-woo world:

    I can’t give much information because it wouldn’t be fair to those involved but some high profile remote viewer has seen a very negative industrial-size type accident happening in the midwest or some central state – one of the “M” states. Missouri, Brad? Possible loss of life and cleanup could take a long time. Big hit to the industry.

    My money is on the card that says it happens.

    Our world is nothing like we think it is. We’ve all been programmed. Most of us are incapable of using the innate tools we possess. But, not everyone. Some folks get it. I mean really get it.

    • “I can’t give much information because it wouldn’t be fair to those involved but some high profile remote viewer has seen a very negative industrial-size type accident happening in the midwest or some central state – one of the “M” states. Missouri, Brad? Possible loss of life and cleanup could take a long time. Big hit to the industry.”

      What is the background to this?

      • I posted this to peak interest in the science of remote viewing. Of course, it will have the opposite effect if it doesn’t occur. I believe everything, including us, is a frequency and that remote viewing picks up frequencies to see events in the future – or the past. It’s a science that has been publicly acknowledged for decades and the Feds do use it.

        I follow a group of well-known remote viewers on Patreon. This was an event foreseen by one of them for the month of October. Each month they look out into the next month – or next 90 day period depending on the task – and post their results on Patreon. It’s a fascinating subject but you have to really look into remote viewing itself beforehand to understand and somewhat trust what this group does. Some will have an interest but most will probably dismiss it. Apparently, they don’t see the actual event happening in movie form but images of symbols identifying objects or perhaps a fire or a massive amount of water. I know they can have feelings as well as images like they see the image of a person but “feel” it’s a male or an oriental person. It’s like Clif High who used massive amounts of data mining and applied emotion to certain words in order to predict events. There are other sciences out there like Gematria whereas numbers or words have hidden meanings or hidden uses.

        Dick Allgire, a famous remote viewer, indicated in August that he saw an event happening with an airliner in September that would be terrifying for its passengers. It wasn’t a crash but the passengers would experience something horrible. A week or so ago, a Delta airliner dropped 30,000 feet within minutes. This was seen as the event he “foresaw”. There was more to it than what I’m stating here.

        I’m trying to peak curiosity on here regarding the fact that everything in our world is a frequency including us. It’s really far out there and only some personalities will be curious about it. I just don’t believe we will ever understand our reality without understanding the components to it. My peak interest in remote viewing occurred after listening to an interview with Ingo Swann.

        If you can’t be open-minded, don’t waste your time:

    • I’ve seen a couple of documentaries where both American and Soviet remote viewers (they were used by military and intelligence agencies during the Cold War) demonstrated their abilities, and gave verified examples of their successes. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what abilities our minds possess, as you said, Snowhitey. Creation, whether by mental or physical processes, I think is the core of the language God — or whatever you want to call he/them/it — “speaks” with. Which could be why energy can’t be destroyed, just transformed, for example.

  7. To any and all current and future FBI agents and confidential informants posting here … from me to you, “I want a lawyer”.
    And I would encourage all of my friends here to respond to this post with a simple, “Me too .. Lawyer”
    Let’s see how this plays out …

  8. If this doesn’t prove that Antifa are fake revolutionaries I don’t know what does. ZOG launched massive campaigns to infiltrate and destroy every real communist revolutionary group from the Black Panther Party to Red Army Faction because those groups were anti-Semitic and actual revolutionaries that did things like bomb synagogues and NATO bases. ZOG isn’t scared of a bunch of non-binary weebs and Harry Potter fans who LARP as fighting “Nazis” and impose the system’s morality by force.

  9. I’ve been thinking the same thing, that Whites are to be the next Indians. However we may have one option the Indians didn’t have and that is escape into outer space. If space travel becomes common and space stations are made for whites I would take my chances there.

  10. “they cant even watch a movie anymore without seeing a jewish agenda…”

    Wife and friends and I went to see the new Downton Abbey film. Everything in it, bespoke a world that is no longer- an all-white classed, stratified society, women in dresses (women in DRESSES!) men acting gallant, noble, servants glad to serve (and knowing their place, but being willing to fight for their honor) a visit by the king and queen, and yet…. there was an obligatory FAGGOT scene, and some smarmy preaching about ‘Will they ever understand us? Who knows? 50 years ago, no one believed men could fly.” Umm, no. Rooftops, anyone?

    And a PG-13 rating.!? For men kissing each other, and the forerunner of a Weimar/Jewish scenario, that took an Austrian Painter a world war to put back in the closet for a good thirty years? For what? To bring in the queer set? Puh-leez. Why bother?

    Looks like we need another leader, this time to do the job right.. minus a brother’s war, but one on the truly (((guilty))) among us.

      • Jeff Rense had a guest on many years ago and they discussed how the controllers knew that having all male schools would influence homosexuality among some of them. Don’t remember name of guest but they were talking about England during the 20th century.

  11. So this is an interesting coincidence, at least to me…

    Jarrett Helms, the man being accused in this cockamamie sideshow, has been in the news once before: as a would-be victim of a Columbine-idolizing shooter who came forward to protest that the boy’s six-year sentence was “too light”. Now here he is, years later committing reckless fedposting.


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