David French: Critics Should Stop Straw-Manning Classical Liberalism

It has been a few days since David French told The New Yorker that Drag Queen Story Hour was a “blessing of liberty.” He is back today to insist that “conservative liberalism” amounts to more than liberalism and that a healthy culture can coexist with this toxic social order.

National Review:

“Yes, I know, the last thing you wanted to read today was another entry in the right’s liberalism wars. But I can’t help myself. Someone was wrong on the Internet, and I feel compelled to respond. Earlier today Sohrab Ahmari tweeted some thoughts that perfectly encapsulated my frustrations with at least some of the contemporary right-wing critiques of classical liberalism.  …

Classical liberalism is the frame, the structure through which a pluralistic society makes competing arguments for the common good and the Highest Good. … It is no coincidence that intolerance thrives when the marketplace of ideas withers. 

Note as always the symbiotic relationship between liberty and responsibility. Win the liberty and then exercise that liberty virtuously and courageously. I’ve never met a classical liberal who is only a classical liberal. …”

French believes that he is being strawmanned.

I’m not merely a classical liberal! I’m also an evangelical Christian! Your vision of the Highest Good is free to compete in the neutral marketplace of ideas on Facebook and YouTube with Drag Queen Story Hour! You have a responsibility to promote your ideas under these conditions!

Classical liberalism is at bottom a critique of the Old Regime. The overall effect of its cherished values – freedom, equality, individualism, tolerance, rights and so forth – is to weaken and dissolve the social order. Over a long enough period of time, it will poison, erode and destroy any culture in which it becomes the framework of a “pluralistic society.” The host culture on top of which classical liberalism and free-market capitalism is imposed lacks the means and authority to defend and sustain itself.

In the long run, the churn of the open society of classical liberalism and free-market capitalism will grind away the solidarity and cohesion that is the basis of nations and will leave behind nothing in its wake but a miserable society of deracinated consumers, blue haired lesbians, mulattoes and economic migrants. It is the nature of the system itself that inexorably lurches in this direction.

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  1. “Someone was wrong on the Internet, and I feel compelled to respond.”


    Sooner or later he’ll feel compelled to act, or to support those who do.

    I’m waiting for “The conservative case for re-education camps.”

    • “I’m also an evangelical Christian! ”

      David, no, you’re not. Trust me. As a priest of God, and a white Man, you are neither. You are the bland, leading the bland, an ‘imposter’ spreading heresy with your politics masquerading as Evan- jelly-goo Xtianity. You are like spit- God is spewing you out of His mouth. Repent, and put away the miscegenated spawn you claim as your own. And leave whatever ‘synagogue of Satan’ you currently attend, and go somewhere REAL.

    • Ulfric:

      They’re what the Church used to call “Judaized.” There is no doubt to my mind that were Jesus Christ to attend one of their “Christian” meetings, he’d fashion a whip of cords and whip every last one of these closet homosexual imposters out of His church.

  2. There is one cultural issue that “The Right” could declare victory on, and that was defeating the Equal Rights Amendment. ERA was defeated in large part, due to funding by auto insurance interests who were worried that they would no longer be able to charge men more for auto insurance. Every cultural issue has been lost and Frenchie boy seems ok with that.

  3. It’s amazing that a man like David French who claims he is an Evangelical Christian has this much faith in humanity that they will choose right over wrong if given the freedom to do so. So you just open up Pandora’s box and let it all out and man will make the correct choices. You have to “compete” with evil on a level playing field and you will win. There is NOTHING biblical about this belief.

    It always comes down to their real loyalty which is free-market capitalism which every other belief they have is tethered to. Anything which interferes with the free-market no matter what it is is bad.

    Matt Walsh is another big evangelical Christian who tethers all his beliefs to the free-market. They all do. They serve the banks. They are “Judeo-Christians.”

  4. Classical liberalism is retarded in just about every way. It is fundamentally based upon anarchistic premises, of the pre-social “state of nature” which has never actually existed. Then this false basis is utilized to critique every normal form of social organization that has ever existed in history. And eventually the critique turns back in on itself, creating the mechanism of accelerating permanent revolution that we see now.

  5. French’s writing style and arguments are as weak and emasculated as he is. The guy is only good for comic relief.

  6. The host culture on top of which classical liberalism and free-market capitalism is imposed lacks the means and authority to defend and sustain itself.

    The only means it requires is the will and the numbers to perpetuate itself. If it has that and it proves desirable enough, then competing cultural visions will be able to exist alongside it and challenge it, but will not be able to unseat it. If the undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the existing culture is powerful enough, even authoritarian political structures will, in the long run, fail to preserve that culture. There’s nothing unique to liberalism about this.

  7. I’ve been a fan of Jay Dyer’s since he was a Facebook Celebrity during the first term of Obama. Both Dyer and F.A. von Hayek are united on one belief. That being Protestantism leads to Atheism. If I were a teenager raised in a “Conservative” Protestant home, the likes of David French would make me an Atheist. GloboHomo is a direct result of Protestantism.

  8. David French would abandon so-called “classical liberalism” in a heartbeat if the Jews who sponsored him told him to. The National Review types are in your face lackeys of Jewish supremacy.

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